How to Do Hip Lifts & Basic Shimmy | Belly Dancing

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    Belly dancing is sexy, fun, and burns up a lot of calories to boot! In this video, belly dancer Irina Akulenko teaches you how to do hip lifts and a basic shimmy. You'll be shaking it like Shakira in no time.

    So, now, we are going to go over the basic hip lift. Let's assume our basic belly dance posture position. So, the legs are right under the hip bones. Knees are bent. Lower abs are tucked, chest lifted, arms out. And now you are going to bend the knees even more than before and focus on lifting one hip at a time by straightening one knee at a time. So, as you straighten the right knee, the right hip will come up and it is going to shoot straight up into your body. So you want to think about meeting your hip bone up to the ribcage coming back down to center. Switching over to the other side, straightening that knee, coming back down. Make sure you're keeping your heels on the floor and you are not lifting up with any point. And again, lifting the hip up and back down to neutral position, the other side back down to position. Now, skip that hold in the middle and you're going to go up, and up and up, and up. And, the closer your are to the ground, the easier it will be to find that isolation. Let's try that with music. And a little bit faster, keeping your heels on the floor, chest floating out, arms relaxed. Make sure you are not moving in space and your head is not bopping up and down. And faster. And full speed. And that is the basic hip isolation.
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  • Manuel Boakye
    Manuel Boakye 46 минут назад

    I tried doimf this...realizing I dkmt have that body and im just jiggling my rolls

  • Corgi Lover
    Corgi Lover 6 часов назад +1

    Who else thinks your doing it , but look in the mirror and realize that you look like a potato with an epileptic attack😂

  • Dawn Of Art
    Dawn Of Art 7 часов назад

    Hard to do when your legs have about an inch difference in length. Any tips?

  • Jiya Sonwani
    Jiya Sonwani 1 день назад

    i am also a belly dancer

  • Zoey Rae James
    Zoey Rae James 1 день назад

    Reminds me of running in place, but flat footed. 😯

  • cammy anderson
    cammy anderson 1 день назад

    At the end when they zoom in, it looks like she needs to pee badly😂

  • G Mireles
    G Mireles 1 день назад

    is this what malu watches ? 🤧

  • OhheyitsSoumy
    OhheyitsSoumy 1 день назад

    step 1: be an Arab :P

    .... some girls learn this and we are born doing it XD

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  • Irathy Vistlip
    Irathy Vistlip 3 дня назад

    I feel myself in all these comments

  • Cindy Norman
    Cindy Norman 3 дня назад

    It would be great if you moved the CC/Subtitles somewhere else...they are covering her hips which is exactly what i need to watch! Thanks either way! ;-)

  • Lesley Garcia
    Lesley Garcia 6 дней назад

    I thought I was like pro but just me doing a belly roll and my fat rolls flapping around makin me look like a damn fat hippo

  • Water Lily
    Water Lily 7 дней назад +1

    I tried to do this and I am absolutely sure I looked awful.

  • mash potato
    mash potato 7 дней назад +1

    I look like an idiot practicing this in the bathroom so no one would see me

  • Bsmalah Tareq
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    I just looked at myself in the mirror , fool 😂

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    Jai Sharma Sharma 10 дней назад

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    Jackson jackson 12 дней назад

    oh my god I love you.

  • Andrea C.
    Andrea C. 13 дней назад

    thanks it took 2 days to master this

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    Jana Weisse 15 дней назад

    Malulu we're coming for you

  • Anam Karim Yousafzai
    Anam Karim Yousafzai 16 дней назад

    can any one give online belly dancing classes free any channel on youtube kindly some one guide

  • Molly Mariani
    Molly Mariani 17 дней назад

    what is the song!?

  • Ninja :3
    Ninja :3 17 дней назад

    I don't have the hips to do that...

  • Tamang nice video Thacur
    Tamang nice video Thacur 18 дней назад

    wow nice dance but very difficult

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  • N.a. Ma.
    N.a. Ma. 21 день назад +1

    wow arabic dance in all the word😂😍😍👏👏

  • Daphenie Aprillia
    Daphenie Aprillia 22 дня назад

    Who here is as stiff as a stick and cant even follow a simple tutorial because they just cant move ❤️😂

  • Srishti Marwaha
    Srishti Marwaha 24 дня назад

    Lol i still cant to do it😂

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  • Caity cat
    Caity cat 24 дня назад

    Does that actually wreck your bones? Or does it really hit your rib cage?

  • Caity cat
    Caity cat 24 дня назад

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  • Hassan Gamal
    Hassan Gamal 24 дня назад +1

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  • Katrina Smith
    Katrina Smith 24 дня назад

    1 minute into this and my legs said forget it!

  • Nayelee Garcia
    Nayelee Garcia 25 дней назад

    I think the easier way to do this is to just go to belly dancing classes and dancing classes I can do a moving my hip movement just not noticeable

  • blue fairy
    blue fairy 26 дней назад

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    B.P Yadav 27 дней назад

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    bhawna saini 28 дней назад

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    Taylor Hill 29 дней назад

    this was not helpful at all

  • lastavica 6
    lastavica 6 29 дней назад

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  • Homicidal Twink
    Homicidal Twink 1 месяц назад

    I was researching the founder of scientology, and now I'm belly dancing. What

  • BruhItzAshleyy MSP
    BruhItzAshleyy MSP 1 месяц назад

    I was trying this in the bathroom and I think my mom heard my fat rolls jiggling all the way from the living room so she came and knocked on the door and asked what I was doing😂😂

  • signjess x
    signjess x 1 месяц назад

    I thought I was doing it until I looked in the mirror and I realised I wasn't doing anything all I was doing was shaking my belly fat😂

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  • Lexi Deltaco
    Lexi Deltaco 1 месяц назад

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  • • screaming •
    • screaming • 1 месяц назад

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  • Yasmin Roberta
    Yasmin Roberta 1 месяц назад

    vocês poderiam falar português né? ;-; iria facilitar muito a minha vida

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    Fuega23 1 месяц назад

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    Ishika R 1 месяц назад

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    lea 1 месяц назад

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    lowering my self esteem.

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    NoraIshKawaii :3 1 месяц назад

    I've been bellydancing for a couple of months now and this is how I learnt.
    I just don't understand how to do a bellyroll :/

    //A twelve y/o girl from Sweden

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