The Buick Grand National Is the Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car

  • Published on May 16, 2019
    The Buick Grand National is the ultimate 1980s muscle car. Today I'm reviewing the Grand National to show you why the Buick Grand National is special -- and I'm driving the Grand National, and I'm taking you on a tour of the Grand National's quirks and features.
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  • Frank P.
    Frank P. 16 hours ago

    Your ride is ready, Lord Vader.

  • Gus Ibrahim
    Gus Ibrahim 22 hours ago

    The GM speedometer mystery of the 70s and the 80s. I had a Pontiac formula 77 and had a 200km speedometer, but 2 years later I bought a Trans AM and speedometer went up to 140km?! The rpm kept going but the speed stuck on 140km.

  • Pierre-Andre Labeau
    Pierre-Andre Labeau 2 days ago

    Sweet car and looks like new!

  • Joe Mendiola
    Joe Mendiola 3 days ago

    My grandpa has a GNX it has a gnX on the truck

  • john Kemple
    john Kemple 3 days ago +1

    body by fisher was there in the 60's also

  • Badshroom
    Badshroom 4 days ago

    why is it associated with Darth Vader?

  • sharifbuys
    sharifbuys 4 days ago

    This a great car I drove one like then , it was for a friend of mine.
    I can say it was powerful, maneuverable and fun to drive.
    One more I could never understand his so called Doug score , it looks so unfair and stupid

  • Cainen Gray
    Cainen Gray 5 days ago +2

    I believe that almost all cars from the 80's had 85 mil per hour speedometers. I think it had to do with federal regulations and the federal 55 mph h.w speed limits. i've buried the speedometers in all manner of 80's vehicles. notably a stock s10 with the 6 banger. and a 84 firebird

  • ennylffej
    ennylffej 5 days ago

    "A car can be any color, as long as it's black." - Henry Ford

    Ford must've had premonitions of the Grand National in his nightmares.

  • jjs777fzr
    jjs777fzr 6 days ago

    My brother bought a new ‘86 Regal in ‘86. He had no idea a turbo version was available. When I told him about the GN he was like you mean I could have had a v6 turbo? He’s disappointed to this day.

  • Jeffrey Stone
    Jeffrey Stone 6 days ago

    When I was in high school a "Doug score" was when one of my friends got some weed.

  • john orlando
    john orlando 8 days ago +1

    they put that cloth ontop the mirrir so it down not have any room for wiggle and shake

  • john orlando
    john orlando 8 days ago +1

    whoever owns this car takes good ass care of it that thing looks mint

  • Racinq
    Racinq 8 days ago +1

    It also has a very similar body style to the chevy monte carlo, Pontiac Grand Prix, and the Oldsmobile cutlas surpremes of the same years, (they're called"g" body, but you most likely knew that) personally I like the monte carlos the best, I also like the Oldsmobiles my mother owns a 1986 and its very nice.

  • M Chas
    M Chas 9 days ago

    Fisher was a division of GM until the mid 80's. All GM cars at one time had this logo. Reasonably fast? No, people who switched transmissions were disappointed.

  • Domino52o
    Domino52o 9 days ago

    Manufacturers need to start making cars super simple and mechanical again.
    Watching this turned into a massive nostalgia trip for me.
    Absolutely love and miss terribly the simplicity of cars and how easy everything was back then.
    Always had a milk crate with basic tools bungie tied in the trunk of my 79 Pontiac Bonneville coupe and I could fix or replace anything that ever happened to stop working on most cars and it would maybe take half an hour to an hour tops.
    God I miss the old days.

  • MRbossman1982
    MRbossman1982 10 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to not only take his date to a movie 🎥 but also bring her parents and maybe his! And give the outing a Doug score afterwards! Because why not 😂

  • CanAmRydr
    CanAmRydr 10 days ago +1

    I bet when Dougs girl ask him how she looks he says "suttle"

  • Global Atheist
    Global Atheist 10 days ago +1

    I had an 87 Olds Cutlass which was just about the same body as the Grand National and the Regal. It had a 305 V8 that wasn't massive in power but it was powerfully smooth. It was by far the most comfortable car I ever owned.

  • Rich
    Rich 10 days ago

    Hasn't Doug realized by now that cars go from square to round to square to round to square... over and over for over 100 years... get back to your Prius bro.

  • Planky
    Planky 11 days ago

    Spotted 22:03

  • Gary Colyer
    Gary Colyer 11 days ago

    They weren't ALL black. They made white ones as well.

    • David Kastin
      David Kastin 2 days ago

      @ennylffej I drove a dark grey one a mechanic friend was working on. He said it was different because it was built in Canada.

    • ennylffej
      ennylffej 5 days ago

      Any colour variations were done by the owners of the cars. All factory-built Grand Nationals were black.

  • John Healy
    John Healy 11 days ago

    Stop overplaying the third brake light. You are so annoying sometimes

  • Michael Mack
    Michael Mack 11 days ago

    Not gonna mention the swiss cheese frame

  • Paul Giulekas
    Paul Giulekas 12 days ago +1

    Why don't you review the GNX??????

  • TheRedneckAtheist
    TheRedneckAtheist 12 days ago

    FFS, learn some automotive history...

  • ampm
    ampm 15 days ago

    need someone with more knowledge of old cars, watching someone lose their mind over the old cable mirror controls is laughable. You were able to pin the speedometer in most of that era's cars... did your parents not own a freaking car?

  • jjulianx1
    jjulianx1 16 days ago

    Doug love your videos but remember not all grand nationals were black the 82s were available in different colors (even though you could hardly consider an 82 a true GN). 84 was the start of the vader black standard.

  • giggie
    giggie 16 days ago +2

    Those cars are “mint” as they used to say back then ... I always wanted one !!!!

  • mb
    mb 16 days ago

    Doug is that guy to find coin-slvts in the lovebox.

  • mb
    mb 16 days ago

    How far is it possible to jump with this Turbo Boost Indicator? Allowed to use while parking? Did you heared mystery voices while you filmed?

  • mb
    mb 16 days ago

    Doug is that guy to get his coins holding the coinholder, because Doug is the "Chuck Norris" of cars.

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous 17 days ago

    The plasticky, cheapness of a GM interior is unmistakable. Just the distant memory of what those switches, and, buttons feel like, makes me cringe!

  • robert martin
    robert martin 17 days ago

    he did not even spool it up

  • robert martin
    robert martin 17 days ago +1

    still better than any gm made today you can buy a lower mile GN now for what a new 2020 lower end cost and drive it daily and have fun and not drive a shit box that get 40 miles a gallon and shuts off at every stop

  • robert martin
    robert martin 17 days ago

    lol Doug the super Douch

  • Ivaylo Ivanov
    Ivaylo Ivanov 17 days ago

    To me, this car has identical exterior with Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

  • Justin Stewart
    Justin Stewart 18 days ago +1

    Really, Doug??? Surprising that its that quick??? For that AGE????? OMG!!!!!! My '02 Regal GS with the supercharged 3.8 is still impressive in the day of 300hp Hondas, and it has 250k miles. I can smoke the tires so awesomely that non-car people are impressed. And I can take twisties with ease with the Gran Touring suspension. I love my car, and I am almost offended by your knocking of the forced-induction 3.8 Buick Regals. Turbocharged and Supercharged 3.8 Buicks are EXCELLENT sleepers!!!

  • Gregory
    Gregory 18 days ago +1

    I can't believe they recommended oil changes at 7500 miles. They probably say it's "extremely important" because it's already 3500 miles overdue.

  • skeeter197140
    skeeter197140 18 days ago +1

    The condition of the interior of this car is amazing.

  • skeeter197140
    skeeter197140 18 days ago

    I had an '81 Grand Prix. Took the trim off the outside door panels....never realized (or wanted to admit) how much I wanted it to be a Grand National til now.

  • Emgee
    Emgee 19 days ago

    10,001st comment. Cool

  • mason
    mason 19 days ago

    my dad has one gets 707 hp

  • C Baker
    C Baker 21 day ago +1

    Great video, as usual.
    Likely already posted in the 10k + comments, but... (Doug, you’re 15 years too young)
    Wiki- On September 1, 1979 in a regulation that also regulated speedometer and odometer accuracy, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) required speedometers to have special emphasis on the number 55 and a maximum speed of 85mph (140km/h).

  • Seraph909
    Seraph909 22 days ago

    I like big mirrors, for the bicyclists.

    • David Kastin
      David Kastin 2 days ago

      For which reason? To see them or to hit them with it? Lol

  • Gerberth L.
    Gerberth L. 22 days ago

    Did you see that Elcamino at 22:00 ?

  • Stig Petersen
    Stig Petersen 22 days ago

    Muscle car with drum brakes, only in american POS cars. I think Audi shipped their last drumbrakes to US in the early 80s haha....

  • Troy W
    Troy W 23 days ago

    What made this car so great was how easy it was to change a chip and completely change the tune.

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia 24 days ago +2

    22:01 Sweet El Camino!

  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    from Pakistan.

  • John Howard
    John Howard 24 days ago

    My favorite car

  • steven m
    steven m 24 days ago

    I bet Doug eats humus

  • tizodd6
    tizodd6 24 days ago +5

    Only Doug can say the word "quirkfest" and every one knows what he's talking about.

  • David Hansen
    David Hansen 25 days ago +1

    I had an 87 T-Type, which is virtually the same car with different badging. And it came in colors besides black. Lots of fun, except when it snowed.

  • ThefatItalian66 X
    ThefatItalian66 X 25 days ago

    Fun car back in the 90’s

  • UltimateEnd0
    UltimateEnd0 26 days ago

    Wasn't it Chevy that told Pontiac to stop making Firebirds because they were too good and making Corvettes look bad?

  • Kenneth MacKenzie
    Kenneth MacKenzie 26 days ago

    My sister had a Grand National in 1988

  • Brian Sands
    Brian Sands 26 days ago

    It's so damned beautiful. 'Nuff said.

  • Shooter Brown
    Shooter Brown 27 days ago

    This guy is my car loving spirit animal and my hero. Lol

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 27 days ago

    "When Freddy Mercury had a Tudor watch and watched porn on VHS all night, horrible monster..." 🗨😉🌡🕦🐱🐕🛡🔧♨️🏺💊🛒🦇