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  • Aaron Covert
    Aaron Covert День назад

    Dude her art is awesome. It's no like da Vinci stuff, but it's just as amazing. Because art is like, not how clean or amazing it looks. You can see the passion in it. Whether it's like simple lines like this or crazy like stuff. Idk. I think that art teacher knows nothing about being an artist.

  • Aaron Covert
    Aaron Covert День назад

    Dude her art is awesome. It's no like da Vinci stuff, but it's just as amazing. Because art is like, not how clean or amazing it looks. You can see the passion in it. Whether it's like simple lines like this or crazy like stuff. Idk. I think that art teacher knows nothing about being an artist.

  • The Loose Moose
    The Loose Moose 2 дня назад

    That "art" is like a toddlers scribble !!!! What a joke

    STUNTMASTER447 2 дня назад

    How about Bringing Back the Q&A segment you used to have in your old vlogs.

  • Jody Marie
    Jody Marie 6 дней назад

    Omg I'd love thattt

  • Joel Hubbard
    Joel Hubbard 8 дней назад

    +GaryVee said you would absolutely crush a podcast. Please do it.

  • Joel J
    Joel J 8 дней назад

    Do it!

  • Kim Townsel
    Kim Townsel 8 дней назад

    Like the "attach the tool where you use it" technique. Easy, effective, and efficient. 😎

  • KozielloEN
    KozielloEN 8 дней назад

    What's the intro song V

  • Samuel S
    Samuel S 9 дней назад

    Candice seems ok, but I can't read her, why she seems unhappy or there's something is wrong or missing in her life.

  • Family Toy Report
    Family Toy Report 10 дней назад

    Love her art! Thanks for introducing us to her channel!

  • D'Anna C
    D'Anna C 10 дней назад

    Yes Candice $180 is crazy for plain black cash sweater. I bought a full length pink to the floor duster with gorgeous ruffles and snap closure for $149. Check out Rue for designer brands.

  • Emma Jäger
    Emma Jäger 11 дней назад

    Candice you are awesome. Don’t let anyone bring you down

  • Dylan Donnelly
    Dylan Donnelly 11 дней назад


  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones 12 дней назад

    Who cares what commenter people think. You do you, girlfriend. (Pass that on to the hard-working, patient mama.)

  • jodyjackson51
    jodyjackson51 13 дней назад

    My 9 year old can draw MUCH better than that. Just because someone labels themselves an “artist” doesn’t make it true. I usually hate when people trash others on RUclip but i find this pretentious and forced and i appreciate real talent and there is no real talent here. Her art teacher was telling her the truth.

  • Moreno Pandolfi
    Moreno Pandolfi 13 дней назад

    Wooowww!! Crazy Shantell 😃😃

  • MomOfBoys NOLA
    MomOfBoys NOLA 17 дней назад

    That's awesome that you are promoting a small channel. There is hope for the small channels yet.

  • Italia Patterson
    Italia Patterson 18 дней назад

    Go for it! And Fuck the haters Candice!!!!

  • Lennea Adrienne
    Lennea Adrienne 19 дней назад

    I'D LOVE TO HEAR YOU TWO IN A PODCAST!! Please make this an actual thing!!!!!

  • Tomas Soejakto
    Tomas Soejakto 19 дней назад

    you pull videos from your phone by taking out the card?? what's wrong with a USB cable?

  • Iain Hannify
    Iain Hannify 19 дней назад

    Blagger 101.

  • Lucy Estefany Sandoval Medina
    Lucy Estefany Sandoval Medina 20 дней назад

    I really loved this one :)

  • De'Shara Goodloe
    De'Shara Goodloe 21 день назад

    Candice! I really fuck with your personality and I think the Pod should be more focused on you and then Casey makes frequent guest appearances. I literally just want you to vent...lol Casey gets enough air time 🤷🏾‍♀️💕

  • Holly Greene
    Holly Greene 21 день назад

    From one Candice to the other, DO IT! :) New sub here. Let's see it.

  • whitney golden
    whitney golden 21 день назад


  • askley flichardson
    askley flichardson 22 дня назад

    I like her attitude

  • Kristen Sorensen
    Kristen Sorensen 24 дня назад

    What a great heart to help Shantell, and share your therapy!

  • Memood J
    Memood J 25 дней назад

    This guy is making me laugh without making any jokes

  • emeraldstream
    emeraldstream 25 дней назад

    podcast: actually cutting edge idea, is anyone doing it?
    pros: may inform others how to constructively navigate through things
    con: be careful not to be too voyeuristic or nauseatingly oversharing what should be private

  • Jas Macdonald
    Jas Macdonald 26 дней назад


  • Daniel Akinpelu
    Daniel Akinpelu 26 дней назад

    Yess pleaseeeeee

  • blackcat138
    blackcat138 26 дней назад

    I like Candice. She's a cool cat in my book.

  • Brent Soule
    Brent Soule 27 дней назад

    Anyone is a bitchy dud when standing next to flamboyant extraverted character. Especially one with an established public persona. Don't worry about the trolls.

  • Cole Batis
    Cole Batis 27 дней назад

    Candice is cool

  • Lynafire
    Lynafire 27 дней назад


  • Shawndrea Campbell
    Shawndrea Campbell 27 дней назад

    Omg the muisc if you speed up the vid..in beginning 😱💞. Yes to therapy vlog!

  • Business Outside The Lines
    Business Outside The Lines 27 дней назад

    Late to this party but Shantell's teacher telling her not to even bother... In my early 20s, all of my family and friends told me I'd never be able to write video games, it's too competitive... Many late nights later and a lot of passion and dedication, I left the industry with 12 published titles!
    If you know it's in you, do what you love. People telling you that you can't do it is the first sign you are on the right track!

  • Jason Benoit
    Jason Benoit 27 дней назад

    I know this is late (getting caught up), but I always enjoyed the episodes that involved Candace because I enjoyed her facial expressions when Casey was going off on a tangent. Made me laugh and smile. Yes to a podcast (ignore this if this is already happening).

  • Mr. Blonde
    Mr. Blonde 29 дней назад

    Casey is a great guy and 10/10 i would like to switch our lives for some days. But, imagine living with this guy. No offense, but he's not just your average husband. Love you both though Casey and Candice.

  • Diane Brunet
    Diane Brunet 29 дней назад

    Wow she is sooo cool!

  • Barry G
    Barry G Месяц назад

    No to podcast. You're limiting audience to iPhone. Not as big as it used to be or as it is in the city.

  • Tais Motta
    Tais Motta Месяц назад


  • Charioteer4Real
    Charioteer4Real Месяц назад +1

    I wouldn't do podcast. Especially after seeing what happened to the couple from bf vs gf youtube channel. To much strain on a relationship trying to appease people in the comments section. Def. not worth destroying a marriage.

  • lisa evans
    lisa evans Месяц назад

    Candice!! You are great! Screw those who say anything negative!!

  • Mai Howell
    Mai Howell Месяц назад

    Wow doodle art

  • Erik Yang
    Erik Yang Месяц назад +1

    the art is amazing. looooove it

  • Gabriel Strom
    Gabriel Strom Месяц назад

    So, I’ve just watched this video and I think it’s a great idea. Also, I wanted to say I love Candice, always have, and she puts up with the fame of Casey, the woman is a saint to be honest. Also, what do you mean we can’t afford a $180 cashmere sweater! That’s a bit arrogant Casey......not that I care really hahaha

  • factstraight
    factstraight Месяц назад +1

    That Candice art is nothing but scribbles, very basic and lame. It's incredible that she has made a success out of it, I'm not sure if it is out of sympathy or just a fad though.

  • Gaia Carney
    Gaia Carney Месяц назад

    Candice, you are awesome! We know Casey is the lucky one 🌈💖🤗

  • Beatriz Vieira
    Beatriz Vieira Месяц назад

    The podcast is a good idea.

  • Bella Sophie
    Bella Sophie Месяц назад

    YES to the podcast - and candice you're the best because you're so real and so hardworking and a good mum xx

  • Centerpin Fishing Addicts
    Centerpin Fishing Addicts Месяц назад

    Can you do a shout out for my channel? Pretty please Casey...

  • Hanna Marias
    Hanna Marias Месяц назад

    Loved shantells story espacially, great video

  • Hanna Marias
    Hanna Marias Месяц назад

    This content is somehow so fulfilling. I love it yet cant properly explain it

  • Wangu Bothongo
    Wangu Bothongo Месяц назад

    Yes to podcast!

  • Ysabel Bleu
    Ysabel Bleu Месяц назад


  • fly787
    fly787 Месяц назад

    She is not nice...

  • heyward fisher
    heyward fisher Месяц назад

    Just saw an interview with your wife on behind the brand. You are a lucky man. Your wife is amazing.

  • Passenger Shaming
    Passenger Shaming Месяц назад

    I dig the podcast idea!

  • Briar Ward
    Briar Ward Месяц назад

    Should Candice make a podcast? Yes. And I mean if you want to be there Casey... well that’d be alright.

  • Helena Park
    Helena Park Месяц назад

    LOOVE CANDICE !! And the podcast idea

  • Coach Jack Bolton
    Coach Jack Bolton Месяц назад

    Wtf is couple therapy

  • Jennifer Duarte
    Jennifer Duarte Месяц назад

    Amazing idea!

  • Dario Alexander
    Dario Alexander Месяц назад

    Casey you are 10000000% a New Yorker now as well as Candice. Don't go lol! Whatever makes you happy guys but it is incredible you are open about going to couples therapy.

  • Scintilla
    Scintilla Месяц назад

    I don't listen to podcast often

  • Zenthea Walsh
    Zenthea Walsh Месяц назад

    Please do a podcast! I absolutely love you both, and I think Candice is awesome and so genuine. Your podcasts would be amazing!

  • Peta Wilkinson
    Peta Wilkinson Месяц назад

    Yes to podcast, would love to hear more from Candice.She is an inspiration.

  • Uku Lady
    Uku Lady Месяц назад

    Please do a podcast! Y'all are the best!!! Love from TX xoxo

  • ggwildlife
    ggwildlife Месяц назад

    this video was pretty awesome and Shantell's art is amazing!

  • tina marafioti
    tina marafioti Месяц назад

    Bloody brilliant idea about the podcast therapy. If you ever need advise from some one who lives in Australia, and who also has 36 years of marriage experience under her belt, going on to 37. Let me know.
    P.S . The marriage has been a hell of a ride, with twist and turns I never dreamed could or would happen to me.
    Trust me my family life was nothing like the Brady bunch, more like .........OK can't compare with any television show I might have seen, but then again I'm not exactly up to date with television shows or movies, life was to busy and intense to have time to sit through a show or movie. But you I just found, and I like to watch, go figure! Must admit only seen a few of your shows so far, but I'm impressed so shall keep watching . Oh by the way recently saw one with the amazing Francine, what a trooper and smart as a tack, let her speak, she has a lot to say, love kids always make me smile.

  • Kevin Knol
    Kevin Knol Месяц назад

    Great Idea

  • K Webster
    K Webster Месяц назад

    Do you have a podcast?

  • Mashoto Shaku
    Mashoto Shaku Месяц назад

    So there's a girl turning lines into art, that's pretty cool. 👌

  • Yari Montanez
    Yari Montanez Месяц назад

    I love Candice

  • Adventure Clay & Lori
    Adventure Clay & Lori Месяц назад

    Wow I love everything in her movie and her point of view. A line that is recognizably hers. Powerful!

  • tedtalksrock
    tedtalksrock Месяц назад

    I LOVE Candace...More Candace in everything. Podcast yes. More video appearances yes.

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez Месяц назад

    Casey contact me please I want to be a blogger

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez Месяц назад

    Casey’s wife your the best 😍😍😍😋

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez Месяц назад


  • WillowJon T.V.
    WillowJon T.V. Месяц назад

    Awesome video guys! I got really emotional! super rad!

  • Ernesto Torres
    Ernesto Torres Месяц назад

    Shantell is a unique artist and can be extremely successful on RUclip if she would produce more contents.

  • DreamBeliever365
    DreamBeliever365 Месяц назад

    Good job helping promote someone. 😉

  • Baba G
    Baba G Месяц назад

    i attached my SIM pin to my key chain so it’s with me all the time...

  • Patricia Machaj
    Patricia Machaj Месяц назад

    Not a great way to promote animal cruelty :( Not a fan of this cashmere nonsense.... its not right... love your videos, but not about product placement and animal cruelty.

  • Moa Thyrén
    Moa Thyrén Месяц назад

    Best idea of the year!

  • jkimalfred
    jkimalfred Месяц назад


  • jkimalfred
    jkimalfred Месяц назад


  • clumsy chicken
    clumsy chicken Месяц назад

    Im still waiting for that podcast

  • Janine Jorgensen
    Janine Jorgensen Месяц назад

    Candice I think youre a funny girl. Yes Casey both of you do a pod

  • Curious Nita
    Curious Nita Месяц назад

    Ur no b*** Candice... U put up with Casey 🤣

  • Jess Kolmel
    Jess Kolmel Месяц назад


  • Vivien ici
    Vivien ici Месяц назад

    I damn lile your haircut :D

  • marissa veloz
    marissa veloz Месяц назад


  • GPUabuse
    GPUabuse Месяц назад

    terribly *good* idea

  • Pedro F. Hipólito
    Pedro F. Hipólito Месяц назад

    Wonderful video.

  • John R
    John R Месяц назад

    Please do a podcast Candice is amazing screw what all the haters say. I love you both I am addicted to you both Not in a weird way lol. You know what would be cool. Spend a dat with Casey. I know this is a old video but just stared following you. Casey thanks for all you do for all of us

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G Месяц назад

    Casey. For the love of god. Don't move to California.

  • jonatan jui
    jonatan jui Месяц назад

    Lets make "therapy" podcast a thing!

  • Rory Page
    Rory Page Месяц назад

    I want her to make me a tattoo