NCT Haechan singing 'Baby Don't Like It'(sweet voice)

  • Published on Aug 9, 2017
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  • try to be courageous

    I'm only imagine Mark's face looking he forgetting his lyrics
    So cute, so beautiful voice, so baby ♥️

  • Brithany Macias
    Brithany Macias 3 months ago +1

    His voice is so sweet and cute and angelic and-

  • Zayda Sazame
    Zayda Sazame 5 months ago

    Yo morí bai este hombre puede conmigo en todo sentido uwu

  • NCT The dream Chaser
    NCT The dream Chaser 6 months ago +4

    And now in 2019 we see him dancing to this and its totally illegal.
    Like wtf.
    I don't know what's the meaning of hot now.

  • star light;
    star light; 8 months ago


    • star light;
      star light; 8 months ago


  • Gina
    Gina 9 months ago

    this is so funny ngl sjdhsjdhsjhdhsgd

  • ecliqxe
    ecliqxe 10 months ago

    0:36 💕😭

  • ervaer O
    ervaer O 10 months ago

    Where can i watch the full video with eng sub?

  • nctiddy
    nctiddy 10 months ago +1

    can nct like just let us see this masterpiece performed on stage it’s like they want us to forget about it they can’t run away from this song tho it’s prob one of the most iconic nct songs of all time ok let us see the live performance at least once

  • hyuckiss boo
    hyuckiss boo 11 months ago

    Cute 😢🧡

  • ha ram
    ha ram 11 months ago

    baby do like it

  • Arlette Garcia
    Arlette Garcia 11 months ago


  • CiriKyu
    CiriKyu Year ago

    Whenever I see the background I always think they are in big marvels apartment

  • monalisten
    monalisten Year ago

    omg Hyuk you’re underaged still

  • Raven H
    Raven H Year ago


  • Abigail Yepa
    Abigail Yepa Year ago

    oh yes! baby don't cry! such a good song by nct 127!

  • Alex C.
    Alex C. Year ago

    Where can i found whole ep for this?

  • Caitlyn Ariffin
    Caitlyn Ariffin Year ago

    All three of then doesnt even remember the lyrics😂😂😂

  • NCT Princess
    NCT Princess Year ago

    how cute 😢😢😢💘💘💘💘

  • SM trashbag
    SM trashbag Year ago

    These crackheads forgetting their own song

  • teta_cokguzel
    teta_cokguzel Year ago


  • Jn Bundles
    Jn Bundles Year ago

    Omg go away Haechan. You're the ultimate reason why I can't sleep at night

  • Vultei Hmar
    Vultei Hmar Year ago +2

    haechan voice is soooo cute and sweet

  • Yuki Yuta
    Yuki Yuta Year ago +5

    I just love Haechan's voice so much~😍💞

  • unicorn fas
    unicorn fas Year ago


  • Erika
    Erika Year ago

    we need more

  • Mahjabeen G
    Mahjabeen G Year ago

    Forgot the name forgot the lyrics AMAZING WE LOVE THESE DORKS

  • Julienne Uwu
    Julienne Uwu Year ago +4

    Lmao Haechan with Johnny and Jaehyun forgot the lyrics, Taeyong with Johnny and Jaehyun forgot the title. 😂😂
    Lmao maybe they dont really sing this song always. Besides who give them permission to sing this kind of song??

  • Lil Chick
    Lil Chick Year ago

    He’s wonderful

  • Sunflower Boy
    Sunflower Boy Year ago +3

    I've had this as my alarm sound for close to a year now. He is so powerful i didnt think he would be as important to me as he is now. im so glad to be stanning him, he really means the world to me ☀️

  • Bush DidHarambe 421

    He makes me happy cry T.T

  • Luthfia Almania
    Luthfia Almania Year ago

    해찬 사랑해

  • drunk on death
    drunk on death Year ago


  • nctfighting
    nctfighting Year ago

    That voice ❤❤❤❤

  • 해찬
    해찬 Year ago +1


  • Unspecified Unicorn

    Anyone watching for haechan's birthday

  • Mavis Loh
    Mavis Loh Year ago

    I always comeback to this video at the end of the day just to listen to his voice

  • Chloe N
    Chloe N Year ago


  • Kristina Ann Acuesta

    oml he forgot the lyrics so soft im crying

  • Joanne Bernadine Garde

    lmao qt

  • Nina Zampetti
    Nina Zampetti Year ago +1

    apparently nct really dont like it (im not funny i know) since theyve had a lot of trouble remembering this song on the radio

  • 엑소오세훈
    엑소오세훈 Year ago +15

    Babe your voice really sweet
    But you cant sing this 18+ song when you only 17 years old
    No no no

  • 우모
    우모 Year ago

    실수덕에 3번 듣는다♡♡

  • do bunny
    do bunny Year ago +1

    a new ringtone? 🤔

  • hoon hoon
    hoon hoon Year ago

    so cute hyuckie~ i love his voice

  • yummiwatch
    yummiwatch Year ago

    I love his voice!! so much

  • ǝ
    ǝ Year ago


  • ツbianca
    ツbianca Year ago +1

    parece com a voz do meu namorado

  • 민대배
    민대배 Year ago +80

    Haechan this song is for adult wkwkw

    • jiminie is my bias
      jiminie is my bias Year ago

      Naila Krisnazulfa ooo thank you😁

    • Naila Krisnazulfa
      Naila Krisnazulfa Year ago +7

      Nóra Kiss he is not an adult yet in korean standard or most of the countries standards, in korea you are an adult at the age of 20 (19 in international) 😂

    • jiminie is my bias
      jiminie is my bias Year ago +1

      민대배 he is 18.. why can't he sing it? I really don't understand😅 everyone is going crazy bc he sang it. Can you tell me why? (Sorry bc of my bad English😅)

  • Verina Khairunnisa
    Verina Khairunnisa Year ago +22

    Haechan don't like it 😂😂😂

  • Nimra Sajjad
    Nimra Sajjad Year ago +6

    Angelic voice

  • junguwu
    junguwu Year ago +6

    Love my bias I’m cryin rn :-:

  • chaerin 05
    chaerin 05 Year ago +8

    i'm in tears

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Year ago +45

    i know Mark cant stand it for long~

  • heaux kage
    heaux kage Year ago +166

    there’s one part in the song where there’s harmonising or something and i really love it- and i always thought it was doyoung ot taeil but when i found out it was this baby boi i almost died- his voice is like honey

    • QianaLikesKpop xX
      QianaLikesKpop xX 8 months ago

      heaux kage but his age ain’t even that close to 20
      (It rhymes!)

    • ebru
      ebru Year ago +1

      It was G.Soul, but I mistook hi for Haechan too

    • Shiroka Kitsune
      Shiroka Kitsune Year ago +4

      isn't that G.Soul tho? He helped with this song and he has a very similar voice to haechans

    • chanyeol baekhyun
      chanyeol baekhyun Year ago


    • jae-d
      jae-d Year ago

      Hobi’s Honey OMG I LOVE THAT PART TOO 😭

  • Scarlet F.
    Scarlet F. Year ago +3

    mA 💖

  • Ten_Kook Exo 7v7
    Ten_Kook Exo 7v7 Year ago +8

    IS SO CUTE!:'3💕😢❤💜💙❤💜😢💕💜💙💜💜💙❤

  • hestia
    hestia Year ago +8

    i swear his voice could heal cancer

  • olivia daniel
    olivia daniel Year ago +921

    When you forget the lyrics to your own song

    • QianaLikesKpop xX
      QianaLikesKpop xX 8 months ago +12

      awkward ahgase
      When you forget the song but remember the lyrics:
      “Baby Don’t Cry?”

    • HiddenKard
      HiddenKard Year ago +59

      awkward ahgase they forgot the fucking title too (Taeyong, Jaehyun, johnny)

  • Hina Chan
    Hina Chan Year ago +92

    He likes this cos Mark thought of Haechan when writing this. Hihihihihi.

    • Brithany Macias
      Brithany Macias 3 months ago

      Yeah, Mark's muse is Haechan 🤧❤️

    • Yannie
      Yannie Year ago

      do you have the link of the video?

    • MAOMAO J
      MAOMAO J Year ago

      Hina Chan 😂😂