I'm too Awkward for My Own Good

  • Published on May 13, 2016
  • the cringe is strong, here
    Thanks to Ami & BlackSen for the voices!
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Comments • 30 554

  • Steven Lie
    Steven Lie 19 hours ago

    i also get nervous when i try to talk to ppl

  • suttua
    suttua 2 days ago

    When i was in kindergarten, i saw this lady and thought that she was my mom
    then i ran to her and saw some other kid
    and then i realised she wasnt my mom
    *and i was cringing for the rest of the day*

  • Pete Besegai
    Pete Besegai 3 days ago

    this reminded me of pathta with the sauthce from the other video

  • TrueDimentioKirby
    TrueDimentioKirby 3 days ago

    I’m pretty reserved but over time I’ve learned to use my awkward as self-entertainment while making others feel awkward

  • - LibertyPrimeV1 -
    - LibertyPrimeV1 - 4 days ago

    When you and some random person are looking around the room then accidentally make Eye Contact, and then you quickly turn away to make it not look like you were intentionally staring at them but you just end up make it seem even more like you were intentionally staring at them and were just trying to hide it... *cringe*

  • - LibertyPrimeV1 -
    - LibertyPrimeV1 - 4 days ago

    My Neighbor Riding By On His Bike: Oh Happy Birthday!
    Me: You Tooo-... ... ... (It was not his Birthday)

  • Mikhael Reyes
    Mikhael Reyes 4 days ago +1

    If I saw You I'll give a big hug❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓👍

  • Robbie Rotten
    Robbie Rotten 4 days ago

    Imma mis you Jayden

  • Corgéek Shoozkebabas
    Corgéek Shoozkebabas 5 days ago +1


  • Jessica
    Jessica 6 days ago

    Is it weird I feel bad if I don’t push my chair in when sitting so I don’t accidentally trip someone...

    SILVERGAMER 101 9 days ago

    Hi please let me animate

  • Carlos Pichardo
    Carlos Pichardo 9 days ago

    me to

  • leonartha03
    leonartha03 10 days ago

    conversation ended, nothing more to talk,
    me and my friend silent,
    me try to find new topic to talk so we don't ended up awkward
    Me : nice weather isn't it ?
    *still ended up awkward*

  • Lee?
    Lee? 11 days ago

    Wait, let me guess, you’re on a JaidenAnimations marathon aren’t you

  • E Guillen
    E Guillen 11 days ago

    Me known lesbian accidentally saying somethng stupid:no i didnt mean like that,your very pretty and cool ...
    Girl i accidentally offended:your not my type

  • Stephanie shelton
    Stephanie shelton 12 days ago +1

    im aaaahhhh

  • Stephanie shelton
    Stephanie shelton 12 days ago +1

    im a weirdo haha and im poroud of it

  • Charles Hardesty
    Charles Hardesty 12 days ago

    ...well mostly

  • George Anderson
    George Anderson 12 days ago

    I will dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips 12 days ago

    Jaiden, I've just stumbled onto your channel recently. I love you. Not in a creepy way, just I love the humor you bring to RUclip. It's a refreshing comedy that I need sometimes. Your voice is soothing when I'm trying to fall asleep. Also, you play tennis that's awesome.

  • Paradox_Instinct
    Paradox_Instinct 13 days ago

    3:52 same

  • daxxonah13
    daxxonah13 13 days ago


  • David  Way
    David Way 14 days ago +1

    Yub likes u 🤗

  • Lizzy Dizzy
    Lizzy Dizzy 14 days ago

    Pathda with no tawthe

  • Leo. T 20123
    Leo. T 20123 14 days ago

    I vote yes!

  • DratiniPlayz
    DratiniPlayz 15 days ago

    lol Jaiden look I’m a weirdo too!

  • Joshua Pooner
    Joshua Pooner 15 days ago

    In the 2nd one at least he didn't think you had a crush on him and tried to ask u out.

  • Into The Fig Jam Jar
    Into The Fig Jam Jar 15 days ago

    Holy shit is that BlackSen!? Nice...

  • John Snow
    John Snow 16 days ago +1

    Ive had the exact same experience in high school where i was lost in my head and was apparently staring at this random girl until she like gave me a awkward wave

  • PyjamaDan
    PyjamaDan 16 days ago

    One time, when I was maybe 3 or 4, I was with my mum at the shops and I got distracted and lost her (it was a small chemist, so it wasn’t alarming) I found her and hugged her arm like I was while we walked,that’s when I hear it. My mum called me and it wasn’t coming from who I was just hugging, I look up and this lady had a confused but “aawww” look on her face, I yell and run to my mum
    Everyday when I think about it I cringe

  • The Man
    The Man 16 days ago

    I am so bad about getting lost in thought that I’ll be working in school and just get lost

  • Teo Teodor
    Teo Teodor 16 days ago

    This is freaking mee

  • Reptizles gaming
    Reptizles gaming 16 days ago

    Aren’t we all

  • Zanggard Gaming
    Zanggard Gaming 16 days ago

    I'm also an awkward introvert

  • SimplyTheGreatest
    SimplyTheGreatest 16 days ago +2

    Movie Theatre/Fast Food/Restaurant Worker: "Enjoy your food/movie!"
    Me: "Thanks, you too!"
    *E v e r y T i m e*

  • Mal Halsey
    Mal Halsey 16 days ago

    ya know that waiter just wantcha to spend more hun

  • Ashenicky2009
    Ashenicky2009 17 days ago

    I've always been super awkward. One time at Walmart, I was 15 or 16 years old and was just walking and minding my own business, when suddenly this random child grabbed my arm and was walking with me. I had no clue what to do, so I just kept walking like it was all cool, I just obtained a child out of nowhere nothing new lol. The child eventually looked up at me and then ran off out of her own embarrassment lol.

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 17 days ago

    I can't seem to drop a conversation and sound kinda weird bringing up funny tid bits here and there when I'm out with friends. Sucks when they don't remember their own joke I just added on to...either that or I'm seen as stealing their thunder still can't tell 🧐

  • Sir BERDD
    Sir BERDD 17 days ago

    Me to. I will be in a conversation and start to be awkward and would uhh forget it.

  • Senketsu Fi
    Senketsu Fi 17 days ago

    I say and do stupid stuff ALL the time. its much easier to embrace it.
    If you just say what happened it works better than if your worried of what people will think.

  • John
    John 18 days ago

    Mission failed, well Get them next time

  • Mochi Playz
    Mochi Playz 18 days ago

    Math teacher(to me):what is 2+2

    Me: uh............... No.

    I still hate math to this day.

  • You are breathing
    You are breathing 18 days ago

    Worker: "Here's your food. Sorry for the wait."

    Me: "Thanks, you too.

    I liked that food truck, and now I won't be able to go back there.

  • ilinka78
    ilinka78 18 days ago

    YES GIVE AS A 222222

  • Raniya Ranjit
    Raniya Ranjit 18 days ago +4

    Have you ever had that feeling when someone's waving at you well I had that feeling I saw someone waving and u waved back but I realized they were waving at someone else so I pretended to be waving at someone who wasn't there because the person waving and the person he was waving at starred at me. For a fraction of a second.i then took a cab to the airport to start a new life. Away from what I have done.

  • Toe Ma Toes
    Toe Ma Toes 19 days ago +2

    Me: *talking*
    My mom: *says absolutely nothing.*
    Me: *repeats what I said*
    My mom: I heard you the first time.

    *Cringes in Russian even though I'm not Russian.*

  • E2B2
    E2B2 19 days ago

    _pasta with no sauce_

  • Max Schultz
    Max Schultz 19 days ago +1

    Waiter: Enjoy your food
    Me: You to

  • Stoned Ace
    Stoned Ace 19 days ago

    Flustered lesbian is a big mood

  • Chara Gamer Butterfly
    Chara Gamer Butterfly 19 days ago

    Yeah I recently met one of my fans and instead of being really out going. My normal personality kicked in and all I could say was thanks for supporting me. Not even a hey heres my autograph, and what's your channel so I an give you a shoutout. BUT A FRICKIN THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME. REALLY JUST WHY. I felt so embarrassed
    Edit: I'm afraid of social interaction

  • Funny ;w; Honey
    Funny ;w; Honey 20 days ago

    *Im too dumb for my own good*

  • José Astorga
    José Astorga 20 days ago

    I can relate so much😂

  • Dawson gaming and vlogs

    Patha with no thos

  • Art dinosaur is cool as heck

    Oh do you mean the
    Four cheese pasta dish with sun dried tomato sauce and basil?

  • Jessica Lozano
    Jessica Lozano 21 day ago +1

    Person: hey, how are you? I was going to text you.
    Me: oh... hi... Eh, you, fine and you?
    Person: I'm your teamate from this class.

  • Mannat Kaur
    Mannat Kaur 21 day ago

    Has anybody else ever called their teacher mom or dad .-.

  • ReiSki Bikowski
    ReiSki Bikowski 21 day ago

    (I can relate) I doze off/zone out extremely well and that’s... Not good for me... For example, I look at a girl just at girl’s... It embarrasses me to much .And on THE SIDE I DON’T GET ALONG WITH GIRLS, and Because, I’m a teenager too which is bad for me😞

  • Helene R
    Helene R 21 day ago

    I overthink and stress about the way I walk down the stairs at school... like ‘do I look stupid? ‘Do people think I walk down the stairs weird? ‘People think I walk down the stairs weird’ ‘ABORT MISSION!!!!!!

  • Edita Vaisfeld
    Edita Vaisfeld 22 days ago

    Dont think only your weird im like the weirdest girl in my school. no one likes me, i cant fit in with the girls group and berily the boys, and personal

  • Jukestar 71
    Jukestar 71 22 days ago

    Aren't we all