Inside a $25M TriBeCa Penthouse With 360° Views | On The Market | Architectural Digest

  • Today we take you to 30 Park Place in downtown Manhattan to tour Penthouse 82, a $25 million penthouse in TriBeCa. Perched high above the Four Seasons Hotel at over 900 feet tall, 30 Park Place offers the tallest residence with outdoor space in New York City paired with the hotel's world-famous service. The four corner terraces provide unobstructed, 360° views of the entire city, while the private formal dining room and library with fireplace are ideal for entertaining above the fray. If you've been hoping to see one of the most unique and luxurious condominiums in all of New York City, look no further.
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    Inside a $25M TriBeCa Penthouse With 360° Views | On The Market | Architectural Digest

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  • sirus312
    sirus312 3 hours ago

    More like 1 million now lol

  • Michael Parada
    Michael Parada 10 hours ago

    Nice 🌄 view
    Aloha Genius

  • Ömer Faruk Sabır
    Ömer Faruk Sabır Day ago +1

    *Shows the library* : An incredible library with fireplace, bar and views.
    *Me getting suprised* : Did you consider putting some bookshelves or any books other than decoration?

  • Ömer Faruk Sabır

    I don't think the word "oversized" comes appeling to most non-Americans.

  • Jojo Oshakz
    Jojo Oshakz Day ago

    I don’t even have 1 thousand dollars 😂😂😂😂😂😂 but I am happy 😊 and grateful for what I have at least I’m alive and well

  • Rajesh Telang
    Rajesh Telang 2 days ago

    How many car parks?

  • Andrea
    Andrea 3 days ago

    Could’ve made this as 4 rooms. The first one is such a waste of space... and 2 bathrooms for it? Lol

  • M R
    M R 3 days ago

    Those kitchen cabinets look like they belong in a 1.8 million dollar house in Mississauga.

  • b j
    b j 5 days ago +1

    Would have been nice to see some walls that weren't so blindingly white.....

  • Sunjum Dhariwal
    Sunjum Dhariwal 5 days ago

    Chump change obvs

  • Golden Queen
    Golden Queen 7 days ago

    This is so tall I hate it. I love the penthouse but because it’s so tall it’s scary.

  • Trushal hirani
    Trushal hirani 8 days ago

    why is she saying it can be yours for 25m. i mean those who can buy are not sitting out there and watching youtube videos????!!!!

  • Radiya Dior
    Radiya Dior 8 days ago

    I’m sold

  • michele barone
    michele barone 9 days ago

    it's hard to see people out there living your dream and buying homes like this one

  • H Alba
    H Alba 9 days ago +1

    I’m sorry but what library?

  • Nathan Billson
    Nathan Billson 9 days ago
    This link is or an estate / a castle for 24M $

  • Ashish Ranjan
    Ashish Ranjan 10 days ago

    Guys this is *oversized*, incase you missed.

  • Myra Ida
    Myra Ida 10 days ago

    TriangleBelowCanal St. It's great if you work at the WTC building.

  • Lin Jin
    Lin Jin 13 days ago

    the Kelly Behun one is better

  • Kutlazs
    Kutlazs 13 days ago

    That house is god damn boring, plain furnitures all over, looks like a model house to show people inside, I wish there were a little bit of soul in there.

  • Batwoman
    Batwoman 13 days ago

    What if this hotel catches fire while you are 900ft away from the earth

  • Michael Tuise'e
    Michael Tuise'e 14 days ago

    was this in wolf of wall street

  • Meu Mundo * My World
    Meu Mundo * My World 14 days ago

    What a steal ! 🤭😄

  • Per Marius Nerby
    Per Marius Nerby 15 days ago

    Not sure if id want to live that close to WTC

  • IaM leGeND 1991
    IaM leGeND 1991 15 days ago +1

    🛩 🔥
    🏢 🏢

  • Im tired Goodbye
    Im tired Goodbye 17 days ago +1

    A library with no book shelfs and like 3 books on the table but it has a wet bar? Just make it a 3rd bedroom.

  • Jordan Sanchez
    Jordan Sanchez 17 days ago

    I would soil myself every time I went for a cigarette on the first balcony. up to higghhh

  • ForgedBean
    ForgedBean 18 days ago +1

    what if 911 happens again, what would you do with your '25MILLION' dollars then

  • Ashley C.
    Ashley C. 19 days ago

    "All of these can be yours, just with $25M dollars"
    Me: You've gotta be kidding right..REEEEEE

  • Ashley C.
    Ashley C. 19 days ago


  • Ahmed Al Abbas
    Ahmed Al Abbas 23 days ago

    I don't even have 25 dollars in order to have 25 million dollars.

  • glen Miller
    glen Miller 23 days ago

    over rated.

  • ladyvee7110
    ladyvee7110 24 days ago

    4:50 That's the whitest bathroom I've ever seen.

  • Samrat Dutta
    Samrat Dutta 25 days ago

    And u r unwinding n mingling with ur guests n suddenly a plain pops up n 9/11 all over again. Take a glass of wine n read ur favourite book n hope for the best. Plus u can’t let ur kids in the balcony. Half a slip n ur kid will Rest In Peace. Pets-u gonna need one a couple of months. Very beautiful balcony without any protection or safety.

  • CurbsideLife
    CurbsideLife 27 days ago

    The views are incredible for sure! But the home itself was not overly impressive to me. Nice yes but I was expecting more for that price.

  • Sky Trader
    Sky Trader 29 days ago


  • Craig Mosdell
    Craig Mosdell Month ago

    Imagine sitting in that living room during a thunderstorm ⛈ Amazing

  • conexos2007
    conexos2007 Month ago

    Give credit to the designer that actually sell the place

  • Niros
    Niros Month ago

    When you're this rich you don't need books in your library!

  • heyyou20121221
    heyyou20121221 Month ago

    Furnishing is really beautiful though

  • Michael Dixon
    Michael Dixon Month ago

    Too high up

  • Edía Paff
    Edía Paff Month ago

    getting vertigo from watching the video

  • Ayman Abd Elglil
    Ayman Abd Elglil Month ago


  • Sobaan Zaheer
    Sobaan Zaheer Month ago +1

    Let me just check my bank account

  • codespots
    codespots Month ago

    The library has a fireplace, a sink, a bar and a dishwasher but no actual book shelves LMAO

  • Elizabeth Scarlette

    Beautiful but I don't think I could ever live that high up

  • Juan Carlos Amell
    Juan Carlos Amell Month ago


  • Κωνσταντίνος Κόττας

    Now let me show you the my favourite room of the apartment, the library in which there is a wet bar, a fireplace and a sofa. What a great library that is!

    SWEETJUNE Month ago

    A library without shelves??? Looks more like an office to me.

    SWEETJUNE Month ago

    The bedroom is too white and bright...I like my bedroom dark..

  • Catalina El Helou
    Catalina El Helou Month ago

    Wow it's amazing I could buy it is it still available?

  • R47823564892382
    R47823564892382 Month ago

    What about the second floor?

  • Latha Nayak
    Latha Nayak Month ago

    Stunning view. $10M just for view!!

    ASIYA NWADIEI Month ago

    Who can even afford a 25 million dollar home besides a celebrity

  • khAN TOMKU
    khAN TOMKU Month ago

    Hmm im not impressed at all. It looks like a 2 mio apartment if its not in new york

  • Nagesh
    Nagesh Month ago

    listening to the number 25mil made me so nervous. But she said it so eloquently that I felt I can buy!

  • Ur11
    Ur11 Month ago

    N & E facing terraces do not offer "lots of light, from sun rise to sunset" , that's S & E !

  • sutats
    sutats Month ago

    I'm paying it off at ten bucks a week

  • Veronika
    Veronika Month ago

    i am fully getting motion sickness from this video

  • Darth KEK
    Darth KEK Month ago

    This apartment is for a very, very, very old lady.

  • ceramic
    ceramic Month ago

    If I bought the property, I would redo the interior design.

  • Seattle Seahawks
    Seattle Seahawks Month ago

    When my sugar mama steps her game up I'll definitely let her buy me this condo.

  • Hörnchenlord
    Hörnchenlord Month ago

    The interior is ugly Kitchen and Bath especially😢

  • Nukri Samyurashvili

    why does every house tour that ive seen has wine cooler? do they think every rich person is alcoholic?

  • Jon Tomass
    Jon Tomass Month ago

    Yea but when you have to go outside for anything you'll get stabbed by a crazy homeless person. Rather live some where else for cheaper.

  • daYella
    daYella Month ago

    she said 25 million dollars so comfortably like it's nothing :P

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez Month ago

    Me encanta la decoración

  • Lucas Brown
    Lucas Brown Month ago

    3:22 gotta always keep a bottle of wine by the bed

  • Matthew Peterson
    Matthew Peterson Month ago

    Is everybody else that watches this channel people who have no money but saying yeah imma own this house when I get rich but in reality you know that your nowhere close and probably could be doing something more productive. Cause I can relate.

  • Ryder Moran
    Ryder Moran Month ago +1

    Its so funny because she really acts like shes trying to sell it to us, but shes really talking to Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, etc.

  • mvp pros / nba bros

    how you gonna get to the bottom floor when the elevator breaks.

  • German 75
    German 75 2 months ago

    that "PENTHOUSE" can't be over 9million

  • kay helwa
    kay helwa 2 months ago

    Nah. I'll pass, I don't like it.

  • K J
    K J 2 months ago

    "Nice place. But I am Barbara, therefore, I'm out."

  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago +1

    1:32 “and as you can see we have completely unobstructed views all around”
    **immediately shows a massive wall**

  • Елена Ч
    Елена Ч 2 months ago

    I doubt the terrases are usable so high up. It must be very, very windy all the time at this helicopter altitude.

  • houdini lynch
    houdini lynch 2 months ago

    wrong plans after master room!

  • Simon Leonard
    Simon Leonard 2 months ago

    So you are saying this property is worth $25 millions and you have this kind of bathroom @0.25 with THAT kind of toilet, space, bathtub and design???? Come on guyyyyzzz!!!!!!!

  • intmailmc
    intmailmc 2 months ago

    25M fine no problem but what is your yearly property tax hit on this place?

  • SaMuEl BaD bUnNy Tu BeBe 12

    Imagine if the elevator isn’t working