YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
    Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
    To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated:
    Top lists featured the following channels:
    @1MILLION Dance Studio
    @Ariana Grande
    @Awez Darbar
    @Billie Eilish
    @Black Gryph0n
    @Daddy Yankee
    @David Dobrik
    @Dude Perfect
    @Felipe Neto
    @Galen Hooks
    @James Charles
    @Kylie Jenner
    @Lil Dicky
    @Lil Nas X
    @LOUD Babi
    @LOUD Coringa
    @Magnet World
    @Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
    @Noah Schnapp
    @백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
    @Shawn Mendes
    @Team Naach
    @하루한끼 one meal a day
    To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit:
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  • N A
    N A 50 seconds ago

    If I wanted to watch top 10s I would’ve just watched a watchmoji vid, what the hell youtube

  • xd Fishi
    xd Fishi 51 second ago


  • Penguinee
    Penguinee 51 second ago

    I don’t know any of these people beside mr beast, the old guy and pewdiepie

  • owo queso ricotta
    owo queso ricotta 52 seconds ago +1

    No es tan malo
    ~porque los videos no los hiso youtube~

  • Blizzard White
    Blizzard White 52 seconds ago

    pewdiepie rewind>pewds in rewind
    good to see me beast got such a part tho

  • Woof Meow
    Woof Meow 53 seconds ago

    It misses the RUclip rewind feel. It just doesn’t have the vibe of RUclip rewind.

  • Noel Y MAS!!!!!
    Noel Y MAS!!!!! 54 seconds ago

    What's up RUclip

  • a channel
    a channel 55 seconds ago

    All RUclip needs to do is go back to carefree shitposting stuff. Don’t tackle major issues, play music that is loved and have gaming you tubers and everyone else just have fun.

  • Kasey Dugan
    Kasey Dugan 56 seconds ago

    ew, ya'll really like that bug-eyed neo-Nazi boy THAT much, huh?

  • Chris Butler
    Chris Butler 56 seconds ago

    Whoever thought this was a good idea does not understand the RUclip Community

  • Porky Hook
    Porky Hook 57 seconds ago

    Lets make this the most disliked video on RUclip i know we can do it join me in my quest

  • AsianRaisin
    AsianRaisin 57 seconds ago

    They forgot to mention the one we lost this year...
    Rest In Peace Grandpa Kitchen...

  • Devourer 300
    Devourer 300 58 seconds ago +1


  • julia xX
    julia xX 59 seconds ago

    ok, to be honest...this video was just playing safe, I didn't hate it but I definitely didn't love it..but the real question is...where are the animators? I don't think it's respectful to just throw Pencilmations in there and call it a day, not showing all of the other wonderful people, no hate for the dude, I mean congrats, you even got yourself a place in RUclip Rewind but, so many new animators have started new channels and it's such a big platform, is RUclip mad at Jaden for throwing Pewdiepie references in 2018?! and if so why exclude all of amazing creators. I think RUclip is not even trying at this point, it got so mad last year and after the COPPA thing it's just breaking down..

  • Typc MemeGaming
    Typc MemeGaming 59 seconds ago

    Woah woah woah you put t series in this

  • Nisha Bates
    Nisha Bates Minute ago

    Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. I’m not mad at this.

  • Rb_frostbite
    Rb_frostbite Minute ago

    We need more JAMES CHARLES

  • G
    G Minute ago

    Mix is bad, youtubers are worse

  • LJ Amitranee
    LJ Amitranee Minute ago

    I would say pathetic, but i expected this off of last year, we shouldn't even watch next years rewind

  • SuperMcDeadOnTheInside

    T gay

  • Nick Calleja
    Nick Calleja Minute ago +1

    Didn’t mention the PewDiePie was the first independent creator to hit 100 Million. Which is more impressive than a company hitting 100 Million.

  • my name is none of your buisness

    Didn't know it was possible for one group to make two of the most crappy RUclip rewinds ever :/

  • so this is me
    so this is me Minute ago +1


  • HNTR L
    HNTR L Minute ago +1

    Here before 10 million dislikes.

  • Insane Old Goat- PG3D
    Insane Old Goat- PG3D Minute ago +2

    everyone : "so in 2019 lets see everyones likes

    everyone: copy and pasting other peoples comments

    me: define copy

    old person: define Hippocrates

  • TickPlays - ROBLOX
    TickPlays - ROBLOX Minute ago

    Omg it so cringe

  • Kiptops
    Kiptops Minute ago

    This is a top 10 list not a rewind, youtube

  • thefisherman007
    thefisherman007 Minute ago

    RUclip has lost it’s energy, guess I’ll watch the 2013 rewind again.

  • Koi Fish
    Koi Fish Minute ago +1


  • iekha_ kyu
    iekha_ kyu Minute ago

    Lol... What's this? Ms Mojo????

  • Playing With Fire
    Playing With Fire Minute ago +1

    Поздравляю ты нашёл русского тыкни на лайк под каммент и продолжай листать дальше.

  • KPXT32
    KPXT32 Minute ago

    If you want an actual RUclip Rewind. Check out JayLaw, dude nails it.

  • _xxxi8urmelonxxx_
    _xxxi8urmelonxxx_ Minute ago

    Still Cringe Tho......

  • Bogdan Tretyak
    Bogdan Tretyak Minute ago

    Report for copyright

  • F*ck boi
    F*ck boi Minute ago

    I still don’t know any of these RUclip besides a couple

  • Estrella A Martin
    Estrella A Martin Minute ago +1

    2017 rewind was better

  • Uriel Hernández
    Uriel Hernández Minute ago +1

    Weno... otra decepción -.-

    DIEGO IGNACIO Minute ago

    saca badabun que te rompo todo

  • Michélle De Bruyn
    Michélle De Bruyn Minute ago

    Seems like RUclip has given up...

  • Julianna
    Julianna Minute ago


  • addison suarez
    addison suarez Minute ago

    I guess youtube should watch the older youtube rewinds and compare each videos why viewers thinks it becomes crappier and crappier

  • Anahat Singh
    Anahat Singh Minute ago

    We did it bois pewds is in it

  • Santiago Hernandez
    Santiago Hernandez Minute ago +1

    Like si veniste a buscar los comentarios copiados😂😂👍👍👍👍

  • Itz Makoh
    Itz Makoh Minute ago

    when i haven’t seen a single area 51 meme in here...

  • ENDER SKULL 99 The Tank

    I bet RUclip Hired WatchMojo to help with this Rewind.

  • ?????????
    ????????? Minute ago


  • Zoe Agbana
    Zoe Agbana Minute ago +1

    Who can from Seth's page.

  • PulseLightningYT
    PulseLightningYT Minute ago +2

    There is still more time to play it off as a joke but it’s running out make a meme edit like PewDiePies 3018 video I believe in you team RUclip ❤️

  • EmmaDilemma
    EmmaDilemma Minute ago

    on second thought i think its the music video structure of past years that worked well and displayed the creativeness of creators

  • Devourer 300
    Devourer 300 Minute ago +1


  • Surreal Snowman
    Surreal Snowman Minute ago +1

    Ima have to report this for copyright
    because of the clips from other channels

  • Homero Vargas
    Homero Vargas Minute ago

    Still more dislikes than Likes oof

  • Hydra Gaming
    Hydra Gaming Minute ago

    In a single day this got 2 million dislikes

  • X_Cookie Crumbles Hard_X

    I feel bad for youtube, nobody is like their rewinds like me but dont forget they are trying to make youtube better for you guys! They are working their butts off for you guys! And they receive disrespect?! Heck nah! I dont care what anybody says, all youtube rewinds are my favorite! Im glad on Jan 1st 2020, youtube is changing! That's karma for you guys!

  • LordDeimos /:
    LordDeimos /: Minute ago

    Not bad.

  • Rodrigo Silva
    Rodrigo Silva Minute ago

    que wea más mala

  • Jaden Biggs
    Jaden Biggs Minute ago

    I don’t think they understood why nobody liked last years and that message at the beginning felt so condescending

  • Destiny Lover
    Destiny Lover Minute ago +1

    They still didn't show top 10 most disliked videos of '18

  • avasih vakaaa
    avasih vakaaa Minute ago

    Video RUclip rewind atau video kompilasi dag