50 People Try To Open A Champagne Bottle | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious

  • We brought 50 people together and asked each of them to pop a champagne bottle open for us. Unsurprisingly, the results ran from perfectly smooth to explosively unpredictable. Watch and see just how complicated folks can make taking one thing out of another thing on this episode of Basic Skills Challenge.
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    50 People Try To Open A Champagne Bottle | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious

Comments • 80

  • Kyle Oh
    Kyle Oh 16 minutes ago

    the thumbnail looked like santa claus.

  • Softie
    Softie 56 minutes ago

    Yo why is Santa on the thumbnail

  • chickenman226
    chickenman226 3 hours ago

    why does every american in these videos act like a 17 year old girl from Leeds...

  • Loui
    Loui 4 hours ago

    1:22 me at McDonald's free refill

  • Rice
    Rice 5 hours ago

    Im 13 even i know

  • Oji-sama
    Oji-sama 6 hours ago

    Don’t you guys shoot the cork at other people.

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199 8 hours ago

    Clicked for Santa 2:28.

  • Kevin Babic
    Kevin Babic 16 hours ago

    I was distracted by the music, trying to remember what it is, when I realized it was the song from Zauberflöte about a man who wants to catch women in his net like they're game-fowl.

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad Day ago

    Emilly would have put red sauce in the champagne.

  • mikey palesse
    mikey palesse 2 days ago

    25 people are killed every year by flying champagne corks

  • Jia yi Ong
    Jia yi Ong 2 days ago

    They bought 50 champagne just to make people pop. btw I prefer popping out far.

  • LK Produced
    LK Produced 2 days ago

    2:29 Santa?

  • SirVegas
    SirVegas 3 days ago +2

    1:35 The moment I saw him show up, I thought "Yeah, this guy knows a thing or two about champagne"

  • Meena Reddy
    Meena Reddy 4 days ago

    I know how to do it and I’m 10

  • Meena Reddy
    Meena Reddy 4 days ago

    The dude that’s the front page looks like santa

  • Kevin Z
    Kevin Z 4 days ago

    Emily is in this video 😍

  • Ben Sargeant
    Ben Sargeant 4 days ago

    My fav method is using the base of the flute to sabre the bottle. The weakest part of the neck is where the two seams meet, slide the base along the vertical seam hit the weak spot and you get a clean break

  • Amr Ismail
    Amr Ismail 7 days ago

    next up: 50 people try to eat
    A man from the vid: Shoves food up his a**hole

  • Senf92
    Senf92 7 days ago

    2:29 That moment, when Santa Klaus arrives...

  • Dark Artic
    Dark Artic 7 days ago

    0.45 every just like "boom boom boom" then that guy is just like "uh"

  • Mmakeup
    Mmakeup 10 days ago

    A bottle of "ShaINe PaaiN"

  • Lil Chuuya ___Nakahara

    Their money put to waste😂😂😂💵💸

  • Alessandro Pini
    Alessandro Pini 11 days ago

    So the champagne is from trader joe’s huh? I guessed we figured out how you could afford 50 bottles then 😂 1:06

  • GrifWithOneF
    GrifWithOneF 13 days ago

    The real answer is that you sabre it

  • Lone Beast
    Lone Beast 14 days ago

    You forgot one more way, sabering it with the bottom of the wine glass

  • In the future
    In the future 15 days ago +80

    Everyone: *Uses there hands to open it*
    Qualified chef: *Pulls out sword*

  • Taikung 321
    Taikung 321 16 days ago

    Me : *Sees Ramsey* HOLY SCALLIONS!
    Also me : Oh wait. Its RAMSEY NOT RAMSAY!

  • BarbieLovesRicky
    BarbieLovesRicky 17 days ago

    1:23 life goals lol

  • Nicolle
    Nicolle 19 days ago

    this is the most fun ive seen the chef have at the end of these videos lmao

  • Bhirasidh Woranan
    Bhirasidh Woranan 19 days ago

    2:26 WoW so cute

  • Smooth boi
    Smooth boi 20 days ago

    You all know now why the champagne aisle in Walmart is empty

  • Bad Thoughts
    Bad Thoughts 21 day ago

    People do something that's incredibly simple

  • Unconscious
    Unconscious 22 days ago +1

    C'mon, JC. We all know your skill with wines.

  • Z3alx
    Z3alx 23 days ago

    Me when I make Ramen Noodles:

  • Lily Blue
    Lily Blue 23 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a real life santa clause

  • pie assassin
    pie assassin 23 days ago

    0:52 his disappointment

  • Super Noob
    Super Noob 23 days ago

    0:57 guy on the left with white shirt looks like miniminter lol

  • Alex452
    Alex452 25 days ago

    Im actually shocked how dumb people are

  • Stian Buland Lie
    Stian Buland Lie 25 days ago +1

    Once used a spoon to saber a champagne bottle. That was a great party.

  • QualityTradez
    QualityTradez 25 days ago

    100% should have required eye protection lol. Hell if I participated I would have asked for it or just passed.

  • SenseiKai
    SenseiKai 25 days ago

    I don't have a Saber handy. Gonna try it with my Zweihander .

  • Thomas Tran
    Thomas Tran 26 days ago

    1:22 he is not even drinking it lol I have friends who use to do this when they were suppose to chug including me lol

  • Amanda Ošiņa
    Amanda Ošiņa 26 days ago

    Can we give some applause to the Epicurious editor

  • Daniel Vickers
    Daniel Vickers 26 days ago

    these videos make me question the human race.

  • Zayne Poitras
    Zayne Poitras 26 days ago

    Coronavirus is coming run

  • A.F. Aliluft
    A.F. Aliluft 26 days ago

    0:44 lack of testosterone, wrong...

  • Fang
    Fang 26 days ago

    2:29 is that santa

  • David Lamphier
    David Lamphier 26 days ago

    Who seals a bottle with their lips when trying to drink?

  • honey_bee_cosplay
    honey_bee_cosplay 26 days ago

    So the thing about champagne is you actually don’t want it to pop loudly because the carbonation will be all released at once and it’ll basically defeat the purpose of the champagne. It will also really decrease the flavor and complexity in the champagne. Also is it real champagne? Because champagne is only “champagne” if it comes from Champagne in France. If it is not champagne it is most likely sparkling wine.

  • regeman100
    regeman100 27 days ago

    the professional and still used wrong side of the sabre

  • Guerra dos Bichos
    Guerra dos Bichos 27 days ago

    Are you Americans really this scared of life? No one will die from a cork

  • Pandachoww
    Pandachoww 27 days ago

    1. Why am i watching this? and 2. Why don't people know how to open a bottle of champagne? what?

  • maurizio boggian
    maurizio boggian 27 days ago

    ma come si fa a non esser capaci ad aprire una bottiglia di champagne?? significa non aver mai bevuto nulla di buono nella vita! a meno che, non sia una bottiglia di prosecco! (italian wine!)

  • Simon
    Simon 27 days ago

    Wth 😂 Its so easy and they Marke such science out of it 😂

  • liquid nitrogen
    liquid nitrogen 27 days ago +3

    The man on the thumbnail looks like he's about to sneak in to your house through the chimney

  • jam3s J
    jam3s J 28 days ago +2

    Wtf im 13 and can open one 😂

  • Someone like you
    Someone like you 28 days ago

    Well that was something i already knew

  • shit
    shit 28 days ago

    All the people who easily opened the champagne bottles are alcoholics ...

  • iciberk
    iciberk 28 days ago

    What a empty video ahhh...

  • Thomas Conroy
    Thomas Conroy 28 days ago

    Santa's on the thumbnail

  • Keshav Gyawali
    Keshav Gyawali 28 days ago +3

    3:39 yes I love this wine

  • Moto Life
    Moto Life 28 days ago

    1:53 dream woman and wifey material

  • Ádi Kovács
    Ádi Kovács 29 days ago


  • Noud V.
    Noud V. 29 days ago

    0:52 lmao

  • Adam ghost 22
    Adam ghost 22 29 days ago +1

    Nobody :
    Literally Nobody :
    Not even in another dimension :
    *8 year old kids* : 1:12

  • 123 456
    123 456 29 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ how do they think the bottle opener is the way to go like have you never been outside or seen any movies/tv?

  • Iron Skies
    Iron Skies Month ago

    I'm pretty sure this is fake, now, for the memes.

  • Elizabeth Guerrero
    Elizabeth Guerrero Month ago

    me at 3 A.M: i need this in case

  • ThePackMan
    ThePackMan Month ago

    Sabre that bad boy with a wine flute, looks so good

  • Lazarosgamer Marku
    Lazarosgamer Marku Month ago +1

    The guy in the thubnail looks like santa😂

  • Stephen Owen
    Stephen Owen Month ago

    How and/or why is this video a thing?

  • Koney
    Koney Month ago

    Dude santa needs milk not alcohol

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez Month ago

    its sparkling wine get it right

  • Emrah Boi
    Emrah Boi Month ago +3

    3:05 the guy who put black berries in his Grilled cheese sandwich

  • Alexander Beckers
    Alexander Beckers Month ago

    The chef instructor explained it perfectly, however whilst serving his hand was on the label... The label should be facing the customer

  • Jai Yadav
    Jai Yadav Month ago

    Santa Claus!

  • Sonja
    Sonja Month ago

    Me: grabs the katana at my dads room to open a champagne bottle

  • Chris YT
    Chris YT Month ago


  • JellyBear
    JellyBear Month ago

    Give me 5 minutes and a rapier.

  • Marc Vincent Klitgaard

    I didn't know that Trader Joe's was located in France...