The Bee Box Puzzle

  • Опубликовано: 16 апр 2017
  • This is a short video on a puzzle box, the Bee Box!
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    I bought my copy from Sloyd:
    I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB:
    Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
    Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ
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  • FLEB
    FLEB  Год назад +48


  • Kandi Hinshaw
    Kandi Hinshaw 5 месяцев назад

    Well that's just ridiculous because every time you went to lock the puzzle you have to buy balloons to put a balloon in there that's a waste of money and a waste of balloons

  • Solo Noco
    Solo Noco 8 месяцев назад

    Didn't seem like enough, seems like there should be more too this one

  • gaming voice1002
    gaming voice1002 9 месяцев назад

    guys the puzzle moves at 0:07 and 0:09

  • Halvard Skurve
    Halvard Skurve 10 месяцев назад

    hit it against the table. If the air pressure inside the balloon is not to high, the bolt should fall down for a short period of time, allowing you to open the lid if you time it right. (without popping the balloon)

  • Fall San
    Fall San Год назад

    It's funny. Bee's can only sting once before they die, so this little gimmick kinda reminiscence of that :P

  • Dragonslayer987
    Dragonslayer987 Год назад

    Awww I was expecting it to have bees

  • Diana
    Diana Год назад

    im very disappointed that the box wasn’t full of bees. misleading title.

  • jnmix jk
    jnmix jk Год назад

    Мангар юм

  • Andee Woodard
    Andee Woodard Год назад

    Me and my friend think your cute and we are In love with you 😘

  • A K
    A K Год назад


  • TJ Wolf
    TJ Wolf Год назад

    ngl I was hoping the box would have a live bee in it

  • Ashley Woodson
    Ashley Woodson Год назад

    You have an annoying voice when it comes to explaining s*** in the video is very very drab

  • bill nye the Russian spy
    bill nye the Russian spy Год назад

    If this was reusable it would hold valuables and that would be amazing

  • Melvin Deweese
    Melvin Deweese Год назад

    EXCELLENT Instructor ! "Mtn Mel"

  • Max Power
    Max Power Год назад

    You said 50 cent box at the beginning but it's the 20 cent box

  • AJ Lord
    AJ Lord Год назад


  • Animal Crosser67
    Animal Crosser67 Год назад

    You called it the 50 cent box...not 20

  • Vishvak Ganesh
    Vishvak Ganesh Год назад

    Could you provide me with the link where I can get these!?

  • supersmily5SS5
    supersmily5SS5 Год назад

    I like it. It's simple, easy, but not too obvious.

  • 情若惊风
    情若惊风 Год назад +1

    this is the worst puzzle ever

  • iPenguin42
    iPenguin42 Год назад

    He said 50 cent box, it was the 20 cent box though. Lol

  • Kimberly Patton
    Kimberly Patton Год назад

    Such a creative and ingenious puzzle! So to reassemble,you much have another balloon blown up enough to fit & place inside I suppose?

  • furyfox13
    furyfox13 Год назад

    You kinda wasted money due too you popping the ballon and the baloon being the way you solve the puzzle you can solve it agian

  • deadX 3451009
    deadX 3451009 Год назад

    No one's asking the real question here your pop the balloon meaning you can't lock it again

  • The G
    The G Год назад

    Not 50 cents its 20 cents

  • Aika Yamamoto
    Aika Yamamoto Год назад

    Wasn't it the 20¢ box???

  • Jackson Copeland
    Jackson Copeland Год назад

    fuck bees

  • Els De Smet
    Els De Smet Год назад

    So what you say is that it is a single use puzzle

  • Tmob03
    Tmob03 Год назад

    how to open and puzzle fast get a hammer and hit it as hard as you can. good job you opened the puzzle!

  • cropx
    cropx Год назад

    Where Can ı buy this whic store or whic site

  • anonymous playz tv
    anonymous playz tv Год назад

    its not 50 cent box its 20 cent

  • Gabe Hinamon
    Gabe Hinamon Год назад

    I subed

  • tired-idiot Abigail
    tired-idiot Abigail Год назад

    Easy solution: hit it repeatedly

  • Matt Carrell
    Matt Carrell Год назад

    I liked this puzzle. It's my style. Like the geocache puzzles I leave to the world to discover, the answer is somehow contained in an aspect of its name...

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      This one was very nice! Constantin always designs high quality puzzles!

  • Christian Ordonez
    Christian Ordonez Год назад

    Even though I don't really do nice comments, because I'm too lazy, but HOW DO YOU DO IT?! YOU'RE SO INTELLIGENT!!!

  • PizzaHorder
    PizzaHorder Год назад

    Nice puzzle but it doesn't seem reusable unless you put another balloon in

  • Jif Peanut Butter
    Jif Peanut Butter Год назад

    But it's not a box.
    It's a cylinder

    • Jif Peanut Butter
      Jif Peanut Butter Год назад

      FLEB Ik I was kidding

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Yeah, but the official name, as provided by the designer, was "Bee Box", because it's in the puzzlebox style!

  • Scythe
    Scythe Год назад

    I'd have really like a reassembly of the puzzle after you finished it

  • Cisco FILMS
    Cisco FILMS Год назад

    u should do more puzzles like the bitten biscuit

  • jjaapp18
    jjaapp18 Год назад

    This one is kind of dumb, because if you ever want to solve it again, you have to waste more money to buy balloons...

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Fair enough!

    • jjaapp18
      jjaapp18 Год назад

      Yes, but you WILL run out. I prefer a puzzle that is infinitely reset-able for free.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      The puzzle came with more balloons inside the box!

  • B. McAllister
    B. McAllister Год назад

    I wonder how many owners of this puzzle sharted when popping that balloon..

  • Kiss Meh
    Kiss Meh Год назад

    Is he the Real Professor Layton?

  • Jameson Tuttle
    Jameson Tuttle Год назад

    This reminds me of the room

  • crap
    crap Год назад

    its called the 20 cent box not the 50 cent

  • XxMouseO fLegendxX
    XxMouseO fLegendxX Год назад

    i love your "Review puzzles' or whatever they are

  • firefly
    firefly Год назад

    I would probably have gone to the kitchen and grabbed a tooth pick ... poked at the hole for b"o"x and it would have popped ... I would have missed the poker "glued" to the box.

  • Let's get 10,000 subs With no Videos!

    20 cent puzzle, not 50 cent

  • visog
    visog Год назад

    So... pop the balloon and we're done... What's with all the panelling and screws etc. Bit of a let down...

  • Miryafa
    Miryafa Год назад

    When you put the pick in the slot and touched the hidden balloon, what made you say "I should keep pushing" instead of "I should back off and not break anything"? How do you know when to use force and when not to?

  • Masterninja07
    Masterninja07 Год назад

    Its not a puzzle tho

  • Dickson Cheung
    Dickson Cheung Год назад

    fantastic concept

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      I agree! Constantin is a heck of a designer!

  • CrypticDarkness
    CrypticDarkness Год назад

    This puzzlebox looks like it would cause a lot of buzz.

    ALXNT Год назад

    He sounds like Jeff Kaplan from Overwatch

  • alyx okay
    alyx okay Год назад

    you kinda whistle on your s's like Herbert from family guy

  • Edward Henriquez
    Edward Henriquez Год назад

    whats the name of this kind of puzzles AND where i can find info on them, i saw this video and bugth 4 from kanayama i find the very interesting
    please help

  • Newt
    Newt Год назад


  • Dank Llama
    Dank Llama Год назад

    He sounds like a pedo :/

  • Ashley Sommer
    Ashley Sommer Год назад

    What was the glue for?

  • RYA
    RYA Год назад +4

    Just take a saw and cut it open.

    • J Hunt
      J Hunt Год назад

      That goes for every puzzle.

  • Halley Bearkid
    Halley Bearkid Год назад +1

    I love puzzles

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +2

      Me too!

  • Aeron Ronrich
    Aeron Ronrich Год назад

    This Box Needs You To Put Another Balloon In If Your Friend Wants To Try It...

    • Aeron Ronrich
      Aeron Ronrich Год назад

      Oh Well Thats A Good Addition To The Product. Maybe Ill Buy It Someday

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Yep! It actually came with a bunch of balloons inside of the box that you found when you opened it.

  • Chowder Stevens
    Chowder Stevens Год назад

    Fleb, what a stupid name

  • chriiisclm
    chriiisclm Год назад

    "We cannot see what's on the box" smh you're just trying to hide your weed

  • James Purcell
    James Purcell Год назад

    My first thought was to get a tooth pic and poke the beebox. Would have that been cheating? I love puzzles.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      It wouldn't have been cheating, but these puzzle almost always provide all the tools as part of the puzzle, so it may be against the spirit of the puzzle.
      But really, as long as you're having fun, I think people should do whatever they like to solve the puzzle!

  • TJ Y3N0R
    TJ Y3N0R Год назад

    ummm so everytime you wanna try it again you gotta go out and replace the balloon?

    • TJ Y3N0R
      TJ Y3N0R Год назад

      oh okay lol cuz this one looks fun to trick people with :)

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Yep! The puzzle came with a bunch of replacement balloons inside of the box.

  • SJM0514
    SJM0514 Год назад

    looks complex but a simple solution

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Yeah! I thought that was a nice property of it.

  • Yuki Iganaci
    Yuki Iganaci Год назад

    ya like jazz

    • kiddysquid
      kiddysquid Год назад

      it's a reference to the bee movie

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Is this a reference to something? I've gotten a few comments about this recently!

  • Yoda Man
    Yoda Man Год назад

    odd mechanism. it wouldnt keep the box closed forever. just gotta wait till the balloon deflates on its own

  • YourHiddenFandom
    YourHiddenFandom Год назад

    fleb you are fascinating :)

  • Ajiq Anuar
    Ajiq Anuar Год назад

    but every time i see a screw.. the urge to unscrew it too strong..

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      There are some puzzles where you'll find a tool that you use, such as a screwdriver! With a puzzle like this, though, unless you find a tool to use on it, it's safe to say the screw isn't used.

  • Luis Jaral
    Luis Jaral Год назад

    Do a collab with RedKB

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      I'd be down! That guy is super cool!

  • Laura Heike
    Laura Heike Год назад

    is it wrong i think he has a cute voice lol i just think its so pure

  • Francis Sims
    Francis Sims Год назад

    But is your name actually Fleb??

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      It's a name I use for writing puzzles!

  • joannaz
    joannaz Год назад

    Wow, cool!

    • joannaz
      joannaz Год назад


    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      I thought it was neat too!

  • Tony Effe Tony Il Fantino
    Tony Effe Tony Il Fantino Год назад

    And just like a bee, it stings only once, as you cannot fill the balloon with air anymore.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      But it comes with replacement balloons inside the box! So much like a bee, you can take out its stinger and replace it? ...with another stinger?

  • Fatball
    Fatball Год назад

    hello, I was thinking to do somthing like a puzzle race/hunt arround a city for families or normal people that my or may not be introduced to puzzles. I have seen that some of you have participated in some races o series of puzzles. Can someone recomend some web with info of actual puzzle hunts/race so I can get ideas for this race? Thanks

    • Fatball
      Fatball Год назад

      Thank you, there are some puzzle that may inspire me and i'll ask them for more info to how make the rute since some have nice experience.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      DASH, BAPHL, BANG, DCPHR, and Puzzled Pint all come to mind!

  • asailijhijr
    asailijhijr Год назад +7

    That was very unsatisfying, but I guess some of them have to be, not every puzzle can be for everyone.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +6

      That's a good way to look at it.

  • Dylan Seukumar
    Dylan Seukumar Год назад

    This puzzle is fuckin retarded

  • GingerBreadSed
    GingerBreadSed Год назад

    I love this puzzle! I was expecting some sort of mechanics inside as usual, the little balloon is a really refreshing change from what we mostly see in puzzles. Cool!

  • Donny Passary
    Donny Passary Год назад

    This is the first time I saw a mechanical puzzle that use other substance (balloon) beside what's seen at the unsolved puzzle (wood, metal, etc.). Is this kind of thing common? Very interesting puzzle by the way.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      It depends on the type of puzzle! Overall though, I would say it's fairly uncommon, only because it's hard to think of these types of mechanisms. Leave it to Jean-Claude Constantin to figure out how to use a balloon in a puzzle!

  • Arconic
    Arconic Год назад

    I genuinely expected more than that...

  • Rainbuw Biebs
    Rainbuw Biebs Год назад

    this is my favorite channel.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Thank you very much!

  • Dana Ondráčková
    Dana Ondráčková Год назад

    Easy, yet nice one:-)

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      I agree!

  • Francis Gerard Magtibay
    Francis Gerard Magtibay Год назад

    Goodluck reassembling this

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      It came with extra balloons stashed inside the box!

  • Alexander Baggio
    Alexander Baggio Год назад

    You should have way more subs

  • I love cheesecakes
    I love cheesecakes Год назад


    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      No thank you!!!

  • Nick Bailey
    Nick Bailey Год назад

    loving the content FLEB keep up the great work, i look forward to seeing your great channel grow.

  • mrBorkD
    mrBorkD Год назад

    Wouldn't this puzzle solve itself if you just let it sit for a couple of days? since balloons tend to slowly deflate...

  • Evan Blenkinsopp
    Evan Blenkinsopp Год назад

    (I've gotta say something...) Do ya like jazz??

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      I do like jazz! I often listen to jazz mixes in the background while designing puzzles!

  • Spencer Honda
    Spencer Honda Год назад

    hahah what the fuck? a balloon? how do you restart the puzzle then?

  • Lemonade I
    Lemonade I Год назад

    I always wonder if you've ever played any app game puzzles? I'd like to see you play "the room"

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      I could, but I'm not sure how interesting it would be to just play a game I already have beaten? I am looking at some video game videos, but it's more about talking about what they're doing from a puzzle perspective.

    • Lemonade I
      Lemonade I Год назад

      Ever considered documenting yourself playing the room?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      I have! I love the room! I'm really looking forward to the next one!

  • Alex Speaks
    Alex Speaks Год назад

    The problem is this puzzle is not quite as fun to solve the next times, as the ballon pops and you can no longer use it without buying another ballon

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      It actually came with a bunch of balloons inside the box, so that when you finished the puzzle you could reset it!

  • Keith Gallistel
    Keith Gallistel Год назад


    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      I agree!

  • Boxs
    Boxs Год назад

    That's no fucking box.

  • Asher W.
    Asher W. Год назад

    Soooo…. How are you going to put it back together?

  • BloodLust1121
    BloodLust1121 Год назад

    Not many people know this but you can actually put your weed in there

  • mikegtk1
    mikegtk1 Год назад

    Resetting it?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      There are balloons inside the box that you discover once you solve it.

  • Batangrok
    Batangrok Год назад

    Yesss! The room references! i like that puzzle

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      Nice! I'll have to go back and look for that puzzle!

    • Batangrok
      Batangrok Год назад

      FLEB The room one has a box like that but its not circle.. i bet you thought why i said "The room reference". its because in the room one, to solve the box you need to look at corners and edges just like that puzzle you do but instead of corners you look to the side of it. My point is that puzzle have a look alike on that box on the room one. Keep up the good work and stay awesome so Cya
      -Batangrok SIGNING OFF.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      What's the reference to the room? I swear I played those games...

  • Cat
    Cat Год назад