Jada Finally Broke Me.

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
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    Following months of “Red Table Talk” shooting in their house, Jada Pinkett Smith invites Will on as a guest and he finally realizes the scope of her massive TV show. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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  • laica
    laica 8 hours ago

    watched the episode and absolutely loved it

  • Crash Club Media

    🔥🔥🔥 Jada has the realist talk
    Show out there. It’s get the closest to celebrities in terms of real/raw emotion.
    Jada’s content and topics inspires me so much over at Crash Club Media. Thank you Jada 🔥🔥🔥

  • Honeya Fun
    Honeya Fun 2 days ago

    it seemed fake, I didn't enjoy it sorry 😛

  • Laurie Dawai
    Laurie Dawai 3 days ago

    LORDDDDDDD 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 Somebody scream “whip her arse” LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lulbaby
    lulbaby 3 days ago

    “nah jadA, caUsE iM, iM nOt the ONe foR thIS🤦🏽‍♂️🙄, hey, how u doin :)” what an icon living 💆🏽‍♀️

  • lulbaby
    lulbaby 3 days ago

    god dammit, Jada.

  • Terry Davis
    Terry Davis 5 days ago


  • Jolysia O
    Jolysia O 10 days ago

    Where can I watch the full episode at?

  • Beverlyn Gaviria castaño

    Will Smith 😍😍😍

  • iamjustsaying
    iamjustsaying 12 days ago

    Love how red table talk just became an ad for his Facebook show lol

  • Sora
    Sora 17 days ago

    yea salt & vinegar is so wrong LOL. Thank you, Will

  • Inspiring Creative Entertainment, LLC

    I know that’s right damn it!

  • Inspiring Creative Entertainment, LLC

    You the best champ

  • Bellz Mail
    Bellz Mail 19 days ago

    Will reminds me of my brother such a good heart guy... The women control him he need to be the man.... Will you soo handsome

  • Carla Stewart
    Carla Stewart 21 day ago

    I remember having a pitcher of there family at my desk at work i uese to wish i could have that one day that was over 20 yrs ago..well it didnt work out that way but i still love them..

  • Igor Pierre
    Igor Pierre 21 day ago

    I dont even know what Red table is

  • mycal Chess
    mycal Chess 22 days ago

    Something is very strange with this couple

  • i had a dream
    i had a dream 22 days ago

    Hey how you doing 😂😂😂

  • Pablo Becerra
    Pablo Becerra 23 days ago

    0:49 funny AF wow when you need ppl to hype you up but they're not clutch

  • wael karaki
    wael karaki 23 days ago

    Yaaaahh man !

  • Big Moe
    Big Moe 24 days ago +5

    Will and Jada belong together. They got the same spirit. Charisma. Humor. And talented peoples.

  • Mustang_maya
    Mustang_maya 25 days ago

    I am glad someone agrees with the sea salf and vinegar chips is a bad idea

  • Clear_Chandelier
    Clear_Chandelier 27 days ago +2

    "I love you too, I'll be in the kitchen."

    Literally what I would say to my mom whenever we are at a birthday party or are having thanksgiving.

  • HeyItsALX
    HeyItsALX 27 days ago

    Cant find my pool table!?

  • A Cobra
    A Cobra 28 days ago

    I love your house it looks relaxing...minus all the get up for the show👍...Bad Boys 3 will be lit✔💯🔥

  • NEECY B.
    NEECY B. 29 days ago

    You broke yourself you scientology freak

  • Janille Gendron
    Janille Gendron 29 days ago

    Notice they don't touch each other the whole video! Even taking pictures!

  • Sezz Bo
    Sezz Bo 29 days ago

    Alright for some mofos eh lol

    TBAEC Month ago

    That is something not many people can go through much less talk about with family for public scrutiny. It gives me hope that even in your darkest moments of your life you can find yourself and your family.

  • Nate Brandon
    Nate Brandon Month ago +1

    Is his homie RoboCop?

  • Shmoptimus Prime
    Shmoptimus Prime Month ago

    How Jada keep looking better and better??

  • Isiac Artison
    Isiac Artison Month ago

    His house is a peninsula

  • IknowwhoseIAM 1
    IknowwhoseIAM 1 Month ago

    Poor Will 😂😂😂 did the most before it all started cos he was so nervous ha ha ha

  • Melissa Romain
    Melissa Romain Month ago

    How can i become successful on you tube videos from Trinidad

  • Jay S
    Jay S Month ago

    Aye Aye Aye don't put my business in the street

  • bashkar raj
    bashkar raj Month ago

    I'm big fan of will smith Tamil Nadu

  • Renee Terrell
    Renee Terrell Month ago

    I do not care for Jada conducts herself as a NONE WIFE... I dont care for her. You don't wanna be a WIFE but reap in the title and benefits of it. Marriage was created to build a family from husband and wife. But everything has been perverted everyone is the head of the family. I dont like Jada she come off phony like she RUN will not LOVE will. Thats why home needs to be home and business needs to be business. WILL IS NOT THE MAN IF HIS FAMILY UNFORTUNATELY AND IT SHOWS..

  • Juggling Taxi Famous

    He put his personal life on 📺 tv, really sad 😞. This fake tv 📺

  • Sabree Henry
    Sabree Henry Month ago

    cracking up.....shot a movie or two, came back and my bro space has been displaced? LOL

  • FireKnighty
    FireKnighty Month ago

    Oh that's hot that's hot

  • Marcin S
    Marcin S Month ago

    His Rich AF

    TEA SPILL Month ago +3

    I thought I really knew will Smith up until he made that salt and vinegar crisp statement. 🙁 know I don’t even know this man...

  • Sarah Bella
    Sarah Bella Month ago

    They employ so many people!

  • Musiclover 390192
    Musiclover 390192 Month ago

    Jenna marbles has more subs than you

  • JadaMP
    JadaMP Month ago +1

    Total waste of 8 minutes.

  • captain cool
    captain cool Month ago

    Jada still looking like a snack

  • Jeremiah Stokes
    Jeremiah Stokes Month ago +1

    The Smith Family is a Mess !!!

  • Fuck Life
    Fuck Life Month ago +3

    “Sea salt and vinegar ,who the hell thought that was a taste for a chip?” I died at that part

  • Spiral Master
    Spiral Master Month ago

    Das hawt

  • that things fully operational

    Yaaaah it's rewind time

  • Leo Dickson
    Leo Dickson Month ago +1

    That man has the kinda house I’m working towards getting...

  • nic sharp
    nic sharp Month ago +3

    So Wills gone from a cool actor to a RUclipr? Fresh Prince of Social Media.......

  • Gh Gj
    Gh Gj Month ago

    I​ love.​ Will

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik Month ago

    Is willow male or female?

  • Karen Baker
    Karen Baker Month ago

    Awesome 👍

  • Teh Gamist
    Teh Gamist Month ago +1

    Get off the platform.

    MizAZ DOMiNGUEZ Month ago

    I love this family 💜

  • Archangelgod 23
    Archangelgod 23 Month ago


  • Daaveed Seth
    Daaveed Seth Month ago +1

    What a beautiful couple, I'm not quite sure if it gets any better 😉

  • Robert Rindik
    Robert Rindik Month ago

    How dare you? Table Talk is SourceFed's turf!

  • Zekken320 Gaming
    Zekken320 Gaming Month ago

    His family is so beautiful❤️

  • Un Known
    Un Known Month ago

    The Smith Family should be on the front cover Magazine of Essence or which ever is for Blacks.

  • Me Me
    Me Me Month ago

    Say the poem “tick tock clock” from fresh prince of bel air

  • EuroFlight 38
    EuroFlight 38 Month ago

    She cant break anything, she was born to build as you and your children, i would say god bless you but it’s pretty obvious that he already did 🙌🏼🎩

  • Kenny Le
    Kenny Le Month ago +10

    God damn The Smith family are so gorgeous and talented, please leave some for us peasant.

  • Slime Slime 101
    Slime Slime 101 Month ago +11

    Growing with you has been a blessing to America. Gods gift

  • happyhappyjoyful
    happyhappyjoyful Month ago

    Will has long since has played to his audience....jada look fed up with him..her energy changes with his energy present..i know what i sense..but im jus a visitor..lkl

  • Judy Brown
    Judy Brown Month ago

    Ego- edge God out

  • Judy Brown
    Judy Brown Month ago

    Where is the girl friend

  • Hazel Chiyungi
    Hazel Chiyungi Month ago +4

    And here I thought it's just a camera in front of them 😂😂😂 all this stuff...in the house 😂😂

  • jon brown
    jon brown Month ago +1

    Google's token black guy !

  • Old Aunt Shirl
    Old Aunt Shirl Month ago +24

    Wiil Smith and Jada remind me of Frozone and his wife off incredibles

  • Dakota Velazquez
    Dakota Velazquez Month ago

    Will used to make rap music without cuss words so I already know he cried

  • rahmat wardak
    rahmat wardak Month ago

    Markass blackieeee

  • Danii Amorim
    Danii Amorim Month ago

    Meu sonho é conhecer esse cara ❤😓 mais que pena que não vai dar, 💕🍃 admiro d+

  • White Rose
    White Rose Month ago +1

    I just love Will Smith he's so cool 😍

  • Muhammad Inaam
    Muhammad Inaam Month ago

    I watched the Red Table Talk for the first time and all I can say is wow

  • kai loves jimin and taemin

    Just how big is this house?

  • M
    M Month ago

    Will's family is nice to see. They're adorable. I wish I could marry someone like him

  • Shahd Q
    Shahd Q Month ago

    I wanna live willow’s life

  • MissSunflower242
    MissSunflower242 Month ago +1

    Swear I thot that rising dust was legit!

  • MikeAnthonyVEVO
    MikeAnthonyVEVO Month ago


  • Kilmer Porter
    Kilmer Porter Month ago

    Who cares....Go finish up an L Ron Hubbard book Lord knows that Xenu awaits you

  • Rita  Alicea
    Rita Alicea Month ago

    Will got on my nerves, trying to be funny.

  • HumidGreen
    HumidGreen Month ago

    I love how y’all held hands as a family before beginning and prayed 🙏🏾. A family that prays together stays together.

  • TheBarking2
    TheBarking2 Month ago

    I like the fact that no matter what they do family is almost always present. And their individuality makes for a interesting story.

  • 2adonisandbeyond
    2adonisandbeyond Month ago

    I love you and your family will. Black royalty. If it matters, the whale never said he works for you or anything of that nature. He is a mastermind at whatever it is he does. If he is not on your team he should be. He should be running your show.

  • jordan
    jordan Month ago

    will is the most wholesome youtuber i cant

  • Vann Helsin
    Vann Helsin Month ago +1

    Willow is gorgeous 😍

  • John Myron
    John Myron Month ago +1

    Damn what a cool family

  • Black Risem
    Black Risem Month ago +5

    JADA!! *I'm still the man up in here* 😂😂😂 go head Will!

  • hyucklee
    hyucklee Month ago

    Imagine being a smith; you'd be rich, famous AND smart because you have parents like intelligent will and Jada pushing you to do your best in studies

  • Eva Zhou
    Eva Zhou Month ago

    will smith is a youtuber now omg

  • Ben Hardy
    Ben Hardy Month ago

    Will Smith is the King and Jada is the Queen like 50 cent say if I was your best friend😕🙃

  • Francis HC
    Francis HC Month ago +1

    "This is my house because I thought it was a house... "
    Hahaha I just love this man.

  • Sabrina Sakura
    Sabrina Sakura Month ago

    Ce le meilleur dès papa marié et même quand il été jeune il été meilleur il ultra archi mega cool un superbe papa quoi ❤️

  • Barbra Kathleen
    Barbra Kathleen Month ago +1

    I love this family and my goodness their all so good looking...like ....what the heck?!?!

  • Geocimar Lopes
    Geocimar Lopes Month ago


  • Leslie Tehuitzil
    Leslie Tehuitzil Month ago

    All I hear is Oscar the Sharkslayer and Gloria the Hippo