Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

  • If you think binge watching survival hacks will turn you into a survival expert, think again, because you might end up in an even worse situation following their tips. Here are the top ten survival tips that do more harm than good.
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  • logitimate
    logitimate Day ago

    Better than bear spray: Carry a sufficiently powerful firearm (minimum caliber depends on the local bears) and be proficient in drawing and using it under stress.

  • UltimoTroll GG-Bann

    Why i Suck the peepee

  • undertale au's
    undertale au's Day ago

    Do I bite the shark?

  • Matilda Hart
    Matilda Hart Day ago

    I like how instead of just telling us what's wrong, they also tell us what to do instead.

  • Poem YT
    Poem YT Day ago

    ( • - •)
    / > 🍪

  • broc mid'knight
    broc mid'knight Day ago

    Now let's call snakes deadly noodle :)

  • Roughy Fluffy
    Roughy Fluffy 2 days ago

    If u get lost in the woods or anything just walk out and go home and don’t get lost I’m so smart right

  • Deepearl Q
    Deepearl Q 2 days ago

    If venom is not good for your blood it not good for your mouth

  • Matthew Bytheway
    Matthew Bytheway 3 days ago

    gets bitten by a snake in Yellowstone
    Phone is dead

  • pingvin gaming
    pingvin gaming 4 days ago

    my best survivlen tip is don't be killed

  • Stormy Syrup
    Stormy Syrup 4 days ago

    What if you are lost without supplies?

  • Khyra Garrard
    Khyra Garrard 4 days ago

    You can also filter water using a tampon

  • Yusuf Sahin
    Yusuf Sahin 4 days ago

    In Texas, you don't get bitten by snakes, you wear one.

  • Noah Widgren
    Noah Widgren 5 days ago +1

    In a riptide go diagonal to the shour

  • brian lakewood
    brian lakewood 5 days ago

    You can also use 2 drops of Bleach to purified the water

  • vortical beast66
    vortical beast66 5 days ago +1

    If u are stuck in a forest or something like that if u don't have a filter for bacteria drink from a moving river because bacteria need calm water to thrive in so drink from moving water

  • Nature is My game
    Nature is My game 5 days ago

    great job

  • Maddox Hearn
    Maddox Hearn 5 days ago

    When I had the flu i didnt eat so i drank gaterade and water

  • Lee Bee
    Lee Bee 6 days ago +1

    The survival tip I would like to share is: don't listen to this nonsense if you are after survival tips.

  • Michael467012
    Michael467012 6 days ago

    If you get bitten by a snake, don't apply a loose bandage. Apply a compression bandage. Otherwise, if you come to Australia and get bitten by a brown snake and you follow the advise of this video, you could be dead in as little as half an hour

  • Dragonstrike 3579
    Dragonstrike 3579 6 days ago

    Snow can rehydrate you if your moving alot

  • Dragonstrike 3579
    Dragonstrike 3579 6 days ago

    Wrong shelter is before water
    3 minutes with out air, 1st priority
    3 hours in harsh conditions, 2nd
    3 days with out water, 3rd
    3 weeks with out food, last

  • Dragonstrike 3579
    Dragonstrike 3579 6 days ago

    Or shoot the bear

  • Jackson McCullough
    Jackson McCullough 6 days ago

    Boy Scouts knows where it’s at

  • Josiah Sims
    Josiah Sims 6 days ago

    About 70% percent of these tips are completely useless because none of them would work if you were lost in the wild. Got bit by a snake? Go to a doctor. (because every forest has a local ER) Can't find water and don't want to eat snow? Boil it. (because just everyone carries stove when going out). Frost bite? Get in a house and warm up. (because I'm totally not lost in the snow).

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service 6 days ago

    you have to watch what you say

  • Tye Durrant
    Tye Durrant 6 days ago

    I just won't go outside

  • Aaron Gilding
    Aaron Gilding 6 days ago

    This guy says tEchnIchaLy yEs like *eight times* .

  • XxOliverLucaxX
    XxOliverLucaxX 7 days ago

    I love eating snow but after watching this.........

    Eh...... Idunno anymore

  • SomeShit
    SomeShit 7 days ago

    I still eat snow

  • Leonilyn Janier
    Leonilyn Janier 7 days ago

    One survival tip

    Never die

  • Dylan Todd
    Dylan Todd 7 days ago

    4:07 me when i get a F on a report card

  • Chilli Fillip
    Chilli Fillip 8 days ago

    Am i a survival master now?

  • Sandipan Mistry
    Sandipan Mistry 8 days ago

    If you are hungry don't eat improvised food, just have some cake duh.

  • Mason Knotts
    Mason Knotts 8 days ago

    The way to find north is by waiting till you see the sunset or rise because the sun sets in the west rises in the east

    WOW MEMES 8 days ago


  • Tran Clan
    Tran Clan 8 days ago

    Man U are gay about sucking things

  • thieu phan
    thieu phan 8 days ago

    Sad my life is a lie

  • Guillermo Velarde Vega

    you could get water in the desert by digging a square pit, then, set a pot, after that, lay down a plastic layer. Finally, stick some sticks in the borders of the pit and above the plastic layer, then, put a rock above the pot and plastic layer... Humidity will condense, and will start falling as if it was rain, this metod is bacteria free, but you still need to boil water in order to be sure it doesn't have bacterias.

  • Camron Calloway
    Camron Calloway 8 days ago

    How can u boil water in the wild 🤔

  • Unicorn Queen
    Unicorn Queen 9 days ago

    If you travel at night in the desert there are snakes and things traveling with you

  • orisio basada
    orisio basada 9 days ago

    bring a gun every were

  • XxFreezin_gamerx
    XxFreezin_gamerx 9 days ago

    Are trying to kill us

  • Demi Killzz
    Demi Killzz 10 days ago

    Your smoking first you say don’t get food first get water then you say don’t get water so confused

  • Margaret Robinson
    Margaret Robinson 10 days ago

    What about wolves attack?

  • spud crisp
    spud crisp 10 days ago

    in tasmania we only have venomous snakes - i learned how to properly deal with snake bites by ems at a grade 1 school assembly after 2 boys tried to catch a tiger snake on one of the ovals neither was bitten thankfully

  • Mr Kc
    Mr Kc 10 days ago


  • In K
    In K 11 days ago

    and now i'm glad in Poland we have only one kind of a venomous snake

  • xd_muse
    xd_muse 11 days ago

    you still can’t boil the water because when the bacteria die they release micro toxins which could lead to botchalism

  • Oli Bristow
    Oli Bristow 11 days ago +4

    Fart on a fire to help it burn.👍

  • Teresa Ellis
    Teresa Ellis 11 days ago

    Evergreen branches are awesome for a survival bed. After a major storm we lost a lot of branches from our evergreen trees. We piled them up to get them out of the way. After hauling so much I was tired and I thought the pile looked soft. It was. The thing that surprised me was how relatively WARM it was. I love stretching out on the ground during the summer and know that the ground can be nice and cool on a hot day, but this was winter. I was expecting to only rest for a little time and then get up before I got too chilled, but it was comfortable! It wasn't like a heated blanket, but was nicer than an air mattress for insulation from the cold ground. I can see why you would want to build it off the ground, the ground will steal heat faster than air, but for the short time I rested on my evergreen mattress, I was cozy.

  • Teresa Ellis
    Teresa Ellis 11 days ago

    Apparently I must live on the South Pole, because moss grows on all sides of the trees where I live.

  • Mr Banananana
    Mr Banananana 12 days ago

    An angry rope bit me plz help

  • Zachary Foss
    Zachary Foss 12 days ago

    frost bite you slowly warm up to stop

  • Julian Paniagua
    Julian Paniagua 12 days ago

    Lowkey the best survival tip is to drink my piss I mean it’s pretty gud I should know

  • Kris
    Kris 13 days ago

    Snow is Just Russian Water

  • jake Howard
    jake Howard 13 days ago +1

    Wait what happens when you find a wild redneck with his truck do u run or offer him cornbread

    • jake Howard
      jake Howard 10 days ago +1

      +Matte Black nice suggestion might save someone's life one day

    • Matte Black
      Matte Black 10 days ago

      pretty sure u offer cornbread,but not dry

  • Supreme Duck
    Supreme Duck 13 days ago

    Plane crash
    So doc can can you fix me

  • ninjaninemaster !
    ninjaninemaster ! 13 days ago

    Sucking venom huh I wonder if that’s a good idea

  • Me deer
    Me deer 14 days ago

    I always thought if I play dead when there’s a bear it would still eat me

  • Horrific Space
    Horrific Space 14 days ago

    Just Bring a gun with you or a Long sword i swear to good the Nature will See you as a god

  • Joshua Susi
    Joshua Susi 14 days ago

    0:07 did he just swear?

  • EricGotThis Official
    EricGotThis Official 14 days ago +3

    What if your in a de- *Desert part plays* oh ok

  • Det bar ikk nice
    Det bar ikk nice 15 days ago

    No need to who leaves a phone behind

  • Joseph Mair
    Joseph Mair 15 days ago

    It’s funny how they say tv survival tactics aren’t good yet they said in their other video they said drink bleach with water

  • 5 3
    5 3 15 days ago +2

    Tip: why are you even in the wild?

  • Nancy Belmonte
    Nancy Belmonte 15 days ago

    0:07 does anybody hear the B word

  • Nitrogen64
    Nitrogen64 16 days ago

    The reason not to eat snow is not because of its temperature, it is because it takes too much energy for your body to thaw it out, so it is a waste of energy. However, if you are thirsting to death, eating snow will save your life if you need water immediately. You just won’t have as much energy and will need to rest for a while. Also you can drink water from a cactus, but only in small amounts, and as a last resort.

  • Iver Askjem Velle
    Iver Askjem Velle 16 days ago

    Did anyone notice that he said dont eat snow first boil IT and later he says IT doesent work to boil it

  • Anafe Corpuz
    Anafe Corpuz 16 days ago

    I think if you pee in the shelter in the forest other animals will think it was someones teritory and just walk away

  • The Cheeky CheeseBurger

    In science class we were given some proper nasty water and we had to make it drinkable out of lab equipment and ya know how we did it we boiled the shit out of it, literally. We had a delivery tube that transferred the steam to a boiling tube where it cooled down the boiling killed bacteria and any microorganisms and also left any solids behind. So hahahhaahaha

  • Qualeek Nelson
    Qualeek Nelson 17 days ago

    I went 6 days without eating

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson 17 days ago

    To protect me from bears I will use my karate

  • MooMooCat1
    MooMooCat1 17 days ago

    wait.... you've given tests about snake bites and the "right" answer is to what you said to not do put a whatchamacallit on the bite so you are saying you are wrong not hating I love ur channel tho

  • Dougie Fuoco
    Dougie Fuoco 17 days ago

    You're supposed to make yourself look bigger if a bear attacks not smaller if you make yourself look smaller you're making yourself look like an easier prey if you make yourself look bigger you're making yourself look like a larger predator

  • Perry Salvino
    Perry Salvino 17 days ago +1

    why did you show an anaconda? they aren't venomous

  • Mokha
    Mokha 18 days ago


  • Kristian Cedro
    Kristian Cedro 18 days ago

    Btw charcoal is a great material for filtering water

  • Kristian Cedro
    Kristian Cedro 18 days ago

    Hitting a shark in the gills is not an effective way to protect urself
    And dont stab a shark or the blood will come out and u know.....

    Just push its snout up if gets to close to u. but if its big then why the fuck are u in the middle of the ocean! Ir suppose to be on land idiot

  • Hayden Blaylock
    Hayden Blaylock 18 days ago

    you know nothing

  • Reigne Stephen Regalado

    The bed one was shown in my favorite survival show in National Geographic channel which is PRIMAL SURVIVOR hosted by Hazen Audel

  • BrYcE SiLvA
    BrYcE SiLvA 18 days ago

    Medical experts want money that's what they care about... In snake bites u gotta act fast or else the only thing doctors will do is a post mortem

  • Anthony Medina
    Anthony Medina 18 days ago

    Can't find water in the desert?

    Just drink water

  • James Carter
    James Carter 19 days ago

    Did they just hit a shark in the gills with a dildo...?

  • PJ Colella
    PJ Colella 19 days ago

    I was idling my way up a dirt access road on an ATV when a black bear stepped out in the road ahead and turned to face me. I braked, stood up on the footrests and spread my jacket to the sides. I revved the engine a few times. It turned and ran. Black bears are very near sighted. It probably thought I was a bigger bear or some other dangerous being

  • G Lillo
    G Lillo 19 days ago +1

    I dont eat snow.

  • Oskar Vaitkus
    Oskar Vaitkus 19 days ago What do you do if there is no hospital for miles?

  • Roman Rynning
    Roman Rynning 19 days ago +19

    Bitten by a snake
    In a jungle
    I will just walk to a hospital
    hours later
    God dangit

  • Roman Rynning
    Roman Rynning 19 days ago

    Actually, the best way to avoid a shark attack is to stand still and hope for the best. Sharks rely on you moving to see you.

  • Roman Rynning
    Roman Rynning 19 days ago

    Very important survival tip: VACCINES DONT CAUSE AUTISM STUPID PEOPLE

  • Pseudonym
    Pseudonym 19 days ago +3

    4:41 Eating snow fails to hydrate you? What? It melts in your mouth and becomes water. How can that not hydrate you?

    • Pseudonym
      Pseudonym 16 days ago

      +Jeramie Howard Your mouth doesn't automatically heat up when you put snow in it though. It's already warm. So I have a hard time believing eating snow steals energy.

    • Jeramie Howard
      Jeramie Howard 16 days ago

      It takes more energy for your body to melt the snow than it gives back. Melt it over a fire first and you're good.

  • GamingMetMats
    GamingMetMats 20 days ago

    Imma bitch slapp that damn shark

  • epicgamer247
    epicgamer247 20 days ago

    why the fuck am i watching this i dont even go outside

  • Logan Beringer
    Logan Beringer 20 days ago

    Why would you want snake venom in your mouth anyway?

  • dododog 321
    dododog 321 20 days ago +1

    Also, there was a story about people surviving from snow so, get your logic dude

    • Carsens strange
      Carsens strange 9 days ago

      Ive also herd a story about a person surviving on snow

  • dododog 321
    dododog 321 20 days ago

    Bull shit,. Some. People. Can become faint when they have no. Food

  • Dorian Mcnab
    Dorian Mcnab 20 days ago

    i boil the shit out water

  • Dorian Mcnab
    Dorian Mcnab 20 days ago

    i beat the shit out bears

  • Angela Fuentes
    Angela Fuentes 20 days ago

    actually it is shelter then water