Crushing Chalk! - Car Crush ASMR Compilation

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • In this oddly Satisfying video you will see 12 things crushed by a Car!
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  • 피구쏴랑
    피구쏴랑 12 hours ago

    1:01 이 장면을 우디님이 좋아합니다

  • Лёха Ковальчук

    Кактус то что вам сделал?

  • はあと
    はあと Day ago

    One is still eating😭

  • Patricia Berça
    Patricia Berça Day ago +1

    O povo que faz esses vídeos são um bando de idiota que desperdício de comida mano vai toma no #@% vcs tem que passar fome pra vcs vê e valorizar eu nunca passei mas nao jogo comida no lixo 🙅😡😡

    AMINKA MANDARINKA 2 days ago

    Ooooooooooooo No no non no help

  • Emina Zaripova
    Emina Zaripova 3 days ago

    Айфоны не пожалели а банки кока колы пустые

  • Padma Rao
    Padma Rao 6 days ago

    Can u give me some big chalks plz

  • DONUT ASMR Eedemma
    DONUT ASMR Eedemma 6 days ago

    Motor lauter als der crunch Baby gib ihm 😂

  • joey sunrapper
    joey sunrapper 7 days ago

    Killing living plants

  • Kelia Bennett
    Kelia Bennett 8 days ago

    I hate you😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Shark Puppet Pro
    Shark Puppet Pro 9 days ago +9

    Who would waste food like that?
    Since you are so rich, give it to the poor!

  • •ItzAly_ TheWølf WGF•

    2:05 Poor Scp-173 D:

  • ДеБиЛ пО жИзНи

    1:45 каеф

    ANTON_ MUSEC4K 10 days ago

    Мне кактусы жалко

  • nur fatihah amina azizah
    nur fatihah amina azizah 11 days ago +1

    i love that

  • Summersand Sandy
    Summersand Sandy 11 days ago +1

    1:02 lucky buggy 🙏🏼 anyone else see him

  • 당나귀
    당나귀 11 days ago

    한다음에 먹었겠죠

  • Aliya Dare
    Aliya Dare 12 days ago +2

    Je trouves sa insensé ya des gens qui ont même pas de quoi manger dans le monde et eux ils se permettent de gaspiller...

  • Акниет Сагат

    Это хлеб вы сумасашли

  • Venice Anne
    Venice Anne 13 days ago +1

    Pls don't waste foods!

  • Emily_Kate 368965
    Emily_Kate 368965 14 days ago

    Plants make oxygen and your are literally not caring🤬🤬

  • MINJI민지
    MINJI민지 14 days ago

    1:47~1:53 I like it ❤

  • Simona Krasteva
    Simona Krasteva 17 days ago

    I just count and you just ruined for 2 mins 25 things rgat could be used. Shame of you.

  • Anne Greenforest
    Anne Greenforest 18 days ago

    Who looks at the cactuses and thinks "hmm yeah i think that would be good to run over" lol

  • VAG
    VAG 18 days ago

    What the car?

  • Hermione Snofire
    Hermione Snofire 19 days ago

    Perfect 🙂💅🏻

  • Badgacha1234
    Badgacha1234 19 days ago +1

    1like=10 save the food!

  • asmr de cosas
    asmr de cosas 19 days ago

    Que desperdicio

  • M7md Shwake
    M7md Shwake 19 days ago

    😭😭😭 لا يعجبني هذا الفيديو

  • Garcia 111 Jose Eduardo

    I hate what are you doing your wasting your money and destroying food 😡😡😡😠😠😠😒😒😒😾😾😾

  • cool_Coollio 2059
    cool_Coollio 2059 20 days ago

    The dangers of a child v.s. A car
    Car:runs over squishy frog
    Squishy frog:meh not bad not bad
    Child:plays with squishy frog for 000000000.00000001 second

  • Tariq Qadri
    Tariq Qadri 20 days ago

    DON'T wast the food😈😈😈😈 food is our best friend

  • Alexandru Ciolpan
    Alexandru Ciolpan 20 days ago

    1dislike=no more food wasted

  • ᘜᗩᑢᕼᗩ_Potato

    You are wasting resources

  • Gacha Life King
    Gacha Life King 20 days ago


  • Валентин Одесса ASMR CRUSHING

  • _Rose_
    _Rose_ 21 day ago

    Yazık günah bu yiyeceği bulamayanlar var. Bana katılan +1

  • elikai
    elikai 21 day ago

    What exactly is the purpose of these experiments?

  • Gold Fox
    Gold Fox 22 days ago

    Günah günah

  • Matthew Caldwell
    Matthew Caldwell 22 days ago

    This is so unsatisfying

  • 김재호
    김재호 26 days ago

    fortnite.exe 0:47

  • Syeda Uzma Asim
    Syeda Uzma Asim 26 days ago

    Wastage Of food only

  • Rekha Das
    Rekha Das 26 days ago

    Why you waste so many things

  • Navi tyan
    Navi tyan 27 days ago

    0:48🤣🤣🤣 help me 😂

  • 강민정
    강민정 27 days ago


  • 강민정
    강민정 27 days ago

    정말 이상하시네요

  • Ma. cat
    Ma. cat 27 days ago +1

    1:19 мне лучше дайте😂😂😂 а так супер,.я чуть не заснула💤

    • Summer life
      Summer life 25 days ago

      Наконец то русский)))

  • Moon
    Moon 27 days ago +1

    Растения пожалейте!

  • oaodrk m
    oaodrk m 29 days ago


  • sharmaine
    sharmaine Month ago

    Why? Poor cactus... :(

  • Lucy Kawaii
    Lucy Kawaii Month ago +1

    Me dio pena el coche cuando piso el cactus

  • Hıyar Game
    Hıyar Game Month ago

    We are Turkish and we care about food and drinks. There are people who cannot find food and drink, but you are being crushed by a car.

  • fujoshi :3
    fujoshi :3 Month ago +1

    0:18 coca cola is in portuguese

  • А В О К А Д И К

    Зафига люди сторались производили, выращивали, делали игру что бы ты их раздовил, дизлай и отписка

  • 달나라의 토끼}{ 짜부

    please don’t kill plants

  • Sathvika Dharni
    Sathvika Dharni Month ago

    All are good but crushing of plants 🌵🌳🌿🌲 is not at all good

  • storm west
    storm west Month ago +4

    0:48 lol me on a motorcycle

  • storm west
    storm west Month ago +1

    0:48 lol me on a motorcycle

  • Mia does gaming
    Mia does gaming Month ago +2

    Noone :

    Me:poor cactuses😥

  • мишаня Тагильский

    Дак вот для чего у нас продукты то давят эксковаторами