Lingerie Boxing at Day of Destruction 11 - Lia Joyce vs Carolin Ott

  • Published on Aug 11, 2016
  • Lingerie Fighting under boxing rules at DoD 11 between our Ring-girl since DAY OF DESTRUCTION 5 called Lia Joyce versus Carolin Ott from the Kickbox Team Thürkau fighting out of Newtown. This fight was a heart's desire and a tribute to Lia who was preparing for it just 3 month at SIAMSTORE - HAMBURG. Special thanks goes to the german fight commentator Tobias Gerold from GNP1 who is employed as judge at ringside by the famous GLORY Kickboxing Series. The match took place at DAY OF DESTRUCTION 11 in Newtown / Hanover and was presented by Ralf Stege Promotion & Management. All fights are protected by copyright and broadcasted by DAY OF DESTRUCTION TV.
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Comments • 55

    JASMR 15 days ago

    They both suck ass

  • yank1776
    yank1776 3 months ago

    That was a joke ? Right ?

  • tacy cooper
    tacy cooper 3 months ago +1

    I love that name of Lia I love boxing so much

  • Michael Colwill
    Michael Colwill 3 months ago


  • George Page
    George Page 4 months ago +1

    Lia needs to go back to the strip club. Only boxing she should do is on Christmas.

  • Bob Saturday
    Bob Saturday 4 months ago +4

    why did I click this ? its my own fault .
    hopefully I can blot it outa my mind in time

  • White vs Black
    White vs Black 4 months ago +1

    Redhead girl won

    • christy h
      christy h 3 months ago

      Wish theyd really gone for it.also that her dress was shorter!

  • Miguel Ángel
    Miguel Ángel 4 months ago


  • Eduardo Dutra
    Eduardo Dutra 4 months ago

    bullshet bullshet

    • El Camino
      El Camino 4 months ago

      That you just wrote it twice makes the spelling not more correctly.

  • EM
    EM 5 months ago

    Das sieht halt mal komplett scheise aus 😂

  • Abel Lopez
    Abel Lopez 7 months ago +1

    Who tf wears earings an boxes??? Never seen a bitch look good and get her ass beat doing it untill today. Lmao 😆😂

  • Marie Douthitt
    Marie Douthitt 10 months ago +3

    The tatted girl does have a nice body and whatever but she sucks at boxing

  • mrmrmosse
    mrmrmosse 10 months ago


  • trefeemeke glz
    trefeemeke glz 11 months ago

    good money for the girls

  • LaughTooHard
    LaughTooHard 11 months ago +3

    A draw? Oh please! What a joke. In this fight the girl with tattoos could have been beaten by her shadow.

  • Freedom Now
    Freedom Now Year ago +4

    The white girl is wearing too many clothes.

    • chilly yilly
      chilly yilly 3 months ago

      @christy h
      Ugh, I can see it now. Why? Why?? I can't take this anymore 😀

    • christy h
      christy h 3 months ago +1

      chilly yilly .the fabled and much desired 'miniskirt girlfight'! Once seen,never forgotten !! Especially white v black girl.think on.........

    • chilly yilly
      chilly yilly 3 months ago +1

      @christy h
      You just gave me an idea. How dare you? 😀

    • christy h
      christy h 3 months ago +1

      @chilly yilly im loving the little dress.8 inches shorter and that would be well worth watching

    • chilly yilly
      chilly yilly 9 months ago

      Huh! She is wearing a dress and the other is wearing Amazon warrior

  • Keith Johnson
    Keith Johnson Year ago +2

    What kind of boxing is this? The girl keeps turning her head when she gets hit! And how come one of them, has ear rings ON? Sorry! This is not a Draw!

  • Candy Kheter
    Candy Kheter Year ago +1

    haha Lia Joyce nice sexy outfit and thong. If I were so crazy to get into a ring to fight against some alpha bitch, I would dress as sexy as Lia Joyce, that way if that alpha girl kicks my ass, at least I'll look good sexy on the floor all beaten.

  • Tom Snyder
    Tom Snyder Year ago


  • nigel mayhew
    nigel mayhew Year ago +10

    Who was the judges stevie wonder & Ray Charles!!.

  • Gaby Kahen
    Gaby Kahen Year ago

    oh my god this bitch knows how to fight well. She is working over the other girl big time; I would not last 5 seconds against this bitch fighter and I would have the same fate that this poor girl beaten; I am terribly bad to defend myself and fight. In high school, a chubby and nerdy girl with glasses gave me a beating that left me with a couple of bruises on my face and bloody mouth and nose because she accused me of flirting her tomboy girlfriend.

  • CustomGadget
    CustomGadget Year ago

    Lara croft wannabe, take my advise. Try porn instead cos your body only looks suited for fucking, not fighting. You can't fight but I can bet you know your way around dicks and pussies.

  • Beda Kulich
    Beda Kulich Year ago +1

    Si vybrala špatný podnik 😂😂

  • Steven James
    Steven James Year ago +12

    White girl won hands down.

    • Wayne Chipman
      Wayne Chipman 3 months ago

      This was hilarious, of course it was a draw, were you looking for a Golden Gloves fight?????

  • Steven James
    Steven James Year ago +1

    Liam got a wedgie

  • Reh Bandeira
    Reh Bandeira Year ago

    Isso? Que isso?? Kkkkkkk

  • Justin Carroll
    Justin Carroll Year ago +1

    that's not the winner no fucking way rigged big time I seen it all wow

  • paola MT
    paola MT Year ago +1

    Que mrd es esto?? Ninguna boxea ,y la de tatuajes mostrando el culo xddd

    • Candy Kheter
      Candy Kheter Year ago

      querida paola MT, haha si ninguna boxea bien, y la que no sabe pelear nada al menos se ve super sexy en tanga. Si yo fuera tan loca de subir a un ring de boxeo contra alguna flaca perra alfa, yo me vestiría igual de sexy que Lia Joyce, de esa forma si me patean mi culito, al menos me voy a ver bien sexy en suelo KO jaja

  • abc def
    abc def 2 years ago


  • Corey Farrow
    Corey Farrow 2 years ago

    btw this is reverse psychology they grade and teach

  • Corey Farrow
    Corey Farrow 2 years ago +2

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  • Jungin Baek
    Jungin Baek 2 years ago


  • W C
    W C 2 years ago +5

    This has to be "entertainment" between fights.

    • Day of Destruction TV
      Day of Destruction TV  2 years ago +1

      It was exactly that: Entertainment between the other fights of that show. ;-)

  • Michael
    Michael 2 years ago +3

    That tatted chick sucks!!! She kept turning her back. What a joke

  • daaam!
    daaam! 2 years ago +2

    I thought granny panties won smh

  • E. L. Hicks
    E. L. Hicks 2 years ago +9

    How could the darker chick be declared the winner? She had her back to her much more skilled opponent after each engagement.

    • christy h
      christy h 3 months ago

      @Jim Jonrs .girl in the little dress would wreck her in a real brawl

    • Jim Jonrs
      Jim Jonrs 4 months ago +1

      She had more tats. And showed more a...

    • Ron C
      Ron C Year ago

      The scoring was like in golf: the lowest score wins.

    • dennis altman
      dennis altman 2 years ago

      you don't really think "lingerie boxing" is a legitimate sport, do you?

    • El Camino
      El Camino 2 years ago +1

      Darker girl was not the winner - the decision was a draw!

  • Core i9-9900K
    Core i9-9900K 2 years ago +6

    Now I have seen everything!

  • Matka Spejsona
    Matka Spejsona 3 years ago +10

    what the fuck was that shit?

    • tandarts
      tandarts 2 years ago +3

      Sort of Victoria's Secret lingerie fashion show