The Attack of the Dead Men

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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    The Attack of the Dead Men · Sabaton
    The Great War
    ℗ 2019 Nuclear Blast
    Released on: 2019-07-19
    Composer: Chris Rörland
    Author: Joakim Brodén
    Composer: Joakim Brodén
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  • Major General Bunk

    The unofficial anthem of the Dead Hand.

  • Commissar Kordoshky

    To combatants spar - Hindenburg against the Tsar!
    Fucking best line!

  • Daniel Mioduszewski


  • TheNecroticRaptor
    TheNecroticRaptor Day ago +1

    There's just something so raw about the lines
    "Hundred men,
    charge again,
    die again."

  • Marius 1915
    Marius 1915 Day ago +1

    These men went to hell and back!

  • Imperial Sharpshooter

    They should do a song over Simo Haya.

    • Imperial Sharpshooter
      Imperial Sharpshooter Day ago

      Thanks mate

    • TeMae
      TeMae Day ago

      I don't know in You are serious or joking -as long as they just released a video about him. In The second case, i'm sorry for writing an useless comment. But if your question is serious, i'll make You happy: The Song You ask for already exists and its title is "White death", From The album "coat of arms" (2010). Hope To Have been helpful :)

  • Andreas Otto Hansen

    I have it with this song, like I have it with Last Dying Breath.
    Incredibly strong verses, but i hate the choruses.
    One difference is that LDB has a great build up to the chorus, while AotDM don't.

  • Antonessko
    Antonessko 2 days ago +1

    Даже они помнят нашу историю

  • lolerisses
    lolerisses 2 days ago

    History: I got an interesting story here...

    Sabaton: Let me add some great music.

  • Dead Fox
    Dead Fox 2 days ago

    Germans: "They should be dead now..."
    Russians: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • MrHistoryBuff1
    MrHistoryBuff1 2 days ago +2

    Probably the closest anyone has ever come to being under attack by zombies

      PUTEN VOR Day ago

      Half of them Survived, so they aren't really zombies

  • Абстрактный Обзор

    Grim reaper: Soldiers, you deserved brave death, let's go to the heaven.
    Germans: until Russians breathe, we wont concede!

    Grim reaper: Soldiers, you deserved brave death, let's go to the heaven.
    Russians: Tsar said, we dont need lungs to breathe, faith is enough.

  • JK Rein
    JK Rein 2 days ago

    **Uraaaah ability activated** : Unit cannot die while the ability is on.

  • Maike Lupei
    Maike Lupei 2 days ago +3

    Germans: Gas the hell out of the Russians
    Russians: *somehow still live and charge at the germans*
    Germans: You weren't supposed to do that!

  • Warthog44
    Warthog44 2 days ago +5

    According to the views I’d say this is the top song in the album!

    • Nikola Ruthless
      Nikola Ruthless 2 days ago

      Its super hard to top it off,it should be promoted so it gets even more views. Its fucking amazing.

  • Little Artist
    Little Artist 2 days ago

    German solider's:throw deadly gas bombs.


    TF2 solider:damn you russians don't steal my lines!

  • BrainPower
    BrainPower 2 days ago

    this is my favourite of the entire album

  • pinki 1337
    pinki 1337 2 days ago +1

    Да да

  • bac nguyen
    bac nguyen 2 days ago +1

    Russians don't die they respawned

  • jorge valles
    jorge valles 2 days ago +5

    Breaking News: 100 Russian Men Literally too Angry To Die

  • MemeMachine2.0
    MemeMachine2.0 3 days ago +1

    This is shit

    • Vlad P.
      Vlad P. 2 days ago

      Do you even know what this is about?

  • H҉a҉l҉l҉o҉w҉Meme D҉c҉2҉

    "Sarge why do I hear boss music"

  • Colin Mark
    Colin Mark 3 days ago +2

    Of course the Russians survived!
    They had their Sandviches on them, it restored almost 300 health!

  • Corsair
    Corsair 3 days ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    no one in the entire world:

    • Джо //Elusive//
      Джо //Elusive// 2 days ago +1

      We have Kashchey the Immortal - the Lich King technically completely immortal and invulnerable creature that you can cast out but not to kill... is impossible, it is the reflection of death.

      PUTEN VOR 2 days ago

      Russians don't know Who leroy jenkis is

  • Eternal Khajiit
    Eternal Khajiit 3 days ago +2

    Imagine the guy who ordered the deployment of the gas when he was told it failed lol

  • Inane Profundity
    Inane Profundity 3 days ago +3

    'Much better to be a dead man than one who gives up...

  • Dakota Bice
    Dakota Bice 3 days ago +2

    In Soviet Russia *dead kill you!*

    • Dakota Bice
      Dakota Bice Day ago +1

      You guys do know about the Soviet Union right? You know the country that invented communism? The one who once had a unit of soldiers who were gassed by the Germans in WW1, who were unlucky enough to survive and kept on fighting in a desperate last attempt to fight back against the Germans? Which then inspired this song? If your going to mock me try learning some facts and basic history first

      PUTEN VOR 2 days ago

      @Vlad P. Relax, brother
      They are retarded, it is not their fault that they were born like that

    • Vlad P.
      Vlad P. 3 days ago

      Are you fucking dumb? What Soviet? Never fucking breed

  • LilMilkDud
    LilMilkDud 3 days ago +1

  • Tarik360
    Tarik360 3 days ago +8

    "They'll be fighting for their lives as their enemy revives"
    What an intense and terrifying description of the situation!

  • zolyfaith
    zolyfaith 3 days ago +1

    This is fuckin' EPIC 🤟

  • Диас Искаков

    Sabaton воспевает героев

  • Oskar Sieniut
    Oskar Sieniut 3 days ago +1

    this feeling then radio tapok cover has more views than original sabaton song

    • Vlad P.
      Vlad P. 3 days ago +3

      It also sounds better then the original. There are more words that are perfect for describing the situation and not being far from the original cover, like for example: You can't kill what's already dead; and Osowec, death, corpses, poison(gas).

  • Roemer Faber
    Roemer Faber 3 days ago +4

    An event so badass Sabaton made two songs about it.

      PUTEN VOR Day ago +1

      What is a name of a second one?

  • Kurt von WAT
    Kurt von WAT 3 days ago +1

    Wake the fuck up, soldier. We've got Germans to kill.

  • Vanishingink 4
    Vanishingink 4 3 days ago +4

    In mother Russia gas doesn’t kill you it MAKES YOU STRONGER

  • TaracanGAMES[official]
    TaracanGAMES[official] 4 days ago +18

    Original - 1,3 million viewes
    Russian cover - 2,3 million views
    Can dead people watch RUclip? 🤔

  • Ivan Celis
    Ivan Celis 4 days ago

    Germans: *Gassed the Russians*
    Russians: I'm gonna do what's called a pro-gamer move

  • Something Mysterious
    Something Mysterious 4 days ago +3

    When someone gets The idea to spray everyone with deoderant

  • Zoltar
    Zoltar 4 days ago

    I love this song

  • Mistress Gineva
    Mistress Gineva 4 days ago +6

    Normal people: Gas is an illegal weapon, it's a painful death!
    Russians: Gas? Did you mean Alternative air?
    Normal people: What?
    Germans: DO. NOT. ASK.

  • Gabriel Soares
    Gabriel Soares 4 days ago +4

    I think Osowiec fortress would make for a good COD zombies mode map, specially considering it's story...

  • Xyloplax
    Xyloplax 4 days ago +3

    Germans: "No one without proper gas masks can live through that gas"

    Russians: "Hold my Vodka"

  • Steamloco
    Steamloco 4 days ago +1

    Yknow, this song kinda fits the Destiny series of games, especially since the Guardians are literally resurrected from death and manage to fight off seemingly much stronger foes.

  • over lord
    over lord 4 days ago

    В марте нас ждет фан зона!!!!!!!!! Ура!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Владимир Андреев

    Я учитель истории. Сабатон, спасибо за патриотические песни....с уважением с Пчеловода.

  • muntificator
    muntificator 4 days ago

    Best song on the album imo

  • Артём Михайлович


  • Laz Ush
    Laz Ush 4 days ago +1

    Germans didn't know, that evaporation of vodka kills all nation except the Russins, they get drunk, fall down, sleep a little bit and then get up with words:"For the Motherland" and open fire

  • Eric The Roman
    Eric The Roman 4 days ago +1

    Turns out each of the Russian soldiers was Tryndamere

  • double floors
    double floors 5 days ago +2

    All I can think of when I hear this is the Abyss Watchers from Dark Souls 3 standing back up.

  • Gert Madsen
    Gert Madsen 5 days ago +2

    Not usualy a fan og this band.
    But this song is awesome.

    [HUSKY GAME CHANNEL] 5 days ago +4

    BTW, cover in Russian (by RADIO TAPOK) came out earlier than this song in English.

  • demilung
    demilung 5 days ago +1

    Everybody gangsta until dead men are marching again.

  • Jacob Tasker
    Jacob Tasker 5 days ago +5

    Germans: *Use poison gas*

    *Muffled cheeki breeki in the distance*

    • Little Artist
      Little Artist 2 days ago +2

      @Henrik Pilz yup...iiiisssss BORIS!!!

      Insert cheey breeky music here:

    • Henrik Pilz
      Henrik Pilz 5 days ago +1


  • Edalwulf Bergmann
    Edalwulf Bergmann 5 days ago +12

    Turmoil at the front
    Wilhelms forces on the hunt
    There's a thunder in the east
    It's an attack of the deceased
    They've been facing poison gas
    7,000 charge en masse
    Turn the tide of the attack
    And force the enemy to turn back
    And that's when the dead men are marching again
    Osowiec then and again
    Attack of the dead, hundred men
    Facing the lead once again
    Hundred men
    Charge again
    Die again
    Osowiec then and again
    Attack of the dead, hundred men
    Facing the lead once again
    Hundred men
    Charge again
    Die again
    Two combatants spar
    Hindenburg against the Tsar
    Move-in 12 battalions large
    Into a Russian counter-charge
    They'll be fighting for their lives
    As their enemy revives
    Russians won't surrender, no
    Striking fear into their foe
    And that's when the dead men are marching again
    Osowiec then and again
    Attack of the dead, hundred men
    Facing the lead once again
    Hundred men
    Charge again
    Die again
    Osowiec then and again
    Attack of the dead, hundred men
    Facing the lead once again
    Hundred men
    Charge again
    Die again
    And that's when the dead men are marching again
    Osowiec then and again
    Attack of the dead, hundred men
    Facing the lead once again
    Hundred men
    Charge again
    Die again
    Osowiec then and again
    Attack of the dead, hundred men
    Facing the lead once again
    Hundred men
    Charge again
    Die again
    That's when the dead men are marching again, marching again
    That's when the dead march again

  • Finnish Nationalist
    Finnish Nationalist 5 days ago +12

    *German :*
    "I think they are all dead"
    *Russian :*
    "Njet Cyka Blyat, URRRAAAAAAA"

  • Non-aligned boi
    Non-aligned boi 6 days ago +1

    Nazi version:

    Oh soviets then and again
    They're killing our every single men
    Facing the red once again
    a million men
    charge again
    die again

  • Smartest kid
    Smartest kid 6 days ago +3

    Death: exists
    Russians: NO

  • American HotShot
    American HotShot 6 days ago +3

    I love Sabaton and I love the historical songs they make, but I'd love to see them do a Historical Legends or fables like album or even just a few songs, like about dante's Inferno and Greek Mythology stuff like that would be good.

  • Edgar Banuelos
    Edgar Banuelos 6 days ago +1

    Germans: Omae Wa Mo Shindeiru
    Russians: No yu
    Germans: NANI!?!

  • Кирилл Первышин

    Кто считает что кавер радио тапка круче?

  • RazorCraft
    RazorCraft 6 days ago +3

    Area 51 guards when we get inside the base :

  • Fox D
    Fox D 6 days ago +8

    Musically, this is Sabaton's best album since "Carolus Rex."

    And the, did they have Iron Maiden playing in the studio in between takes?

  • Chrumsal
    Chrumsal 6 days ago +10

    The best song of the album in my opinion.

    SELEUKOS NIKATOR 6 days ago +1

    *40k-izing beam*
    Ultramarine captain: Charge men! We have them surrounded! The Death Guard Traitors shall be eliminated!
    Ultramarine: Captain! I see multiple Death Guard troopers appearing! They are charging at us! It's a counterattack!
    Ultramarine Captain: what?! Impossible! We bombarded them with artillery strikes! They should be dead by now!
    Death Guard:

  • Holy Atheist
    Holy Atheist 6 days ago +4

    Hindenburg against the Tsar!

    • Liew
      Liew 6 days ago

      Hindenburg right

  • Frank D. Daniel
    Frank D. Daniel 6 days ago +1


  • Terry Newsome
    Terry Newsome 6 days ago +2

    Grandfather nergal is please 💀.

  • Alexis Boyce
    Alexis Boyce 7 days ago +3
    a really cool Simple History video helped to give me some context for this badass song, hopefully it helps someone else out too!

    • Little Artist
      Little Artist 2 days ago

      thanks m8 and really smart to put in in here must say.

  • Яusoff Y.V.kovsky
    Яusoff Y.V.kovsky 7 days ago

    Русские вперёд!
    Русские вперёд!
    Русские вперёд!

  • JonathanToolonie
    JonathanToolonie 7 days ago +2

    Die. Rise. Kill. Repeat.

  • EXbogdan
    EXbogdan 7 days ago

    Они на 1:04 поют Осовец непобедим?

  • Attero Dominatus
    Attero Dominatus 7 days ago

    German team thought they killed enemy, but all Russian team had Guardian Angel, and probs they all Sion

  • Memeasourus Rex
    Memeasourus Rex 7 days ago +2

    Everyone,turn on newest first and find sydney Lewis.she has attacked,this is a declaration of war from k pop.CHARGE

  • CommanderTaco
    CommanderTaco 7 days ago +1

    War comes at a high cost. Russia knows this all too well

    • IJN Yamato
      IJN Yamato 6 days ago +2

      @Vlad P.
      I don't care about casualties.
      Casuelties don't define heroism.
      On the contrary you idiot, Russia in WW2 had so many casualties, because they weren't prepared thanks to Stalin and forced to fight to the last man, literally.
      Screw your soviet aggressor and usurper casualties.
      Look at the Polish, Britsh, Czechoslovak, Australian and so on and on casualties.
      Soviets were forced """"heroes"""" westerners were the true liberators.
      They liberated my country, not soviet swines, who executed majority of our war heroes!
      F*ck soviets, f*ck communism.

    • Vlad P.
      Vlad P. 6 days ago +1

      @IJN Yamato name me a country that had as many casualties as Russia in first and second world war. I'll wait.

    • CommanderTaco
      CommanderTaco 7 days ago +1

      @IJN Yamato alright alright alright;)

    • IJN Yamato
      IJN Yamato 7 days ago +1


    • CommanderTaco
      CommanderTaco 7 days ago +1

      @IJN Yamato ok