Coins Have Hidden TRAPS and SECRET LEVERS

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Coins Have Hidden TRAPS and SECRET LEVERS
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Coins Have Hidden TRAPS and SECRET LEVERS

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    DARK ANGEL 23 minutes ago

    Why do u dress up so fancy every vid
    Also u have a boyfriend soooo don't even think about it

  • Olga Martinez
    Olga Martinez 4 hours ago


    Wolf PEEP HUSCKE 6 hours ago


  • YTfish_sticksl Chicken
    YTfish_sticksl Chicken 10 hours ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Don’t u have anything better to do

  • Wolfy_Playz
    Wolfy_Playz 11 hours ago

    2:27 the bug had a skoll on his shell who saw it?

  • MaMa McCabe
    MaMa McCabe 12 hours ago

    Blood is red ❤
    Your head is blue 💙
    I want to know you ❤
    But I suffocated you 💙
    Going to keep your head ❤
    I wanted to be arrested 💙
    Just like you ❤
    I really love you! 💙
    (Original comment!)

  • Cashius Clay Spotted
    Cashius Clay Spotted 20 hours ago

    Can I have a cone

  • lenne de coole
    lenne de coole 23 hours ago

    They're soooo beautifullll

  • Katkat Domingo
    Katkat Domingo Day ago

    Sooo cool 😎

  • melanie storys Arizaga

    1:45 *FBI I OPEN UP*

  • Jimmy Withrow
    Jimmy Withrow Day ago


  • xXMia_Gaming_YTXx

    0:59 löl

  • Miranda Rush
    Miranda Rush Day ago


  • YU EDWARD 5J31
    YU EDWARD 5J31 2 days ago

    Chocolate are drugs

  • Sari Ani
    Sari Ani 2 days ago

    You mean ca ca

  • Kingston Loo
    Kingston Loo 2 days ago

    The first carved one looked like it was based on one of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings

  • Kingston Loo
    Kingston Loo 2 days ago

    It SEAS us

  • Maer Soriano
    Maer Soriano 2 days ago

    I hope one of these artists makes an azzy land coin

  • Phx901
    Phx901 2 days ago

    So cool

  • Reaper 77
    Reaper 77 2 days ago

    Make bear trap coin
    *fbi opens up *
    FBI says
    FBI: um a coin what can go wrong ?
    *fbi Put his finger on coin
    FBI: ouch

  • La-Toya D'Andrade
    La-Toya D'Andrade 2 days ago


  • Candy pop Li
    Candy pop Li 3 days ago

    A coin that has a sword in a coin no way

    But if you made it it is real

  • Keegan Hi
    Keegan Hi 3 days ago

    On the pig one ham and bacon

  • Keegan Hi
    Keegan Hi 3 days ago

    On the pig one ham and bacon

  • Fred Fenix
    Fred Fenix 3 days ago

    Can you help me make a channel

  • springy- chan
    springy- chan 3 days ago

    I saw a necklace like this kinda it had a coin shaped thing with a dragon and a sword going through the middle and the secret was that u can pull the sword out and it's a tiny dagger it was sooo cool and it was at the strawberry festival in a market place , it was 25$ soo cheap but sadly I didn't have my money on me and now I have to wait next year for it

  • Nate Lowe
    Nate Lowe 3 days ago


  • Nate Lowe
    Nate Lowe 3 days ago

    Get your walletsout

  • Devin Rose
    Devin Rose 3 days ago

    I got a milllion $$$$$$

  • Kuroro san
    Kuroro san 3 days ago

    *uhm nom nom nom nom!*

  • Gizmit the Guinea pig 2

    Isn't it illegal to deface money??😂😂

  • Lindie Dixon
    Lindie Dixon 3 days ago +1

    We are learning of archaeologist. Even the white lady.😍😊✍🎒🏫📖 azzyland I love you so so much I love you so so so funny and so incredible and you are the best RUclipr. 🍓🌹💝💖😮😆

  • TheNewYolo
    TheNewYolo 3 days ago

    "Theres different types of metals on it"
    Me: those are infinity stones

  • 2020 Lollipop Christmas

    1:00 is said löl

  • kaizar rafaell
    kaizar rafaell 3 days ago

    Yas sssssssssssssss

  • Malwa Jerndahl
    Malwa Jerndahl 3 days ago


  • brett goshorn
    brett goshorn 4 days ago

    All spark

  • Crystal Vinson
    Crystal Vinson 4 days ago

    It is a nuckle meme

  • gacha girl
    gacha girl 4 days ago

    Azzy you are right it is a crime to damage money

  • Marie M
    Marie M 4 days ago


  • Felipe Sotello
    Felipe Sotello 4 days ago

    diabetes is not better than having all your parts azzy!

  • renda webb
    renda webb 4 days ago

    I do were is the oxen

  • Krista Rivet-Tilford

    There's a skull on the bug

  • Kian Mouton
    Kian Mouton 4 days ago

    Mrbeast will by it.

  • Floppy XP
    Floppy XP 4 days ago

    Mr. BEAST can buy this azzy xD

  • Pink Gacha
    Pink Gacha 4 days ago

    Would you rather be as hairy as chewbacca or look like 10000000000 years old

  • Myth person
    Myth person 5 days ago


  • Michell Velazques
    Michell Velazques 5 days ago


  • Quinn Benn
    Quinn Benn 5 days ago

    Did you click bait FBI open up

  • AltTHINK Academy
    AltTHINK Academy 5 days ago

    So I just realized that even tho u wast that coin, u can still make more by selling it

  • Jack Mc
    Jack Mc 5 days ago

    1:45 FBI OPEN UP

  • becksawreck33
    becksawreck33 5 days ago

    What do ya mean azzy you look beautiful in fedoras more beautiful than my mom wearing a dresss

  • Kids Learning Fun
    Kids Learning Fun 5 days ago

    ʢ♥◡♥ʡ *eg protecc azzy from evil coins*

  • Alex rosebelle
    Alex rosebelle 5 days ago

    Star wars isn't Disney


  • Charles Murphy
    Charles Murphy 5 days ago


  • Melanie DiMartini
    Melanie DiMartini 5 days ago

    I want them all

  • Riley HALL
    Riley HALL 5 days ago

    3:10 escalbure the greatest of the sacred swords

  • Nishika Narang
    Nishika Narang 5 days ago

    Do you know azzy that there are flying roaches

  • Brianna the Meme queen


  • 55 sec of summer
    55 sec of summer 6 days ago

    1:23 That actually meant the guy behind the emperor told him not to tell the secret but the emperor did so he got killed.I was actually really looking forward to be mentioned in a video🤫

  • umltimate blader283
    umltimate blader283 6 days ago

    the one with the girl and the mask was inappropriate.

  • Phoenix Minton
    Phoenix Minton 6 days ago

    I just click on this video first add was cliff bars I watched a video before with cliff

  • engdell
    engdell 6 days ago


  • The Fake Youtube
    The Fake Youtube 6 days ago

    7:44 looks like Killer queen's skulls on its hand

    Jojo's bizarre adventure not the song its just based off of it

  • daisy doo
    daisy doo 6 days ago

    I don't think starwars is made by disney

  • Bushra Suhail
    Bushra Suhail 6 days ago

    Where are you romanbooteen give me some amazing coins!!!😎😎😎

  • iPad User
    iPad User 7 days ago

    I am cool with looking at 🐜 bugs 🐛 but touching them heal to the na na na na

  • Jessica Heatherly
    Jessica Heatherly 7 days ago

    Cool and ouch

    VERDUGAMER 7 days ago

    I just bouhgt 1 for 600 dlls, its a réplica almost as nice as the original, but the mechanical function is not as sharp as the original one

  • Jennifer P.
    Jennifer P. 7 days ago

    Moral of the story, never take money that isn't yours. You never know what soul is possessing that coin.

  • benz ngaihte
    benz ngaihte 8 days ago +1

    I would spend that coin when I get that

  • Lena Hauser
    Lena Hauser 8 days ago


  • William Buffington
    William Buffington 8 days ago

    I think the coin are spazzing money she got that azzy money

  • Gabriel Arong
    Gabriel Arong 8 days ago

    You are so talktev

  • Michael Calvert
    Michael Calvert 8 days ago


  • YT A.K Gamer
    YT A.K Gamer 8 days ago

    What is the third coin called

  • Imran Chowdhury
    Imran Chowdhury 8 days ago +1


  • Darius Nicolae Sefer


  • Martine Yellow Rock
    Martine Yellow Rock 8 days ago

    Roses are Red
    Tomatoes are too
    I got a like
    Now I can get a bike
    Please give me likes so I could giveaway some bikes!

  • Oliver Williams
    Oliver Williams 8 days ago

    Go to my canall subscribe and like

  • Soda man
    Soda man 8 days ago +1

    You Got Big boops

  • Jourdain Gwin
    Jourdain Gwin 9 days ago

    It's not Disney it's starwars

  • clover productionz
    clover productionz 9 days ago

    I want dem

  • sanju lata
    sanju lata 9 days ago

    you should react to kluna tik eating

  • Jamerla testa
    Jamerla testa 9 days ago

    its illuminate

  • Jamerla testa
    Jamerla testa 9 days ago


  • May Gordon
    May Gordon 9 days ago +39

    You know roses are red violets are blue i liked this video what about you?

    Ima like my own comment cuz no one else will so yaEh

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright 9 days ago +1

    I love you and can you showt me out my name is blaise

  • Jeremy Espinal
    Jeremy Espinal 9 days ago

    Wooow cool

  • Leticia Herrera
    Leticia Herrera 9 days ago

    Oooooooooo ahoooooooo

  • Red Wood
    Red Wood 9 days ago

    Star Wars wasn’t originally Disney’s so 😐 also love you girl ♥️

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 9 days ago +1

    1 like 1 dollar for me to buy a coin

  • Rosemary Stimpel
    Rosemary Stimpel 9 days ago

    You didn’t start Prank in your boyfriend

  • Rosemary Stimpel
    Rosemary Stimpel 9 days ago

    You didn’t start Prank in your boyfriend By pretending you lost your memories

  • Rosemary Stimpel
    Rosemary Stimpel 9 days ago

    You didn’t start Prank in your boyfriend By pretending you lost your memories

  • Caylah’s World
    Caylah’s World 9 days ago


  • tan phan
    tan phan 9 days ago


    • tan phan
      tan phan 9 days ago

      Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow that is so cooooooooooooooooooooooool👍🏻👧🏼

  • Mauricio Losoya
    Mauricio Losoya 9 days ago


  • Kylie_ Skye
    Kylie_ Skye 9 days ago

    Imagine spending so much time on these coins but you mix it with your coins in your waist and you end up using it in a vending machine😹

    RIGHT OR LEFT 9 days ago

    Her are inormus