11-Year-Old Kid Shows Off His Handles on Warriors Ground

Social media sensation Noah Cutler visited the Warriors on January 22 and impressed Dub Nation with his crazy Stephen Curry-like basketball handles.

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Автор superLou7 ( назад)

Автор louis Black ( назад)
Good kid,wrong team

Автор Manuel Besana ( назад)

Автор SuperMarioLogan YTP ( назад)
That kid makes me feel like I'm an asshole

Автор Arthur Turner ( назад)

Автор Arthur Turner ( назад)
It took 3months i am his friend

Автор Barb Drummond ( назад)
What a banwagon

Автор TheStandingsquid ( назад)
I don't know what is so amazing about this kid I can dribble two balls at the same time and switch. I also can do between the legs and behind the back. Basically all the things he did in this video .

Автор Destroyer Gamer ( назад)

Автор Jason Shriner ( назад)
Hey goes to the airborne my church

Автор Junior Nunez ( назад)
That kid has a future....future curry

Автор ᏁᎬᎾᏁᎶᏒᎬᎬᏁ ( назад)
in a while kids at school will be like "dude you got the new cutler shoes"

Автор DGSXNUKEZ ( назад)
Thats just sad people are trying to cheer him up but he's not happy at all

Автор Julian Rubis ( назад)
11 years on insta

makes sense

Автор Kaleb Carlson ( назад)
I love cury

Автор Alexis Hernandez ( назад)
that is so cool

Автор Doublejj26 Gaming ( назад)
I'm good a rapping and video games but I'm super good at basketball people say I can't do it because I'm a girl but deep down I think that I'm perfect 😊

Автор mark rahi ( назад)
person in school: what are those?

kid: shoes signed by steph curry

Автор Jordan Randall ( назад)

Автор Willie Trespeces ( назад)
the dislikers are just jealous because Noah Cutler is great at basketball and can copy Stephen Curry's moves

Автор Iliana Quintanilla ( назад)
2:00-2:02 "I had really fun" 😂

Автор Loyal Wrestling Organization ( назад)
Bandwagon in the making.

Автор Michaelx The poop ( назад)
You good

Автор Nicolasftw. vlogs. and. gaming Puentes ( назад)
that. was. asome

Автор Randolf Pugong ( назад)
Try to copy kyrie

U cant his ball handling skills are better

Автор Shantoon ( назад)
"I had really fun."

Автор WEST BROOS ( назад)
Its is just or me or our générations getting smaller this Kid ain't 11 years hé look like 8 years hé Tall like as my Little sister of 8 years old

Автор bro ly ( назад)

Автор Jaylan Hicks ( назад)
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanm 😱😱😱😱😮😮😮😰😰😰

Автор Greggjodi Gomes ( назад)
Cool as fuck ! Kids got it !

Автор Yuto Sakaki ( назад)
another yuri on ice

Автор Shartsattack GERGASUAR ( назад)
2017 steph curry chokes every game he sucks now just stop making vids about steph all u see him getting crossed

Автор iiSolidCubez ( назад)
This is why I like living in Oakland

Автор Cameron Martin ( назад)

Автор Ben pitt ( назад)
golden state warriors how do you find out these little kids!!!! please respond.

Автор Dragon Chap ( назад)
0:19 his nose is so cute from the side. k sorry im weird
i'll stop now

Автор Lojic ( назад)
If he was black he wouldn't get a drop of hate

Автор Elite Gamer ( назад)
i want to meet curry and have a jersey

Автор Elliott Games ( назад)
He needs a hair cut boy👋🏼

Автор Parker Rice ( назад)
Very talented but I'm wondering how that ball can go between his little legs🤔

Автор x Correction ( назад)
his hair cut is weird af

Автор Tommy Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Antonio Dinkins ( назад)

Автор MR. DABBER ( назад)
your son is get very very good

Автор Blake Bigham ( назад)
he is not scared to mess up

Автор KYRIE IRVING FAN ( назад)
Fuck steph curry and gay state warriors

Автор Vitaley Simonovich ( назад)
you can tell this kid is gonna grow up ti be an asshole

Автор rommy 02 ( назад)
Bruh srsly this nigga so short im taller than him sitting down.

Автор CoolDolphin2 gaming ( назад)
This kid is a beast!!

Автор EdEddEddy TIODTSUT ( назад)
That's cool asf

Автор Brayan Reyes ( назад)
That's so nice

Автор Green Tibbles ( назад)
man I wan to meet klay thompson he de bosss

Автор tina schibell ( назад)
good moves

Автор Nojuks ( назад)
he is nor curry he is like kirye btw curry shoots 3 but noah i dont know (and lol me name is noah and im 11 years old and i can do that dribling)

Автор Everything Star Wars ( назад)
Good but I could beat him 1v1 cuz he is like 4-2 lol

Автор Erik Kebel ( назад)
I think he was more impressed by the shoes than meeting Curry

Автор Cara Robell ( назад)
That's amazing he is very talented!!

Автор Jonah Garces YT ( назад)
I have the shoes

Автор MsMissbeauty123 ( назад)
Deez nuts

Автор tristan molina ( назад)
But can he dunk?

Автор ThatDrTomGuy The shoe collector ( назад)
wtf is this kids haircut #Wtf

Автор TheFirstNight ( назад)
So a 2ft kid can do 1 move?

Автор Silent -seb9995 ( назад)
he need to take the barber shop by storm

Автор Panda Gaming ( назад)
Small for an 11 year old.

Автор SKT T1 ßeast ( назад)

Автор Yep Nope ( назад)
Lord does he look like a total dickhead at its finest, people think he's good but he's a show off bitch, ungrateful as hell, and he would be better if he came up with what he did instead of copying.

Автор thetinygangsta * ( назад)
20:02 "It was nice to meet Stephen Curry. It was curryazy". That's what it sounded like.

Автор Fernando Vega ( назад)

Автор Chief Bill ( назад)
He plays good and now he is older, but when this video was published, he COULDN'T BE 11 YEARS OLD HE WAS JUST AN 8 YEAR OLD!!

Автор MooMoo ( назад)
no way has 11 hes like 3 foot tall

Автор april gilliam ( назад)
he looks short for a 11 yr old

Автор Jordan Peter ( назад)

Автор Straight Bars ( назад)
2:00 "i had really fun, it was nice to meet Steph curry, that was crazy" best reaction lol

Автор theAntboy152 ( назад)
he like mini curry

Автор JDoactive ( назад)
He's pretty short for an 11 year old

Автор Cris Gomez ( назад)
White ppl

Автор Tina Preston ( назад)
does Stephen speak Spanish

Автор CCBG Lit ( назад)
this little dickrider is a bitch

Автор Drake Austin ( назад)
I think we have Stephen jr

Автор BeyBlade Master ( назад)
i am a steph curry not you baby

Автор Arturo Hernandez ( назад)
u can hate curry

Автор Rex Thor ( назад)
I mean, he's a baller but he looks like 4' tall. Im 13 and 5'9" so its unfair because hes so low to the ground.

Автор Jeselle Coy ( назад)
awe that was so kind of stephan curry

Автор TaytayBoy 10 ( назад)
i am 11 and i am 5 6 so i can be like ft taller than him the only way he can cross up me is if he runs through my legs and does a halvecourt shot then he will win, but i gotta give the kid credit

Автор Everett Rodriguez ( назад)
I am crying literally tears right now I am not kidding

Автор Adrius Wheeler ( назад)
Ayee he fye he betta den me 😂😂

Автор Drunken Gamer ( назад)
Shoes were used or new!?

Автор Chris Crosby ( назад)
I wonder if steff wore those shoes

Автор Salah Orsan ( назад)
That kid is so gooooooooood and lucky

Автор Isaiah Garcia ( назад)
no way did that kid do that #newsteph

Автор Talia_Corcione ( назад)
He is going to be an NBA player and he deserves to be one he is talented with that congrats

Автор Dub_ Nation3035 ( назад)

Автор Filip Mrozik ( назад)
Can he shoot tho???

Автор Mason Lowman ( назад)
the kid is awesome he could break my ankles any day

Автор Elias Torres ( назад)
i can beat him 1 on 1 easly

Автор Nick Mitchell ( назад)
he might be going but that doesn't matter

Автор D3ADLUCKYLUDA ( назад)
he gave him them booboo's at the end lmao

Автор Guy eitam ( назад)
the mother looks like kelly ane conway

Автор gary oak ( назад)
guys we found a real life kise from kuroko no basket

Автор LJ- KING ( назад)
dont use the crap on insta use it in basketball,and how much u bet i can crush this kids ankles

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