Death by Meat! Street Food in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
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    Special thanks to Bekruz Hamzaev, Head of Marketing and Promotion of the Uzbekistan Tourism Board for an overwhelmingly yummy introduction to Uzbek food. To find out more about Uzbekistan, follow him on Instagram @bekruz_hamzaev.
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    ADDRESS: Abdulla Kodiriy Subway Station, Tashkent Uzbekistan
    OPEN: 5AM - 5PM
    🇺🇿Located in the center of Tashkent, Oloy Bozori has been a staple in Uzbekistan for nearly 70 years. This bazaar was renovated three years ago and is considered the nicest in the city thanks to its modern new design. Oloy Bozori is famous for its variety of goods sold, from the best fruit and nuts to silk products and clothing.
    ADDRESS: Beruni Ave, Tashkent Uzbekistan
    OPEN: 6AM - 6PM
    🍞BREAD-NON: Bread
    Bread-non is Tashkent’s biggest bakery, supplying the highest quality fresh bread. The bakery houses 16 tandoors, and each tandoor cooks 400 loaves of bread per day.
    💸PRICE: .25 USD/2,080 UZS per loaf of bread
    😋FOOD COURT: Mutton Kabab + Norin + Honum + Dumba
    Chosur Bazaar’s food court boasts more than 30 different types of food. Locals often visit this portion of the bazaar to purchase food for weddings and other big celebrations or parties.
    MUTTON KEBAB: Lamb meat, onion, vinegar, chilli powder and Uzbek bread
    💸PRICE: .80 USD/6,658 UZS
    NORIN: Horse meat, horse sausage, noodles, onion and pepper
    💸PRICE: 2.30 USD/19,143 UZS
    HONUM: Basil, tomato, onion, carrots and flat dough stuffed with potato
    💸PRICE: .20 USD/1,664 UZS
    DUMBA: Locals typically eat this with chickpeas, rice and horse meat
    💸PRICE: 2.30 USD/19,143 UZS for full dish
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