How To Make Vegetarian Lasagna

Today I show you how to make a delicious vegetarian lasagna. Vegetarian lasagna is incredibly easy to make, it's also incredible delicious. This lasagna recipe has been in my family for generations! You'll see why when you take your first bite of this mouth watering - melt in your mouth lasagne. You won't believe this lasagna is vegetarian. Simply follow the step by step instructions and your lasagna will turn out perfect. Enjoy!

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Автор HowToBasic ( назад)
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Автор Sharingan King ( назад)
For one second i thought this was an actual how to but then i realised that you can never trust how to basic

Автор Leonel Messi ( назад)

Автор Plague AnTi-Human ( назад)
how do you function as a human being at all or are you even human? xD

Автор KrisGamer ( назад)
PTM que susto por un momento creí que sería un tutorial de verdad

Автор African Kid ( назад)
I could of eat that stove

Автор I need healing. ( назад)
Garfield's diet

Автор Tyler Marcroft hi ( назад)
hahaha Im pretty sure all the food howtobasic has used in his vids could feed all of africa

Автор Cute Kitty Cat ( назад)
Im a vegan and before he DESTROYED the food he was cooking in the pan it actually looked good

Автор DARK PLUM ( назад)
Can I imagine the vegetarian fag that clicked on this video thinking it was a jenuin food video

Автор MoondaPanda ( назад)
Ok fine I laughed at 1:45

Автор Dylan Trahan ( назад)
There's 🧀

Автор BronzeProPlays ( назад)
yea chicken stripes 100 prozent vegetarian

Автор farmer bob ( назад)
oh shit fam, thats why u mass ordered those veggies from me.

Автор Bulwark1911 ( назад)
Dory does Dallas

Автор Trixell Channel ( назад)
this video was a "wait for it"

Автор xJaems GT ( назад)
Me: Finally a serious video
after 20 seconds after 1 min.

Автор Лютый ( назад)
Далбоеб ебаный, лучше мне эту еду отдал!

Автор B33M ( назад)
did someone actually try this, i mean until it gets crazy? i think its not bad

Автор rektTV ( назад)
Vegetarian Lasagna but with chicken strips. Hmmmmmmm

Автор Nicholas Rotondo ( назад)
I bet if this guy stopped doing this it would end world hunger IM NOT HATING

Автор Matt_Retos Y Mas!! ( назад)
como alguien puede estar tan mao de la puta cabeza

Автор T. Games ( назад)
I will try to make this food in my dad's restaurant. It is just AMAZIMG😍😘😍

Автор Terri Curtis ( назад)
in turns from nice to.... I don't even know

Автор Ali Ekrem Bilen ( назад)

Автор Satire Saint ( назад)
lol your oven is fucked

Автор H:ZDWatcher ( назад)
It's weird to think if this guy didnt sperg out half way through the video, he'd actually have a decent tutorial channel. Paths not taken and all that.

Автор Braeden Mclean ( назад)
all the food wasted, the kids in africa...... the fuck am i taking about they can eat dirt p.s its organic

Автор Kohaku Takahashi ( назад)
the thumbnail lasagna has meat in it hah

Автор RushEagle ( назад)

Автор Aya Ragragui ( назад)
The fishes the wall those vegetables omg i am done with that man

Автор Night Skull47 ( назад)
who noticed that when he threw the bowl the light flickered (who also saw that?)

Автор Burrito Almighty ( назад)
technically people can still follow the recipe, but they have to guess how hot the oven must be and how long they need to cook it. thats literally the only thing he actually left out of the tutorial.

Автор Sassy LPS ( назад)
He should've made a normal video for april fools

Автор Aleksander Rinaldo ( назад)
this video should be called: How to make a eggsagna. Xd lelelelelel.

Автор Isabella Essien ( назад)
I had a lasaga add before dis...

Автор Space Potato ( назад)

Автор Андрей Олешко ( назад)
Бля ну нахуя стекло то разъебал на духовке?)))

Автор Danica Mews ( назад)
not the lasaga

Автор Trey Rath ( назад)
This one survived much longer than normal

Автор Go for love #2 ( назад)
But I love lasagna 🤤😭

Автор Hayden Boone ( назад)
Is it bad I think he could actually be a really good cook

Автор Valdo Lohanda ( назад)
it looks perfect, professional and delicious 'till 1.17 hmm

Автор Bjørn Christopher Wang ( назад)
Omfg I almost died when he was deepthroating that fish!!!!

Автор Luis Alveo ( назад)
u fucking broke ur oven!!!!!!

Автор svit jeram ( назад)
anddd you had to ruin it at the end


Автор nice ( назад)
>throws fish to "lasagna"

Автор axl GT ( назад)
i just told my mom about this and she just freak out hahahaha

Автор The Mindcraft Unicorn ( назад)
I was really hoping for real food but... This got my hopes up Untill..... He started smashing his oven (ヽ´ω`) is the oven ok?

Автор The Mindcraft Unicorn ( назад)
Gezz is he ok? .... (´-﹏-`;)

Автор Mayra Orellana ( назад)

Автор Emily Is awesome ( назад)
Would it be mean to send this to my vegetarian friend who I don't like anymore? (And they r super mean to me)

Автор DΛLΛKMΛN ( назад)
1:43 Not my proudest fap...

Автор Liza. Audrey. Catherine ( назад)
I think he really is a good cook though hahha

Автор Liza. Audrey. Catherine ( назад)
it was going so well hahaha

Автор Er Piuma ( назад)

Автор azazel TV ( назад)
I did it to the moment where he started to destroy it. and hey, that was pretty good

Автор Miki88 ( назад)
how to throw a eegg.Yes i said eegg.

Автор Logic FunXx7 ( назад)
What if he killed a vegetarian for the meat

Автор Ismi wyndham-dawe ( назад)
Well that took a turn

Автор Rian Marasabessy ( назад)
something is not right here, while you say its vegetarian but you add chicken strips in it...

its gonna be a disaster lasagna

Автор DPGaming ( назад)
He didn't. Add enough oil

Автор Steven Brown ( назад)
I actually thought he was going to be serious... XD

Автор Richard St.Amand ( назад)
that last part with the fish fucking killed me lol

Автор Joey Potvin ( назад)
it's look like vert fois

Автор Gameplay LG ( назад)
almost a video without crazy makes

Автор ToeSalad ( назад)
poor oven 😂

Автор francisco rodriguez ( назад)
los niños de África pudieron haber comido ese horno

Автор Jenna Klinghoffer ( назад)
I like that they manage to show you how to do this stuff but also fuck with your mental state as well.

Автор Pluto ( назад)
1:19 His mom walked in and said "Just be yourself!"

Автор Every ThingSpeCial ( назад)
are you crazy??????

Автор kalekalebro ( назад)
This was another's wait for it

Автор swag boy77 ( назад)
it started off normal

Автор SWAGGOHOLIC ( назад)

Автор Rizna Irshad ( назад)
When you were cooking it looked good but then once you opened the OVEN BOOOOOOOOOM

Автор Biigfoot ( назад)
how can a lasagna be vegetarian? wtf!

Автор HonzuGT ( назад)
When he said vegetarian chicken i lost it hahaahahah

Автор Nerfed ( назад)
My sister ate this and now she's in hospital :(
What should I do I followed all the steps :(

Автор Joshua Allen ( назад)
thats what i like about this it starts off like something delicious then turns into something bad

Автор BuyKorean ( назад)
Fact: Howtobasic loves girl toys
why: becuase i only see pony barbie and other girl toys

Автор Cain Baena ( назад)
at first i thought it was an actual tutorial but then i got to 1:15 then it got messy

Автор PugInABucket ( назад)
if you cant stop eating, you better watch this dudes videos

Автор Toxic Blizzard ( назад)
he f up the vegetarian thing by adding chicken

Автор Sergio dance ( назад)
You was doing well then you ruined it

Автор Vide Björkman ( назад)
HowToBasic should make a cooking channel. He seems like a decent cook!

Автор Rue Leonheart ( назад)
Just download this video, cut the last part, reupload, and you have a proper tutorial video for vergetarian lasagna.

Автор Orion Cozz ( назад)

Автор Suki Lau Tze Xuan ( назад)
I though he change but never mine lah

Автор Jerky Ugly ( назад)
amazing cook

Автор Chuckle cheese ( назад)
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is flick I

Автор Chibosi ( назад)
0:41 that actually looks good

Автор Osvaldo Guerra ( назад)
who else tried this

Автор Orange Wrecker ( назад)
People can still use this as a real recipe. Lol

Автор Jeremy Clarkson ( назад)
Imagine all the butthurt people watching this video as a tutorial on how to make lasagna XD

Автор coneja XD ( назад)

Автор DRKAĐONĐO q ( назад)
this starts like anormal video ends like a .......

Автор Tomas d ( назад)
1:05 oh this looks great
1:40 ... ...

Автор Old Hair ( назад)

Автор goji boy ( назад)
sums up why no one other than vegans would eat this disgusting crap

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