Scottie Pippen Sued!

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • Scottie Pippen is being sued by his side chick from 26 years ago, who claims she was never reimbursed for hotel and travel expenses during their affair that lasted from 1987 to 1993.
    Plus, Lady Gaga broke off her engagement 5 months ago, and was spotted kissing her audio engineer.
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  • Iggy Munhenzva
    Iggy Munhenzva 12 hours ago

    so wrong... how low can you be. as if you look gorgeous yourself

  • Kervin Fondren
    Kervin Fondren 15 hours ago

    Sidechicks deserve no benefits.

  • Liebe Happy
    Liebe Happy 10 days ago

    ssooooooo is Booth and Wendy messing around????? hmhmhmmmhhhhhmmmmmmmmm

  • Diane Farr
    Diane Farr 11 days ago

    No good comes to the side chicks!! I love it!!

  • chickenlipsRfun2eat
    chickenlipsRfun2eat 11 days ago

    Lol zuusan hahahaa

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr 12 days ago

    I feel like Wendy is telling her own store bit by bit, talking about others ppl's situation that is similar. She craf-tea.

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr 12 days ago

    Dennis Rodman used to have this girlfriend years and years go. Come to find out she saved some of his jerseys. Actual jerseys he played in and it even still had the sweat stain. She was on "Pawn Stars" looking to sell it.

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr 12 days ago

    That was just extra. She looks like most people her age.
    I'll insult her character and question her morals, but appearances.. why?

  • sachorna brissett
    sachorna brissett 16 days ago

    No good comes to the side chicks!!!

  • Tracey Arvanitis
    Tracey Arvanitis 17 days ago

    You go Wendy..👍 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • M
    M 18 days ago

    This is ALL about Wendy's situation and NOTHING about those two.
    Stay woke✌️✌️

  • Zed MaMa
    Zed MaMa 19 days ago +1

    No good comes to the side chicks 😎🤭 and ___, if you had his baby, that would ensure your future 💣 🧨shots fired🔥

  • Ramon Nugent
    Ramon Nugent 19 days ago

    i don't get the joke - the side chick looks great for her age, #NaturalBeauty

  • Rayssa Barroso
    Rayssa Barroso 25 days ago

    Wendy talking to Steve had me DYINGGG

  • Rayssa Barroso
    Rayssa Barroso 25 days ago


  • Noel Rojo
    Noel Rojo 25 days ago

    Wendy Williams is fall you was tha other side chick disrespectful and your sidekick

  • Parris Summers
    Parris Summers 25 days ago

    Who’s idea was this short format?

  • Face Palm
    Face Palm 27 days ago

    What I love MOST about the Wendy Williams show is the sheep audience, they can’t form an opinion on their own and wait for her que wether to be agreement or not 🤣🤣🤣

    BOOBIE FEET 27 days ago

    Women are beasty, and she was refused entry to 50 cents "rap party".

  • Bernice B
    Bernice B 28 days ago +1

    Wendy is looking so beautiful, love your hair & outfit!

  • Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez 28 days ago

    Wendy Wendy please please I’ve been following you since 2015 I damn love you but watching tiny video clips 🖇 makes me not to watch you again to be honest I’m loosing interest now to stream your videos here in RUclip come on darling don’t do this to us

  • Thomas
    Thomas 29 days ago

    i guess michael jackson is still alive after all

  • Love Love
    Love Love 29 days ago

    Wendy will be mad if her Kelvins Chevette finds a way to keep him and still Sue Wendy😢 she better go back to being ”not as messy Wendy” like when she first got hurt😢🤷🏾‍♀️👊🏾

  • Tori Hehehehe
    Tori Hehehehe Month ago

    LETS NOT GIVE IT ALL TO HER , her whole relationship he was cheating on her!!!! She got mad he couldn’t keep it hidden !!

  • Dragonetta
    Dragonetta Month ago

    Where's Aunt Wendy now??? Her boy Chrisley is in big trouble for tax evasion!!!

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton Month ago

    Women have long had to suffer the scourge of when ever appearing on television must do so in dyed or synthetic hair, now greasy lips are to be added; what must a woman do? to be accepted as one of us…and not some outside body begging for acceptance with the puff and fluff that has been the hallmark of their gender for thousands of years and now it continues in an ongoing continuum…and what’s so hard for this blogger to understand is the degree of their acceptance, seemingly with gladness…and in high heels but no longer in thigh hugging white boots, and I guess, that’s a form of relief…and a small sign of progress…going forward…but where?

  • Emiah Wilson
    Emiah Wilson Month ago

    SUZZANE NEEDS THE FAB FIVE how many likes can this get🙂

  • Emiah Wilson
    Emiah Wilson Month ago

    SUZZANE NEEDS THE FAB FIVE how many likes can this get🙂

  • alexis eaton-price
    alexis eaton-price Month ago


  • C
    C Month ago

    Side chick looks like Madea's younger sister!🤔😣😥🤑🤑🤑🤦

  • GC Lady
    GC Lady Month ago

    NO GOOD comes to the side chick

  • Emilio Ruiz
    Emilio Ruiz Month ago

    “NO GOOD COMES TO THE SIDE CHICKS” 😯😯😯 #yaaaaaasssss

  • Diane Andiamo
    Diane Andiamo Month ago

    "No good comes to the side chicks" you got that right lady!

  • Marshall Web Design Wilson

    The audience is trained to agree with Wendy. She made such a big issue of the picture of the side chick so they just went along. The side chick looks just fine for her age....and NO WORK DONE ON HER FACE! Body/Age shaming is okay as long as Wendy does it apparently.

  • Cavsome
    Cavsome Month ago

    People are so driven by group acceptance that they will join any form of shunning:( {"who"d ja rather?" open minded law, abiding, proactive human being who is positive and equally yoked to me.} We live in a world where we are praised for who we SAY we are rather than who we ACTUALLY are...and out side of TV, even Wendy gets old. *Insinuates negativity in aesthetics and attributes one cannot control.

  • why you mad
    why you mad Month ago

    The side chick looks like madea

  • ayl33
    ayl33 Month ago

    I love the new wendy!!!

  • Heron Cabo
    Heron Cabo Month ago

    Boa noite Wendy..p vc e toda produçã programa..Deus abençoe vocês todos 🙏🙏🕊️🙏🙏🕊️ eu quero dizer que o mundo precisa de paz amor e da palavra de Deus 🙏🏻🕊️🕊️🙏🙏🕊️🙏🙏🕊️🙏 okok

  • Parth Shah
    Parth Shah Month ago

    Yay !!!! Savage Wendy !!

  • Chesco
    Chesco Month ago +1

    ummmm girls look completely different from the age of 18 + 30 years.
    Show me a picture of when she was young at the time she was first seeing scottie.
    Jessica Simpson looks like a whale today too!

  • JahariRacesAlot - Jahari_M_Doe

    Hey, Wendy!
    I Been Watching Your Show On 54-2 WFXG-BN!
    I Love Hot Topics.
    Note: Wendy William Show Is Live At 5:00AM On Bounce Tv.
    Which That Is Really Late To Be Live.
    There Is Nothing Wrong About Her Message.

  • April Blount
    April Blount Month ago

    Wendy looks so beautiful..

  • Valley Val
    Valley Val Month ago


  • LaLa xo
    LaLa xo Month ago

    Can we laugh at larsa for coming for jordyn woods instead of minding her own business about her husband 😂

  • queenmajesty1983
    queenmajesty1983 Month ago

    Wendy is a fucking but...lmao

  • harley
    harley Month ago

    Everyone in this video is as ugly as that side chick

  • sumomad
    sumomad Month ago

    Wendy Williams looks like one of the moorlocks from the movie “time machine”.

  • Charlette Jeter
    Charlette Jeter Month ago

    Umm she looks like Wendy

  • lyfesaquarium
    lyfesaquarium Month ago

    holster up and break her back lol. I cant.!!!!! lol lol I love WEndy

  • lyfesaquarium
    lyfesaquarium Month ago

    lol lol@

  • lyfesaquarium
    lyfesaquarium Month ago

    lol@ when you finish topping him off lol

  • Springboard 19
    Springboard 19 Month ago

    That was disgusting and childish. How would she look in her 50s without all the money for procedures and obscenely expensive wigs? Just stop, Wendy.

  • Meme Israelite
    Meme Israelite Month ago

    Scottie Pippin like Larry Bird are women. That so called side chick is going to win. As ugly as the side chick is she had to have known. 10 thousand dollars is nothing. Its Scottie Pippin time to be humiliated. Lady Gaga has a new man Lady Gaga is a man. Remember her penis became untucked on stage.

  • Osvaldo Rozzo
    Osvaldo Rozzo Month ago

    wendy you are immense ❤️ i love you

  • Sparks
    Sparks Month ago

    speaking of side chicks, side women, side partners....

  • iam free
    iam free Month ago

    I said the same thing to how u Getem is how u loose em✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    HELL0NESSA Month ago +1

    I'm shocked the side chick is Black. 👀

  • The Sim Sinner
    The Sim Sinner Month ago


  • Solange Rose
    Solange Rose Month ago

    Wendy sending the shade

  • M Palmer
    M Palmer Month ago

    U acting like side-chick ugly? Scotti ain’t cute himself! Well it’s accumulating interest🤣 come on u foolish women she is a good looking woman may I say she looks like Wendy!!! Stop making fun of this woman that is just nasty.