Giant Monopoly Game With Real Money

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  4 months ago +44168


    Also, don't forget that starting now, random people that by merch will get a golden ticket in their package. If you get a ticket, lets just say that something fun will happen ;)

  • Kacper Lol
    Kacper Lol Hour ago

    Plz be my friend mrbeast

  • On jah
    On jah Hour ago

    Fiji the best

  • The bat Diamond
    The bat Diamond Hour ago

    1:22 did I just heard the "hoo" sfx from Mario 64 ?

  • killeray257
    killeray257 2 hours ago

    the ultimate friendship destroyer

  • Raul Carrillo
    Raul Carrillo 2 hours ago

    Yo her luck is so high you know pepol are so lucky thes days lol ☘☘☘

  • Taylor Lee
    Taylor Lee 2 hours ago

    Where did hey get the game board.

  • Jayden Ramsey
    Jayden Ramsey 2 hours ago

    i thought you have to go around once before you buy or do stuff lol...

  • katie rodriguez
    katie rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Where does he get all this money😲😲😲

  • Kaylee Bell
    Kaylee Bell 3 hours ago

    BuY pArk plAcE

  • Khalid Jama
    Khalid Jama 5 hours ago +1

    13:50 😏

  • Strawberry Lusine Productions

    Fiji water : I’m gonna get the dub
    (Becomes the first to be out )

    CANDY119 ZHUNTER_FAN 6 hours ago

    I saw your mearch it's fucking litty 😝😝😝

  • NYang312
    NYang312 7 hours ago

    You don't need to pay him when he is in jail

  • Tommy W
    Tommy W 7 hours ago

    Can I have a job????

  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster 11 hours ago


  • Julio Miguel Genetia
    Julio Miguel Genetia 11 hours ago

    Hey MR beast can you buy me a play station I've always wanted one

  • Kağan Gkkk
    Kağan Gkkk 14 hours ago

    Yav oğlum bunları na
    Asıl yaptınız

  • Emily Ngo
    Emily Ngo 15 hours ago


  • Bryan Thomas
    Bryan Thomas 17 hours ago

    Blaze and the beast

  • SUPERN00BtheLeaks
    SUPERN00BtheLeaks 17 hours ago

    Survival of the richest

  • Hearts and Stars bro
    Hearts and Stars bro 18 hours ago


  • Mr Dinosaur
    Mr Dinosaur 18 hours ago

    I want Blaze back

  • mia Wuthenow
    mia Wuthenow 21 hour ago

    What happins with cadler

  • Digital Overload
    Digital Overload 21 hour ago

    "i still got to cum"

    YOUTUBE PERSON 21 hour ago


  • V B
    V B 21 hour ago +1


  • Maddy H
    Maddy H 21 hour ago

    Yesss WA

  • Sarah Gallaway
    Sarah Gallaway Day ago

    Why do I get legit excited about other people winning money? 😂

  • cAeLaN weirdo
    cAeLaN weirdo Day ago +1

    Is that kid version monopoly? I have that same exact board and its kid version.

  • Mounir Maach
    Mounir Maach Day ago

    You cabt get rents if u r in prison

  • Kris Fairweather

    Blaze is fucking fit af

  • Redstonecat123
    Redstonecat123 Day ago

    Can u accept money in monopoly jail

  • GRIZ Nix
    GRIZ Nix Day ago +2

    Blaze is thicccc

  • Luna Eats cookies

    And same with everyone else

  • Luna Eats cookies

    Mister beast you are one of my favorite RUcliprs because you are so nice and caring to everyone

  • Linda Dinh
    Linda Dinh Day ago +1

    1:03 he passed go , give him 200 bụcks.

  • Ry Ramos
    Ry Ramos Day ago

    who else likes blaze's outfit?

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson Day ago

    I feel bad for Reagan

  • Jared Wirtz
    Jared Wirtz Day ago

    So nice to give $2000 in the end?

  • hoes madd
    hoes madd Day ago

    I see a thot

  • Wan Amanda
    Wan Amanda Day ago


  • Jorja Porter
    Jorja Porter Day ago +1

    Love the channel

  • Tisha Capa
    Tisha Capa Day ago

    Ps4 mrbeast please

  • Prajeeta Chamlagai

    Blaze reminds me of Emma chamberlain

  • Taylor Dorigatti


  • Gio Savala
    Gio Savala Day ago +1

    He landed on a 7 because nothing can beat the power of yeeeet

  • bus driver 72
    bus driver 72 Day ago

    Blaze is a hotty

  • RW5015 EW5015
    RW5015 EW5015 Day ago

    😭 I can’t afford merch

  • Passion Editz
    Passion Editz Day ago

    If only I could go 😂😔

  • Chloe Willcox
    Chloe Willcox 2 days ago

    I’m from Middletown Indiana 🥴😂

  • Ryan Levin
    Ryan Levin 2 days ago

    The blaze strat. Roll doubles and go to jail

  • LucyRose
    LucyRose 2 days ago

    oh gosh blaze is so cute

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 2 days ago

    *Monaco has entered the chat*

    • Anas -_-
      Anas -_- 2 days ago

      You are the 60.000 comment

  • Karkjo Art ✅
    Karkjo Art ✅ 2 days ago


  • Røse Gãcha
    Røse Gãcha 2 days ago

    Logan‘s name is the Switched around version of my moms name

  • Xavier Angulo
    Xavier Angulo 2 days ago

    Hi mr beast i was wondering if you could donate to me so i can help my family because we dont have that much money to afford the house we are in right now:(

  • Shooting Star8
    Shooting Star8 2 days ago

    Do another monopoly it was fun to watch 😀

  • AnthonyLau711
    AnthonyLau711 2 days ago +8

    holy the amount of forever dying virgin comments on her instagram is insane

  • aliovich
    aliovich 2 days ago


  • Postel Maxim
    Postel Maxim 2 days ago

    Hey look. Public nudity.

  • It's time to stop
    It's time to stop 2 days ago

    *Roll 3 doubles and go to jail*

    *roll a double to get out*


  • Shmigel :D
    Shmigel :D 2 days ago

    I'm the best in monopoly if I am in America and your friend I'll beat all. I'm from Italy.

  • Zackør0 14
    Zackør0 14 2 days ago

    frick you

  • Dylan Danuser
    Dylan Danuser 2 days ago

    How do you have so much money ?

  • wello987
    wello987 2 days ago

    Read the fine print @ 5:40

  • Vicki Armstrong-Price

    What about mortgaging the property?

  • J Rush
    J Rush 2 days ago


    chance the rapper: 9:08

  • Chloe Brooker
    Chloe Brooker 2 days ago

    This was so cool!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Mccyn Sajulga
    Mccyn Sajulga 2 days ago

    Blazze is gold digger

  • Squidward Tenticles
    Squidward Tenticles 2 days ago

    that looks really fun

  • Erik Youngren
    Erik Youngren 2 days ago


  • Classical Hedgehog
    Classical Hedgehog 3 days ago +1

    this a question did someone really name there kid blaze or is it a nickname and plz let it be a nickname

  • Paige Dueck
    Paige Dueck 3 days ago

    You can’t get cash in jail

  • henry tran
    henry tran 3 days ago

    REal life Mario party Next

  • Alexis Gough
    Alexis Gough 3 days ago

    I need Golden ticket and $5000 for a dirt bike

  • Galactic Jasonwolf
    Galactic Jasonwolf 3 days ago

    Is this the same room as the asylum?

  • AnthonyBarbato
    AnthonyBarbato 3 days ago +1

    It annoyed me cause you aren’t supposed to get paid when you are in jail

  • Rachel Kneale
    Rachel Kneale 3 days ago

    Logan:I cant afford it
    Jimmy:he only has 225

  • Rachel Kneale
    Rachel Kneale 3 days ago

    Jimmy:their just playing giant monopoly
    Logan’s dad:BUY PARK PLACE

    • hu Lao
      hu Lao 2 days ago

      Rachel Kneale ?its chandler’s

  • Shawn Graham
    Shawn Graham 3 days ago

    I wanna subscribe to blaze, ask her to make a youtube chan tx....

  • CooldudT.T.V. 1
    CooldudT.T.V. 1 3 days ago

    7:52 it was four doubles

  • Themar Abo-Mokh
    Themar Abo-Mokh 3 days ago

    Some people are just lucky.... If I bought the entire storage of shirts.... I wouldn't have won..hhhhhhhh😬😭😂😂😂

  • Osama Mohd
    Osama Mohd 3 days ago

    Bro money is money send me some 😉

  • Alex Y.
    Alex Y. 3 days ago

    Reply to this comment and MrBeast will kiss you.

  • ZERO
    ZERO 3 days ago

    Still wondering what he does besides RUclip to get all this money

  • yamilets randomslimecorner

    Blaze is hot

  • FrigerTX
    FrigerTX 3 days ago

    Blaze is some *_T H I C C_* bitch

  • FrigerTX
    FrigerTX 3 days ago +81

    imagine being born to Earth just to be called *_FIJI WATER_*

    • SapphireGirl!!!
      SapphireGirl!!! 9 hours ago


    • FrigerTX
      FrigerTX 13 hours ago

      @Miliander 06 that's just a nickname my real name is Robert

    • Miliander 06
      Miliander 06 Day ago

      Or Friger

    • DjoG
      DjoG 2 days ago +2

      His name is majestic don't lie 😂

  • Mason Broadbent
    Mason Broadbent 3 days ago

    U can’t collect money in jail rip blaze

  • blaise
    blaise 3 days ago

    was gonna watch until i heard my name. bye

  • Susan Carter
    Susan Carter 3 days ago

    I know that you will come to our home that’s y I want them

  • celia saludes
    celia saludes 3 days ago

    Logan is thirsty for money

  • Supercrazyowen
    Supercrazyowen 3 days ago

    You can’t collect rent when your in jail

  • bisma lungid
    bisma lungid 3 days ago

    Wait if you double you cant buy a property

  • Andr_ew
    Andr_ew 3 days ago +1

    You know, they could have had a large amount of money (ex. $1.500) and they could've just ran out the room with the money, epecialy ''Fiji Water'' we don't know his name only his face.

    FBI : Stick em' up!

    GACHA GIRL 3 days ago +1

    I wanna play!! (I’m unbeatable)

  • Ninja Cat Attack
    Ninja Cat Attack 3 days ago


  • Solar Mass
    Solar Mass 3 days ago

    Thanks for landing on my hotel!!!

  • X Gamer
    X Gamer 3 days ago

    Please play Monopoly with real houses