The Weeknd - Starboy (official) ft. Daft Punk

  • Published on Sep 28, 2016
  • Starboy ft. Daft Punk (Official Video)
    Taken from the new album Starboy

    Connect with The Weeknd:

    Directed by Grant Singer
    Produced by Julien LeMaitre & Nina Soriano
    For Anonymous Content

    Music video by The Weeknd performing Starboy ft. Daft Punk. © 2016 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Akindhu Wijesinghe
    Akindhu Wijesinghe 3 minutes ago +1

    We don't pray for love 😍

  • 2m MarkMik
    2m MarkMik Hour ago +1


  • RicoD 74
    RicoD 74 Hour ago

    He needs to sing with Mariah Carey

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia Hour ago


  • Janar Kaslingam
    Janar Kaslingam 2 hours ago

    weeknd>>>>drake from Tdot

  • Broadloom 69
    Broadloom 69 2 hours ago +1

    Before I watch this I was a good boy
    After I watch this I’m a muthafuckin star boy

  • darth vader
    darth vader 2 hours ago

    Oh my god

  • Who Am I
    Who Am I 3 hours ago

    Im3just here because if that cursed TikTok i needed to remember how it sounded

  • Sandeep Patil
    Sandeep Patil 3 hours ago

    The fucking bass man 😍😍😍 love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Jamar Williams
    Jamar Williams 4 hours ago +1

    This is how everyone is going to look gathering before storming Area 51.

  • Thordz
    Thordz 4 hours ago

    what you came for 0:56

  • Nylah time
    Nylah time 4 hours ago

    I'm a starboy

  • Izzy Hayden
    Izzy Hayden 5 hours ago

    i like this song

  • nkhata monica
    nkhata monica 5 hours ago

    The weekend is so handsome💛😘
    July 2019 anyone?

  • friend of stars
    friend of stars 5 hours ago +1

    Omg I always understand "I'm in love with a starboy"

  • Sean Egan
    Sean Egan 5 hours ago

    52 years old, white, and still a motherfucking StarBoy.

  • LyricalTreyz
    LyricalTreyz 5 hours ago

    I remember one time I had talked shit about my football coach and he was gonna call me in his office the next hour and I was singing this to myself before I went in there because it made me feel confident asf. Lmao good days

  • Christopher S.
    Christopher S. 6 hours ago +1

    TIme to put the chickens in their place.

  • Darion James
    Darion James 6 hours ago

    I like this song

  • personalagrovictoria agrovictoria

    me encanta The Weeknd

  • KC Dee
    KC Dee 6 hours ago

    Eu amo demais essa musica

  • Yaralis Alfonzo
    Yaralis Alfonzo 7 hours ago


  • ღ Luly Chan ღ
    ღ Luly Chan ღ 8 hours ago

    Habrá alguna razón porque escucho a mamar con Gustavo :v

  • Francis Shonga
    Francis Shonga 8 hours ago +2

    Add a like for those who still love this song 💕💕💕

  • drift king trix
    drift king trix 8 hours ago +1


  • I wAnt To diE
    I wAnt To diE 9 hours ago


    JONY VEVO 10 hours ago

    0% nudity
    0% girls
    10% music
    90% "huhs" and "ahs"

    Edit: thanks y'all for 5K likes
    Who is listening this in june its my birthday month BTW😁

  • Army truth
    Army truth 10 hours ago

    Just herd this song on the radio

  • Lucho Sanchez 107!
    Lucho Sanchez 107! 10 hours ago +1

    Alguien que hable español en este Temazo!!???

  • Aman Chaudhary
    Aman Chaudhary 11 hours ago

    Is I'm the only one who like p1 tail light at night here??

  • Fernando Ramos
    Fernando Ramos 11 hours ago

    Esse Clipe pode ser um exemplo do processo psicológico conhecido como individuação, onde o indivíduo morre psicologicamente para dar lugar a sua verdadeira personalidade. Por isso no início do clipe observa-se a morte do cantor The Weeknd.

  • DarkPuppet48
    DarkPuppet48 12 hours ago

    Para el que no entendio donde esta parece ser que esta en un especie de museo de exitos musicales podemos ver un cuadro de un cantante (el que aparece al principio del video) y un cuadro de la famosísima canción "Get Lucky" y entre otras cosas

  • Elijah Pelito
    Elijah Pelito 12 hours ago

    Flexing your new haircut In school:

  • Electric avenue Bikes
    Electric avenue Bikes 12 hours ago

    wearing cross ,and with other hand using cross for damaging ,this guy is one crazy ass with no respect to GOD.

  • Sligther Latín
    Sligther Latín 12 hours ago

    Child: Are you a planet, Sun?.
    Sun: i'm a mf star, boy.

  • Bang Botak
    Bang Botak 12 hours ago


  • 이한나
    이한나 13 hours ago

    A fckn bop forever

  • 이한나
    이한나 13 hours ago

    A fckn bop forever

  • Charlie Swift
    Charlie Swift 13 hours ago +1

    SŤäŔ 及øŸ

  • Adria vitoria fofis
    Adria vitoria fofis 13 hours ago

    Esse clipe ta incrivel quem nao gostou e. Um vagabundo que nao quer fazer nada na sua vida e que ta reparando na vida dos outros

  • alina elena
    alina elena 13 hours ago


  • Gallih Pangestu
    Gallih Pangestu 13 hours ago

    I always heard this song at gym since 2017, and I need 2 years to find it 😂

    MUHAMMBOT 13 hours ago

    Sweg trek -крутой трек

  • Richard Aleksi
    Richard Aleksi 14 hours ago +1


  • Tony Stark Iron man
    Tony Stark Iron man 15 hours ago +1


  • MarkOFuture
    MarkOFuture 15 hours ago +4

    As soon as my cat watched this he turned into a black panther

  • status Era
    status Era 15 hours ago

    Weeknd on weekend.

  • Riley Selvig
    Riley Selvig 15 hours ago

    1% starboy
    2%glass breaking
    97%ah ah ah ah ah

  • shotguned10
    shotguned10 16 hours ago

    I though vampires with that intro. We eating dinner but this bitch on some shit. They OJ someone...glove getting tighter and shit. Dude dancing and pulling some MJ moves but no moonwalk!!! His trashing shit with a red crucifix. If only it was a sword or that weapon from Castlevania. He has a ski mask on and boom. Walking slow and we stealing some cars now. No bleach to wash or destroy DNA that’s very bright. Driving around with a dog that came from nowhere.

  • Tik Tok India
    Tik Tok India 16 hours ago +1

    Weekend is on here......

  • Raven Zona
    Raven Zona 16 hours ago

    Son Of T'Challa

  • ahmet güler
    ahmet güler 17 hours ago

    we don't need calendars anymore. thanks to youtube comments..

  • Rahul shen
    Rahul shen 17 hours ago

    Nice post.thanks for sharing

  • wHo Is yOu???
    wHo Is yOu??? 17 hours ago

    Yoooooo this one got 1 billion too 😂💀

  • Scripticon
    Scripticon 18 hours ago +1

    DAFT PUNK - Midas Touch

  • Алексей Марков

    Where are Lil Uzi Vert??

  • NRG
    NRG 19 hours ago

    How it feels when u change over the summer

  • Орхан Керимов

    How it's called - "Weeknd"
    What it looks like - "Weekend"

  • XPlayerXonex 77
    XPlayerXonex 77 20 hours ago

    The Song Start at 0:45

  • mosa 113
    mosa 113 20 hours ago

    ٢٠١٩ عرب

  • RELU
    RELU 21 hour ago +7

    This song is:

  • Khamis Ali
    Khamis Ali 21 hour ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I ❤️ you I need you sexy I really love you

  • Terka Trojáková
    Terka Trojáková 21 hour ago


  • Starboy Antatico
    Starboy Antatico 21 hour ago

    Yeah its my name

  • ibreathmemes
    ibreathmemes 21 hour ago

    Why does he beat everything with a cross

  • Aman Mall
    Aman Mall 22 hours ago

    Anyone July 2019

  • Mimi plays fortnite and roblox Love

    Im in love with that Starbucks

  • francisco aguero

    a mamar con gustavo jajaa no me olvido mas esa parte o la de la conchuda tampoco parece que dice eso jajaja

  • LXBD
    LXBD Day ago


  • Darren Knight
    Darren Knight Day ago

    Imagine if michael jackson sing this.

  • Manatax8537 Implosion

    2 things I learned
    Wow I never knew how awesome draft punks electric was

    I never knew I could use the Christ could be used as a weapon I'ma try it

  • catheryne gonzalez
    catheryne gonzalez Day ago +1


  • el keben 22
    el keben 22 Day ago

    Like si también ablas español
    Y si la estás escuchando en julio

  • Stefan Milisic
    Stefan Milisic Day ago


  • Donthurt Precious

    The panther looks like Bella Hadid!!!!

  • Shane McRedmond
    Shane McRedmond Day ago

    The sickest music videos

  • Asphodèle
    Asphodèle Day ago

    This sound is just too good. (▽ ︶)╭

  • Out Luke
    Out Luke Day ago

    I like you are a big petrolhead,car guy

  • Rishi Rai
    Rishi Rai Day ago

    I been drifting in my civic Honda,

  • Samuel Nash
    Samuel Nash Day ago +1

    Producer: how many huhs you want?
    The Weeknd: Yes

  • Jorge Acevedo
    Jorge Acevedo Day ago

    Why you kidnapped yourself

  • Sophia Navia Munoz
    Sophia Navia Munoz Day ago +1

    me naming a star my name

    I’m a moderfuckin starboi

  • Sophia Navia Munoz
    Sophia Navia Munoz Day ago +1

    song starts 0.45

    yOuR wElCoMe

  • Sahara Stamps
    Sahara Stamps Day ago

    Teacher forgets homework
    That one kid
    Me: you trynna put me in the worst mood ah

    RONY SILVA Day ago

    Sou um grande fã desse cara💗💗💗💗💗💗💗.

  • zx_omb
    zx_omb Day ago

    me: forgets about this song in 2017

    me in 2019: *im a mother fuckin starboy*

  • SHINee sansu gateun

    Pineapple got sliced🍍

  • dani_thaballer
    dani_thaballer Day ago

    1.5 billion views dang‼️

  • Sachin
    Sachin Day ago +2

    *Why so much Dislike 🤔*

  • Sills
    Sills Day ago

    Most of us are high watching this;)

  • The Enchant reader

    This is all 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Calleon Skillz ツ
    Calleon Skillz ツ Day ago +1

    S T A R B Ø Y

  • taco taco
    taco taco Day ago +1

    im a mfkn starburst

  • VT ZN
    VT ZN Day ago

    Cadê o brasil nessa bagaca ?? Só os br vai deixar o like.... E 2019 ?

  • Diwakar Mishra
    Diwakar Mishra Day ago

    The needle drops at: 0:45

  • Rachel Mba
    Rachel Mba Day ago

    I don't believe that this group is a french group. Verry nice music.

  • Gabriel Lohann
    Gabriel Lohann Day ago

    Tem Br ai que curte ? 🇧🇷 2019

  • manmeet12 crac
    manmeet12 crac Day ago

    ☆2019☆ miusic 👍

  • Mary Croll
    Mary Croll Day ago

    I’m just an old lady......but I LOVE THIS SONG took me 2 days to memorize it though. Not to quick on new lyrics.

  • Gostosona Ken
    Gostosona Ken Day ago +1

    Here before 100k 👍👍
    Like if you were as well