Jaiden & Boyinaband - Empty (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • Thanks to Dave for approaching me with this idea and helping me step out of my tiny little comfort zone. (lyrics in description)
    Get the song on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/empty-single/1396093848?app=music&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
    Behind the Scenes: ruclip.com/video/xR3hrZS2c0A/video.html&ab_channel=Boyinaband
    Why I don't have a face reveal: ruclip.com/video/VhEATqXnXCI/video.html&ab_channel=JaidenAnimations
    Support if you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline
    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Tunnel vision on the flaws
    In the scale of things it’s unimportant
    So no talking but it’s still an intrusive thought
    Tried hard to correct it
    But nothing was effective
    No-one else seemed so obsessed with it, things were desperate
    Until the voice crept in
    I can help you, trust me, you’re ready
    It seemed dangerous
    But it said to have faith in it
    The secret is to just be empty
    Didn’t know if it was wise to listen
    But what could it hurt to try?
    And at first it was working
    But then things were emerging
    Cracked lips and Tired eyes
    I’m hungry with no appetite
    I’m shivering and shaking, and I tell myself it’s fine, but
    You can’t fool your body, you can only fool your mind, yuh
    I just need to be empty
    Hide from anybody who’ll prevent me
    Just fill up on water and shame
    No, I’m not hungry, I just ate
    I’ve developed a taste for this
    Endure the neverending ache
    Convince myself I’m in control and it’s not
    All that voice that makes me sick
    Inside it’s empty
    Ana- I know it’s wrong
    I’m looking but I can’t see myself
    Inside it’s empty
    Ana- I know it’s wrong
    But it’s so hard to stop it alone
    Been getting even worse
    All the days begin to merge
    Just a blurry haze and now it’s
    Almost second nature to ignore the urges
    Can’t trust my own nature
    Every calorie a failure
    Gotta push the intake down every day
    ‘Cause the voice comes back to say
    You want to eat? Bite your tongue
    Don’t want to stay an embarrassment
    just have to stomach it
    They don't know what you want
    A tug of war against common sense
    don’t wanna believe that I’ve overstepped
    But it’s so overwhelming
    And I hope no-one can tell
    ‘Cause the numbers keep decreasing
    This ordeal is becoming routine, check
    Arms back neck thighs Suck it in and Pinch my sides
    The scales are betraying me, the mirror is a lie, yeah
    It all comes down to numbers
    I know it’s wrong but
    Just because you know you’re colorblind
    doesn’t mean you can see the colors
    Fine, I admit I’m addicted
    But the hunger feels good, how do I quit this
    I know I could die, I’ve seen the statistics
    But the voice is with me through thick and thin
    I can reach out
    To someone not like me
    If you ask for help it doesn’t make you weak
    I can reach out
    ignore what the voice tells me
    I can help my mind learn to trust my body

    (dave is such a nice genuine guy i appreciate all he's done to help me. thank you dave!)
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  • NSFWprincess*
    NSFWprincess* Day ago

    as a person struggling to over come addictions...i come back to this song frequently and it will stand the test of time for every person with addiction struggles xxoxo we all pray for healing

  • Wolfie_ Darkness
    Wolfie_ Darkness Day ago +1

    Who else never ate for a few weeks after this?

    Only me? Oh okay

  • Rea 123
    Rea 123 Day ago

    Poor Jaiden im trying to so dont worry

  • Sam Overall
    Sam Overall Day ago

    Quick message

    If your being bullied or you think your being judged here's some tips :D
    For bulling: just tell on them and if they say "tell on us and your dead!" Just do it anyway the teachers will make sure your safe and if you still don't feel safe stay with the teachers at lunch or snack!
    For you thinking your judged your not I had anger issues but I had lots of friends! And if people laugh while you walk past them just ignore it
    But yea byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Chill Guy
    Chill Guy Day ago

    RUcliprs wanting me to make music videos:
    Boyinaband: allow me to introduce myself

  • Macca Alpaca
    Macca Alpaca Day ago

    If you ask for help it dosn’t make you weak
    That is inspirational

  • Sharkyy .096
    Sharkyy .096 Day ago

    I used to have depression jaiden but your awesome don’t let them take over you mind

  • King of the fear

    Is it me or when Jaiden's voice cracks it sounds so good with the music?

  • Rae Bell
    Rae Bell Day ago

    So it’s about fasting also super good

  • 10 subs with a little content

    Who else came from boyinaband??

  • Davelyn
    Davelyn Day ago

    This actually made me cry, I’ve recently been unable to eat regularly because my family is very poor and I have a disorder that makes me have a very strict and expensive diet so my mom tells me to make it last but I only eat once a day if I’m lucky so I want to start eating less to make it easier for them but I’m worried that I’m gonna start to develop an eating disorder on top of my major depression and crippling anxiety. I just don’t know what to do anymore

  • Kristin
    Kristin Day ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! As someone who has struggled in the past with bulimia for nine years, and finding this video at nearly 1 am - I started bawling. The emotions expressed are so real and relatable - the recovery for people is very difficult because it is much like recovering over other addictions - there are times where those with these disorders feel the NEED to continue because, as the song says, the voice sticks, and there are times when it works past reason and makes you feel like things are tearing up inside you and will continue until you do or stop doing something.
    For any of you struggling with an eating disorder, PLEASe - I cannot stress this enough - find an in-person support chani. It's scary to admit the issue to people, I know - I have struggled with it. I know those fears, but you'd be surprised how many are there for you, and how much more helpful that in-person support is than those online; there are different levels of accountability between the two. There will also be times when you don't want to heal, and during those times where you feel the urge, find a hobby - something to fill the place of the addiction. Start with gentle foods, and grow from there to help with bloating issues that might result from the stomach's being unused to hold food on it. Something I did was look at one of those charts on solid foods to introduce to infants and worked up from there; the beginning foods are gentler on the stomach and helps with the bloating.

    Please seek help.
    God bless

  • Genral Director Jarl

    *Ari: tf u doing*

  • iiiPxppyher0 •

    I'm literally in love with this song

  • Cassie Chan
    Cassie Chan Day ago

    I got anorexia, trust me it was horrible. Wanting to be thin is terrible.. I couldnt eat, and I was super weak

  • France’s Waifu

    Now I feel like “life is fun” is about Depression

  • Chloe Benoit
    Chloe Benoit Day ago

    she threw away da samwich :(

  • Y⃟o⃟u⃟k⃟k⃟i⃟

    Me: Drawing
    My Picture: At first it was working but then things were-
    Me: getting worse... ;-;

  • Turtle tacos !
    Turtle tacos ! Day ago

    Omg 2019 why did i not know about this

  • Morning Coffee
    Morning Coffee Day ago

    Man.... This is catchy

  • NarnianKoala
    NarnianKoala Day ago

    I use to have anorexia, and it got so bad that I would be almost passing out in school, and I would be falling asleep in class and falling over from the weakness... my mum soon found out and forced me to eat, and when she did I felt like a mistake, I felt like I was gonna be fat again, and I didn’t want to be fat again. Turns out I did become slightly above average weight from it, and I felt ashamed and fell into somewhat depression because I felt like I was fat and ugly and people would hate me.. I’ve soon come to realize that I am perfect the way I am, and no matter how hard my mind tries to tell me to not eat because I’m fat and ugly, I keep eating. I believe in you Jaiden, just like I believed in myself! I hope you can get through this like I did and teach your mind and show it that your perfect the way you are! Love you lots jaiden ❤️

  • Vaporing Wolf playz

    Anyone LATE SQUAD

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord Day ago

    Very powerful

    JUSTDOIT 27 Day ago

    And ari🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦

    JUSTDOIT 27 Day ago

    Also say to boyinaband and I love him to

    JUSTDOIT 27 Day ago

    Love youuuuuuuuuuuuu🐦😍😘

  • The hask Mask gaming


  • GameKillerAva's World

    I had this song was stuck in my head and I sang this too much and my friends think I'm insane. Well maybe I am. Haha.

  • Hubert Lalonde
    Hubert Lalonde Day ago

    Execpte proAna who the fuck put à dislike on this

  • Sierra Dawes
    Sierra Dawes Day ago

    I love how you made this video to help people with eating disorders and helping people to better understand these problems, this is one of the best things ever Jaiden. Keep up the good work. : ) Love you Jaiden. Hope you see this and I hope you know how much you make people's lives better. :-) Love ya!

  • aki plays
    aki plays Day ago +1

    ok...idk look I don't feel hungry and when I am I don't feel hungry it hurts but when I have to eat I feel like im forst feeding myself I feel discusting like im not good enough so I mostly don't eat my food an I mostly hide or throw away my food and theres a lot more but I don't feel like being like any depressed person telling there whole story im just saying a bit to try getting back up , I feel like im drowning..

  • EpicBaconHairy
    EpicBaconHairy Day ago +1

    weird but ok

  • LMBO Studios
    LMBO Studios Day ago


  • Ben Reccord  (STUDENT)

    This was published on my birthday 🎉🎉🎉

  • Pinecone Pressure

    could i have some meanspo?

  • Mr. Queen
    Mr. Queen Day ago

    Empty is what I am....


  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf Day ago

    So much talent here

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf Day ago

    Stay strong bros

  • Lilli Julliana
    Lilli Julliana Day ago +1

    0:19 PAUSE!!!!!!! wait why are they plushies there????

  • NearlyDumpling
    NearlyDumpling Day ago +1

    3:25 the most emotional part in the whole song made me cry

  • Lightning dude Cortes

    I’m praying to god if she’s ok😔

  • Demon 10284
    Demon 10284 Day ago

    I... know how you feel I cry on the inside but nothing can help my depression

  • Leelee bear
    Leelee bear Day ago

    I watch some pretty messed up things....

    XxHUNTER xX Day ago

    Do y'all not now the backstory behind this song.
    It's sad. :(

  • Linn Breezehawk
    Linn Breezehawk Day ago +1

    Bread: *gets thrown into a garbagebin*


    I have seen your face on other videos and you are so pretty!

  • Wolfycat
    Wolfycat Day ago

    Is it just me or is anybody else wondering WHY THE HECK JAMES IS NOT COMFORTING HER

  • hailie rose
    hailie rose Day ago

    Why is it most animators I watch have horrible life problems????HUH??? WHYYYYYY.

  • Cecilia Andrade
    Cecilia Andrade Day ago +1

    Jaiden this song is so good

  • Voice Troller
    Voice Troller Day ago

    What is this

  • 1Million eyes
    1Million eyes Day ago +1

    4:20 that's when Thanos snapped

  • EdgyPancakes
    EdgyPancakes Day ago

    I’d don’t know why but I feel so bad liking this song idk why I love this song tho

  • izzy Leuck
    izzy Leuck Day ago +3

    "Want to eat bite your tung"
    Me:no that will hurt

  • Zzipi gaming
    Zzipi gaming Day ago +1

    Its been an year and I hope you are better now and you are perfect in the wet you are so yeah you are the best RUclipr and person what I've ever seen :) ❤

  • Kiran Polu
    Kiran Polu Day ago

    Roses are red viloets are blue I love Jaiden so do you let s support her

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat Day ago +1

    You have inspired me I am also going through this process. It's almost impossible to quit. Thank you for reaching out to millions of people that are going through this.

  • Andr3s :3
    Andr3s :3 Day ago

    Jaiden:makes this music video helping people with anorexia.
    Patrick in the corner be like:spongebob you stole my chocolate bar now I'm gonna starve

  • K 96520
    K 96520 Day ago

    WAIT THIS Came OUT BEFORE "The life is fun" what >>>????????????

  • popularsala a
    popularsala a Day ago +2

    Mom why is my bag of chips *EMPTY?*

  • LoOgI
    LoOgI Day ago

    Animated version pls

  • Bakingwithlove2dn

    I listen too this a lot love the song jaiden

  • pingvinas _LTU
    pingvinas _LTU Day ago

    Why does jaiden wanna lose weight when shes skinny

  • Buga Duga
    Buga Duga Day ago

    I can reach out to someone not like me.
    If you ask for help it doesn't make you weak.
    Thank you Jaiden.

  • alex shi
    alex shi Day ago

    kinda weird but good

  • Maya Berry Spear
    Maya Berry Spear Day ago +1

    Does anybody feel like this going to happen to you

  • Frosty cake
    Frosty cake Day ago

    1:18 When your parents posted something about you online and you need to delete it but you can't find it.

  • Squirrel Flight
    Squirrel Flight Day ago

    Sooo ummm
    Jaiden: song about life
    James: song about bad vrs good
    Adam:Song about bullying
    Ginger pale: MoUthS

  • Carl the Man
    Carl the Man 2 days ago

    She’s wearing 2 different socks

  • Masked 05
    Masked 05 2 days ago

    An entire year later cry whenever I hear this song

  • XxxAsdasdxxX Xxxxasd

    I am making it without knowing

  • William Norris
    William Norris 2 days ago

    Arms, back, neck, thighs. Suck it in and pinch my sides.

    Me already crying: AAAAAAAAA

  • Gypsy Mellefont
    Gypsy Mellefont 2 days ago

    "I'm hungry with no appetite"
    "Just fill up with water"
    "You want to eat? Bite your tongue"
    "Fine I admit I'm addicted but the hunger feels good"
    "How do I quit this"

  • victor gaspar
    victor gaspar 2 days ago

    Teacher:do you know what 2+2 is?
    Teacher: you got it wrong
    Me:I know it's wrong,but I can't stop it alone

  • Drake Uchiha
    Drake Uchiha 2 days ago

    Theme song for weaklings.

  • нєllσ_нєll_606
    нєllσ_нєll_606 2 days ago

    INSIDE IT'S EM EM EM EMPTY *my fridge after my friend comes over*

  • sof pas
    sof pas 2 days ago +1

    I was ready to have Anorexia, but then, I found out that all my kilos are from how tall I am...

  • Bailey Schultz
    Bailey Schultz 2 days ago

    I an say that out of personal experience (which in still going through) this ideo manages to apture something more powerful than many people know. It captures that indescribably feeling or "voice" inside and why we listen to it and it's just so... Powerful...

  • Aaliyah Augustus
    Aaliyah Augustus 2 days ago

    How she writing that good. 😐😐😐

  • Blue eyed wo̸lf 501

    My mind? Empty
    This song? Empty
    My ratings on this song? 100%
    My feelings? *High as fu-*

  • Paino Cat
    Paino Cat 2 days ago

    This was probably so hard to not show her face and yet her head was shown during this whole thing

  • The GNoob
    The GNoob 2 days ago


  • Brownie Girl
    Brownie Girl 2 days ago

    It’s 2019 and I watched this before but forgot about it and I feel bad :(

  • Diedrich Hemp
    Diedrich Hemp 2 days ago

    Still a great song

  • MrDidrxnSr X
    MrDidrxnSr X 2 days ago

    ARMS, BACK, NECK, F***

    Anyone who watched boyinabands video on behind the scenes understand

  • Linkin Welin
    Linkin Welin 2 days ago

    Haha out of adam james and u this song as the least veiws and hi just work out

  • Linkin Welin
    Linkin Welin 2 days ago

    My wallets empty

  • Kaleidoscope
    Kaleidoscope 2 days ago +1

    still a jam a year later ❤️

  • Spiritfied _
    Spiritfied _ 2 days ago +1

    I think I might have an eating disorder but I’m not sure..

  • Hanny Namuco
    Hanny Namuco 2 days ago +1

    *tired lips and cracked eyes*

  • Alexandrya Gustafson-Hibbard

    Jaiden animations you did amazing at this, and to be honest this is how I feel sometimes but I have my friends encourage me to eat, but when I do eat its only a little because of the thoughts running through my head. I cry to this some sometimes because I know I can relate to it and I know I'm young but just my thoughts are that bad that it comes to this and I'm afraid to ask for help. I love your animations you're the best!

  • Crescent Moon
    Crescent Moon 2 days ago

    At a moment jaiden sounded like Kesha. I’m glad your ok jaiden!!!

  • Ari Bello
    Ari Bello 2 days ago

    Yeah how is this one year ago

  • Amanda Hamza
    Amanda Hamza 2 days ago


  • AMBERCOTTON3 is my Roblox name

    People think that they struggle.....have you ever met Jaiden!?!

  • Julian Solis
    Julian Solis 2 days ago +1

    Nooooooo!!!! Those poor sandwiches 😢

  • Max Seidler
    Max Seidler 2 days ago +1

    I’ll say what I always say to my sister
    Ur fiiiiiiinnnnneeee

  • gmacfisher
    gmacfisher 2 days ago +3

    Jaiden stop thinking like that

    Wow 2019 to 2017 just wow

  • Ashton Fox
    Ashton Fox 2 days ago +1

    dislike how buncha people are making jokes in the comments but yk. jaiden im so incredibly proud of you, you've fought so many demons and dark thoughts and you are such an inspiration. thank you.

  • Sillimant
    Sillimant 2 days ago

    I gotta say, Daftpina made some good points about this song

  • Micaela F
    Micaela F 2 days ago +1

    This song is amazing, not only is it good but it raises awareness and I just love it so much