KUWTK | Kim K. Gives Kourtney a Sweet Birthday Surprise! | E!

  • Published on Jul 13, 2016
  • Kim Kardashian West has a shocker in store for her sister's big day! Watch the cute moment at Kourtney's birthday party in this "Kardashians" bonus clip.
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    KUWTK | Kim K. Gives Kourtney a Sweet Birthday Surprise! | E!
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Comments • 128

  • Amina Anjum
    Amina Anjum 24 days ago +1

    Kardashians favourite word is 'like'

  • benkhati rajaa
    benkhati rajaa 27 days ago

    mmm what a nice cake

  • Marlie Marlie
    Marlie Marlie Month ago

    That's so boring 🙄

  • shady sunshine
    shady sunshine Month ago

    I like it when these two don't fight

  • Cierra Bernae
    Cierra Bernae Month ago

    this is like the only nice thing kim has done for kourt any other time they’re at each other’s necks

  • Ashita Prakash
    Ashita Prakash 3 months ago +1


  • Thanks again The
    Thanks again The 7 months ago


  • nevy channel
    nevy channel 7 months ago

    I got one of those for my daughter, they suck!

  • Peach Glow Reyah
    Peach Glow Reyah 8 months ago

    haha lame and fake

  • Её Москва
    Её Москва 8 months ago +7

    Kim is mostly gentle , polite , kind and sweetest . I would love to have such a sister.

  • hannah miles
    hannah miles 9 months ago

    “Vegan free, dairy free cake” 😂

  • Aaliyah Ruff
    Aaliyah Ruff 9 months ago

    I love Kim’s laugh

  • buckaroo
    buckaroo 10 months ago

    “Vegan free”

    We must Repel those demon spawns.

    I’m sorry if I upset some angry vegans. I’m vegan so don’t take offense... cuz’ that’s how life works right?

  • Average Girl13
    Average Girl13 11 months ago

    kourtney reminds me of anna kendrick for some reason

  • Mala Singh
    Mala Singh 11 months ago

    Proud of u girls my role models

  • nineteen96
    nineteen96 11 months ago +1

    When Kourtney, of all people, is the hype of the party

  • Mon N
    Mon N 11 months ago

    How come Khloe couldn’t go

  • Lyn Lyn
    Lyn Lyn 11 months ago

    Happy birthday 💓😘

  • Rilakkuma Time
    Rilakkuma Time Year ago

    Are Khloe, Kim, kourtey, Kylie, Kendall and kris a whole family?

  • Caitlin Pitman
    Caitlin Pitman Year ago

    A. There is faux fur.
    B. I’m just binge watching your channel E

  • Joy Gomes
    Joy Gomes Year ago +1

    1:52 Kim laughs just like Kris.

  • Chhaya Agnihotri
    Chhaya Agnihotri Year ago +2

    I think kim Kardashian is the sweetest.

  • Shay G
    Shay G Year ago +1

    Aww Kim!!

  • Marilyn Jones
    Marilyn Jones Year ago +1

    They are so Lame!!!

  • Grace P
    Grace P Year ago

    Is that a fur coat if so animal lovers where are you 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Jo x
    Jo x Year ago

    This was the most boring thing I've ever watched

  • Julia Yasa
    Julia Yasa Year ago

    That fur on Kim makes her utterly detestable. I hope her and her family drown in the flames of hell for wearing baby animals fur.

  • Semi Anon
    Semi Anon Year ago +1

    whys the restaurant empty besides them

  • Deborah Hogan
    Deborah Hogan Year ago

    My Birthday Cake for my 30th was bigger. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday Kourtney Kardashian

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams Year ago +30

    "Vegan free dairy free cake, it really is" 😂

  • ERIE Berry Marshall

    "vegan free" am I the only one who found that adorable.

  • TheQuerky Lord
    TheQuerky Lord Year ago

    Why does Kim look like a wildling from GoT?

  • Mynymal
    Mynymal Year ago

    Anyone a good caption ? Lol

  • Kamilla Iqbal
    Kamilla Iqbal Year ago +1

    so sweet

  • yes
    yes Year ago +1

    deadest birthday party ever

  • Natalie M.
    Natalie M. Year ago

    Kim looks like A dam bear with that coat!!

  • M W
    M W Year ago +40

    Anyone else waiting for Kim's fur jacket to catch fire while carrying that cake?

  • heyy.itsnadiaaa
    heyy.itsnadiaaa 2 years ago +1

    its her birthday today LMFAOA

  • Lovebug 99
    Lovebug 99 2 years ago +8

    kim k is so extravagant.

  • Deborah Kane
    Deborah Kane 2 years ago

    I wish she had set fire tothat frigging fur coat >>

  • Yo Lo
    Yo Lo 2 years ago

    vegan free dairy cherry cake

  • Sam L
    Sam L 2 years ago

    😂 vegan free

  • no name
    no name 2 years ago +2

    her grand pa didn't work. some things never change

  • houda imami
    houda imami 2 years ago

    happy birthday beautiful xx

  • M W
    M W 2 years ago

    Kourtney's my fav

  • Ella Danella
    Ella Danella 2 years ago

    vegan free dairy free cake? GIMME SOME!

  • forestfires 94
    forestfires 94 2 years ago +18

    is kourt vegan?

    • Rah L.
      Rah L. 2 years ago +18

      No she is not, Kourtney switches between diets. One day she is dairy free, the next day she is gluten free. She doesn't stick to any particular lifestyle or diet, she balances herself out.

    • marina zaid
      marina zaid 2 years ago

      Tri Dharma L yup

  • Hhj88 K
    Hhj88 K 2 years ago +6

    haha she said "vegan free" cake - i think she means vegan

  • Razing Flame
    Razing Flame 2 years ago +17

    They gave 0 fucks for singing Happy birthday to Kourtney 😂

  • Ana Lovatic
    Ana Lovatic 2 years ago +3

    lol I thought Kim would catch flames

  • Shiv Andrews
    Shiv Andrews 2 years ago +93

    They seem boring to hang out with, no shade.

  • Jocelyn Gonzalez
    Jocelyn Gonzalez 2 years ago +1

    funny how they have the whole place just for them lol

  • KiYA McFLY
    KiYA McFLY 2 years ago +29

    bruhhh these people are so dead

  • Mr Sunday Night
    Mr Sunday Night 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who'd smash Kourtney?

  • kyle nicholson
    kyle nicholson 2 years ago +7

    I was worried she was gonna set her coat on fire with those candles.

  • Lisa Keller
    Lisa Keller 2 years ago +5

    These "people" are so common, it's embarrasing just watching them.
    The Jessica Albas of this world, Kim and Kourtney will NEVER be.

  • Ellie Watson- Eichorn
    Ellie Watson- Eichorn 2 years ago +4

    kim is such a nice sister. 😍

  • Jacqueline Mosquera
    Jacqueline Mosquera 2 years ago

    why doesnt she take her fur coat off. I thought those candles were going to burn it. 😂

  • Mr bean Teddy
    Mr bean Teddy 2 years ago +54

    I was hoping kim fur coat caught on fire.. LOL!!

  • Lucy Desi
    Lucy Desi 2 years ago +38

    how come Kourtney never hugs Kim I think little sweet Kimmie wanted a hug

  • Both Botv
    Both Botv 2 years ago

    Family is a blessing

  • Grace Kugler
    Grace Kugler 2 years ago +765

    Holds a vegan cake while wearing at least 12 animals lmao

  • Kyra Sutherland
    Kyra Sutherland 2 years ago +137

    On your vegan free dairy free cake hahaha it really is 😂😂😂 I LOVE KIM

  • BonafydeTHC
    BonafydeTHC 2 years ago +32

    Ironic that OJ's daughter says sisters by blood lol

    • Mynymal
      Mynymal 2 years ago +1

      omg i can't lol

  • Ingrid Allen
    Ingrid Allen 2 years ago +247

    their friends seem boring

    • Volume control
      Volume control Year ago +7

      is cause is Kourtney .... she's socially awkward

    • My name is Bob
      My name is Bob Year ago +6

      Ingrid Allen rich people problems... they can't speak their mind

  • Avery Valentine
    Avery Valentine 2 years ago +31

    Kim can't even sing the birthday song 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 FYL KIM

  • Pandora
    Pandora 2 years ago +2

    that fur was about to lose control and attack her :|

  • Alli Couch
    Alli Couch 2 years ago +20

    Vegan free cake. LOL I love Kim

  • OtherworldCrown.FaeWords

    i dont think this was in the episode? but it should have been!

  • OtherworldCrown.FaeWords
    OtherworldCrown.FaeWords 2 years ago +2

    so cute

  • SummerTime
    SummerTime 2 years ago +2

    Maybe the coat is faux fur?

    • Veronica Geer
      Veronica Geer 2 years ago +1

      +Null Null did Kim tell you she doesn't wear faux fur ?

    • Null Null
      Null Null 2 years ago +1

      Unfortunately they dont wear faux fur 😪 pretty disgusting of them

  • Lorie Ann
    Lorie Ann 2 years ago +59

    I was so scared for Kim's fur lol

  • Shady Whore
    Shady Whore 2 years ago +107

    These people seem soulless and dull looking

  • Sonya Mundorf
    Sonya Mundorf 2 years ago +111

    That fur coat is disgusting.

  • Nicole Wolslegel
    Nicole Wolslegel 2 years ago +247

    Vegan free hahahahaha

    • Cherise Bifwoli
      Cherise Bifwoli 2 months ago

      I think she meant vegan 😂

    • Jennie Ngo
      Jennie Ngo Year ago

      Nicole Wolslegel .

    • J C
      J C 2 years ago

      Nicole Wolslegel I heard that haha

  • Sebastian Flores
    Sebastian Flores 2 years ago +86

    "VEGAN FREE"???? wtf Its not vegan ???,

    • Lia Malihah
      Lia Malihah 7 months ago

      I thought she said "vegan free dairy cake"?

    • Non-PC Prodigy Philosopher
      Non-PC Prodigy Philosopher Year ago +1

      I'm pretty sure she meant, "Vegan, dairy-free cake," not "vegan free, dairy free," as Kourtney is vegan... I hope this helps. ✌

    • Bey Bee
      Bey Bee 2 years ago

      Ryan Marlee well how does that taste

    • kyle nicholson
      kyle nicholson 2 years ago +27

      I think she just made a mistake in what she said... Like anyone could do. She meant gluten free Vagan cake I think...

  • Cynthia Valles
    Cynthia Valles 2 years ago +377

    that was nice of Kim

  • Onyx Bunny
    Onyx Bunny 2 years ago +93

    "vegan free" lol while Kim is wearing like 74 animal skins

  • Stephanie M.
    Stephanie M. 2 years ago +404

    "vegan free" i love kim

  • Penelope Harvey
    Penelope Harvey 2 years ago


  • rowss tavarez
    rowss tavarez 2 years ago


  • Liv Chandler
    Liv Chandler 2 years ago