Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars

  • Published on May 29, 2019
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    A few months ago, one of my patrons sent me a bunch of old gold jewelry for me to refine. I originally thought that it was going to just be some gold plated stuff, but it turned out to be quite a bit of gold. I was able to purify out all of the gold and then melt them down into some small 24K pure gold bars.
    Procedure references:
    Paint can idea: ruclip.com/video/2bTesd75Wic/video.html
    indeedItdoes: ruclip.com/video/1gjJNZtrUHo/video.html
    CodysLab: ruclip.com/user/theCodyReeder (Both the main procedure and the silver recovery. I can't find the video where he recovered the silver from the chloride though.)
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  • NileRed
    NileRed  6 months ago +18346

    Note: There have been some comments about the gold being stolen, but just to clear, I have verified that it wasn't.

    • marian taic sandu
      marian taic sandu 2 days ago

      @James Van Daele he has like a million mid roll ads, so he probably bought them with it

    • benjamin shiffman
      benjamin shiffman 4 days ago

      CrankyPants thanks man, I appreciate that. I’m a collector at heart and I woulda hated that. I got a good collection of mint proof sets too. My element collection is reaching the point where the metals I need are either radioactive and illegal or hard to get. One day I’ll get them all :P (probably not)

    • CrankyPants
      CrankyPants 4 days ago

      benjamin shiffman I used to collect the pennies when I was younger. Had a really good collection of wheat pennies. I left to join the navy, though, and while I was gone, my parents got a divorce, packed up some stuff, dumped other stuff to quickly sell the house. I looked through the stuff that they saved and never found my collection. Somebody at Goodwill got a nice collection of wheat pennies. I'm sorry the comment section is so full of jerks.

    • Noodles
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    • Michael McDonald
      Michael McDonald 6 days ago

      @benjamin shiffman tfw mommy says the boys are mean because they are just jealous of your grades

  • Fantastisk Chow
    Fantastisk Chow 43 minutes ago

    Once again, I want to thank my father of not letting me go to chemistry department in univ.

  • ginger elvira
    ginger elvira Hour ago

    First stem steal jewuelry from U'r family & friends..den melt it down

  • Freya A
    Freya A 2 hours ago +1

    Wait so those little flakes are worth $10 to $20 but just casually stabs it and doesn’t care

  • Dragon Offski
    Dragon Offski 2 hours ago

    I had no idea you could get water (or acid) by the bunch

  • Ngatuakana Cecil
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  • Zain
    Zain 3 hours ago

    idk why i thought that i would understand this, i just got a 54% in my chem test.

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  • Xlordgamer ro
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  • Xlordgamer ro
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    SHIELD 7 hours ago

    I should of avoided a copper torch”
    Also pulls out a 3rd and steel torch 5 minutes later

  • angus briggs
    angus briggs 8 hours ago

    Love it

  • BPP
    BPP 11 hours ago

    “A few hours later,
    A few hours later, A few hours later, A few hours later,” you’ve got some patience I don’t man

  • Connor Pironti
    Connor Pironti 12 hours ago

    Imagine spilling that glass full of liquid gold when ur moving tables

  • flavacreations
    flavacreations 12 hours ago

    I'm impressed you kept my attention for 30 minutes. Now I want to steal people's gold chains to see if I can make gold bars. Thanks for the video, very intelligent. 😀👍

  • youngerk420
    youngerk420 13 hours ago

    Anyone count the number of names?

  • davidsonnow
    davidsonnow 15 hours ago

    I love this video

  • RippinLipsCatchinFish
    RippinLipsCatchinFish 20 hours ago

    Patron: uh yea can i like get that back now

  • Hayden Printz
    Hayden Printz 21 hour ago

    why go to school come watch this😂

  • Adam
    Adam 21 hour ago

    He's definitely using too much tho tho

  • Edvardas
    Edvardas 22 hours ago

    Dr.Stone IRL

  • Isabelle Zahara
    Isabelle Zahara 23 hours ago

    That’s so satisfying to watch

  • Slengamertv Vasquez
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  • Faith Lewis
    Faith Lewis Day ago

    *goes and gets all of my moms jewelry* I’m gonna be rich

  • Mind Altering Music

    I thought it said "Turn old jews into gold bars".... that would explain what hitler did XD

  • sl1pd1p
    sl1pd1p Day ago

    I don’t really know why I watched this video till the end. Like what am I going to do with all this chemistry?

  • Cody Holloway
    Cody Holloway Day ago

    how do you take the silver out of the acid

  • AT to the moon
    AT to the moon Day ago

    Dude says "though" way too much though.

  • HenTie
    HenTie Day ago

    ooh, i got an idea, turning lollipops back into their raw materials

  • Sudarshan Chilampuri

    Must come smaller process for house hold people

  • Sudarshan Chilampuri

    Very lengthy process

  • Triadii Official

    In Minecraft, we just smelt gold jewelry from mobs in a furnace to get gold nuggets

  • Mastercheftw
    Mastercheftw Day ago

    Thanks for the gold kind stranger!

  • GangsterWaldo03
    GangsterWaldo03 Day ago

    I feel like u just steal all of codyslab's ideas. Fuck urself

    • GangsterWaldo03
      GangsterWaldo03 Day ago

      @Mr. Pacman haters hate for no reason. I dont fuck with this guy. Its like if ur favorite artist was underground and then someone stole their flow and blew up off it

    • Mr. Pacman
      Mr. Pacman Day ago

      I feel like your just a hater

  • Special Dude
    Special Dude Day ago

    Well. Time to go to my mother's room and "borrow" her jewelry.

  • Smiths Groceries

    This dude said a Rolex ain’t real

  • Nitter Undercove

    Dude you should like make some gold bars again and get papers to say it's real on percentage wise. And take the gold to a casino and see if you can gamble with it.... and record it while playing. lol crazy idea.

  • E C
    E C Day ago

    So, they make computers with gold parts?

  • Jo Je
    Jo Je Day ago

    Little does everyone know there was a fourth bar ;)

  • THEeggster
    THEeggster Day ago

    It looks like my piss

  • Talles FPS
    Talles FPS Day ago

    when i read jewe i thought he would turn a jew into gold lol

  • Mimsen Mimimimi
    Mimsen Mimimimi Day ago

    four jeans

  • Emily Selvin
    Emily Selvin 2 days ago

    you're amazing thank you

  • Joe Nagel
    Joe Nagel 2 days ago

    Did I just watch a vid of this guy make pure gold out of jewelry or a damn chemistry lesson.

  • Screen Apple
    Screen Apple 2 days ago

    how do make money if some countries reject gold for money? What country accepts gold for money?

  • why dood
    why dood 2 days ago

    You should try to split the atom

  • Ryuu19
    Ryuu19 2 days ago

    Can anyone help me? Is there such a thing as pure gold? 100% I always thought that the finest gold has some small percentage of impurity. I am probably wrong, Please explain!
    999.999-six nines fine: the purest gold ever produced. Refined by the Perth Mint in 1957. It is still not pure since it is not 100%

  • Z addyyy
    Z addyyy 2 days ago

    So if I send you gold you can strip it down ? If I split it with you would you do it ?

  • Emperor Vitellius
    Emperor Vitellius 2 days ago

    I'd rather take the gold powder, I have been taking it for 15 yrs - Monotonic Gold Powder highly recommend it

  • Just_ Braap
    Just_ Braap 2 days ago

    Was about 5099,76$ canadian

  • Zachary Tolksdorf
    Zachary Tolksdorf 2 days ago

    Hot and Spicy Macaroni

  • Thekash415
    Thekash415 2 days ago

    That was Awesome

  • Lucy Noches
    Lucy Noches 2 days ago

    Got me crying watching this just give me that gold

  • Lex Lutha111384
    Lex Lutha111384 2 days ago

    I’m not even into this kind of stuff but I couldn’t stop watching this. Great video

  • Sultan Alam
    Sultan Alam 3 days ago +1

    24K is actually 99.99% to be precise...

  • J C
    J C 3 days ago

    This guy needs a girlfriend

  • Ryder Swenson
    Ryder Swenson 3 days ago

    This is why we have global warming

  • 12enric
    12enric 3 days ago

    Did you give it back to the owner? + the Rolex?

  • Jprudge45
    Jprudge45 3 days ago

    25:38 Yzma would have been proud :-D

  • Dev Chadha
    Dev Chadha 3 days ago

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