The Signal Path Discussion - Science, Debunking & Education (2/3)


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  • Ro V.
    Ro V. 5 месяцев назад

    Hey guys... I want to thank you that you recorded this free talk :D this was the thing i needed to finally take the step to start recording videos what i like to do!!!!! For sure i do not have the knowledge yet about electronics to make videos about how some thing have to be done yet.. and maybe will never acquire that knowledge cuz im not a do things the proper way if you want to make it right... my style of living is 100% improvisation at the given moment.. what i mean is that i want to do something that i know i dont have the resources and the full knowledge to do it but try to do it with what i have on hand at that moment... most of the time the result is 100% WIN but when something put me to the "challenge" and just dont want to happen my way i feel like im looosing very much time to keep trying.. time that i cloud invest in learning how to do it by the book.... but in the long run these are the things from witch i have REALLY learned most about certain thing.. not that i dont after a fail i dont start from the beginning and invest again time to learn it properly ... but i already know what NOT to do and when i receive the full knowledge how i should do the certain thing and the resources that are needed my subconsciousness mind starts to think and how to optimize thing and ending up finishing the "job" a lot easier with less thing..
    I dont know why i blab about this things right now :D maybe because when i start to learn a new thing most of the time there is some things that i cant find as proper information why and spending again alot of time searching info about some stupid thing that is skipped in most of the resources because everyone assume that if you look certain thing you have to know in :D:D:D:D:D
    Thats the main reason why i like the eevblog so much.... it doesent matter what is the topic it start not from the beginning but from what caused that beginning :D
    and from a lot of time i am thinking should i start to record videos not explaining theory or explaining examples or this kind of stuff but explaining what i do WRONG what errors i realised that i do and what i actually learn my own way... And you guys with this conversation make to do it already D:D:D:D just wondering should i make some kind of plan or just go with the flow :D buuut as i know my self that is stupid question :D
    Thanks again!
    Regards Rose V.
    bla bla bla i have booooored my self already that i for a second i have a thought for pressing CANCEL buuuut..

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller 6 месяцев назад

    Outstanding discussion. I am late watching this but love the dialog. Especially the climate change. To me it is common sense that burning fossil fuels is bad and am not sure how anyone can oppose that. However I am so dismayed at the political aspect of it that I am an anti climate change person. Not because of the science, I believe most of it is true but the idiotic way in which politicians leverage it to their own gain and not to scientific solutions. Also the amount of money in that arena is so great that corruption and cronyism is rampant. I would love to see scientific reviews of real life solutions not just the doomsday scenario's always presented.

  • Yoram Stein
    Yoram Stein 8 месяцев назад

    As technical people you should know plants consist of chemical substances and therefore can be used as medicins. Homeopathy is a science not less (or even more) then electronics. research is being done to use plants as memory cells as the ability of miniaturing of transistors (Moor's law) is reaching an end.

  • Против Глобал
    Против Глобал 9 месяцев назад

    Two dumb cunts talking about things they know nothing about. Stick to electronics.

  • Foxy rollins
    Foxy rollins 10 месяцев назад

    If Jesus appears in 20 to 30 years and god fixes everything. Do we need science? I agree its a dangerous position to have.

    • Foxy rollins
      Foxy rollins 10 месяцев назад

      The renewable energies building at Curtin Univeristy was a barren wasteland for years, now its securities office... I guess due to no funding. BP has know about climate change for years...

    • Foxy rollins
      Foxy rollins 10 месяцев назад

      We should be driving tesla cars, not being polluted with NOx fumes, not flogging coal and slagging off wind and solar.

  • Todd Evans
    Todd Evans 11 месяцев назад

    stop talking over him Dave, you invited him?

  • Zambia95
    Zambia95 11 месяцев назад

    Can you explain why burning the tree is OK? If you let it decompose and don't burn it then surely what was burned would not have been released into the atmosphere?

  • gwc1410
    gwc1410 11 месяцев назад

    Shahriar Shahramian appears to be a very smart and wise person.
    10:28 "Question everything." Investigate what you are being told.
    (Shahriar Shahramian from The Signal Path)

  • David Dachenhaus
    David Dachenhaus Год назад

    One thing about teaching is the lack of a person's willingness to learn. I work at an small town ISP and deal with many different customers asking for support. I have 70 year old's that are almost there but just can't quite figure it out, and when I show them how to do it, they write it down and learn (my favorite customers). Then on the complete opposite of the scale we have 20 year old's that come in and just want us to do it and don't have any concern about learning. Then two weeks later they call in for the same exact thing. So frustrating for me some days.

  • Tracker 001
    Tracker 001 Год назад

    Darwin was concerned that the lack of transitional fossils disproved the theory. He hoped that in the years to come there would be more fossil finds that would prove the theory as he stated it.
    It has been about 150 years since he wrote that book, and countless more fossils have been found as people search for missing links, but the innumerable transitional forms have not been found.
    Is there evolution within a Species ? I would say yes . Look at the (K9) Canine species . You have the Wolf which is believed to be the bedrock of the Canine species where all other types of canine originate from .
    What gets my goat is the misuse of the word "Species" . For instance , the wolf is a type of the Canine species . The Great Dane is a type of the canine species . The Wolf nor the Great Dane are "Species" upon themselves .
    Shahriar Shahramian is well spoken and down to earth . Good Interview .

  • SparkyCola
    SparkyCola Год назад +1

    Aren't there quite some double-blind studies about audio-mishearings? I'm shure there's one of tube vs. transistor. Great Video btw., I didn't realize that money doesn't really exist in Star Trek (besides for the Ferengi).

  • James Munn
    James Munn Год назад

    Shahriar, It really helps when we can get to know at least a little about one real normal person from Iran when we may be getting exposed to propaganda designed to direct our reactions. No, it is not your job to represent a whole country of various types of people but it is too easy to be lead down the path of "those others" when we don't have experience with another group. Thanks to both of you for all of your hard work putting videos together for us.

  • Grant Fullen
    Grant Fullen Год назад

    I watch both of you guys channels . I always learn something and enjoy watching the videos.

  • Dacke
    Dacke Год назад

    Cable lifters... lol

  • richb313
    richb313 Год назад

    What happens when the Authority becomes Political? That is the dilemma we are faced with today. Who gets to say who or what the Authority is? As much maligned as Capitalism is these days it has proven with Free Markets to be the one method of sorting out what works from what does not work. In the truest sense it is the one proven method of establishing Authority.

  • TX Rider
    TX Rider Год назад

    Critical thinking skills are probably the best thing to teach kids along with reading and math skills IMO. I am so glad my parents taught me critical thinking, because as a kid my schools did not.

  • Dima Vasin
    Dima Vasin Год назад

    Thank you, guys! It is always pleasure to listen to a clever people. EEV and SP are my favorite youtube channels :)

  • MrOffizier
    MrOffizier Год назад

    Oh Arrival is cool in so many aspects. I did enjoy it, too.

  • jimstand
    jimstand Год назад

    Comment from the USA - People might believe the human caused Global Warming Hypothesis if the proponents were not hypocrites. DiCaprio jetting around, Obama jetting around and Jay Leno's 169 cars shows a lack of commitment by them to their cause. They want me to cut my carbon usage but they refuse to do the same.

  • strangersound
    strangersound Год назад

    Great discussion. Very inspiring. More of this stuff, Dave. Thanks. Cheers! :)

  • Eo Tunun
    Eo Tunun Год назад

    Rbutr would be bound to fail in the web's wildlife. Doomed from the beginning. For each video and bit of news about debunking chemtrails, for example, you'd get 10 supporting this bullshit, even if mot of them were automatically generated. Just think of the "Climate sceptics" and what economical heavyweights are behind them. They'd just hire programmers or "Image agents" to spin doctor the crap out off Rbutr users. All it would serve as in the end would be a vehicle for the wildest bullshit you can think of. You can't replace education by an app or browser extension.
    You can't save people from not quite being a shilling. At least that's my tupence. (

  • BwAMurena
    BwAMurena Год назад

    Perception is different science field it is rather psychology than electronics :)

  • huuua2
    huuua2 Год назад

    great video, as always, however the links "down below" promised aren't there. Maybe I missed something?

  • Nappse
    Nappse Год назад

    Hi Dave. I'm not trying to be rude here. I know this was just a conversation between you two, and you wanted to share it with us, so thanks for that!
    These videos was however "unwatchable" for me, as you were "interrupting" the other guy mid-sentence way to often for my liking. I know this is my problem. But I just wanted to let you know how I felt about the videos.
    Other than that; keep up the good work! :)

  • George Elder-Groebe
    George Elder-Groebe Год назад

    Surprise (un-surprising) plug for Sam Harris's podcast. I totally agree - it's a constant example of courageous conversations.

    • Jim Standish
      Jim Standish Год назад

      I went and listened to 5 minutes of one of his podcasts. His guest stated that the Russians hacked the election but offered not one piece of proof. There is no proof because it did not happen. Hillary was a bad candidate.

  • w2aew
    w2aew Год назад +12

    You and Shahriar have certainly influenced me and my channel!

    • Andreas Sørensen
      Andreas Sørensen 6 месяцев назад

      Incredible, my three favorite youtubers all involved in one video. keep up the fantastic work, all three of you.

    • Yoram Stein
      Yoram Stein 8 месяцев назад

      As a person who is trying to learn from RUclip they both have lots to learn from you Allen ! ( I am talking about HOW to pass knowledge to a third party).

  • John S
    John S Год назад

    Excellent discussion. I wish I could have been there to add my own supporting comments.

  • George Ray
    George Ray Год назад +1

    Wonderful wide-ranging discussion, you guys are making the web a better place, THANKS!

  • George Ray
    George Ray Год назад

    Without the profit motive how could humanity be assured of innovative research into improved weapons of mass destruction, and what nutcase said "Beware the Military Industrial Complex."

  • George Ray
    George Ray Год назад

    Politicians should be required to only listen to the church and not a nut case like 'Galileo Galilei'.

  • fartwhif
    fartwhif Год назад

    stop conflating extrapolation with science. if you can't design a test for it then it's not a scientific theory...
    that "powerful ridicule approach" is socialist fascism

  • fartwhif
    fartwhif Год назад

    rebuttal(er?) is a form of social Marxism, it would be nice but people get together and game the absolute fucking shit out of systems like that, just look at anything with a similar credibility measurement system. There are actually "companies" of people sitting in a room all concentrated on political targets who LOVE these stupid systems, and they're well fucking paid. "clickmills" or something like that, platoons of paid opinion generators. Ask Hillary Clinton about CTR or George Soros about Sharia Blue.

  • wolfedog99
    wolfedog99 Год назад

    Speaks of people who advocate action due to their low EQ, then making the statement that they feel there is a harmful growing wealth gap... priceless.
    The wealth distribution in every free or semi free market adheres to the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution,[yes the thermodynamic hoopajoop] even those societies that have been artificially started with very flat distributions revert to the M-B dist within about three generations. The thing that has happened recently is that the whole of society has had a large increase in wealth that lifted all parts of the curve and gives the impression of a widening gap when it effectively nothing more than multiplying each level.(eg 2 and 6 becomes 2*2 and 2*6)
    This is not to say that there is no distortion happening ,but that the distortion is not simply the product of some being born into wealth. Rather the main distortion is direct manipulation of the central monetary systems via purposeful inflation, regulatory capture, and various tax funded financial instruments.(the details are far too long to list here) IOW the "regulating" bodies themselves are created and operated by those the bodies superficially pretend to dampen, much the same as voting is used to give an illusion of control and thus prevent peasant uprisings.
    Econ is a subject very poorly taught and understood in the general population but, thanks to slick political types, everyone parrots lame propaganda soundbite and imagines themselves well qualified. When I say general population I do mean general, all levels of IQ and income, unlike many other subjects where there are some strong statistical correlations.

  • The Defpom's Repair Channel
    The Defpom's Repair Channel Год назад +1

    You influenced me to start my channel, so I cannot agree more.

  • Crocellian
    Crocellian Год назад +1

    Complete crap. Water is wet. BS is bad. Wow, genius.

  • Uwe Zimmermann
    Uwe Zimmermann Год назад

    rebutr appears to be dead - at least it cannot be installed from the link on their homepage into Firefox on WIndows 10.

  • Dunkelheit667
    Dunkelheit667 Год назад

    One of the best talks I've seen since years, on the spot for so many important topics. I will make a "Science should not be based on authority" sticker for my car. ;o) As you talked about feelings, I feel the mean peaked somewhen in the 90s. Since then humanity seems to degenerate somehow.

  • kalidesu
    kalidesu Год назад +1

    I hate the out right lies from anti-nuclear power people that think they can shut you down by bringing up Chernobyl, Fukushima Daiichi and use emotional blackmail to shut down a conversation on nuclear power, instead of discussing with empirical evidence and facts. Yes Australian Greens I'm talking about you.

    • Ian Macdonald
      Ian Macdonald Год назад

      The problem with the nuclear industry is the fixation on the PWR/BWR designs. These have two serious safety issues; one that continued power for water pumps is essential to prevent a meltdown, and two that fuel is clad in zirconium alloy which although hard to ignite, burns ferociously once lit.
      A move to noninflammable, nonpressurised designs would be a significant improvement. They would cost money to develop but would probably be significantly cheaper to deploy because one of the major costs of the P|WR/BWR route is that of the precautions to (hopefully) contain any accident in what is basically a runaway steam boiler you can't turn off.
      So, Greens are partly right on this one.

  • KezzaDesign
    KezzaDesign Год назад

    Hi Dave, you proposed the question if we would live in a society where all the bullshits gone and I think it should happen. Look at the Amazon Echo. Its safe to assume that within 10 years that PA devices will be used to tutor kids and maybe even outright teach them. And they'll be able to help debunk sources of wrong information by doing the legwork in finding articles.

  • Brad Scott
    Brad Scott Год назад

    The wonderful thing about being a human is having the right to choose whatever crazy beliefs that help one through the day. Can you imagine, some people don't even believe in god! The fools, everyone knows God is an eleventh dimension humanoid living right here on earth, right next to us. God is all around.

    • Ian Macdonald
      Ian Macdonald Год назад

      God is alive and well, but engaged on a less ambitious project.

    • kalidesu
      kalidesu Год назад

      I thought God was chick? At least that's what I tell myself when I fap, 'cos God sees all. XD

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад

      Don't be ridiculous, god is a flying spaghetti monster!

  • funkyironman69
    funkyironman69 Год назад +3

    Politician != Scientist

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith Год назад

    do you know what they call homeopathy that works?? Its called medicine!

  • Dragan Milivojević
    Dragan Milivojević Год назад +2

    Scientific authority you say? Lets see: "Scientist" pushing the X number of genders, GMO propaganda by some highly visible figures like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku pushing neo-liberall agenda and actually advocating the restriction on democracy and so on and so fort.

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner Год назад

    Do not try to debunk science behind biocentrism, because Nikola Tesla said once: "My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there
    is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I
    have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it
    exists" - same theory i've had much more before then i even know what quantum physics is. So, science cannot be trusted always because materialistic science is under control of those people who does NOT want you to know the real truth about us. And what about education? Formal education is invented with one main goal - to make you slave of the society. Check what Michio Kaku said - watch?v=bAzQGzYecqk, or check this out: watch?v=dqTTojTija8&t
    And fake news, real fake news are CNN, CBS etc., which are under control of Rothschilds as main players of global agenda. So, question everything! Do not trust to politicians, they are just puppets. Speaking about politics and fake news? Listen to Alex Jones.

  • Ziviani
    Ziviani Год назад

    Awesome talk, all those 3 parts. Thanks

  • Seegal Galguntijak
    Seegal Galguntijak Год назад

    This is amazing content, I really love it! I think you both should be talking about these subjects much more, especially Shahramian who seems to be very knowledgable (to avoid saying "wise" because of the negative connotation of this word). Please continue!

  • schitlipz
    schitlipz Год назад +1

    Rebutr would be great to put all those "progressive" homophiles in their pl,ace.

  • Seegal Galguntijak
    Seegal Galguntijak Год назад

    I see a great danger in a program like rbuttr, because that would mean that "truth" will be something that is decided upon democratically. While democracy is a great system of self-organizing our societies, it shouldn't be used to determine what is true or not, because that can't work. Or else there will be scientific proofs of $whatever, but since the general public doesn't feel like they should be true, they will be dismissed as false. See the danger in this? We could start living in a world made up of alternative facts, if you get my meaning...

  • Seegal Galguntijak
    Seegal Galguntijak Год назад +3

    About debunking: There was a German HiFi magazine that tested LAN-cables about 10-15 years ago, and they actually stated that they could hear a difference depending on which LAN cable was used for a digital audio stream, which is totally ridiculous, because the 1s and 0s of a digital signal are always the same, and as long as a LAN cable doesn't lose any data (which would make it rather unfit to be a LAN cable), the signal is exactly the same. It was a great LOL among the electronics and computer community, because it was so laughable, they actually tested the more expensive cables to have a better sound than the cheaper ones. We all rolled on the floor laughing when that one came out, and it was a running gag long time after...

  • Attila Asztalos
    Attila Asztalos Год назад

    WRONG. You can trivially debunk audiophiles by doing a double-blind trial with the first willing audiophile you can get your hands on. The problem is with the "willing" part for you I suppose.

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад

      Exactly. Not a single one of them was even willing to try and claim James Randi's $1M prize if they could hear the difference.

  • Dave Turner
    Dave Turner Год назад

    It's not so much the teaching but encouraging the wish to learn.

  • b888
    b888 Год назад

    rbutr is an un-verified plugin. Emsisoft (a very reputable AV authority is blocking it). Even firefox is not allowing it to be installed. I can't get it's source code, so my scientific thinking is telling me it may not be safe. . Has anyone who has personally used it determined whether it's safe?. Is there anyone here from the CS field who can tell me with reason this is safe?.

    • Jim Standish
      Jim Standish Год назад

      Shahriar said it was a great piece of software. Another line of BS out of his mouth.

  • pufero1
    pufero1 Год назад

    Dave time to gave he your old

  • b888
    b888 Год назад

    Homeopathy ain't fake Dave. Don't talk like ur a doctor now!. Homeopathy, physiotherapy, yoga & ayurveda actually work. Now for asking for homeopathy to work like allopathy is like asking a multimeter to be an oscilloscope!.

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад +3

      Please explain to us how Homeopathy works and go right ahead and embarrasses yourself some more....

  • theengineer72
    theengineer72 Год назад

    I love this discussion. You guys rock!

  • David Abineri
    David Abineri Год назад

    Great conversation. What you are discussing are the values of education particularly in Science, Mathematics, Engineering. What a shame it is that so many people today learn about Mathematics or Science, for example, as a collection rules to be followed rather than as a way of thinking about things. In high school, where, unfortunately, many will take no more courses in Mathematics, they rarely learn about the fact that logic and mathematical facts are being used to deepen understanding. And these are the very skills that are needed all the time to make sense of what one hears or reads in today's world. Engineering classes, and others, then take this notion to a whole new level.

  • frill necked lizard
    frill necked lizard Год назад +10

    there are flat earthers all around the globe

    • kalidesu
      kalidesu Год назад

      Yeah flat earth normies.

    • frill necked lizard
      frill necked lizard Год назад +1

      It was a joke about flat earthers around the GLOBE. #freekekistan

    • kalidesu
      kalidesu Год назад

      I see Flat Earthers as a weird religious movement and nothing to do with hard science, and of course there is the conspiracy it's a psy-ops to spread misinformation which may or may not be true. The collective unconscious as Carl Jung said is a very powerful thing and can even sway even the most logical people.

  • frill necked lizard
    frill necked lizard Год назад +1

    but things that fact check stuff is also not right because these people also have bias and who will fact check the fact checkers

  • John Lacy
    John Lacy Год назад

    It only makes sense that our leadership (actually all of us) would paint their picture of the world and reality based on what is scientifically known to be true, or most likely to be true, not what we "believe" or what fits in with an ideology. Only what can be proven by repeatable experiments or mathematical models that are agreed upon by a general consensus of relevant scientist/mathematicians/statisticians. This will never happen. The problem with humanity is humanity. Greed, powerlust, belief systems and ego only get amplified as one moves up our system of hierarchy. A bare handful of people in the world see our species for what it honestly is. The unenlightened masses are caught in a continuous tug of war for their love and support that benefits only a few. It is an amazingly complex fractal of ignorance that I doubt even the powerful can see. Technology will either bring equality or enslavement. There are no other options. The latter seems most likely for now.

    • John Lacy
      John Lacy Год назад

      Post Script: First I commend your thoughts on people getting rich on the prison system. Prisons for profit is a beacon that screams of corruption and abuse of everything any modern free society stands for. As for health care, I admit that you have come closest to selling me on nationalized health care than anyone. I will spare a lengthy post building an argument against it and ask only one question. Why is it that no one ever asked: Why does health care cost so much? It just seems that everyone accepts it as a given that health care is outrageously expensive.

  • CW360
    CW360 Год назад

    Guys loving the conversation! Im feeling compelled to comment on the $100k watch/$1m car. The $1m car. If you look at the cars being produced in that range, its the crazy hybrid drive hyper cars. These companies are pushing the limits of what can be done with gas and driving gear heads into magic pixie land (ie something that is ultimately more eco friendly). The use of carbon for chassis design and the stability tech are also fascinating. All of this tech eventually works its way down market (Remember Teslas are currently $100k, but coming down to $30ish soon). You may not love the guy showing off his status symbol, but you could at least appreciate that knowingly or not he supported the practical application of science.
    The watch and the property are slightly different stories. I would maintain that these purchases enable a transfer of wealth from the rich guy to others in the economy. Large estates require people to keep them running. Watches, jewelry or art require people with deep pockets to support the craftsman. Or luxury products that might not employ "craftsmen" still have deep supply chains that employ many people.
    Think about it as a scale problem. As a person becomes more successful, they typically generate wealth at an increasing rate. If we want that wealth to flow around the economy, the way the wealthy person spends their money also needs to change.
    I am not trying to make some larger argument about taxation, inequality or anything like that. I'm just trying to point out there are advantages to people with money spending it in large chunks.

  • Jesper Henriksen
    Jesper Henriksen Год назад

    Surely bacon is the proof that there is some truth to homeopathy ;)

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад +1

      Can't argue with that.

  • Joseph Nicholas
    Joseph Nicholas Год назад

    Shaririar for science adviser to Donald Trump.

  • Jeffrey Birt
    Jeffrey Birt Год назад +3

    Dave, with respect you not only seem to have drunk the 'anthropogenic global warming' cool aide you have come back for seconds. Citing the IPCC as a scientific authority does not pass the smell test. The IPCC is part of the UN, it is by definition a political body. The IPCC routinely goes back and 'adjusts' the science to align it with the political statement they want to make. The IPCC report is junk science at its finest.

  • A. R. Jasso
    A. R. Jasso Год назад

    Hey Dave, did you vote for Julia Gillard? #justasking

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад +5

      No, but I thought it was a pretty cool that we had a female red headed atheist Prime Minister.

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams Год назад

    "science".... the Bill Nye kind of "Science"...

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams Год назад

    Send him back to Mexico. Build the Wall.

  • rorroparo
    rorroparo Год назад

    As they say, I don't necessary agree with everything, but the conversation and the thinking process is definitely great to see

  • alphabuilders
    alphabuilders Год назад +1

    This stuff is gold dust, you guys should do this more often. Thanks Dave for sharing this guy with us, I will be following him.

  • Justin Richards
    Justin Richards Год назад +2

    One of my favorite episodes: TSP #10 Tutorial on Waveform Shaping and Signal Constellation in an Optical Link

  • PowerPC602
    PowerPC602 Год назад

    EEVblog Should it be mandated that (politicians) only listen to authorities in the field.
    Hell no. I am telling that living in a socialist communist country, Brazil, where we are been destroyed by this communist LOW IQ populist politician! The thing is, democracy only works when we have a good and solid set of laws. Democracy is tyranny, it is good when the land have a good moral set of laws that restrict! - > Government and state power < -. Letting government listen to "authorities" only gives you more tyranny (in my country we have a lot of "authorities!" We are fighting now a working law from Fascist Mussolini era call CLT Consolidation of labor laws, and a lot of "authorities" say to the brasilian people that this laws are good... I wander if in US or Australia have something lake we have here.. The media is full of them... "authorities"), one good example is the IPCC. Complete FAKE and wrong in a lot of things BUT they give the WORLD a set of rules about a lot of thing that difficult or blocks human development. Can you think human society now days with out petrol?

  • KTube5000
    KTube5000 Год назад

    DEBUNKING: Here's a subject I wish someone with more elegance than I would tackle:
    1) The future will require more, not less energy
    2) Cleaning the planet will require enormous amounts of energy
    3) Desalination (ENORMOUS amounts of energy) may be required to irrigate in future
    ..those are really just one point..
    Fact (I happen to know Canadian numbers)
    - Canada now "produces 70% of its electricity from renewable sources"
    - Electricity is about a third, transportation is about a third, and the rest is about a third
    - Renewables account for roughly a quarter (little less perhaps)
    - Hydro electricity is included in renewables
    - Hydro electricity (old old old technology - and no more 'room' for it) is *most* of the renewable energy source
    So, things like this can be answered:
    - If Canada (Australia, US, etc...) wanted to replace the energy consumed in the production of steel and other metals with energy sourced from solar panels, including the energy cost of the panels, how big an area would need to be covered with solar panels?
    - If the world was to use fifty times more energy than it currently does, and all of it came from renewable energy, what would that look like?
    My overall point is that environmentalists are being 'bought up' by thin rhetoric and being encouraged to believe we are having a positive affect on the environment and moving in the right direction, where I believe that, while that is so, it's two orders of magnitude too slow for the ultimate problem to have a *chance* of being solved.

  • Tom Biskupic
    Tom Biskupic Год назад

    Nahh ridicule just makes them fight harder for their stupid point of view - now they need to prove they are not worthy of your ridicule (which becomes more important to them then the original argument).

    • Tom Biskupic
      Tom Biskupic Год назад

      EEVblog In the Batteroo/ Solar road cases it wouldn't make a difference as they have no choice but to stick to their claims. They are hardly going to agree that they misled their investors! I suppose ridicule warns potential customers but it would still be better without it IMHO

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад

      IME it works great.

  • KTube5000
    KTube5000 Год назад

    Hey hey hey... I'm with ya bro', the watch, the house... sure, but a million dollar car? C'mon, don't tell me I have to stop wanting a milling dollar car! It's the last irrational thing I still covet - I'm Buddha- good other than the car... c'mon man! :)

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад

      I'll settle for a time machine Delorean.

  • ElectroMac74
    ElectroMac74 Год назад

    theory of evolution is made of different pieces, rejecting it at a hole is wrong, same as accepting it. ask a mathematician about it, probability isn't at it side.

  • KTube5000
    KTube5000 Год назад +9

    11:00 Dave, that sounds good on the surface but (as a student of politics, history, and political philosophy) I can tell you that a mandate to listen to 'authorities' (knowledgeable people) would work until the first clique of elites decided to use it to their advantage. What I'm saying is that it would lead (nearly instantly) to tyranny and that it's a dangerous idea.
    And I long for the day when we achieve what you were thinking it would do.
    But, a mandate to consult knowledgeable people and give weight to their views is fine (and, it's pretty much the status quo).

    • Ian Macdonald
      Ian Macdonald Год назад +1

      Don't entirely agree, since you can spot discrepancies in any science without having to have a Master's degree in the subject. For example, I recall one lecturer on electronics saying something like, 'If you apply about 5v to the base of the (NPN) transistor (relative to the grounded emitter) that will cause some collector current to flow.' I didn't need any more evidence than that, to see that this guy knew jack squat about electronics.
      One of the problems with climate science is that it is so vague and imprecise a subject that it's hard to prove or refute anything. Regardless of whether climate change is a real danger or not, that is bound to make climate science a breeding-ground for hucksters. If you want to make a preposterous claim it's safer make it about climate than about magnet motors, because someone can always build the magnet motor and show that it doesn't work. Not so with climate.

    • wolfedog99
      wolfedog99 Год назад

      And if flying monkeys could be saddled we wouldn't need airplanes. The nature of the system is that elected politicians are either moderately stupid and dogmatic tools of their party or they are scheming and underhanded, in ether case they won't be seeking any genuine expert opinions.
      I'm in Washington state [Tacoma, USA] and our most senior federal senator(first elected almost 3 decades ago) originally won on a campaign slogan that she wears tennis shoes. Yes 'vote of Murrey she wears tennis shoes.' or something similar.
      She is a completely useless moron but will keep winning reelections simply because of blind party bias in the voting population.

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад +6

      That's basically what I was getting at. On issues involving science, input must be sought from scientists in the field, not the public or lobbyists etc so much.
      Climate change is the classic example, an incredibly complex thing that Joe Average or any other wanna-be expert knows jack-all about.
      There must be some mechanism to at least do this better than it's currently done.

  • Joop Terwijn
    Joop Terwijn Год назад +1

    Look at the non-verbale movement!

    • Jim Standish
      Jim Standish Год назад

      Joop: There was a lot of non verbal antics going on. Crossing of arms is a dead give away by both of them was very interesting.

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад +1

      Is that good or bad?

    • krgtim
      krgtim Год назад

      yeah right. it's very apparent from minute 9:02 onwards ...

  • Peter Jakobs
    Peter Jakobs Год назад

    Gentlemen, thank you so much for those videos. This is the kind of discussion that I absolutely love to have with learned people and in a way I wish I had been there!
    I am an electrical engineer by training but have left the field over 25 years ago for a career in various networking and datacenter software companies. When I found Dave's channel, I slowly got sucked back in to electronics to the point today, where I'm working on open source designs that are being used by a few 100 people. I even start getting into what used to be completely out of my domain: analog electronics. (hey, it's not even as hard as I thought). I'm still watching the signal path in awe, slowly getting the idea that RF might not be magic in the end, but can be controlled by engineers :-)
    So, thank you both for the depth of content. I'm learning a huge amount!
    As for depth of content: I rather watch a longer video that takes the time to explain concepts than 7 minute vids that stay at a high level.

  • Diabolical Artificer
    Diabolical Artificer Год назад

    A fascinating discussion between two clever blokes. Electronic engineering and science in general can improve our lives, however it can be the cause of some of the problems we are experiencing at the present.
    For instance the manufacture of gadget's ( hells bells, how many Arduino development boards do we need! : ) ) and the gross consumerism that as a result contributes to climate change. The invention of more and more chemical's that cause harm to the environment, and of coarse the invention of the internet; a great tool for learning, but also a potential tool for social control and manipulation. It's all about application.
    It would be better if a lot more scientist's responsible for discoveries could spare more thought to their eventual application. This does seem to happening, with some companies using anthropological studies as part of the design process.
    It was good to see that you touched on politics Dave. Couldn't agree more that voters have a responsibility to educate themselves instead of believing the BS politician's spout.
    Peter Joseph makes some good points, though I don't agree with all he sais in his series of lectures, a Culture in Decline -видео.html&t=3s
    BTW Dave, you didn't link in was it Sam Harris's "lecture"
    Thanks again for an excellent video.

  • Pelnied
    Pelnied Год назад

    Thank you for doing more videos like this. It eases a lot of my anxiety to see that people I look up to and watch often share my beliefs so strongly, there are times I feel quite isolated and alone.
    I've been trying to stop friends from believing in unscientific woowoo but it gets harder every day. A big trend I am seeing is that when people in my generation are losing their religion they are turning towards pseudoscience, alternative medicine, homeopathy, Reiki, Chakras, etc. Usually I think it is because they don't have a strong scientific background so once they lose their faith, it is easy to use that flawed logic and logical fallacies to latch onto something else. Often it feels like an uphill battle to try and debate, and the anxiety makes me afraid to talk to friends or get on social media in fear of telling people they are wrong, upsetting them, or ruining the reputation of my character as just a grumpy asshole.
    It bothers me to see pseudoscience leave such a profound impact on people and how it can keep them from learning real science because they now have a "illusion of knowledge" as Hawking says. This illusion of knowledge keeps them from doing basic internet searches or solving problems to gain a larger understanding of a topic. Also when people learn something incorrectly through pseudoscience, it is much harder to relearn because you need to make new connections that can logically deduce why the previous information is wrong. I think the large appeal is because pseudoscience is often intuitive and is accompanied by graphical animations and videos like Spirit Science. Don't get me started on how Sacred Geometry has been taken over by the woowoo world.
    Pseudoscience lacking the formal mathematical descriptions that take many hours of practice appeals to a wide audience who want things to be easy and as lazy as possible. One of the things I try and do is debunk the pseudoscience while trying to bring up the real science and why that fascinates me. For example, a friend was talking about the magical healing properties of Quartz because it vibrates at many frequencies which are somehow intune with pseudoscientific vibrations of humans. While saying this has no evidence and crystal healers are fake, I brought up that Quartz oscillators are in all sorts of electronics and many of them do save lives like Pacemakers. Blows my mind, but I think the "healing properties" left a stronger impression on them than reality. Reality is much more beautiful and amazing than some people's woowoo writings. It might be more difficult to understand, but the reward is so more much humbling and satisfying.
    Sorry for the rant, but thanks for all you do Dave. These videos really do help. The electronics videos help keep me passionate about my career and hobbies, and these videos help me maintain my sanity and ensure that I'm doing the right thing.

  • George Elder-Groebe
    George Elder-Groebe Год назад

    Why does this video seem to start so abruptly? I just finished the first video of this series and this one seems out of sequence.

    • George Elder-Groebe
      George Elder-Groebe Год назад

      Ah, ok. Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss a second :)

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад +1

      It was shot as one long continuous discussion jumping back and forth about stuff. We did not have a plan before we pressed record. I thought it better to separate into topics.

  • mbaker335
    mbaker335 Год назад +2

    I see the attention seeking children are out in force here. Maybe one day they will grow up but I am not holding my breath. Good balanced video. Well worth watching.

    • kalidesu
      kalidesu Год назад

      I read that as *Maybe one day they will grow some balls* regardless I concur. XD

  • Christian Thomas
    Christian Thomas Год назад

    The idea that the probability of something being wrong goes down over time is epistemologically wrong. Very wrong. Read Popper; there is no guarantee of truth at the end of the scientific process.

  • supernova86
    supernova86 Год назад +3

    Methane from our industry of farms, is a much bigger issue than CO2, imo.

    • supernova86
      supernova86 Год назад

      I highly suggest everyone check out the comments in this thread. A lot of good information is put forth.'s-find-out-if-there's-97-agreement-among-engineers/

    • Ian Macdonald
      Ian Macdonald Год назад

      Interesting point is that even going back to the Bronze Age, people painted houses white because that kept them cooler in the summer but reduced heat loss in the winter. (Kirchhoff's Law: If it reflects instead of absorbing then it doesn't emit either) We seem to have forgotten that that simple idea.

    • wolfedog99
      wolfedog99 Год назад +1

      Methane has an atmospheric half life of only 10-15 years. It is degraded by many factors including bacteria and fire. If the farms weren't there wild animals would be. On the other hand simply coating all the roofs in warm climates white would offset the heating effect of the CO2 released by every car in the USA. Not paving vast areas or running billions of street lamps all night for cars that already have headlight would have similar impacts.

    • Ian Macdonald
      Ian Macdonald Год назад +1

      Question there is, what makes a climate scientist? Seemingly a qualification or job in meteorology does not, so what is the criterion?
      As for methane, the absorbtion spectra of the various gases are readily available online, and seem to indicate that methane would not be a major greenhouse gas. Now I might not be a climate scientist but I do understand spectroscopy and have used such equipment, so I think I'm qualified to comment on that aspect of climatology.
      If the facts don't add up then it's up to the proposer of the theory to account for that. If they cannot, the theory gets filed in the round filing tray on the floor. It matters not who points out the discrepancy or what their qualifications are (or are not).
      I think the repetition of this methane 'extreme potency' claim also underlines the issue that if something is repeated often enough on the Internet, people start believing it without even checking the facts. They just assume that because it's printed everywhere, it must be correct. In this case the facts are readily available for anyone willing to seek them out.

    • supernova86
      supernova86 Год назад +1

      This is RUclip comment section... I didn't realize I was presenting a thesis on the current research into the implications of increasing atmospheric methane on our biosphere.
      Ofcourse I can find data to back up my opinion or 'claim'.
      Are putting for the notion that 'CO2 is worse for our atmosphere than methane'?

  • Code Junkes
    Code Junkes Год назад +1

    The problem is we can never stop fake news by law, many country are trying like Germany but it is impossible. If there is a filter to filter out fake news, who will define which news are fake. Many news are based on opinion rather than being based on facts. Then there is Religion sites, so how will you classify it Fake News?? because they are full of them ......
    Unfortunately in a Free Society it is up to the people, and only weapon we have is scientific techniques to determine fake and true should be tough to students in curriculum. We have to encourage skepticism and logical and scientific reasoning if school or they are going to be fooled by others when they will grow up.
    Don't see Sam Harris Video or share it if your live in Saudi Arabia ... recently someone is being beheaded there by court order for being Atheist.

    • wolfedog99
      wolfedog99 Год назад

      99% of all news is fake even back in the days of just a few respected news outlets. The core issue is that most of the population isn't very sharp(hey about half are below average) but nobody is willing to raise the standards for basic competency. This gives the fake news a large market.[not just large but desired by advertisers as they are easy sales targets] Editors are there to make money for management and reporters rarely know much about anything they are reporting other than selecting a catchy headline. Of the several news stories where I had first hand information not one has ever properly reported the events, not one single time.

  • SaturnV2000
    SaturnV2000 Год назад +7

    "Free Education" . . . . *someone* has to pay for it.

    • Joona Knuutinen
      Joona Knuutinen Год назад +4

      first 10 years in school was free for me. i didnt pay for it so it was free for me. now im at work and i pay taxes so kids from 6-16 years old can go to school for free. its free for them. books, pencils, paper, food, they dont have to pay for any of that.

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад +18

      "Free" in this case means everyone has access to it regardless of their circumstances. Like universal health care.
      The "someone" is the people, just like the people's taxes pay for everything a government provides.

  • santicomp
    santicomp Год назад

    Where is Shahriar Science Video? Thanks

    • Naoh Watson
      Naoh Watson Год назад +2

      search for the signal path on RUclip. his channel is the BEST electronics channel if you want to learn real things as he goes trough both theory as well as practical measurements.

  • Heath Wells
    Heath Wells Год назад

    The world definitely needs more Shahriars and Daves. Cheers guys for the informal talks over these 3 parts!

  • Joel Gette
    Joel Gette Год назад

    I am in the Pro Audio Service Industry... the Audiophile... I have some stories on this topic! especially when related to audio path modifications....

  • James Wade
    James Wade Год назад

    Re: General educational vids, It is something that is sorely missing, videos from tubers like yourself that teach tough subjects without resorting to tough maths or things like that, something to sit along side the up coming generations favourites for the rest of us.

  • douro20
    douro20 Год назад

    The audiophile argument...or the law of diminishing returns...or why a pair of Magico Q7s can't be that much better than a pair of B&W 803s...

  • James Wade
    James Wade Год назад

    Oooh, Trust no one, question everything... nice...

  • James Wade
    James Wade Год назад

    "If the kids watch this stuff it says more about the kids than it does about me" news presenter in Harvester, an old PC DOS game, I do agree that the up coming generation are having all kinds of difficulties detecting lies.

  • Martin P
    Martin P Год назад

    Don't know about Australia but in the states, The government is open for public comment, If individuals participate.
    Government knows methylmercury causes infant brain disorders in children and pregnant women from consumption of fish/shellfish. Does that mean all coal power plants should be shutdown and dismantled.
    States with tourist dollars for fishing even neglect to mention things because of the effect it has on the income to the city,county, and state.
    They have even went so far as to suppress agencies scientist in to not releasing information because of the money lost in doing so. (Day tourism and hurt businesses around the lake.1 When the DNR's suppression). It's the things you don't know that gets * Agency information only not for public release
    To go along with that you sign a piece of paper that says " Your employment is at will, you may be dismissed at at time for any reason"
    Maybe Trump will make America great again, maybe not because it's pretty FOBAR when the veil is lifted.

    • Martin P
      Martin P Год назад

      I'll provide a real life example. I worked in government in a top 10 Agriculture state in Fisheries Management. Wildlife decided they needed cows on state lands for their study.
      We all know and it's science that proves cattle given free access to waters of the state will cause soil erosion/loss and water quality issues making aquatic habitat inhabitable for aquatic organisms.
      The biggest majority of staff is from farms and farming is a highly desirable skill.
      Farmers are like horses and lazy. Least amount of work for the highest reward. So using best land practices went out the window. We'll let these cows (simulated Bison) roam free was their line.
      Now for one Bison and cattle are two different animals with totally different behaviors. Yes Bison will cause issues but only temporally vs cattle whom just sit in the water altering the bank and bed day in and day out.
      So I spent 4 years doing water quality sampling, photographing the ecological disaster,tracking rainfall, stream bed changes, stream bank changes, fish and inveterate samples, and even noting the bare spots in what was once a prairie.
      I think I have about 500 scientific papers printed out on prairie streams, Bison behavior, historical data, along with tree's (oh yea this keeps going).
      So you get told to pick your battles, don't stir the pot, ect.
      The reality of it all came down to economics, if the State makes the farmers mad then a certain farm group might petition the voters to have the state sales tax put on ballot and run advertising to have it removed. Thus ending one part of government which was put in place to be free from politics. Which is further from the truth in all honesty but they love to say how they do the right thing.
      So you have science of ecology vs economic. Who do you think wins.
      Now comes along a solution to the cattle in the water issue , lets cut all the tree's and bushes along the RIPARIAN CORRIDOR of which we have always had even below the bare minimum which was 25 feet.
      The excuse being this is prairie not forest. Sorry to say trees and bushes grew on the prairie near the streams as well as areas of rock outcroppings which was mainly hilltops. I spent a year in Historically proven data (Lewis and Clark field notes, along with the first land survey notes) with some historical images in case they thought I forged the writing. Yea we're getting seriously stupid here at this point. I can't believe what I am hearing from people whom is supposed to be protecting state lands.

    • Martin P
      Martin P Год назад

      Data can be manipulated so the outcome is what you want. It's been done before and is part of the problem. Just like the modeling doesn't take everything into account so what good is it to use a model when your ignoring data. You can even pull peer reviewed papers as an argument to no avail because it doesn't fit into the science/study.
      I have been tempted to track CME's/sunspots to Earthquakes but don't have the time to do so, but seen some similarities might be coincidence. Based off the magnetic field and how the earth's molten core reacts to it.
      Science is also trying to lock things in place and not let nature do what nature does. Plants provide sweetness so that their seeds will be consumed and spread. Evasive species, really we have to label such things, sure seems like to me mother nature has figured out how to spread using us as the tool. Man has done this OMG nooo we must fix it. But if an animal does it, we'll that's nature and becomes an established part of the ecosystem. So are humans a part of the ecosystem or above it.
      I like to think of us as 2 legged beavers doing what beavers do and that is alter the habitat to suit us. Mother nature will respond in kind to change.

    • mbaker335
      mbaker335 Год назад

      It is not belief it is scientific data. There are a few attention seeking individuals out there but they can be ignored.

    • Martin P
      Martin P Год назад

      The American problem is Americans vote basically by political party and think lawyers are what's best in government. What could possibly go wrong. Trump is a test if he chooses to put his own interest first welp the rest is down hill. The media is no longer bias as well. So long as greed, power and prestige becomes priority no one wins.

    • douro20
      douro20 Год назад +1

      It's overriding politics that have demonised CFCs and perpetuated the myth of anthropogenic climate change. The problem is so big that even people in the scientific community believe all of these are true without question and they refuse to look at the bigger picture because they believe in their own minds that there is a real consensus.

  • Elnour Mammadov
    Elnour Mammadov Год назад


  • Bryan Meyers
    Bryan Meyers Год назад

    Regarding elected officials acting on the views of their constituents:
    The majority of politicians have a formal background in law or political science. They are not generally knowledgeable enough in topics like global warming to make a scientific judgment , even when faced with expect testimony. While they surely can be taught how to use a scientific method, I think the real problem is that not enough scientists and engineers are willing to take a political office. We need more of them if we are ever going to have governments which act according to science instead of emotions or legal precedent.

    • Bryan Meyers
      Bryan Meyers Год назад

      Oh, don't get me wrong. That is definitely a huge problem that needs to be addressed. But I think long-term we really need to fix the disparity in the number of lawyers that are elected officials versus all other professions. When you think about it, engineers and scientists are essentially under-represented minority groups. We've already seen how much damage not having adequate representation can do for other minorities.

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад

      Sure, but improvements can be made is they listened to scientists instead of rejecting them because it's politically savvy to do so.

  • David Thornley
    David Thornley Год назад +41

    Shahriar for president :) Seriously, what an inspiring and down to earth person, made my day...

    • David Thornley
      David Thornley Год назад

      supernova86 The government is then encouraged to regulate against health adverse situations. For example, take cigarettes, regulations that remove targeted advertising in place of awareness campaigns, forcing plain packaging and removing visible product placements all go a long way in reducing consumption and ultimately the cost of health care.

    • supernova86
      supernova86 Год назад

      If it were in a country were the average citizen is healthy? Sure... But here in the states, with the past several decades of fast food bullshit food being shoved down a significant portion of the US via ignorant parents following the guidelines put forth by our bullshit FDA. *Zoom in on the food pyramid* Come on... Chronic health issues have been systematically worked into American society for decades, and now EVERYONE is paying for it while the medical industry, pharma industry, and now insurance industry are all lining their pockets.

    • The Signal Path
      The Signal Path Год назад +5

      Most of the developed world has free healthcare. I came from a country with free health care. I don't see the connection with giving away things.

    • Matt
      Matt Год назад

      Being good at science and understanding "how the world works" are often on opposite ends of the spectrum lol.

    • supernova86
      supernova86 Год назад +1

      Some people don't comprehend the laws of economics very well.

  • Cullen Williams
    Cullen Williams Год назад

    Thanks for the video. Extremely inspiring. keep up the good work guys. thanks.

  • CO Jones
    CO Jones Год назад +27

    Should it be mandated that (politicians) only listen to authorities in the field.
    Hell no. Think that through more Dave. You're setting up a group that has override authority that are totally unaccountable to anyone.
    You seem to think that scientists can be totally unbiased and logical in all matters. That will never be true, all humans have egos, petty jealousies, and deep seated biases. What if the consensus is for something as bad as eugenics or racial based science. It's happened before in science that bad ideas become the norm. Given that a group could control the power of government, they could force out new and correct information by controlling the access to power and it will be even more difficult to change. That was one of the reasons Galileo and Kepler had such trouble. A small group who held a dogmatic view stifled out any questioning of the orthodoxy.
    No. The best way is for all sides to argue the merits of their positions and convince them your way is better.

    • Tim L
      Tim L 11 месяцев назад vs etc

    • b888
      b888 Год назад

      EEVblog Anyway keep the good stuff coming.

    • b888
      b888 Год назад

      EEVblog Ok, I'll be back it tomorrow evening (12h from now), sorry but I have exams now.

    • EEVblog
      EEVblog  Год назад +1

      LOL @ LifeRider 96 You have no clue how homeopathy is supposed to work at all. I suggest you go and study what it's actually about.
      It is precisely why James Randi can swallow an entire box or bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills or other "medicine":видео.htmlвидео.html

    • Ian Macdonald
      Ian Macdonald Год назад

      LifeRider 96: But the field itself is not a pseudo science.
      Hmm, I would say that it's by far and away one of the least scientific of 'alternative' practices. The scientific approach requires that there be a logical reason for the process to work, and that there are sufficient number of repeatable tests to show that it does actually happen.
      Theory: There is no reason why minute dilutions should have any measurable effect. Or that striking the container whilst mixing would do anything to the contents.
      Practice: Because of the psychology aspect, it is extremely hard to obtain any genuine proof that it does work.
      By contrast there is enough reason to suppose that herbal or flower remedies could work, after all many mass-produced medicines (eg aspirin) originate in knowledge gained from herbs. Homeopathy, though, no.

  • teemo in vietnam
    teemo in vietnam Год назад +2

    teemo hentai.