Markiplier Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Markiplier takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Why does Markiplier have a pink mustache? Why can't Markiplier drink alcohol? Who drew his RUclip icon? Why did he need to have surgery? Mark answers all of these questions and more!

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    Markiplier Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • Project Apollo
    Project Apollo 36 minutes ago

    I wonder how many people fell in love with mark during this interview, because I sure fell deeper in love with him

  • Rachel Tapley
    Rachel Tapley 38 minutes ago

    Go check out Mongie on Webtoon!! She drew Markiplier's Icon!! Her story is 'Let's Play'!!

  • Clippy
    Clippy 59 minutes ago +1

    he looks like Keanu reeves

  • Jamila Byrd
    Jamila Byrd Hour ago +1

    your zodiac is cancer

  • XxKatelyn_SeidmeyerXx-.-

    When it got to the question “what’s your favorite game” I thought he might say fnaf or something, but board games LOL didn’t see that coming

  • Haley roots
    Haley roots Hour ago

    I'd just like to say mark is one of the most kindest RUclipr I watch he cares about his fans and if anyone who says he doesn't are stupid.

  • envoy denali
    envoy denali 2 hours ago +1

    my favorite markimoo quote

  • Youtube _Trcked
    Youtube _Trcked 2 hours ago

    He was born in Cincinnati and so was i

  • Sophia Vankerckvoorde
    Sophia Vankerckvoorde 2 hours ago +1

    We all know Marks catch phrase is "I am the KING OF FIVENIGHTSATFREDDYS"

  • Nobody’s_Cult
    Nobody’s_Cult 2 hours ago

    Mark, you may be a walking nightmare, but we are there for you.

  • Tiffany Edwards
    Tiffany Edwards 3 hours ago +1

    Markiplier is literally the Keeanu Reeves of RUclip.

  • JamesTheKidGamerXD
    JamesTheKidGamerXD 4 hours ago

    he is afraid of demonetizations

  • nintendo fanboy
    nintendo fanboy 4 hours ago

    Can you have pewdiepie

  • OverweightMilk
    OverweightMilk 5 hours ago


  • ChloeCAM
    ChloeCAM 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Mclean
    Tyler Mclean 5 hours ago

    I think the artist who drew markiplier's icon is named mongie heres her Instagram

  • CapKhi 23
    CapKhi 23 5 hours ago

    Everybody be Talkin about Keanu Reeves, but Markiplier is one Nice boy

  • CapKhi 23
    CapKhi 23 5 hours ago

    Everybody be talkin Bout Keanu Reeves...

    But Markiplier's just as Spicy G 👌

  • Itz Dimitar
    Itz Dimitar 5 hours ago

    I don't know why but Markiplier looks like Keanu Reeves with short hair, no offence ps. I love your vids

  • TheArachnerd
    TheArachnerd 8 hours ago

    Mark reminds me of Keanu Reeves, they radiate the same energy

  • Der Gelbe
    Der Gelbe 8 hours ago

    Its 12 in the night. I have an englisch exam tomorrow. What am i doing??

  • SlavSkeleton [SC] [BC] [TL]

    You’re half Korean? The question is what part, North or South?

  • Lilly like da flower
    Lilly like da flower 8 hours ago

    If I ever meet Mark...I'mma give him a hug.

  • QueenIDK
    QueenIDK 8 hours ago

    Sssssslice that like button

  • Heroin Father
    Heroin Father 9 hours ago

    At least he went against the pressure and did what he liked.

  • swagmater 3000
    swagmater 3000 9 hours ago


  • susan wright
    susan wright 9 hours ago

    1:14 totally not an ADVERTISEMENT
    😲"Are you sure About that"

  • Carsdaman D
    Carsdaman D 9 hours ago

    Mine too

  • Cai Lewis
    Cai Lewis 10 hours ago

    Way is markmielier life boring

  • Just Jacob
    Just Jacob 10 hours ago +2

    Mark: "I'm afraid of patterns of small holes"
    Me: Well then never even think about visiting my school in your life! (Not that you want to... Or can...)

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 10 hours ago

    Mark's real voice: Talk show host


  • bk
    bk 11 hours ago

    Markiplier: I'm pretty liberal
    Me: well... Uhh... Yea... I'm out

  • Filipoke the Ronbot
    Filipoke the Ronbot 11 hours ago

    I would say that his catchphrase is

  • Driftliketokyo34 Ftw
    Driftliketokyo34 Ftw 11 hours ago

    Quite a fancy name you got there Markimoo. Yes I just called you that, DON’T JUDGE ME.

  • Gill Noffert
    Gill Noffert 11 hours ago

    The liberables are my favorite party.

  • Angel Hearts Frost
    Angel Hearts Frost 12 hours ago

    People need to watch the Game theory Markplier

  • Jxff04
    Jxff04 12 hours ago

    Mark is a RUclipr, but still has to make sure you’re able to bleeb out swears

  • Aurora Dreamer
    Aurora Dreamer 13 hours ago

    Hey mark how much do you wanna make people cry?
    Mark: yes

  • royal blood
    royal blood 14 hours ago

    his v o i c e

  • Frank Busse
    Frank Busse 14 hours ago

    This video feels a little strange

  • Patrick's Account
    Patrick's Account 15 hours ago

    Aww...markiplier is so nice :) (he dropped out of college for youtube!)

  • Raj H
    Raj H 15 hours ago

    Markiplier should narrate audiobooks

  • Samantha Santini
    Samantha Santini 15 hours ago

    Mark's zodiac sign is cancer

  • Mattythefatty y'all
    Mattythefatty y'all 15 hours ago +1


  • Kirito & Asuna
    Kirito & Asuna 17 hours ago

    Half the video I was paying attention to his jacket cuz Saitama was on it

  • Games Are My Puppets
    Games Are My Puppets 17 hours ago

    Why do they ask why Mark does not drink Alcohol?!

  • Craig Foster
    Craig Foster 18 hours ago

    I lost my mum she does drugs now so i'll probably never see my sister's again and my mum is the only person i know who has my dad's phone number so i'll probably remain emotionally broken

  • Craig Foster
    Craig Foster 18 hours ago

    I won't ever drink alcohol

  • Adriana Sanchez
    Adriana Sanchez 18 hours ago

    I see that One Punch Man heheh

  • Shannon Rose
    Shannon Rose 18 hours ago +1

    Geezus he had a heartattack ? Dude! Now im like gonna be worried everytime he plays a scary game

  • Sleepless Kyru
    Sleepless Kyru 19 hours ago

    Thank you for keeping Mark's off topic speech. I love hearing him talk about that stuff. It's reassuring that there are better people like him

  • TJ’s Aviation
    TJ’s Aviation 22 hours ago

    12:47 it was good until then

  • Knight of Light
    Knight of Light 22 hours ago

    Is Markiplier a vegan?
    Markiplier: How dare you?! I LOVE meat! I put meat in my mouth!

  • Bryan Espinoza
    Bryan Espinoza 23 hours ago

    I love the fact that mark implied said he couldn’t stream bc people were gonna spam E😂

  • xakanzai izain
    xakanzai izain Day ago

    Guys, markimoo is literally wearing saitama jacket 😂

  • Rebecca Duty
    Rebecca Duty Day ago

    Omg mark is my new favorite person cause I LOVE chicken and dumplings for Cracker Barrel

  • Lucy Kohl
    Lucy Kohl Day ago

    i lloovvee markiplier so much he is my favorite youtuber i rreeaallyy hope to meet him someday #MarkiplierIsNeverBoring #MarkiplierIsTheUltimateKingOfFNAF

  • Java Blue
    Java Blue Day ago


  • Melonie Wyatt
    Melonie Wyatt Day ago

    Not to be creepy... But because your birthday is June 28, your a Cancer. (Not actually cancer) i know this because im into zodiacs and im also a cancer

  • Starxy The Gamer

    Question: What is Markiplier's real hair color?
    Mark: Here, here
    Blind listeners: That doesn't Answer the question

  • Sister Twister
    Sister Twister Day ago

    As soon as mark said no my game said no at the same time wow that is magic

  • •Sakura Sweetie•

    My favorite food is Cracker Barrel’s chicken and dumplings too! It’s just comforting.

  • Wolfie Grey
    Wolfie Grey Day ago

    We relate so much

  • HaloWolf Queen
    HaloWolf Queen Day ago

    Is it me or is markiplier cute❤️💕💜

    One question I asked my self during this vid was is markiplier married??

  • Jake Brandt
    Jake Brandt Day ago

    0:53 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Quinn Rondeau
    Quinn Rondeau Day ago

    8:38 I cried for like 10 minutes after

  • MekotheHusky
    MekotheHusky Day ago +1

    *C R A C K E R B A R R E L*

  • waferr
    waferr Day ago

    is his surname spelt like: werfishbach? idk

  • Corrupt O
    Corrupt O Day ago

    I’m nice..!
    *laughs nervously*

  • DThompson T
    DThompson T Day ago

    I always love watching these talks with Markiplier. He's just such genuinely nice guy.

  • Chica the Frightful

    0:33 *The ground starts vibrating and sort of a loud vibration but kinda demonic noise goes with it* Why would they put this in the video is something evil about to happen..? OH WAIT IT'S JUST A GIANT TRUCK DRIVING BY XD

  • kaden crigley
    kaden crigley Day ago +1


  • Raven Laing
    Raven Laing Day ago

    Never knew he had a tumour, bless him :(

  • alesha tran
    alesha tran Day ago

    This is weird not hearing Markiplier screaming

  • Rowan Lee
    Rowan Lee Day ago

    what is your facebook name

  • Znoval
    Znoval Day ago

    That one punch man shirt though😂

  • Bored Bored bored

    Spank me with that voice daddy 😍😍😍😍

  • rey arifin
    rey arifin Day ago +1

    his voice
    is actually so nice to listen to

  • Mitesh Kumar
    Mitesh Kumar Day ago +6

    God : how much bass do you want in your voice?
    Markiplier : yes

  • Ju5tinyellow24
    Ju5tinyellow24 Day ago

    Mark, that happened to me too

  • Michyl Magdaleno

    Dude markiplier has a normal tone of voice?

  • Gabriel Fuller
    Gabriel Fuller Day ago

    I also have tryophobia your not alone lol

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master Day ago +1

    Question:Whay is Make king of FNAF?


  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Day ago +1

    He sounds so tired.

  • Heather Christiano
    Heather Christiano Day ago +1


  • Fares Sdiri
    Fares Sdiri Day ago

    Is it just me or does Mark look like Keanu Reeves but with shorter hair?

  • Victoria Hamblin

    Omg mark has the same middle name as my dad Edward

  • Savannah Brown
    Savannah Brown Day ago

    Ive seen you at the Glendale mall a couple years back. I wanted to say hi but I'm pretty sure you wanted to leave that place as much as i did 😂😂 so i just left lol

  • Connor RK 800
    Connor RK 800 Day ago

    Mark those dumplings are the best

  • Matt D
    Matt D Day ago +1

    11:00 E

  • Banana Squad leader

    Who is my pet named Steve 😂🤣😂

  • Big boi Gang oof

    Ha ha dead kids

  • Kp77
    Kp77 Day ago

    Isnt fnaf your favorite?!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas Day ago

    Even tho he is not religious, I feel that he is blessed by god.

  • Jk2424 /TheKiller2424

    Lol why is markiplier king of fnaf and he says because I said so

  • Taiger
    Taiger Day ago

    Omg YAS

  • DinoZord
    DinoZord Day ago +1


  • Raven Hall
    Raven Hall Day ago


  • JukeBoxBro's
    JukeBoxBro's Day ago

    im pretty sure its pronounced Trip-o-phobia
    or Try-po-phobia
    however you say it

  • amna kalim
    amna kalim Day ago +1

    Mark's voice hear kinda reminds me of.... Morgan Freeman.