3 Riddles On Detective And Mystery | Who Killed Annabelle? | Can you solve?

  • Published on Jul 15, 2017
  • 3 Riddles On Detective And Mystery | Who Killed Annabelle? | Can you solve?
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  • Cupid Dupid
    Cupid Dupid  Year ago +5

    Buried ALIVE? Who Did It? Check Out The New Riddle!

    • InfernosReaper
      InfernosReaper 11 months ago

      The suspects are only half right. The doorbell guy is correct, but landlord is more likely the accomplice, not the flash light lady. She could have had a flashlight in her car or carried one in her purse, then took it out to investigate when she noticed a broken window. Alternatively, she could have just used it to better navigate towards the dark house then noticed a broken window. However, what land lord goes 5 entire months without collecting rent?

  • KimKat Buntyn
    KimKat Buntyn 4 months ago +1

    What if the dog lied?! HMMMMMMMMMM!?

  • Michael Ariola
    Michael Ariola 7 months ago

    Now is 2018.why 2020

  • Michael Ariola
    Michael Ariola 7 months ago

    What I don't anderstand

  • Sridevi Veerasekaran
    Sridevi Veerasekaran 9 months ago

    1. 3rd person bcoz dog barks by seeing him.

  • Jhem Lugmao
    Jhem Lugmao 9 months ago


  • Olive Cadana
    Olive Cadana 9 months ago

    How Annabelle really died

  • strawberry milk tea
    strawberry milk tea 10 months ago

    the spelling is making me feel more stupid as i watch this

  • Alice The Man UTD Fan
    Alice The Man UTD Fan 10 months ago

    I asumed it was Jeff bc of creepypasta

  • pickatu X
    pickatu X 10 months ago

    Roses are red violets are blue who killed Annabelle well I think it was YOU

  • riley
    riley 10 months ago

    got all right

  • Sadaf Sheikh
    Sadaf Sheikh 10 months ago

    Them: _Who killed Annabelle?_
    Me: *Ed and Lorraine Warren* 😂

  • Candy _Creates
    Candy _Creates 10 months ago

    Omg lol I get it Jeff was installing Ben’s computer lmao. I don’t know if any of you are creepypasta fans.

  • Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager

    Give us time to answer it

  • Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager


  • Jershea Ventosa
    Jershea Ventosa 10 months ago

    Plot twist it was the dog

  • Antoine 123
    Antoine 123 10 months ago

    Corgi !!!!!

  • Me Sein
    Me Sein 10 months ago

    Thanks to share us I can not answer all but I have only 4 mistakes

  • Poptarts the cat
    Poptarts the cat 10 months ago

    0:00 to 0:47
    Riddle: Who lied?
    Me: the dog... :/
    Riddle: The chef(explains why the chef lied)
    Me: oh...then why did the Cop ask the dog what happened? :/

  • Charming_ Mist
    Charming_ Mist 11 months ago

    XD gets easy ones wrong, gets hardest right.

  • cubbleshasreturned
    cubbleshasreturned 11 months ago

    didn't like the second teaser about the girl who went missing in 2020 I think tom was lying because how could he say he knew it was a man because he was wearing a dress but the friend could have had a flashlight in her car or something that's something I thought sia was a better answer if she was coming over for dinner wouldn't she have shown up around the time the maid left or was finishing up or else the food would get cold? meaning she should have seen the maid and the maid should have seen a strange man

  • Emily M
    Emily M 11 months ago

    0:05 the corgi was so shook he froze

  • SuperNintendoAndy
    SuperNintendoAndy 11 months ago

    The last one was rather confusing. But I got the first two.

  • Dalia L.N
    Dalia L.N Year ago +1

    Hey I want to tell you that you spell Chef worng is not Cheff is Chef Just want to tell you that

  • Kavin Don
    Kavin Don Year ago

    All correct for me but last is wrong

  • Satish Gangawane
    Satish Gangawane Year ago +1

    Well i guess annabelle the doll and she killed people and not other s killed her😂😂

  • Kevin Vernal
    Kevin Vernal Year ago +2

    I have a riddle:
    A billionaire’s son lived in a square house.
    He read a book on a Saturday night, suddenly he got killed.
    The police had been called. He handled 3 suspects:
    Jack (housekeeper); Nina (maid); Ben (cook);
    The police noticed that all of them had alibi.
    Jack claims: I was cleaning the corners.
    Nina claims: I was ironing his son’s clothes for school tomorrow.
    Ben claims: I was making dinner.
    The police arrested the killer.
    Hint: Pay attention what the day was.
    Who lied and how?
    Reply what you think!

  • yeojachingu SinBae
    yeojachingu SinBae Year ago +1

    All along i thought ANNABELLE is the KILLER.😂

  • Lupe And Beomara SHOW

    On Annabelle part: Correct
    On Rachel part: Correct
    On Last Part: Correct

    YAY ALL CORRECT 😉😉😉😉😉😉😁😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😄😄😄

  • Lilac
    Lilac Year ago

    I got number 3 right :)

  • The_Huh
    The_Huh Year ago

    no offense but

  • Livi Finn
    Livi Finn Year ago +1

    For first one

  • A.J Gamer
    A.J Gamer Year ago

    I think you need to work on your spelling

  • niya Geo
    niya Geo Year ago +1

    What does BOW BOW BOW🐾 mean 😮

  • CandyRedWillow
    CandyRedWillow Year ago

    It's normal for people to carry flashlights in purses. I do.

  • Madeeha Khalid
    Madeeha Khalid Year ago +1

    Tbh Annabelle was not little..!!

  • Ishanika Talukdar
    Ishanika Talukdar Year ago +2

    I got the second one right.....could not understand the third one....

  • lavender
    lavender Year ago +1

    I got the first one half right and I didn't even understand the last one!!!

  • Lost Potato
    Lost Potato Year ago

    Why is my name thereeeee. Chloeeee

  • Jonaville Mentos
    Jonaville Mentos Year ago

    WTF!!i am now scared at the cr aha!i'm just gonna open the door while i'm peeing and ran

    L.A DREAM Year ago +1


  • Ariana My queen
    Ariana My queen Year ago

    I think chucky killed annabelle

  • Gunnu Gunti
    Gunnu Gunti Year ago

    1. Chef: Raw eggs need mopping!!! Thus, it's a lie.
    2. Sia took a flashlight on a movie night? Tom: how can a doorbell work when the electricity is gone? ~2020

  • Tome 3ycsmdb
    Tome 3ycsmdb Year ago

    2nd one I though one of the guilty ones was the landlord because she was listening to a radio so why would you think she is asleep.

  • Messy Doodles
    Messy Doodles Year ago

    The dog was a suspect?



  • Chameleon_ Sushi
    Chameleon_ Sushi Year ago +1

    Omg this came up in my recommended and my name is Anabelle 😮

  • Divyanka Sharma
    Divyanka Sharma Year ago +1

    oh my gosh such an amazing riddles i solved all of them
    keep it up cupid dupid

  • marwa66661 Plays o:


  • jeckien
    jeckien Year ago

    The *cheff*

  • Gabby Paul
    Gabby Paul Year ago +1

    Check your spelling! You misspelled "maybe" as "mayb" and you misspelled "their" as "thier." You also need to check your punctuation!!!

  • Shadøw Moon
    Shadøw Moon Year ago

    only able to solve first 2

  • wildfire mmd
    wildfire mmd Year ago

    Did anyone see maybe the world mayb

  • DerpyPotato
    DerpyPotato Year ago

    Is nobody conserned about the man wearing a dress 👗???????!!!!!?!??

  • JesseDiamondOre
    JesseDiamondOre Year ago

    Dan runs a marathon and drinks? XD

  • Kangaroo gamer
    Kangaroo gamer Year ago

    Jeff is the killed soooo......CREEPYPASTA CONFIRMED!!!

  • agustdead
    agustdead Year ago

    Lol it says "Somehow, I noticed the DRESS and knew it was a man." HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE!!??

  • Jessica Sanna
    Jessica Sanna Year ago

    The 2nd one doesn't makes any sense, I always bring flashlights with me at my car incase of emergencie.

  • christine carrabba

    2 I saw the shirt and looked at them but nobody had a blue shirt

  • The Scottish Twins

    0:04 I bet it was the dog

  • Farah Sayyed
    Farah Sayyed Year ago

    😂😂m not a sherlock m so duffer

  • Katy Ravioli
    Katy Ravioli Year ago

    Also, the girl was said to have been kidnapped, so why would the man leave the house WITHOUT her, so that means that instead of Tom and Chloe, it would be Tom and Sia, because Chloe could have used a futuristic phone flashlight, and not an ACTUAL flashlight. So it could have ben the 3 of them, or just Tom and Sia.

  • girlbye123 stars
    girlbye123 stars Year ago +2

    DANG....my names anabell

  • Khaula Maryam
    Khaula Maryam Year ago


  • Asmr slime videos
    Asmr slime videos Year ago +1

    please keep making more

  • Beastlylegend 185king

    How do you get those videos

  • Zhelle Francisco
    Zhelle Francisco Year ago

    I perfect 5 riddles

  • Lantis Haledane
    Lantis Haledane Year ago +1

    Dear, it's THEIR not THIER :D Love the mysteries. They help with the brain exercise. Create more :D

    • Cupid Dupid
      Cupid Dupid  Year ago

      Thanks Lantis.. Ya sometimes i forget to recheck the mistakes.. Sure ill be making more...
      Have a nice day

  • Amiyah
    Amiyah Year ago

    I thought it could have been the landlord because how would he get in if she didn’t answer the door. And knew the lights were off

  • Bash me ;-;
    Bash me ;-; Year ago

    When I saw that Jeff and Mike is the last two that could possibly be killed, I KNEW IT WAS JEFF THE KILLER

  • Klynn XX
    Klynn XX Year ago

    0:59 you spelled chef wrong

  • Snowy Cola Nation

    I believe that the first one was copied by Bright side or Funny yeast Channel I dunno.....

  • Burnt Hanger
    Burnt Hanger Year ago


  • Sasha Owen
    Sasha Owen Year ago

    Landlord and granny

  • Mattie Ashton
    Mattie Ashton Year ago

    WHY kill Annabelle my name is Annabelle and I look like that animation Annabelle WHY CHEF I NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU

  • Aulona Mehmeti
    Aulona Mehmeti Year ago

    I found all.Make more riddle videos cupid dupid

  • Devi Garrido
    Devi Garrido Year ago

    I knew the 1st one

  • Ranjana Bhaguane
    Ranjana Bhaguane Year ago

    I got 2 and a half right because for the second one the I only got one right

  • KennWither Wither

    He was so much better and I remembered his name at all it’s name Ken

  • Nael Abuasi
    Nael Abuasi Year ago


  • April Schirmer
    April Schirmer Year ago

    I got the rachel 1 one right both of them

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear Year ago


  • UnlogicalLivxD
    UnlogicalLivxD Year ago

    U spelt maybe wrong

  • Allyna
    Allyna Year ago

    wait im comfused. how do you know that mike died in the last one?

  • Victoria Baker
    Victoria Baker Year ago

    Please check your grammar and spelling.

  • Marvin Martinez
    Marvin Martinez Year ago

    Why do most of them not have faces? :D

  • Joan Corpuz
    Joan Corpuz Year ago

    I got all of them yall!!

  • Mulkh Raj
    Mulkh Raj Year ago

    I have subscribed and liked

  • Wheet Man
    Wheet Man Year ago +1

    In the first riddle, THE CORGI IS A DOG OF TRUTH.

  • Monkey D. Ruffy
    Monkey D. Ruffy Year ago

    Dude my car has a flashlight standard in the door i think most cars have but still came to the coclusion 2 people were going out with her at the same time
    This was posted in the middle of the solution

  • Ali Huzaifi Ahmad Faizal

    Annabelle kill herself in Annabelle movie

  • Lily Something
    Lily Something Year ago

    Can't her friend take a phone with flashlight enabled

  • Nicolly -
    Nicolly - Year ago

    My family carries a flashlight in the car for emergencies :( cuz you know phone batteries can die

  • Lxving_ Lxfe
    Lxving_ Lxfe Year ago +1

    this was hard but really good

  • Kirigaya Kazuto
    Kirigaya Kazuto Year ago


  • Betty Cepeda Jones
    Betty Cepeda Jones Year ago +1

    Watch me get them all wrong and lie about it

  • PowerOfMoogiza
    PowerOfMoogiza Year ago +1

    3:50 a spelling mistake it says "maby" i think he was trying to say mabye

  • Olive Cadana
    Olive Cadana Year ago

    The first riddle i though it was the dog because the dog was the only one in there with her

  • Kill Bot
    Kill Bot Year ago

    You mean Anabelle doll

  • Rajinder kumar
    Rajinder kumar Year ago

    Christmas 🎅🎅🎅and halloween riddles will be more exciting for me .... but i liked this video👍👍