Maksim Chmerkovskiy Talks Becoming a Dad, New Season of 'Dancing With The Stars' | The View

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Автор Alren Videos ( назад)

Автор mary furnier ( назад)

Автор Екатерина Шендрикова ( назад)
This Joy is rude, crazy Trump maniac...

Автор Victoria Charles ( назад)
Can they please get rid of joy she so does not fit that name !

Автор Lisa Payne-Chirico ( назад)
Max and Heather are a great combo. A lot of celebs in the past had extensive dance experience and didn't win so on balance Max and Heather aren't a shoe-in. I am looking forward to seeing them perform.

Автор Anja Salinas ( назад)
yea, its nor fair Heather is on the show. whether the style of dance is different from what shes still used to, shes still a professional dancer. She was Beyonce's back up dancer for godsakes. Being in a dance competition with people who haven't danced at all is just not fair.

Автор Allyson Messina ( назад)
When it comes to heather, just because she is a professional dancer doesn't mean learning this completely different style of dance won't be challenging in anyway.

Автор Harmonizer 97 ( назад)
I love Heather but I also love Normani my life I don't know what to do 😔❤❤

Автор رؤى ابراهيم ( назад)
that woman on his right is rude and stupid when she thought that it's funny to say to a new dad are you sure it's yours.

Автор Ja AG ( назад)
Maks your only win will be with Meryl Davis. okthnxbye

Автор CMFTC ( назад)
Hi Ladies. Love the show, hardly ever miss. So, I had a possible topic, but it's really more for Sonny and Jedadiah. I am not a lawyer, but I can read and I like to put "things together". And I found a couple Laws I found interesting. Forget Trump's Tax Returns. Too big a target, and too complex. Keep it simple. (44 US Code Chapter 22 2209) makes, by law, any of the Twitter accounts the President uses an Official Presidential Document. If he conducts Official Business, like communicating with the American People.. he is publishing a Official US Document to be Archived. Which means, (18 US Code 1001) comes into play. It clearly states that if anyone, whoever, in their jurisdiction of the executive legislative, or judicial branches makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry.. Well, that's a felony. In America, we have laws that say.. clearly.. you lie in your capacity as Government Official.. you go to jail. It may just be gibberish, but it KILLS me every day to watch "that man" lie.. over and over. It can't be legal, and maybe it's not? Stay strong Ladies, America has been through a lot worse that Trump. We are not as stupid, lazy, and gullible as our new leaders think.

Автор Diana Ristoski ( назад)
Whoopi looks like she doesn't give AF

Автор B33N N00R ( назад)
Norman? 😶

Автор Christian London ( назад)
what's going on with home boys face.... ? is he doing the crack...?

Автор BawdyVlogger ( назад)
Whoopi looks bored lol.

Автор 1rkhachatryan ( назад)
Lmfao Norman, Sunny you wrong for that one 😂😂😂...

Автор Harleen Quinzel ( назад)
Joy and Whoopi are cunts

Автор Travon Prince ( назад)
anyone catch how Maks was looking at Sara at 5:13?

Автор zakiyyah muhammad ( назад)
Normani kordei get it right

Автор A. Farrow ( назад)
Does Whoopi not like him? and girl is my girl, but that joke! Wasn't funny.

Автор pcheard ( назад)
whoopi didn't say anything except, "you think they just walk out?" she's always ice cold except when she REALLY likes the guest.

Автор Alisha C ( назад)
He is giving me a Sylvester Stallone vibe with his look today.

Автор Josh R ( назад)
Lol Heather Morris better watch her back-- Normani Kordei is coming for her weave!

Автор cristina solano ( назад)
First time I don't like a Joy's joke.

Автор Kevin Alaniz ( назад)

Автор Eskimo One ( назад)
Joy Behar: "Is it yours?" What, are you saying Peta is a cheating tramp?

Автор Beverly Sanders ( назад)
I like max on dancing. wishing him well.

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