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  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • Every tool has a story right? Well we find out about a tool that was handed down from one tradesman to his son. Kind of like keeping the torch going.
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Comments • 40

  • Kevin's Electrical Tool Channel

    Hey tools in action thank you for your time and dedication to us tradesman. We need more electrician's so young people please join us.

    • Dominic Heath
      Dominic Heath 5 months ago

      Yeah love electrical work. Remember electricity is nothing to joke about. understand it ( theory) and respect it ( safety)

    • Scottie Neenan
      Scottie Neenan 8 months ago

      I'm 20 and am about a year from taking my test. Love getting better everyday at my trade. Wish more people would become passionate about the trades again.

  • Russ Webster
    Russ Webster 8 months ago

    I own several Klein tools and one of their backpacks. We could use more people in the trades around here. #TIACREW

  • Branden Edwards
    Branden Edwards 8 months ago

    I'm actually going to school to be an electrictrian and I use Klein tools in my classes and already love using them

  • Jeff Moss
    Jeff Moss 8 months ago

    Klein is the best!!

  • satvcomm main
    satvcomm main 8 months ago

    Klein tools for my hand tools and Milwaukee for my power tools

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 8 months ago

    How old is this video, that you're in shorts and a t-shirt?

  • Jose Calderon
    Jose Calderon 9 months ago

    I'm currently a 1st year with local 134, and so far I enjoy going to work everyday. I'm always looking to learn more

  • jcwhite911
    jcwhite911 9 months ago

    Currently using my grandfather’s hand-me-down Kleins from his time as a lineman. I have his Lineman pliers, sidecuts, and needlenose pliers. Recently bought a Klein multimeter and strippers. Great tools! Always my go-to tools for electrical, minus my Milwaukee 11-in-1 screwdriver and Irwin Auto Adjusting Strippers for romex jacket. Gotta have those things.

  • Justin Frias
    Justin Frias 9 months ago

    Klein and fluke is all you need

  • victor gonzalez
    victor gonzalez 9 months ago


  • Jason Parkhill
    Jason Parkhill 9 months ago

    Bend some 90’s like a snake and do a tool fight between all name brand fish tapes that ate fiber glass. See wich one goes the furthest so i know which one to buy.

  • Boost - Nova
    Boost - Nova 9 months ago

    Can't teach an old dog new tricks. But those are the guys that inspired me to be a better electrician.

  • MrNateSPF
    MrNateSPF 9 months ago

    Milwaukee makes some tough hand tools but they tend to be a little off where accuracy matters. I like their demolition drivers and the 11-in-one for ruff work.
    Klein has been doing it so long with quality always at the focus, the movement with their electrical pliers are so smooth like butter.
    But for my main screwdrivers it's gotta be Wera. It's easier to turn them faster, and less fatigue while doing it.

  • sooner fishing
    sooner fishing 9 months ago

    I use only Klein hand tools south wire benders and Milwaukee power tools

  • Tom Thinks
    Tom Thinks 9 months ago

    Been an electrician for 20 years and Klein is my go to especially lineman’s and strippers. I do like Gardner Bender (GB) benders. They have a good foot pedal.

  • Majin MotorSports
    Majin MotorSports 9 months ago +1

    90% of my tools are Klein. By far the best tools I've ever used in my life !

  • Harley Handler
    Harley Handler 9 months ago +2

    👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼= DONE=

  • skliros
    skliros 9 months ago +1

    Looks pretty warm there in Chicago!

  • Logan P
    Logan P 9 months ago +1

    I’ve got a mix of Klein and southwire

  • Chuck Mikula
    Chuck Mikula 9 months ago +1

    This is the coolest idea I have seen in a long ass time!!! Keep it up you guys!

  • wffmm 86
    wffmm 86 9 months ago +1

    Wow nobody even mentions Greenlee in the comments !!!!

  • BamaDave71
    BamaDave71 9 months ago

    Dude! I hope you're losing weight on purpose!

    • Tools In Action
      Tools In Action  9 months ago +1

      lol yea this was over the summer im fat again now lol

  • top cheese
    top cheese 9 months ago +6

    I though he was using a couple canes at first

  • kevin klepp
    kevin klepp 9 months ago

    Wow mike rizzo good to see your doing good miss not working with ya and the crew

  • jeepxj98
    jeepxj98 9 months ago

    I don't deal with ac voltage only dc. But I have a sweet pair of strippers from matco. Use a lot ryobi power tools. 9 with the 18v system. Stuff from harbor freight, snap on and many other brands.

  • Fenderman 73
    Fenderman 73 9 months ago +2

    Been a Klein man since I started. Started around 12 working with my Dad as go fer like he did. Did Electrical work with him (owned his own business from 1966-2013) for 20 years as an adult till he got sick in 2013 and passed in 2016. I like Ideals ratcheting screwdrivers due to the integrated wirenut twister, but prefer Klein pliers. Still use Klein screwdrivers along with the Ideals. In the Security business now. Still do some electrical, helping out electricians and family.

  • Bill I
    Bill I 9 months ago +5

    I have been doing HVAC/R for 25 plus now, I started in the trade with Craftsman. After singing the trade song enough (If you don't leave meat the job is not complete),I was finally able to pony up for Klein. Haven't looked back since! I see it this way, the way companies are buying each other out and Germany making a run for our market (Knipex, Wiha, NWS, KC), we will be down to 2 or 3 brands anyway (excluding HF). Klein is even having NWS or Knipex make pliers for them now. You were also correct, Milwaukee is flooding the market! As I said before, I bleed yellow. But it is funny how much Bosh stuff I see that mimics Milwaukee. Newbies, buy what you can afford to start, and only buy what you can feel. Stay away from online tool buys, they will burn you down the road. I can't tell you how many times I went to the store, picked up a tool and said this sucks!

    • Dominic Heath
      Dominic Heath 5 months ago

      Until recently I only bought klein tools. Knipex tools are great I love their plier wrenches and cobras but I'm always bias to Klein. The minute Klein make a good plier wrench and cobras good buy knipex lol

    LOW VOLTAGE DUDE 9 months ago +8

    Always cool seeing a trades guy talking about his tools and trade

  • Joseph Hensley
    Joseph Hensley 9 months ago

    I would not like to live on that street too much traffic noise

  • The Mount of Olives Channel with Gary Sawyer

    I love my Klein tools, been an Electrician for 26 years, however, I disagree with the Electrician in this video about the reamer that fits on a screw driver, If he's give it a chance he would discover that it is 100 times better than using the ends of his channel locks. .....Also Mac Tools is the company that is making Klein's power tools (powered by DeWalt batteries) .

  • Joel Sadowsky
    Joel Sadowsky 9 months ago

    Klein is good. The German made Knipex makes some quality tools as well. I am an Hvac contractor which does electrical work. Tools in action!!! Love your stuff.

  • chipshot442
    chipshot442 9 months ago +2

    Love my Kleins and Milwaukee tools. Nothing better out there. I have knipex which are sweet but expensive.

    • Dominic Heath
      Dominic Heath 5 months ago

      Same here bro. I treat my kliens like their gold lmao. I rough up my Milwaukee's and knipex tools. Knipex plier wrenches and cobras are the best and their bolt cutters but everything else klein all day.

  • Алексей Клеменс

    Cool! Please, make a review husqvarna 572

  • Bready4Christ
    Bready4Christ 9 months ago +2

    Kleine and Milwaukee what a great combo