I AM A GIRL! | House M.D.

  • House discovers his patient, a teenage super model, has cancer but not in an area she would expect. House finds that she was birthed as male but is immune to testosterone, giving her heightened female traits. However this doesn't seem to sit well with this patient.
    Season 2 Episode 13 "Skin Deep"
    House treats a teenage supermodel (Cameron Richardson) who suddenly passes out during a fashion show. When her toxicology screen shows heroin, she is treated for addiction; unfortunately, her symptoms continue after she is weaned off the drugs. Meanwhile, House fights off increasingly bad leg pain.
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  • The Official AnimeCitizen

    Sooo...wait..the DNA changed from M-F through..?? Hermaphrodite?! I NEED RESEARCH! THIS IS NEW!!!

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 8 hours ago

      She has CAIS. Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. She is genetically male, it ever changed. Her body is unable to react to androgens (such as testosterone), so she developed to look female.

  • william deng
    william deng 19 hours ago

    so it just so happens she is immune testosteron and is gay

  • WassupItsMike!
    WassupItsMike! 20 hours ago

    So can anyone answer me this, can she help create a baby? like, does she have sperm? Or eggs? Or even a womb?

  • Welcome To Watch Mo
    Welcome To Watch Mo 23 hours ago

    The Ultimate Trap

  • Zolwena
    Zolwena Day ago +1

    I had a son who died at birth, when he was delivered, the person who delivered him had worked 3, 24 hours shift and was extremely tired, God Bless the Doctor. when the Doctor looked at our precious boys genitals, he told us the sex, from what he was seeing. He said our newborn was a girl. We named her Julie Ann, we etched that into the container that held "her" ashes, it was not until autopsy results came in that we knew SHE was a HE! So we had a new container for his ashes with his name Roger Edmund for when his ashes were put into the earth. God bless all who have to go through this kind of thing. I loved her/his soul from the moment I knew I was with child. He is with Jesus now. Has been for over 20 years. I will one day walk with him, I hope he forgives me for first naming him Julie. And for all of you that cannot understand gender roles.... take a moment to open your minds and your hearts.....

  • Andrè -Psychoacoustic- Oscar

    He's a man.

  • D SAL
    D SAL Day ago +1

    Ok look it doesn’t matter if you say your the opposite gender if you have a Y chromosome you are a guy no mater what you cant change that it’s biologically impossible and no i will not put peoples feelings before science. Until there is a way to physically change the Y chromosome you’ll always be a guy no matter how much make up, feminine appeal, or how much you denied it. It’s fact and not a opinion

  • Amber Warnke
    Amber Warnke Day ago

    Ok, but he should still call her a she, like he can’t just call her a “he,” that’s rude

    • O z
      O z Day ago


  • Ali Ortakaya
    Ali Ortakaya Day ago

    Why she's looking like Keanu Reeves

  • Sego S
    Sego S Day ago

    First she had brown hair now blond 🤔

  • Coliseo Rodríguez

    "The ultimate woman is a man".
    - Caitlyn Jenner approves this message.

  • Home Kitchen
    Home Kitchen Day ago

    What's the problem, ffs? Just live life, play the cards you're dealt. Idiotic victimhood crap.

  • Queen Taffyy
    Queen Taffyy Day ago

    “No, a joke would be me calling you a homo”

  • Silly Draco
    Silly Draco Day ago

    *spongebob voice* I... AM A MAN

  • JPaulus Photography
    JPaulus Photography 2 days ago

    The ULTIMATE QUESTION is... Would you date her after hes operated?

  • Arthur Bazanelli
    Arthur Bazanelli 2 days ago

    Background guy at 5:17 enjoyed that, you can see his smile

  • Kal El
    Kal El 2 days ago +3

    If only house was real so he could mock and stop COVID 19 .

  • Justin Oliver
    Justin Oliver 2 days ago

    Dude smiled at 5:18

  • leavemelonely
    leavemelonely 3 days ago

    So she wouldnt be able to have kids?

  • Rex Luther
    Rex Luther 3 days ago

    This is A Trap Episode

    THE MIGHTY RON 3 days ago


  • James Barr
    James Barr 3 days ago

    house is based

  • Jrwright 78
    Jrwright 78 3 days ago

    I would hate to see the bill for these guys.

  • César Erasmo Rayón Núñez

    I don’t know squat about medicine, but my brother and I used to watch House with our dad -he’s a doctor-. He told us that, save for a few exaggerations made for dramatic purposes, most of House’s cases are pretty accurate, medically speaking. We were pretty shocked when my dad correctly diagnosed that the patient of this episode was actually a man suffering from testicular cancer. Science is wicked awesome!

  • James
    James 3 days ago

    It would have been kinder not to tell her, treat her cancer and just let her keep believing she was a woman

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 3 days ago

      Given her history of being an abuser, I wouldn't personally feel the need to be kind. However, keeping that kind of information from a patient is illegal.

  • Tenoki
    Tenoki 4 days ago

    Don't really see why they are so upset about her being a guy

  • William Schlass
    William Schlass 4 days ago

    facts dont care about your feelings

  • M Lang
    M Lang 4 days ago +1

    5:11 It's 2020, you can be whatever you want to be! Even a beer bottle.

  • Justin Dowden
    Justin Dowden 4 days ago +1

    Even men are better at being women. Lmao

  • Lenny Watt
    Lenny Watt 4 days ago +1

    The patient plays Michelle in Open Water Adrift

  • brandooooon5
    brandooooon5 4 days ago

    Could you imagine making this episode now? The LGBTQ community would probably go to hugh laurie's house and light him on fire.

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea 3 days ago

      And it would be their fault for overreacting, because this isn't about gender identity, it's about missing a genetic defect. If doctors discovered his issue when he was born, none of this would have happened. His testicles would be removed, he would be told his condition when he was old enough to understand and then live his life however he pleases.
      But because they didn't, they just looked at her outward appearance and said "this is a woman," including himself. It's not that he identifies as a woman, it's about that everyone thought he was.

  • O. H.
    O. H. 4 days ago

    Not a labyrinth reference

  • Taylor Latinovich
    Taylor Latinovich 5 days ago

    She clearly identifies as a woman and even has the outward appearance of a woman, so why does House keep calling her a man and using he/him pronouns? I would maybe understand calling her body "male" but she's still a woman.

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea 3 days ago

      He does not identify as a woman because of the idea that gender is seperate from sex. He identified as a woman because he looked like one and felt like one and because that's what he was told who he was. But in truth, he is not biologically female. He is male. Making every single action he has taken into a new light.
      Including sleeping with many men and even his own dad for blackmailing.

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 4 days ago

      He doesn't care about the feelings of someone who admits to, and is unrepentant of, being a s*xual as*ailant.

  • kahna noyhi
    kahna noyhi 5 days ago

    Some idiots in the comment section saying house is ignorant while he had sex with his dad and his dad was upset that he was boy rather seeing him as his child but ok house is ignorant . Smh

  • TicToc RobotSnot
    TicToc RobotSnot 5 days ago

    Welp, this episode aged like milk.

  • David Heffron
    David Heffron 5 days ago

    House really is a fucking monster.

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 4 days ago

      The real monster here is the girl who got her father drunk, forced herself on him, and then used it as blackmail to control him.

  • kate farr
    kate farr 5 days ago


  • wlodell
    wlodell 6 days ago

    Genius writing and great acting. Classic episode.

  • Azraiel213
    Azraiel213 6 days ago +6

    Interesting to see how hypersensitive people have become between House's acclaimed release and today.

    • bigniper
      bigniper 3 days ago

      @lancer D Get used to it. It's called Real life.

    • lancer D
      lancer D 4 days ago +2

      You get that House is supposed to be an asshole, right? Pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth was as provacative/offensive then as it is now.

    JJJ QQQ 6 days ago


  • Brandon L
    Brandon L 6 days ago +1

    "His DNA says different" bam, TV Doc says it better than most of the world

    JOHN THEHUMANIST 6 days ago +2

    So,house proves that male's and female's have more
    in common than they do different?

    • Yo Momma
      Yo Momma 2 days ago

      Having eyes and an insect to compare with proves that just fine without House.

    • Jure Gladek
      Jure Gladek 5 days ago +1

      well only 2% deferetes human from a monkey so yes and no.

  • TheCoolProfessor
    TheCoolProfessor 6 days ago

    5:12 Guys how often do we wish it was that simple?

  • matrix49A
    matrix49A 6 days ago +1

    He is never going to touch "her" again.

  • usmleaspirant
    usmleaspirant 6 days ago


    JOHN THEHUMANIST 6 days ago +2

    social justice warriors are not scared of
    -CORONA- because EVERYTHING is a social construct!!!!!!!!

  • winsomehax
    winsomehax 7 days ago +1

    One of House's most brutal patient contacts. The sheer glee he takes is fantastic. Oh, and we don't all start out as female. "We all start as female" is a political statement pushed by feminists, not a scientific one. Your sex is determined at conception - fight me lefty anti-science nutcases.

    • A. K.
      A. K. 4 days ago

      No, it's a simplified scientific statement. The gonads are undifferentiated at conception, and it is the presence or absence of the SRY gene that will influence their further development.

      JOHN THEHUMANIST 6 days ago +1

      Well done,well done-ENLIGHTENMENT OVER SOCIALISM!

  • FloridaGiant305
    FloridaGiant305 7 days ago

    NO WAY this show would work today!!!! I still love it though!! LOL

  • Krispy As Fk
    Krispy As Fk 7 days ago

    This comment section is proof Covid 19 must wipe out the majority of the planet.

  • moonchildrxv \\.R
    moonchildrxv \\.R 7 days ago

    It's not cool that he used he/him pronounces and then called her a man????

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 7 days ago +2

      @moonchildrxv \\.R This isn't about intersex people. This is about this one person, who happens to be intersex.

    • moonchildrxv \\.R
      moonchildrxv \\.R 7 days ago

      @peepslostsheep I never said anything about that
      I meant that it's offending to actual intersex people

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 7 days ago

      It's also not fair that she s*xually assaulted her father and used it as blackmail to control him.

  • whats right
    whats right 7 days ago +2

    that was a complex episode

  • 0i0l0o
    0i0l0o 7 days ago +1

    So, biology says it does not matter how we feel about our gender? Did not saw that coming -.-

  • Valerie Sanchez
    Valerie Sanchez 8 days ago

    The part where she cries looks similar to McCauley Culkin

  • Richard Joyce
    Richard Joyce 8 days ago


  • vidfreak56
    vidfreak56 8 days ago

    So i dont have to actually watch this now. Phew! Three 6 min videos and its like watching the whole thing!

  • gertjan van der meij

    House would be a great duo with "the doctor" from star trek voyager ! They both have terrible bedside manners ;-)

  • whois wat
    whois wat 8 days ago

    in nowadays world, if this was real he would have been fired 1000 times. Very unprofessional doctor.

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 8 days ago

      That would have been true when the episode aired as well. The point of the show isn't to be realistic, or to have a professional doctor.

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia 9 days ago +27

    "The ultimate woman is a Man" The Patriachy *always* wins.

    • ecxstasy
      ecxstasy 6 days ago

      cesar garcia Though not sure if it’s a patriarchal thing....

    • ecxstasy
      ecxstasy 6 days ago

      cesar garcia Caitlyn Jenner 😂

  • frolicinq
    frolicinq 9 days ago

    If she says she's a girl she's a girl. Stop calling her a man. She is a woman, no matter what her body looks like!

      JOHN THEHUMANIST 6 days ago +1

      House will fight for his patient AND the
      truth no matter what.
      (and no matter marxism)

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 8 days ago +1

      House knows, and has no issues with how anyone identifies. His issue is that she's a terrible person.

  • NeoRipshaft
    NeoRipshaft 9 days ago

    hot damn that is super yikesey lol - I keep thinking house is fairly recent but I guess it's an old series
    This is something any medical professional who'd be dealing with the patient would know - for like the past 30-40 years easily - must of the textbook material I saw in my education used examples that were at least that old - and they'd know that people identify with gender lol not something they don't even know exists like internal testes >.

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 9 days ago

      House knows, and has no issues with how anyone identifies. His issue is that she's a terrible person.

  • TheGrouchDnD
    TheGrouchDnD 9 days ago

    I'd smash

  • Horrendous Gaming
    Horrendous Gaming 9 days ago

    She's genetically a trap bruhhhh

  • Ash Chaya
    Ash Chaya 10 days ago

    Something something something trans gay homophobe. Please give me 5,000 likes now.
    Cool, thanks.

  • Batman
    Batman 10 days ago +5

    House would inhale seven Vicodin pills and defeat the coronavirus by the next morning

    • Brandon Veltri
      Brandon Veltri Day ago

      I could see him giving those patients chloroquine while he looks for serum bags to steal

  • Simple Jack
    Simple Jack 10 days ago +1

    dude looks like a lady

  • James Williams
    James Williams 10 days ago +1

    I’d still smash

  • Brandon Magana
    Brandon Magana 11 days ago +6

    I saw someone say that people this age would be so sensitive that they would be "boycotting" this show or the network. Which is sadly true.

    • simplythebest286
      simplythebest286 9 days ago +3

      the entire show would NEVER make it in today's televesion where everything is racist , sexist..... way too many fragile snowflakes and angry social justice warriors !!!

  • arlothedino
    arlothedino 11 days ago +1

    I learned about this in my psych class. It's called androgen insensitivity syndrome.

  • InYoFace 05
    InYoFace 05 11 days ago

    So is this what other boys think might happen when their balls dont drop.

  • Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison 11 days ago

    What a kick in the clackers!

  • Christian Linnemann
    Christian Linnemann 11 days ago +8

    Oak: "Are you a boy or a girl?"

    Oak: "This is my grandson. He is your rival. What what his name again?"

  • vm141789
    vm141789 12 days ago +2

    Well... she did do some pretty messed up things. Maybe this was life's way of getting back at her.

  • Desperate4 Views
    Desperate4 Views 12 days ago

    She’s hot tho

  • Kari Ziebarth
    Kari Ziebarth 12 days ago

    This didn't age well into the new decade, did it! LMFAO

  • Silky3
    Silky3 12 days ago +2

    Father slept with his daughter then finds out he slept with his son. Which one committed suicide 1st? No way they were going back to normal after that. Love House's no-nonsense, direct approach, everyone else on here just dances around the subject all the time.

  • Billy But Whole
    Billy But Whole 12 days ago +1

    She must have some squidward genes too.

  • Erin Heck
    Erin Heck 12 days ago

    Me (after house drops the bomb):
    Boobs: check
    Girly body: check
    Effeminate: check
    Ok, let's get this done so I can take my old lady home.

  • Andrew Bergamann
    Andrew Bergamann 12 days ago

    Checkmate Feminists 😎👌🏼

  • Matthew Diaz
    Matthew Diaz 12 days ago

    In today's political you are how you feel. Facts don't matter anymore. Truth is subjective.

  • Daylightbright
    Daylightbright 13 days ago +2

    This episode could've handled AIS better if I'm being honest

    • peepslostsheep
      peepslostsheep 12 days ago +4

      He treated her like garbage because she's a sexual abuser and a blackmailer. Not because she has CAIS.