Conor McGregor Working the Bag in Cali #TheMacLife

Conor McGregor work out on the bag while in Los Angeles California
Conor's Conditioning Program https://themaclifefast.com/
Music by Notize https://soundcloud.com/notizeofficial

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Автор JDBoxingVids ( назад)
hes come a long way, and i admire his success in the game. however as far as beating mayweather? theres a very slim chance to that happening. Mayweather has been truly tested 50 times!! he has been boxing for so damn long, and conner is not likely to come and beat mayweather in his own game. also...his bag work is pretty weak from the boxing perspective.

Автор peter s ( назад)
Floydi gna eat him aliiiiveee

Автор Tomek Starosta ( назад)
Looks slow and awkward af with that bag, most likely gonna lose to Floyd. Smart business decision tho, he's gonna be set up for like 5 lifetimes after this fight. Gotta give credit where it's due, he's a fookin genius.

Автор Nathan Day ( назад)
Mayweather vs McGregor? lol Pacquiao is a better southpaw boxer so this contest is pointless.

Автор RonaldPaulsons son ( назад)
biggest jerk off n/a

Автор Patrick Cole ( назад)
That was some of the gayest shit, that I've ever seen! He displayed zero boxing technique! What the fuck did I just watch?

Автор A Raf ( назад)
lol this guy a joke. Punches like a bitch. Floyd going to knock the shit out this guy

Автор jamie64ful ( назад)
He looks so hot in the slowmo stretching shots

Автор Ruperto Hernandez ( назад)
I think Floyd is going to get the drop on him. I'm not a Floyd fan but Floyd has a lot more boxing experience. we'll see.

Автор Nahar Al-Ali ( назад)
Anybody know what the song is ?

Автор The MoFF ( назад)
Yeah whatever, whatever the fuck ever!

Автор Douglas Siqueira ( назад)
Esse arrogante num pode nem segurar o próprio guarda chuva dele.....

Автор Borko Curcic ( назад)
hope he can fuck up that dickhead of Floyd

Автор Valjermayne ( назад)
That punching bag doesn't punch back.... He looks kinda slow to me but I would say Floyd would win in the fourth round from embarrassment. Floyd would play with the crowd and just toy with Conner... Fair is fair if Conner gets in Meaweather ring Floyd should step in the Octagon.

Автор Kody Lanterman ( назад)
Everyone can learn to move their hands around & look good while doing it, but not everyone can deliver a deadly blow on every sexy looking punch other then the baddest boxer of all time IRON FUCKING MIKE TYSON! When the fuck will a legend like that be born again and be seen by all of us? Irritates me that there's no one like him out there.

Автор Erick Jimenez ( назад)
From 0 to 10 Conor Mcgregor is in level 2 in boxing. When Floyd was 6 years old had better boxing skills than Conor.

Автор Jesse Farmer ( назад)

Автор Derogatory Name ( назад)
He would get destroyed, gis ego won't protect him in the ring, he is only doing this to prenote the ufc and make a bigger payday. I would pass on this if I where mayweather....

Автор TheBrendanzn ( назад)
Mayweather got the skills, but that Irish chin and heart might make an interesting fight no? Lets see how it goes. Either way a nice fight for combat sports fans - crossovers are never boring! Give em hell, Mac!

Автор Denny Sensation ( назад)
Conor was able to take power punches from a 190 lbs Nate Diaz and still not go down, whats midget Mayweather going to do to Conor with those big padded gloves? NUTTIN!

Автор Becca Brickey ( назад)
hes going to get his ass beat

Автор Jay M. ( назад)

Автор Harry Houghton ( назад)
The whole world is descending into pure faggotry.

Автор FifaTrainer ( назад)
When he said he was coming for all the belts, we didn't know he meant boxing too.

Автор Jake The Snake ( назад)

Автор xvillian ( назад)
does he even know what he's doing?

Автор jason skrobz ( назад)
😂he almost never has a hand up to defend. Chin always up. Ducking under a bag 🤣oh man. Floyd earns another KO

Автор Esko Musina ( назад)
give me ur belt 👊

Автор Goldmustash Rickybobby ( назад)
Even his punches sound Irish

Автор Mikey O'Connor ( назад)

Автор Silvafox ( назад)
what the name of that instrumental? yesss yesss Conor Mcgregor is on another level like he insane to his craft which is a good thing 😆 best boxers in ufc are Anderson Silva, Conor Mcgregor, Diaz brothers,Vitor belfort, frankie edgar

Автор WWE NETWORK ( назад)
conor haters are annoying af always sayin hes not a real champion cause he never had a title defense but he destroyed all the fetherweights no problem and he trashed eddie alverez he would beat the shit out of khabib and Ferguson and everybody in the division hes on another level period exept in the welterweight division I think conor will have a chance in the first 6 against meywether rounds he needs to ko him early in order to win i hope he wins so he can silence you haters

Автор Marty P ( назад)
The Kings Coming!$!

Автор Malcolm Harrison ( назад)
that young man is going to have to be alot faster and alot better footwork to stand in that square with not just Floyd but any elite boxer, you silly people keep saying he would k.o Floyd you do know boxing gloves are bigger so of course this kid will lose some k.o power Floyd is older but still faster and he knows that boxing square like the back of his hand, would y'all compare any mma fighters to Ali or Tyson or sugar ray ? I don't even think he can beat Zab in his prime.

Автор Glen ( назад)
I'm a McGregor fan but floyd will shit over him

Автор chris alvarado ( назад)
looks looks like training has begun

Автор iNFAMOUZ ( назад)
your about to make history, make us proud

Автор David Limardo ( назад)

Автор Yellow Synth ( назад)
Yup he's gonna lose
He can't throw a punch to save his life

Автор Jhin ( назад)
Floyd can suck Conors dick LoL
Guys u will see me in the UFC in the near future :)

Автор Mr Rosner ( назад)
gimmi yer belt

Автор Marion Knight ( назад)
This has to be a joke. This deluded idiot can't box to save his life and he doesn't deserve to fight one of the top elite boxers Floyd. Don't give him a payday because that's all his after. Complete joke

Автор Jonathan Rodríguez Cocon ( назад)

Автор TheBlazianHD ( назад)
Connor mcgregor is my favorite fighter but he has the skills but watching him against Nate Diaz in both. He drains his energy quick. And he gets tired later on in the rounds. He's an amazing fighter don't get me wrong but he needs to last in these rounds and have energy and stamina to beat mayweather. But then again mayweather is gonna keep playing defense which he is really good at. So prepare yourself for another mayweather vs pac man type of fight.

Автор Dave Davidson ( назад)

Автор joel kh ( назад)
Conor is my man all the way but i must admit it will be painful personally to see my man getting wooped in a boxing ring..... then again to see him willing to fight anyone " well he's surely the man" period!!!

Автор Shila Flatt ( назад)
even at hiting the bag he sucks he has no boxing style

Автор Shila Flatt ( назад)
I want to see maywearher vs ggg. mcgrover has no boxing experience why would any body pay to see him fight maywearher

Автор Azariah Quintana ( назад)
Shots are too wide. not bringing his hands back to his face. no power in his shots.

Only thing he has is footwork.
Sorry Connor Fans. not even close

Автор Pete Nut ( назад)
His form is shit

Автор You're fired! ( назад)
The bag in Cali clearly won.

Автор lucozademan999 ( назад)
Please don't let this mayweather fight happen. Dont give boxing the accreditation that its looking for. Stick to real fighting pleasee.

Автор Andre Ledo ( назад)
Horrible boxing. Pls stick to mma where You are actually good

Автор hung tony ( назад)
song used ?

Автор Sonke løh ( назад)

Автор Ben Smith ( назад)
conor .... you were my man. you helped me through some dark days of grief . but man ...u need to hold you're own umbrella. humility

Автор Tami Tube ( назад)
Conor why don't you do a world tour ?

please come once to my simple Gym where I train,

Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Glinde
TSV Glinde

Автор Boondock Taint ( назад)
Mayweather steps in an MMA ring McGregor destroys Him

McGregor Steps into a Boxing Ring Mayweather barely gets touched and Destroys McGregor

Автор toto wolf ( назад)
Hoy hoy...hoyoyoy?

Автор Anonymous Maximus ( назад)
ain't got no time foe raindrops ! LaL

Автор NTMN ( назад)

Автор kolapoi kolapoii ( назад)
looks so dumb when bigger guy holds umbrella and other one in pocket xD

Автор Flame Rifle x ( назад)
Gimme your belt

Автор mickey6688 ( назад)
Hey hey, hey hey, hey-hey-hey, oi oi, oi-oi-oi, OI OI OI!

Автор John Wick ( назад)
this fooker wants to be the next Muhammad Ali?

Автор George Vergos ( назад)
Fool can't box worth a shit! Go have some amateur boxing matches before u challenge any professional you delusional Leprechaun

Автор black docs ( назад)
FLOYD #1 Connor stay in the octagon, you might regret it .

Автор Fnu Raees ( назад)
What's the name of the song?

Автор Scarlett Reynolds ( назад)
Aspect basis what involvement scale approach exercise old

Автор Charles Manson ( назад)
he will lose if he tries to box may weather, Floyd will lose if he try to fight conners straight up....

Автор Valentino1017A ( назад)
This nigga don't need bodyguards his hands god and a Draco

Автор John Doe ( назад)
mayweathers hands are too quick for mcgreggor

Автор 14gcubed ( назад)
McGregor could kick mayweathers ass UNQUESTIONABLY

Автор Alexander ( назад)
fight GGG, he'll decapitate you in a couple of seconds

Автор George Travos ( назад)
McGregor looking fly

Автор Finn Martens ( назад)
Lean battery assistant coast attitude band wealth owner given ours.

Автор FBGM ( назад)
McGregor is great in MMA, but don't fool yourselves. In boxing, he would get destroyed by a good amateur. Going from MMA-level boxing (which is trash) to boxing Floyd Mayweather will undoubtedly end in McGregor getting a royal ass beating. Mayweather would toy with McGregor. He could stand right in front of him with is hands down and McGregor wouldn't be able to hit him.

Автор Jamal B ( назад)
I find it funny that mma guys all talking shit about boxing but their favorite fighter connor just really box and throw in a little kick boxing

Автор QuiveringNow ( назад)
Conor is easily the superior boxer. Just look at this film. Anybody who thinks otherwise clearly knows nothing about boxing. It's really sad how uninformed many of you are. Study the history of boxing and you'll quickly realize Conor could easily be champion in multiple weight classes.

Автор Nathan Smith ( назад)
Connor has to learn how to fight before he step in a ring.
This ain't UFC buddy.
There's no kicking and grabbing. Just head and eye coordination which he lacks a lot of. His mechanics aren't sharp either. But y'all keep thinking he'll have a chance with FLOYD.

Автор sjaak verduijn ( назад)
You can say any thing you want buth the dude got some fashion style damn that casual outfit looks good!

Автор Leonardo Ruiz ( назад)
I think he's been watching some lomachenko videos 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

Автор Joey Barnett ( назад)
You know you got money when you got a mothafucka to hold your umbrella up for you. "Don't let me get wet mothafucka, that's what I pay you for" lol

Автор howard ( назад)
does he not know how to hold an umbrella

Автор Пётр Коскоков ( назад)
конор ты цыпленок

Автор roberto durann ( назад)
this guy isnt stupid he knows hes not cut out for boxing and so does floyd but if they can make it happen its a big pay day for both camps because all the white teenies will get their parents to pay for the PPV

Автор Stephen White ( назад)
I can see Michael Conlan go far as a professional, he's a very skilful boxer and it was daylight robbery what happened to him in the Olympics

Автор William Walker ( назад)
irish cant box for shit for gods sake stick to mma thats sport is for wild savages with no brains

Автор Jojocall ( назад)
Now check pacquio you tube heavy bag.

Автор iain * ( назад)
the GOAT!!!!

Автор FS Sport HD ( назад)
vai toma um pau do floyd #tmt

Автор Sir Douche ( назад)
"Oui Oui Oui wahaihaihai Oui Oui"- Kenny Florian

Автор Trees Are Green Nature is Glorious ( назад)
charlie zelenoff will easily beat conor

Автор Trees Are Green Nature is Glorious ( назад)
this is coming from a boxer

he needs to bring his body along with his punches a little bit for more impact .
conor doesnt have a snap

Автор Jose Alcaraz ( назад)
He looks fucking stupid trying to box. Well box these nuts in Dee's mouth

Автор Menace ( назад)
I like Connor. But Khabib is gonna smash him(Just my opinion). i hope the fight between them happens sooner than later.

Автор 561lyfe ( назад)
He has his hands too low Floyd w molest him w punches

Автор Dante Mayeno ( назад)
He boxes like such trash his fucking lead hand is at his thigh half the time... floyd would destroy mcgregor with pure technique

Автор Joe Mushroom Tip ( назад)
And people think he can beat mayweather lol not with those taps 50 -0 will be easy

Автор magician234 ( назад)
Conor's technique is clean though.

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