Tom Hanks Teaches Tom Holland How To Act | The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Tom Hanks on voice acting for Woody in Toy Story 4 and gives Tom Holland some tips.
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Comments • 934

  • Va MVra
    Va MVra 4 hours ago

    When the beta’s act up all around you.

  • Tim Early
    Tim Early 4 days ago

    I hope Tom Holland enjoys a long, successful career.

  • Justin McClung
    Justin McClung 13 days ago

    He should have said "Yeah, you knew about Harvey Weinstein. Don't give ME advice Forest.."

  • random person
    random person 13 days ago

    Tom should use his real accent when acting its cute

  • Mary T.
    Mary T. 15 days ago

    “Yes Tom Hanks.” Literally the only appropriate response

  • Dark Jack
    Dark Jack 17 days ago


  • John
    John 25 days ago

    We all overdo it sometimes.

  • dukevega1972
    dukevega1972 25 days ago

    Thank you You Tube for giving us Yanks Graham Norton. I'm not dissing our late-night talk shows over here, but most of the time it's the host and one celebrity at a time. With Graham, it's all of the celebrities at once and the interactions are wonderful.

  • dali dali
    dali dali 26 days ago


    DOUGLAS SANTOS 27 days ago

    Jake was ready to take over at 1:46. Lol

  • Finley Warwick
    Finley Warwick 28 days ago

    He sounds like Marty mcfly from back to the future

  • Andrew Taku
    Andrew Taku 29 days ago

    Who wouldn't get nervous I'm front of such a Senior Actor ??? And it's Tom Holland. He Still is like a Teenager.....

  • Musa
    Musa Month ago

    Are we going to ignore Tom Hank's amazing impersonation of Woody from Toy Story?

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody Month ago

    Run Forest Run !!!

  • Reginald Andrews
    Reginald Andrews Month ago +1

    If I were a certified actor, I'd be honored to recieve even more instructions from Someone as great as Tom Hanks!! Such an icon!!

  • sUchAweIrDo
    sUchAweIrDo Month ago


    • sUchAweIrDo
      sUchAweIrDo Month ago

      his american self is showing through

  • K A I N E
    K A I N E Month ago

    Tom from one generation to another

  • Alex Contreras
    Alex Contreras Month ago +1

    Tom Hanks is a LEGEND

  • Velvet Sky
    Velvet Sky 2 months ago +1

    1:43 the moment Tom Holland couldn't believe he was receiving acting lessons from one of the great actors of all time.

  • Karl Krauss
    Karl Krauss 2 months ago

    ..but did he get more coffee?

  • Hector Exebio
    Hector Exebio 2 months ago

    And Paltrow thinking “I remember those days I’m glad he didn’t choose me”

  • Steven
    Steven 2 months ago

    I came for legs!.. Gwyneth Paltrow definitely has them!

  • Joe Victor
    Joe Victor 2 months ago

    I love how Tom Hanks gets Tom Holland to do this but now a few months later we've found out that Tom Holland is actually doing this at Pixar in their next movie 😂

  • John Hogan
    John Hogan 2 months ago +1

    No way 20 years on earth I never knew tom hanks was woody

  • MYSchamp _i
    MYSchamp _i 3 months ago

    I would run out of there if Tom Hanks told me to act IN FRONT OF HIM.

  • Anthony Alzamora
    Anthony Alzamora 4 months ago

    Two iconic Toms in one video 🤩

  • Jaylei Cullen
    Jaylei Cullen 4 months ago


  • Hulianna JACE
    Hulianna JACE 4 months ago

    Is Tom Holland’s default acting skill becoming nervous?? When Tom Hanks asked him to act he kept on acting so anxious! 🤣

  • William Atmur
    William Atmur 4 months ago +2

    Truth be told. Any actor is lucky to get tips or have an exchange like that from Tom Hanks.

  • Carnage Fusion
    Carnage Fusion 4 months ago

    Tom 😂😂

  • DoofusBoy
    DoofusBoy 5 months ago

    I hope I wasn't the only one who pictured Woody saying all those things Tom Hanks, especially the actual Woody parts...

  • Piyush Jain
    Piyush Jain 5 months ago +1

    Here is a solution: Just replace coffee with Tea and he will get his natural accent back.. LOL

  • WallKenshiro
    WallKenshiro 5 months ago +1

    Lol how he's now stuck as Peter Parker whenever he acts.

  • Tundra
    Tundra 5 months ago

    *i just realized they both have the same name..*

  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas 5 months ago

    Tom Hanks is LEGEND!

  • Omz Crisp
    Omz Crisp 5 months ago

    1:04 you can tell Tom Holland's childhood is coming to life

  • Bella Souza
    Bella Souza 5 months ago

    Love that coffee cene from king kong !!

  • MVP_KZ
    MVP_KZ 5 months ago +4

    Yeah he switched to American accent so easily :)

  • black Wolf Prinz
    black Wolf Prinz 6 months ago

    Can you get
    Tom Ellis
    Tom Holland
    Tom Felton and Tom Hanks together in one show

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Where do I see the full episode at? I can't find it!

  • MrYouarethecancer
    MrYouarethecancer 6 months ago +1

    *Mr. Hanks, I don't feel so good.*

  • Tikus Keriting
    Tikus Keriting 6 months ago

    i've never seen dislikes ratio like this video.... so small

  • JCD
    JCD 6 months ago

    Could the editors of these clips, please oh please turn that endtune down with about 150% gee. I don't need to let all my friggin' neighbours to know i am on youtube watching the TGNS.

  • freshname
    freshname 6 months ago

    Can Tom Holland actually act?

  • Sarthak Mohanty
    Sarthak Mohanty 6 months ago

    It should be Paltrow who needs acting lessons

  • MAN -
    MAN - 6 months ago

    Tom Hanks = Cast Away

  • Grzegorz Dom
    Grzegorz Dom 6 months ago

    Are you rushing or are you dragging?

  • Eunice Lin
    Eunice Lin 6 months ago

    I find it so hilarious that Tom Holland has not one, but TWO animated films coming out this year. Let’s hope he held on to these voice acting tips. ;)

  • Katelyn Candy
    Katelyn Candy 6 months ago

    Tom Holland sounds just like Marty McFly when he is in his American accent.

  • clairelundin
    clairelundin 6 months ago +1

    did anyone else hear Jake's "that's legitimately how Tom was made" at 0:54 ?😂

  • Georgia Packet
    Georgia Packet 6 months ago

    aaaayyy Kingston, I'm a Kingston lass

  • elegant paper operator maker

    2:10 gwyneth’s face and jake noticing it too lol

  • Jorge Pacheco
    Jorge Pacheco 6 months ago

    Tom Hanks, my respect. You are a master at acting

  • Ranalcis Rajkumar
    Ranalcis Rajkumar 6 months ago

    2:09 She felt sorry for him

  • ChiliCheeseVlog
    ChiliCheeseVlog 6 months ago

    “Yes Tom Hanks” 😅

  • Vghtp1234
    Vghtp1234 6 months ago

    i need to marry tom holland ok

  • Reginald Andrews
    Reginald Andrews 6 months ago

    Even if I was already an actor, I would NOT mind taking more acting pointers from the great Tom Hanks!!! Holland was a great sport for this!!😉

  • Idiotic Incel’s
    Idiotic Incel’s 6 months ago +1

    The first time Tom said “COFFE!COFFEE! PLS SIR I NEED SOME MORE COFFEE!” He sounded like Michael J Fox.

  • inspiritbabyvstar
    inspiritbabyvstar 6 months ago

    Literally me every morning...

  • Krish Kotak
    Krish Kotak 6 months ago +3

    1:42 - Tom Holland has stopped working