Jaiden & Boyinaband - Empty (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • Thanks to Dave for approaching me with this idea and helping me step out of my tiny little comfort zone. (lyrics in description)
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    Behind the Scenes: ruclip.com/video/xR3hrZS2c0A/video.html&ab_channel=Boyinaband
    Why I don't have a face reveal: ruclip.com/video/VhEATqXnXCI/video.html&ab_channel=JaidenAnimations
    Support if you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline
    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Tunnel vision on the flaws
    In the scale of things it’s unimportant
    So no talking but it’s still an intrusive thought
    Tried hard to correct it
    But nothing was effective
    No-one else seemed so obsessed with it, things were desperate
    Until the voice crept in
    I can help you, trust me, you’re ready
    It seemed dangerous
    But it said to have faith in it
    The secret is to just be empty
    Didn’t know if it was wise to listen
    But what could it hurt to try?
    And at first it was working
    But then things were emerging
    Cracked lips and Tired eyes
    I’m hungry with no appetite
    I’m shivering and shaking, and I tell myself it’s fine, but
    You can’t fool your body, you can only fool your mind, yuh
    I just need to be empty
    Hide from anybody who’ll prevent me
    Just fill up on water and shame
    No, I’m not hungry, I just ate
    I’ve developed a taste for this
    Endure the neverending ache
    Convince myself I’m in control and it’s not
    All that voice that makes me sick
    Inside it’s empty
    Ana- I know it’s wrong
    I’m looking but I can’t see myself
    Inside it’s empty
    Ana- I know it’s wrong
    But it’s so hard to stop it alone
    Been getting even worse
    All the days begin to merge
    Just a blurry haze and now it’s
    Almost second nature to ignore the urges
    Can’t trust my own nature
    Every calorie a failure
    Gotta push the intake down every day
    ‘Cause the voice comes back to say
    You want to eat? Bite your tongue
    Don’t want to stay an embarrassment
    just have to stomach it
    They don't know what you want
    A tug of war against common sense
    don’t wanna believe that I’ve overstepped
    But it’s so overwhelming
    And I hope no-one can tell
    ‘Cause the numbers keep decreasing
    This ordeal is becoming routine, check
    Arms back neck thighs Suck it in and Pinch my sides
    The scales are betraying me, the mirror is a lie, yeah
    It all comes down to numbers
    I know it’s wrong but
    Just because you know you’re colorblind
    doesn’t mean you can see the colors
    Fine, I admit I’m addicted
    But the hunger feels good, how do I quit this
    I know I could die, I’ve seen the statistics
    But the voice is with me through thick and thin
    I can reach out
    To someone not like me
    If you ask for help it doesn’t make you weak
    I can reach out
    ignore what the voice tells me
    I can help my mind learn to trust my body

    (dave is such a nice genuine guy i appreciate all he's done to help me. thank you dave!)
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  • Ben Kleve
    Ben Kleve 39 minutes ago

    That's me right now l watched this 3years ago and now I'm feeling this way right noe

  • Aczred Etn Theories
    Aczred Etn Theories 47 minutes ago +1

    Jaiden ~ Anorexia
    James ~ Depression
    Adam ~ Bullying
    Me ~ Allergies
    Me Also ~ Ice Cream (Hate It Dont Hate Meh Plz)

  • Andrea Marrero
    Andrea Marrero Hour ago

    "But the hunger feels good"

    Jeez why is this so true!?

  • Alexandre Macedo
    Alexandre Macedo 2 hours ago

    Adam's not a bully you're a bully that's why I dislike what you said

  • Mystic Flo
    Mystic Flo 2 hours ago

    Animators who work with Boyinaband: Life Problems
    Pewdiepie and Boyinaband: AAYY CONGRATULATIONS T-SERIES!!!

  • Xxdead Memes
    Xxdead Memes 3 hours ago

    Why is every body crying I Been though this but u don’t see me crying I have depression and hat life u don’t see me crying and lots other Stuff

  • Xx_•StarzMoon•_xX
    Xx_•StarzMoon•_xX 3 hours ago +1

    What is this Jaiden 😂😂

    • Aqua Girl
      Aqua Girl 3 hours ago

      Xx_•StarzMoon•_xX do you not know what this video is about or did your joke just fly over my head

  • Random Susan OMG
    Random Susan OMG 5 hours ago

    Is this like a face revel or have u already showen ur face

    • Aqua Girl
      Aqua Girl 3 hours ago

      Random Susan OMG the face revel video is what this song is about

  • TiffIsAwesome
    TiffIsAwesome 7 hours ago

    we're all just suicidal children telling others suicide isn't the answer

  • Alonso Guzman
    Alonso Guzman 7 hours ago

    I have the same ds

  • Isabell Sundholm
    Isabell Sundholm 8 hours ago

    I always get chills hearing this song

  • Frank Bohler
    Frank Bohler 8 hours ago

    I feel like someone just did a magic trick in front of me and I got a boner

  • Leena Jeffries
    Leena Jeffries 9 hours ago +1

    I love this, it’s just like my life, I can’t eat or sleep, or even act like my past self...this song means a lot to me, thank you, Jaiden...

  • Sadeed Khalid
    Sadeed Khalid 9 hours ago +1

    So sad😢😢😭

  • Van Aspaas
    Van Aspaas 9 hours ago +1

    I relate to this song.

  • Rexy Plush
    Rexy Plush 11 hours ago +1

    Idk if I already commented but this is the 100000000000000000000th time I watched this

  • isilverskeleton
    isilverskeleton 12 hours ago +1

    I have that same ceiling fan and blue bat plush. Also GREAT SONG! I hope you get well

  • Hashim Abdiaziz
    Hashim Abdiaziz 12 hours ago +1

    *Jaiden this entire video gave me anxiety :( I hope you're okay..*

  • AppleGoat X
    AppleGoat X 12 hours ago +2

    0:19 is that a somethingelseYT pillow next to her

  • מיקה כהן
    מיקה כהן 13 hours ago +1

    I never identified with a song more than I identified with this

  • ishaan russel
    ishaan russel 13 hours ago +1

    James:lifes good
    Jaiden:lifes sad

    Adam:chickens are annoying

  • Slendytubbies big fan gamer *0*

    this happened to me when I was 7-

  • Yun Chung
    Yun Chung 14 hours ago +1

    Who watching this in 2019

  • Yun Chung
    Yun Chung 14 hours ago +1

    How odd1sout, somethingelseyt and you make such make a really impressive song

  • lemony_toad 224
    lemony_toad 224 14 hours ago +1

    This is absolutely incredible, we love you jaiden ❤️

    _ XXXNINJABEASTXXX _ 14 hours ago

    This songs doodoo

  • How Kawaii
    How Kawaii 14 hours ago +2

    I am re-watching this video for the seventh time and I realize how my mom and my family was trying to help me I always say stuff like no I’m not hungry I actually am hungry I don’t have an appetite and I’ll just go to my bedroom and cry I realized I have a eating disorder And I need To except the help task given to me

  • Random Person
    Random Person 15 hours ago

    Why do I feel so hungry after watching this video.

    I just ate btw

  • Random Person
    Random Person 15 hours ago +2

    Well I'm sad now

  • just kidding:0
    just kidding:0 15 hours ago +1

    Please do another song youre songs are so good and relatable i neeeeeddd moreeeee! >:(

  • Zekromini// BATIN
    Zekromini// BATIN 16 hours ago

    Those sandwiches nuu

  • Saud Ali
    Saud Ali 16 hours ago

    Was this before the face reveal???

  • Jmien LEE
    Jmien LEE 16 hours ago

    What a waste of a perfectly good sandwich

  • Rainbow slime
    Rainbow slime 17 hours ago +1

    I love her writing

  • Jan Taylor
    Jan Taylor 23 hours ago

    do a face reveal

    • Darthellax
      Darthellax 18 hours ago

      She did one. Have some respect. She shows her face at the end of why I don't have a face reveal.

  • Romulas Bruzikas
    Romulas Bruzikas Day ago +1

    Jaiden: had anorexia
    Me: slams this vid into my anorexic brothers face
    My bro: I'm sorry wtf?

    HOI PERSONA Day ago +1


    luv ya jaiden

  • The cop kid
    The cop kid Day ago +1

    This video really put an impact on my life, I almost cried after i watched this. I love your animations and I want to be as good as you. You are my favorite RUclipr. Keep keeping up the great work. 😀😀

  • Fafa moro xD
    Fafa moro xD Day ago +1

    Jaiden: I feel empty
    James: but life is fun
    Adam: aight imma head out to hell

  • kyle Turner
    kyle Turner Day ago +1

    Yep numbers are important

  • DobbyWolf
    DobbyWolf Day ago

    To all the people who disliked this video

    just because your'e not colour blind doesn't mean you can see the colours

  • LouSharkGuy
    LouSharkGuy Day ago +2

    This and the other empty by some "Proper Rapper" are tied now

  • 1nner M0nolouge
    1nner M0nolouge Day ago


  • Ian Phillips
    Ian Phillips Day ago

    dis sad but i had a friend that did this and thay gone cuss that never ate.

  • BelieveInSteven
    BelieveInSteven Day ago

    This is a really good song

  • Raiding Area 51
    Raiding Area 51 Day ago +1

    2019: ✔️

  • Phong Phong
    Phong Phong Day ago

    This song is just about jaiden getting overweight :)

  • TheAlarmGames 359

    How did I not know about this until now????

  • Lunamoona playz
    Lunamoona playz Day ago

    This is very relatable...I have anorexia as well...

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet Day ago

    D a m n

  • nikhil mathews
    nikhil mathews Day ago

    no body should ever ne emty

  • Mina Jobe
    Mina Jobe Day ago +1

    OMG Jaiden I feel your pain. I had anorexia as well, but my friends and family helped me with other ways to lose weight

  • Jiadh plays Minecraft pe

    I hate boyinaband😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡

  • Nevaeh 123456789
    Nevaeh 123456789 Day ago +1

    “No one else seemed so obsessed with it..”
    But really why though

  • Nevaeh 123456789

    Me*tries to click away
    Also me-stop..listen

  • Nevaeh 123456789

    “I’m hungry with no appetite”


  • Nevaeh 123456789
    Nevaeh 123456789 Day ago +2

    “This ordeal is becoming routine check arms neck back thighs suck it in and pinch my sides”
    That hit real hard

  • Emilia Avila
    Emilia Avila Day ago +1

    I feel proud of u jaiden THIS IS GOOD

  • Cookie Crazy45
    Cookie Crazy45 Day ago +1

    The hunger feels good i just have to be empty!
    Me: NO dont do that Jaiden!

  • Backflip Cena
    Backflip Cena Day ago +1

    Is it bad that this song reminds me of myself...