We Ate The Most Iconic Foods In Mexico City On A $50 Budget

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Mexico City has a range of foods from all across the country. Some staples include ceviche, mole, and pozole. We explored the city with $50 USD to see what kinds of food we could buy.
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    We Ate The Most Iconic Foods In Mexico City On A $50 Budget

Comments • 497

  • NOT Omar
    NOT Omar 3 days ago

    They scammed your ass so much 🤣🤣

  • George Reyes
    George Reyes 3 days ago

    I'll buy a block to throw a block party lol I'm sure i .can with 50 USD $

  • TRUmente87
    TRUmente87 11 days ago

    Shoot more like $50 a month!

  • bigbankuchiesbabyy
    bigbankuchiesbabyy 13 days ago

    I’d spend my money on their hookers

  • will Boog
    will Boog 14 days ago +1

    I’m good that shit look like it stink

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 15 days ago

    29.10 For a day is 9 stars? I have to live of a 1 for a day.

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 15 days ago +1

    1:35 That is nothing for my breakfast, and i never have breakfast.

  • Starwars Starwarz
    Starwars Starwarz 21 day ago

    That's B's

  • Au JW
    Au JW 24 days ago

    Come to Malaysia.

  • A A P
    A A P 25 days ago +1

    Im so glad she went with the traditional carrot cake of Mexico and not those American desserts like Tres leches Or Flan

  • KinetiCandy
    KinetiCandy 25 days ago


  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 25 days ago

    Where is cactus?

  • I need Sleep
    I need Sleep 25 days ago

    Horchata originated in el salvador

  • iamtachi vlogs
    iamtachi vlogs Month ago

    I thought she's gonna eat one spoonful but now omg. I think she's on a diet but anyways I love insider

  • J L
    J L Month ago

    Her name is Taryn Varricchio. She’s Italian and she’s pronouncing Spanish words like the whitest girl in California. Both Italian and Spanish languages are from Latin there’s no way she can’t pronounce these dishes properly. POH-ZOH-LAY. Give me a break.

  • krishabh kumar
    krishabh kumar Month ago

    Come to India, you can spent $50 in almost 15 days if you eat some good food. For me I spent that much in a month.

  • a
    a Month ago

    She’s a moron, doesn’t she know she could’ve actually spend a lot of less. They just jacked up the price cause she’s not Mexican NOBODY there spends $50 f*cking US dollars a day on food! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • xfearlesspinayxx
    xfearlesspinayxx Month ago

    *great! Mexico is like the Philippines of America 😁*

  • Dave Antonio Miguel

    Woah!.... People! Be calm alright.

  • RIF zero
    RIF zero Month ago

    Tape worms FREE😁

  • Sean Hunter
    Sean Hunter Month ago

    Pozole is supposed to be pork though?

  • Dibyajyoti Mandal
    Dibyajyoti Mandal Month ago

    😒😒😒In india you can live a day for 5 dollars... For indians mexico would be very expensive..., I would give 4-5 stars to mexico.

  • joy Apolinario
    joy Apolinario Month ago

    Is that cactus?

  • Madeleine Ayran
    Madeleine Ayran Month ago

    Girl wtf I spend less than 50$ a week. Film something like that in the Philippines, I bet you can't spend more than 15$ a day for just street food

  • Soul Creeper
    Soul Creeper Month ago

    Sorry but horchata is made up of way more stuff. More of herbs and it's a milky drink. It's disgusting to me and I'm a dead ass mexican. Tastes like lilacs to me. Too sweet

  • Apda Darang
    Apda Darang Month ago

    Wtf I want to see the process of cactus meal man and worst food blogger

  • curious pillai
    curious pillai Month ago

    Coconut water in plastic things can't go any better...

  • Rachmat Saleh
    Rachmat Saleh Month ago

    $50 for 1 day? I'll survive for entire month with that bunch of money

  • Victor Huerta
    Victor Huerta Month ago +3

    This lady got scammed at the last restraunt I can get a whole meal at tepetongo zactecas for 90 pesos

  • Taetaeisthesun_1
    Taetaeisthesun_1 Month ago

    Seriously? The title is misleading... you didn’t spend all $50 and you didn’t even try other dishes that aren’t common 🙄 you know what? You couldn’t even describe the taste of the food... you simply told ingredient 😂 YOU NEED TO BE REPLACED!

  • cynthia garza
    cynthia garza Month ago

    Food and spices

  • AA TsolScholar
    AA TsolScholar Month ago

    One coconut in Phils is 20 PH pesos.

  • Jonpher Eiverson Santos

    Try in Philippines!!!

  • Abu Bakar
    Abu Bakar Month ago

    Come to Pakistani sister, in 50 dollars you eat whole month....... and get tired of eating......

  • Lily Garcia
    Lily Garcia Month ago +1

    Idk but ima Mexican and her voice really triggers me when she says the food .

  • Keenth joshua Malaga

    Please visit the philippines

  • Jomari Jose
    Jomari Jose Month ago

    Go to the philippines and see how cheap are we.

  • Husein Jie
    Husein Jie Month ago

    Go to indonesia...

  • Bepiz_ Man
    Bepiz_ Man Month ago

    In Phillipines every Australian dollar is 42 pesos there

  • OverKillFTW GT
    OverKillFTW GT Month ago

    Have you even been to a SEA Country before?

  • R R
    R R Month ago

    What a waste single use plastic bag for coconut water, why not drink it straight out of the coconut without a as well, that's how Jamaicans do it.

  • Alexis Castillo
    Alexis Castillo Month ago

    Tbh these are not iconic

  • Butter_cream
    Butter_cream Month ago

    Yeah Monterrey has the best food in Mexico (my mom was born there)

    • Butter_cream
      Butter_cream Month ago

      Lucía Mota ohh yes both are Good

    • Lucía Mota
      Lucía Mota Month ago

      No, no, no. A lot of respect to my regio friends but no.
      The best mexican food is in Michoacán and Yucatán. It's known.

  • Jtheballer 21
    Jtheballer 21 Month ago

    They scammed you!😂 that’s pretty expensive for what you got I could go buy a bag of fresh churros for 30 pesos

  • DonutCovered Kitty
    DonutCovered Kitty Month ago

    The way they keep pronouncing Mole, Pozole and other things absolutely triggered me no offense

  • Sponge Boi
    Sponge Boi Month ago

    Riley Reid's sister

  • Annay Shah
    Annay Shah Month ago +1

    So stupid 😡 natural made a coconut to drink from
    You had put the coconut water in a plastic bag. Classic

  • senku manohar
    senku manohar Month ago

    After eating all that .Next day ...loose motions😂

  • James Eadmer Dela Cruz

    Fun fact: Pesos is also a term use by the Philippines and 50$ is 2,300 pesos

  • Lesly Orozco
    Lesly Orozco Month ago


  • Dee B
    Dee B Month ago +2

    Is she available for $50?
    1:32 Cool product placement tho.

  • LMJ DC
    LMJ DC Month ago


  • JaBoi the one and only

    50 dollars are 1000 pesos belive me i live there

  • Insta Rat
    Insta Rat Month ago

    Who needs to eat that much

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Month ago

    Coconut water not juice.

  • space lapis
    space lapis Month ago

    I’m fine with the Tex-Mex here in the US thanks

    • Lucía Mota
      Lucía Mota Month ago

      Then you don't know the real deal, my friend...

  • Kotori Minalinsky
    Kotori Minalinsky Month ago

    The cactus wasn't even shown in the vid. Wish she wouldve tried slightly better for than carrot cake.. RIP people who've never eaten nopales, you're missing out

  • super noob
    super noob Month ago

    ha. amatures. i survived a day in new york with 3 dollars. E V E R Y D A Y.

  • Xooty
    Xooty Month ago

    Do $50 USD in the Philippines lol

  • luis
    luis Month ago

    Hope you enjoy the Mexican tapeworms