• Published on Aug 3, 2019
    Every girl loves dolls and the most favorite one is Barbie! Yes, girls could play with this doll for hours, create accessories and decorate the house. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a woman, you will totally love our ideas and crafts that are going to blow your mind. We share a lot of tutorials on how to create a new look for your Barbie, how to make stylish accessories from ordinary things. Besides, you can create a whole collection of amazing clothing for your favorite doll.
    If the Barbie hair is damaged, we know how to solve this problem. Firstly, cut off all the hair and replace it with yarn or macrame. It’s a cool chance if you ever wanted to have a doll with blue or pink hair. One more cool idea is to dye Barbie hair with food coloring. You will need food coloring and a bowl with water. Place hair in the bowl with food coloring and let dry. We choose a blue color, what color do you like? Maybe purple? 😉 Also, we will show you how to curl Barbie hair and prepare for a party!
    You can try to be a fashion designer and create various outfits for your Queen. Watch our video and find how to make beautiful dresses from Play-doh and old socks. One more creative idea is to make a swimsuit out of a balloon. You can choose any color that you like or create a whole collection of swimsuits. Check out how to make different accessories from plastic bottles, toothbrush, balloons, drinking straws.
    Enjoy our video and create a whole new world for your Barbie!
    00:16 New hairstyle for your Barbie
    01:05 How to dye the doll’s hair
    02:03 DIY Shopping bag
    03:08 DIY sunglasses for your doll
    07:15 Miniature makeup collection

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  • Adriana Santos
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    1:16 does it work with paint?

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    Pooja Kaushik Month ago

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  • ANDRA Ciocinta
    ANDRA Ciocinta Month ago

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    Darvin James Month ago +1

    the dolls are in a kiddie pool! and i had to cringe when the doll lifted the sunglasses at that weird balloon boy

  • Jamie Flatt
    Jamie Flatt Month ago

    18:25 it's not actually conditioner its fabric softener in case u didnt know. No hate though!!

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  • Jessica the warrioress H

    I always thought 5 minute crafts does a good job even though they are interesting.
    Shine for God.

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    11:45 it looks like her brains r coming out🧠🧟‍♀️

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    SUB TO Z.A.S TV (pls). I'm a beginner RUclipr and will appreciate every sub! So please watch Z.A.S TV

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  • Hanna Da
    Hanna Da Month ago

    Lots of cool ideas!! Although you need to be really careful using a flat-or curling-iron on barbie-hair because it's plastic and it will melt if it's too hot!

  • V수프☆
    V수프☆ Month ago

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    Kyrie Warner Month ago

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  • Peyton The Justin Bieber fan

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    isla Broome Month ago

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