I'm Not Soft! | Anwar Jibawi

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Comments • 80

  • Anwar Jibawi
    Anwar Jibawi  2 months ago +1760

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  • StonerJayBoy SJB

    She a snitch

  • رائد XD
    رائد XD Day ago

    Wtf man! DOGS ARE HARAM!!😡

  • Adrian Ramsarran
    Adrian Ramsarran 2 days ago


  • Madhav Kafle
    Madhav Kafle 2 days ago

    The small girl looks like Amanda😆. Like if u think the same

  • United-Killer-Roblox
    United-Killer-Roblox 3 days ago +2

    Anwar takes he's shirt off when he gets mad idk why lol

  • Amr Eldin
    Amr Eldin 3 days ago

    The Asian guy was really good and his face transformation at the end for the dog was really good. He has the tools and he knows well how to use them... Good job.

  • Kate N
    Kate N 4 days ago +1

    That dog is SO cute! I want one lol

  • Mixalis eleftheriadis

    1+ if you think mustash is good looking on anwar.

  • MAHA jps
    MAHA jps 5 days ago

    وين الترجمة العربيه
    Where's the Arabic translation?

  • Kay Baby
    Kay Baby 7 days ago +1

    Lol I'm dying

  • ŵïêrd gæmêr no emojis in my name

    Lol look at anwars butt

  • Alan Lopez
    Alan Lopez 11 days ago

    How much you want for the dog

  • Cody Myers
    Cody Myers 12 days ago

    remember this vid, like if you do I AIN'T NO SNITCH. the girl is snitchinggggg 1:45

  • Emilxphd Gaming
    Emilxphd Gaming 12 days ago

    What kind of dog
    is that at the end

  • Arthᥙr 𐌑ᩅrgᥲᥒ

    Boss no brutal but moreover underlings! 🤦

  • Zoeja Tv
    Zoeja Tv 14 days ago

    Wen u havv ah daughter everythin change .. dey got 2 kno dat

  • shalees khan
    shalees khan 16 days ago

    The time is 1:48 around

  • YUM
    YUM 17 days ago

    Casénova brotha's

  • Hooked J
    Hooked J 19 days ago

    1:32 did you hear the sound, like someone is holding his laugh? xD

  • JoJo Ellie
    JoJo Ellie 20 days ago

    And that tiny little puppy proves how soft gangster Anwar is! At a gangster's house there's only have a tiny puppy. 🤣🤣🤓

  • نداء الألم
    نداء الألم 21 day ago

    so beautiful i love it but there are alot of videos with no writing Arabic language please can you put Arabic language thanks

  • Hamad Khan
    Hamad Khan 22 days ago


  • Scropian doom
    Scropian doom 26 days ago

    That dog is very cute tho

  • Rayañ
    Rayañ 27 days ago

    5:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Iceman bandzKKG
    Iceman bandzKKG 27 days ago


  • pony wxrld
    pony wxrld 27 days ago

    I only came here for the dog.

  • seth everman
    seth everman 29 days ago

    I'm vegan....

  • ZAo Official
    ZAo Official Month ago

    Why you've changed your whole cast

  • rishi roy
    rishi roy Month ago +1

    Thats what "He" said

  • Gayathri
    Gayathri Month ago +1

    1:13 that little girl looks like young Amanda Cerny..

  • jhon tomas
    jhon tomas Month ago

    those look cool tho 🤣🤣😎

  • jhon tomas
    jhon tomas Month ago

    those guys look like a true villane in a movie

  • Boris Mkeyovixk
    Boris Mkeyovixk Month ago

    You’re the best

  • MrFoodOffice
    MrFoodOffice Month ago

    Hey me again your is so funny

  • Luke Taylor
    Luke Taylor Month ago


  • Tammy Mcguire
    Tammy Mcguire Month ago

    Soo cute.. lmaooo

  • gamervev
    gamervev Month ago

    Teddy the bear lol

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage Month ago

    Not goin lie ion even mess with the marshmallows in lucky charms

  • KyroTale
    KyroTale Month ago

    why sir? why not boss?

  • Fazal Malik
    Fazal Malik Month ago

    The puppy waz so cute

  • Raytheon Nublinski
    Raytheon Nublinski Month ago

    What is up with that giant cable coming out of the tv? Bro you live in a mansion and you got a tv setup from a mobile home. Bro what are you doing? You soft bitch. Tell the guy that put that up to fix that shit. Stop being such a cream puff bro.

  • Dawud Sajid
    Dawud Sajid Month ago

    1:13 eat your cereal anwar

  • Abdijibar Muse
    Abdijibar Muse Month ago

    I thought muslim dont eat marshmellow because there is Gelatin in it

  • king Šàmmý2.o
    king Šàmmý2.o Month ago

    Awww the dog is so cute😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Balaporte Jean
    Balaporte Jean Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣the dog
    Jesus is the Son of God
    Believe in his death and resurrection and repent from sin

  • Von vondeta
    Von vondeta Month ago

    Hahahahahaha again u never fail me to laugh loved it

  • Kayla Willis
    Kayla Willis Month ago

    The dog was so confused

  • FortniteGamer F
    FortniteGamer F Month ago


  • Bey Gonzalez
    Bey Gonzalez Month ago

    Al not soft part 2

  • Salma Begum
    Salma Begum Month ago


  • curlyheadlsgurl 101

    Bruh that PUPPY 😘

  • Sital Moirang
    Sital Moirang Month ago

    That clock behind you is not working

  • Matrix Warfare
    Matrix Warfare Month ago

    Hey anwar I’ve been watching u for years

  • Rebecca Do Nascimento

    can you tell me what type of dog is that plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Unoriginal Puck
    Unoriginal Puck Month ago

    What’s the breed of that puppy

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris Month ago

    Not bad)

  • Sofia Atienza
    Sofia Atienza Month ago

    hashtag softies club

  • Nigora Mamadalieva
    Nigora Mamadalieva Month ago

    I mean if you don't want tbe puppy I will gladly take it

  • Priscilla Alli
    Priscilla Alli Month ago

    I’ll take that kind of soft man anyday.

    CELEBRITIES FaILs Month ago +1

    Awweeee the doggieee❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😍🐶

  • Maria EXOL
    Maria EXOL Month ago

    that puppy is so cute 😍

  • Poojita PSS
    Poojita PSS Month ago

    What breed is that puppy?

    AB ZONE Month ago

    Little baby look like Amanda

  • Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum Month ago +1

    when your gangster leader has a dog and he leaves to go get something: OMG HAIIII BOO BEAR!!!

  • Phoenix Scott
    Phoenix Scott Month ago


  • Esther Varghese
    Esther Varghese Month ago

    What type of dog is that?

  • Sadie Cwc
    Sadie Cwc Month ago

    That puppy is actually cute thought

  • Francis Lloyd Thoughts

    Is the clock broken?

  • Angela Karina R.R
    Angela Karina R.R Month ago

    That dog's so cute

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez Month ago


  • Sikandar
    Sikandar Month ago


  • Brent Job
    Brent Job Month ago

    everyone gangsta till a cute little puppy walks in

  • Roberto Frenel
    Roberto Frenel Month ago

    what kind of dog is that

  • curtis rico
    curtis rico Month ago +1

    0:50 bald dude:we hearing things, soft things
    me: say whah! 😂😅

  • M.m7 7
    M.m7 7 Month ago +1


  • Abay Babseg
    Abay Babseg Month ago

    Clock ticking all the time but the clock on the wall stayed still at 11min to 2. Lol

  • shoyu .mp4
    shoyu .mp4 Month ago +1

    Why did I think that that chinese guy would eat the puppy just by the look he had on his face?😐

    • Flash Allen
      Flash Allen Month ago

      shoyu .mp4 so just because i am respectful i am a boomer? Okay if you are that dumb

    • shoyu .mp4
      shoyu .mp4 Month ago

      @Flash Allen ok boomer 😂😂

    • Flash Allen
      Flash Allen Month ago +2

      shoyu .mp4 racist piece of shit

  • Aria Rays
    Aria Rays Month ago

    This is f***ing hilarious. Lol