PEOPLE ARE INSANE 2017 (MUST WATCH) - We Are Number One Ep. 5

  • Опубликовано: 27 ноя 2016
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    What song is this in the start of the video

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    Who else came here for da thumnail ??

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    How did I get here? LOL anyway,they're jerks

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    WOW!That's cool!

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    Did anyone see when he fell getting out of the car. He fell like 10000 times

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    anyone know the song at 11:57?

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    The fails are more fun to watch.

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    Yo what happened to the guy who got out of the drift car ?

  • Kids wrestling and gaming entertainment

    I noticed she didn't even kick him on that last kick

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    Who came here cause the thumbnail...I didn't ya perverts learn how to read instead of judging it by the thumbnail...

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    In 7:24 - 7:26 you can see NCS . Just make the video slow so you can see it

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    11:56 song please

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    Does anyone really like watching people juggle swords? I mean it's amazing how a human can coordinate so good and all but why would you bet your life on it. Were Humans and humans make mistakes bitch! idk why i said bitch

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    3:00 pm I will die

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    2:28 this shit looks pike something from war of the worlds

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    Enless it's porn I don't really like comps with music playing.

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    0.30 ДЕВОЧКА ОГОНЬ !

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    Stop bloody begging ! After the second begging pop up I quit the video, never to return to your channel.

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    6:41 is that even possible


    Music was loud and obnoxious.

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    What that Pokemon dubset called

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    What's is the music in video

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    Don't know about you but I saw a pussy lip @ 0:40

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    3:44 that is me I landed it 3 try I felt so good after wards plz watch it reply to me and tell me if u liked it :)

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    I'm pretty sure that by the end of this year, I will have accomplished everything on this video. Lol.

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    I want to fuck the chick that was wearing a dress while kicking the soccer ball.

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    I'm a female & even though it was click bait.... I gotta admit it was awesome until it reached the halfway point (subscribed anyway)

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    I loved it.

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    Some of these are funny cool but some are just stupid!! and a girll doing splits is stupid also and ain't cool

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    OK the flips and stunts are cool but I didn't know a horse is a type of human

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    Girl with the Soccer ball and guy who peeled Coconut with teeth - I'LL MARRY YOU BOTH!

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    Soccer lady is amazingly hot!

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  • Ulisses Grant
    Ulisses Grant 2 месяца назад

    cheetoh cheetah at 9:24