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  • Published on Jul 14, 2016
  • Engrish. Japanglish. Whatever you call it, Japanese-English marketing is full of crazy and absurd surprises. Let's go downtown and see what we can find. (( *WARNING* May include some sarcasm ))
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  • JonLupen
    JonLupen Day ago

    "Fucking Sale" will always be my favorite. lol

  • Ruzbeh Savalooni

    Thank you for enriching the English language, from now on when ever things are about to go pear shaped, they are in fact "Half way up a chickins Bon Jovi". Just made my day, week almost!

  • Jackie beans
    Jackie beans Day ago


  • ja da
    ja da 2 days ago

    I bought some kind of sponge while visiting Japan a couple of years ago, in the area of the fish market. I think it was a natural sea sponge or something. It said you could scrub your body or your pots and pans. Well I know it can scrap the iron out of cast iron, not sure I want that thing close to my skin though. O_o

  • Shirotori
    Shirotori 5 days ago

    Family Rope

  • Wuts Upman
    Wuts Upman 5 days ago


  • Envy ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    When I learn Japanese I want to know what all the Japanese says on superdry. Like it could just say this person is a bitch and no one would know

  • alex carter
    alex carter 6 days ago

    Those Japanese wash towels are the best! I grew up using a Salux and bought one of those "manly" washcloths in blue, it's wonderful. I left it at a friend's, but I have yet a 3rd kind of Japanese washcloth, I love 'em scratchy and scrubby!

  • Kanna chan714
    Kanna chan714 7 days ago


  • Neko Trash
    Neko Trash 7 days ago +1

    4:36 kimonos on the left in the background 😍

  • Simon Heath
    Simon Heath 8 days ago +1

    Haha reminds me of I sign on a car repair shop in rural Oman... "for the repair and attempt to repair motor vehicles". I think it's the most honest sign ever

  • Timo_travel_fun
    Timo_travel_fun 9 days ago

    i got my tears, laughing, sorry for 3 yrs late

  • Harry Roger
    Harry Roger 10 days ago

    The menu at that pub is deliberately funny. There are some "lost in translations" but most of it was meant to be funny like above the "Cinnamon Water of Terror" it says "Danger" and "Waiting for the challenge of those courageous". Look closely at the menu and you'll get it. Think about it, Japanese people know what the word Danger means - it hasn't been mistranslated. Besides, there is a picture of a skull and bones next to it.

  • Wicked gaming
    Wicked gaming 11 days ago

    The eat or be eaten

  • HAtta famazi
    HAtta famazi 15 days ago

    Haha funny

  • forestspirits
    forestspirits 17 days ago

    the italian and french signs in japan are really funny too, you should look them up if you speak those languages

  • joke pi
    joke pi 17 days ago

    Bet he's wearing that Blackman undies he grabbed when he went to that sexy f.c.~ lol~ just kidding~
    Hmm...the only thing I understood in that chicken parts is Mune...because anime taught me lol~ be fair that really was eye catching if nothing else haha~
    That towel can't get any manlier huh lol~ guess the one who made that really like the men's body~
    Cinnamon water of totally innovative!... Sounds exciting~

  • MCheesesushi
    MCheesesushi 18 days ago

    Japanglish was one of my favorite things living in Japan

  • Reven Black
    Reven Black 18 days ago

    In one of our local restaurant menu, instead of saying prawn balls, it was named as PORN BALLS! OMG i died everytime i ordered that😂 but it tasted decent enough

  • TornadoBarrage
    TornadoBarrage 19 days ago

    Star innovation

    TRAP POLICE 20 days ago

    Feels like sandpaper fuck yeah

  • Emily Martinez
    Emily Martinez 28 days ago +1

    Women friendly 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marabouful
    Marabouful 28 days ago +2

    I laughed so much of the chicken with the Bon Jovi butt-part!😂😂

  • Beenish Khan
    Beenish Khan 28 days ago +2

    "Please Daddy." (¬‿¬)

  • Supreme Banshee
    Supreme Banshee Month ago

    It really is bizarre, and just because a place advertises in English does not mean they speak English or there is an English menu. Here are some wonderful examples I found of this phenomenon:
    While exploring Tokyo a man walked past me with a bright yellow T Shirt which said "Hey Boss! Give me the holiday!" There was something so off kilter about it that I found hilarious.
    On the train a man got on that looked like he was wearing a T Shirt with the Supreme logo on it, except in that iconic bold and italic font it said 'Fuck Bitch.' There were so many kids standing near by...
    The most astonishing thing I saw was coming out of Chofu station. Now this was towards the end of my stay, and I had used this station so many times. I was riding the escalator out when I saw something I hadn't noticed yet, and I literally did the full on Scooby Doo double take. In Tokyo the strip clubs are really common, usually recognisable by being plastered with posters of innocent looking girls. Except this particular strip club was boldly advertising a "FUCK STAGE." I didn't have time to go in.

  • Red Card
    Red Card Month ago

    Secret Sexy Club LOL

  • xx_Blasphemer_xx
    xx_Blasphemer_xx Month ago +1

    I just know this is gonna be brilliant even b4 I've watched it 😂

  • tailsofpearls
    tailsofpearls Month ago

    All the tourist shops by the dead sea sold LEGALIZE MARIJUANA hats which was weird.

  • Dia Sultana
    Dia Sultana Month ago

    Love ur voice transformation tho!

  • Lilith Spookypants
    Lilith Spookypants Month ago

    THIS lol
    "Fly like a scallop, from the sea.
    Fly like a scallop, a priest octopus is after me"

  • James Harold
    James Harold Month ago +1

    This is one of the reasons why I want to go to Japan 😂

  • Eva B.
    Eva B. Month ago

    You should make more of these!!! :D

  • kiwi wrinkle
    kiwi wrinkle Month ago

    One of the most popular clubs in Tokyo is called womb and it cracks me up every time

  • FranziFlorida
    FranziFlorida Month ago

    I'm looking forward to the next video and I hope to see you in that Black Man underwear. Talking with your fox-voice!

  • Chris Math
    Chris Math Month ago

    Somehow Japanese shops look like a person suffering from chronical hyperglycemia vomited all over the place.

  • Wang Xiu Ying xiang

    Black man underwear as a person planning to go to japan i am weirded out by that.

  • The Roaming Kilt
    The Roaming Kilt Month ago

    Off subject a little but all over Mexico you can get "launch" for around $5.

  • Magnus Gilberg
    Magnus Gilberg Month ago

    «Bon Jovi»
    This is must be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  • Tony Li
    Tony Li Month ago

    I'm pretty sure family rope is a mistranslation of household rope

  • Otoshimara
    Otoshimara Month ago

    Club bitter sounds like the exact place a brit like you or me would go to.

  • FyreflyFromHe11
    FyreflyFromHe11 Month ago

    I'm going to be there next month, how do I get a chance to hang out with you?

  • Aiden McKinnon
    Aiden McKinnon Month ago

    fly like a scallop had me creased!!

  • mistadiscovery
    mistadiscovery Month ago

    This video cracked me up super funny one of my favs

  • Boot Wheel Wing and Keel

    Inscribed on the wallet I purchased at the Don Quixote in Shinjuku:
    :Woerfu. Genuine leather bring everyone nature and elegance. Expreaaing peraonad characler.
    I'd be lying if I said the inscription isn't the main reason I bought it.

  • TheUltimateMarioFan

    3:51 Women-friendly... I wonder what the intended message was... XD

  • Lucia Doylend
    Lucia Doylend Month ago

    I saw a hotel called Tall Hotel, it was a skyscraper oof

  • Philip Rosseel
    Philip Rosseel Month ago

    Feels like sandpaper...fuck yeah!

  • No.
    No. Month ago

    THANK YOUUUU!! I’m no longer the only person in the west that still refers to it as Japanglish!

  • The bits an pieces Man

    Family rope that is indeed sinister

  • anggoro arif
    anggoro arif Month ago

    First rule of Secret Sexy Club is: You do not talk about Secret Sexy Club.
    Second rule of Secret Sexy Club is: You do not talk about Secret Sexy Club.

  • Raul Duke
    Raul Duke Month ago

    Cool trip brah, but how easy is it to get up in some of that hot Japanese ass over there?

  • Madster Nerd
    Madster Nerd 2 months ago

    my personal favourite item on that menu there just has to be
    Boobs Ice
    B o o b s I c e
    what does that even?? mean???

  • TheRobinFromSeoul
    TheRobinFromSeoul 2 months ago

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I saw someone in America wearing a shirt that said this, "ファッく人類" (F*Humanity). When I questioned the person, they apparently had no idea what it said and couldn't read any Japanese. It's best not to wear a shirt if you don't know what it says.

  • Shane Dahle
    Shane Dahle 2 months ago

    Bon Jovi chicken lmao. Bet they meant extra shredded like those guitar riffs. *Bill and Ted Air Guitar here*

  • Fluffymiyster
    Fluffymiyster 2 months ago

    I'm gonna fly like a the sea! Fly like a scallop, let my spirit carry me!

  • ousi00
    ousi00 2 months ago

    It's not just Japanese, Chinese also got their fair share of transformed English known as Chinglish :P

  • Khiem Nguyen
    Khiem Nguyen 2 months ago

    I fucking lost it at the Bob Jovi chicken lol

  • Khiem Nguyen
    Khiem Nguyen 2 months ago

    What’s the second rule of Secret Sexy Club again?

  • Lewis Loening
    Lewis Loening 2 months ago

    when i was in japan for a whole 16 hours on my way back from New Zealand, the airport hotel we stayed at near Narita Temple said "when inserted, Electricity flows" on the door...

  • nikushim666
    nikushim666 2 months ago

    (erogance) Its a bad mistranslation of the word but, they are implying エロゲー (Eroge). Which is of latain in origin, referring to the greek god of desire Eros

  • Sister Mortis
    Sister Mortis 2 months ago

    Bon Jovi LMFAO

  • Jessica Kristy
    Jessica Kristy 2 months ago

    I died over the towel

  • Ty la
    Ty la 2 months ago

    This video is why I watch this person 😌😏

  • Thea Atanasova
    Thea Atanasova 2 months ago

    "It is dream, love... and everything else." Hahahaha 😂 It is like 42 - The answer of everything.
    "Space Jam" is a great movie indeed. 💖
    I`m curious to see how you wash your manly body.

  • Liam Green
    Liam Green 2 months ago

    6:44 He missed Boobs Ice

  • Zoltán Novák
    Zoltán Novák 2 months ago

    Bikini for men. I laughed my head off. :D

  • Sur-Gee-O
    Sur-Gee-O 2 months ago

    Man... This is violent...

  • Michael Santoso
    Michael Santoso 2 months ago

    You hurt my belly muscles 😂😂😂😂😂

  • P Heart
    P Heart 2 months ago

    You should order all these dishes to find out what they are,especially the bon jovi.

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M 2 months ago

    David Attenborough narrates all of these videos

  • rlt94
    rlt94 2 months ago

    I once roughly 12 years ago saw on the back of a package of chopsticks: "Hello and welcome to Chinese restaurant, please enjoy your nice Chinese food with chopsticks, the traditional typical of Chinese glorious history and cultural". I loved this so much that I memorized it.

  • athaz697
    athaz697 2 months ago

    Okay Chris, my wife has been dying for that "Are you enjoy spring?" shirt. Is there any chance at all you (or anyone else here) has a link to someplace I can buy it???

  • gameruru ji
    gameruru ji 2 months ago

    This made my day, totally hilarious xD

  • HighLander
    HighLander 2 months ago

    Vegan restaurant in japan? Please tell me the adress.

  • Martial Bachoffner
    Martial Bachoffner 2 months ago

    Same here in Vancouver, French translation are in between hilarious and pitiful.

  • Tyrone Badcredit
    Tyrone Badcredit 2 months ago

    "Feels like sandpaper. FUCK YEAH!!" XD

  • Krishna P
    Krishna P 2 months ago

    Dude you really gotta brush more

  • first last
    first last 2 months ago

    For the "woman-friendly" menu thing, I think they're probably trying to point out that the veggies don't include bean sprouts, which are thought to increase estrogen levels and increase risk for breast cancer. Just came back from Japan myself but didn't notice that on any menus while there, although it's a generally accepted idea in Asia.

    MERAKI 2 months ago

    Greatest video ever made.

  • Justin Allison
    Justin Allison 2 months ago

    Guess you have to be a real man to tolerate the towle? The Bon Jovi bit had me literally laughing out loud. You should do a run of videos like this.. this was hilarious!

  • Ashley Seabrook Tisdale

    I love this video so much that I rewatch it probably every 3-6 months to experience the wonders of Engrish with Chris Broad all over again. It's definitely like a magic.

  • Ham Shandy
    Ham Shandy 2 months ago

    @ 2:20 I think you'll find it's erogaMce, with an M, tch.

  • Bahnas Productions
    Bahnas Productions 3 months ago


  • XxMissyFitxX
    XxMissyFitxX 3 months ago

    bon jovi chicken killed me

  • s
    s 3 months ago

    Pungency is the technical term used by scientists to refer to the characteristic of food commonly referred to as spiciness or hotness and sometimes heat,

  • FUBAR' ed Matt
    FUBAR' ed Matt 3 months ago

    4:25 I am from new jersey. I appreciate this. I am also drunk.

  • 420 69 1337
    420 69 1337 3 months ago +2


    Tf Japan?

    • Sven Norén
      Sven Norén 2 months ago

      Portmanteaus are dangerous. In order to enhance the reputation of a certain disaster area someone came up with the idea to give it a cute mascot. So Fukushima + puppy resulted in ... Fukuppy.
      True story.

  • Eric Winkler
    Eric Winkler 3 months ago

    Does that say “Sporty Erogamce” @ 2:11? 🤨
    It is indeed like a combination of elegance & arrogance, but neither of those contain an M! 😂

  • Leon Mayne
    Leon Mayne 3 months ago

    Starvations. You'll never go back.

  • LesEnfants1972
    LesEnfants1972 3 months ago

    I’m still looking for a toaster that would burn my bread.

  • Gary Lau
    Gary Lau 3 months ago

    Recent trip to Osaka, I walked past a place named "Madame 2nd Virgin Hanare"... I'm still in search of the 1st.

  • ShikataGaNai100
    ShikataGaNai100 3 months ago

    Did you ever achieve total I liking?

  • Lee Nelson
    Lee Nelson 3 months ago

    hey man im goin to tokyo on vacation and ive been watching all your videos. your funny as hell thanks for the insight

  • tegami noob
    tegami noob 3 months ago

    Kirishima would buy that manly towel

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown 3 months ago

    "Erogance" hints at being erotic.

  • kawaii trashcan
    kawaii trashcan 3 months ago

    can i use a family rope?

  • SH00K
    SH00K 3 months ago

    the childrens cloting store cracked me up

  • I Look Like a Toe
    I Look Like a Toe 3 months ago

    Honestly working out engrish slogans is like trying to solve a riddle that you'll never fully have the answer to 😂

  • Insignificant_Anon
    Insignificant_Anon 3 months ago

    I saw "Very Bad Kids," the French version of Sour Patch Kids, which made me laugh for over half an hour in the Charles de Gaulle airport.

  • Andrew Kjorlaug
    Andrew Kjorlaug 3 months ago

    I remember seeing a pachinko parlor in Kyoto yeara ago with an English sign that said "No Win" above the actual parlor name