RHOA: Still to Come This Season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 9) | Bravo

  • Опубликовано: 10 фев 2017
  • Sex dungeons, a surprise engagement, and the return of Kim Zolciak-Biermann! Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sundays at 8/7c, Only on Bravo. #RHOA
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    In Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia is free, fabulous, and embracing all life has to offer, from engaging in new business opportunities to taking a dip in the dating pool. Eager to move forward, Shereé is focusing on healing old relationship wounds and preparing for an empty nest with her daughter heading off to college. Meanwhile, Kenya, who focuses on growing her beauty empire, is over the moon after a whirlwind romance led to marrying the man of her dreams. Fully vindicated after last season's shocking allegations, it's business as usual for Kandi, who is juggling managing the popular Old Lady Gang restaurant and planning the highly-anticipated Xscape reunion. Excited for a new start, Porsha is looking for love and embracing a new vegan lifestyle. Fresh off performing in her one-woman comedy show and back in the housewives universe, NeNe returns more determined than ever to build her empire and support her family. And in her first time rejoining the group since Season 5, Kim is back on the scene and ready to shake things up. This season business may be booming for the ladies, but it's the friendships that are on the line when the old are threatened by the new and loyalties are put into question.
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    RHOA: Still to Come This Season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 9) | Bravo
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  • Princeromeo2b
    Princeromeo2b 16 дней назад

    I’m mad they made porsha look like she’s pregnant

  • تركي الحربي
    تركي الحربي Месяц назад +1

    Where is nene ??

  • shebecca nelson
    shebecca nelson 5 месяцев назад

    Can’t stand either of them

  • shebecca nelson
    shebecca nelson 5 месяцев назад

    Kim looks more manly than her husband

  • Adrian Quincy
    Adrian Quincy 5 месяцев назад

    Kandi so sensitive and always crying lmao

  • Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson 6 месяцев назад

    Why are you jerks bringing Kim back!

  • rebel ram
    rebel ram 6 месяцев назад

    Great people having good time

  • Shyho
    Shyho 8 месяцев назад

    L👦🏿 👧🏿 👨🏿 👩🏿 👴🏿 👵🏿 👶🏿 👱🏿 👮🏿 👲🏿 👳🏿 👷🏿 👸🏿 💂🏿 🎅🏿 👼🏿 💆🏿 💇🏿 👰🏿 🙍🏿 🙎🏿 🙅🏿 🙆🏿 💁🏿 🙋🏿 🙇🏿 🙌🏿 🙏🏿 🚶🏿 🏃🏿 💃🏿 💪🏿 👈🏿 👉🏿 ☝️🏿 👆🏿 🖕🏿 👇🏿 ✌️🏿 🖖🏿 🤘🏿 🖐🏿 ✊🏿 ✋🏿 👊🏿 👌🏿 👍🏿 👎🏿 👋🏿 👏🏿 👐🏿 ✍🏿 💅🏿 👂🏿 👃🏿 🚣🏿 🛀🏿 🏄🏿 🏇🏿 🏊🏿 ⛹🏿 🏋🏿 🚴🏿 🚵🏿

  • Smiley.Jayden
    Smiley.Jayden 8 месяцев назад +1

    Who really needs to fix there house Kenya....☕☕☕☕

  • Rhythm Is A Dancer
    Rhythm Is A Dancer 9 месяцев назад

    Well Kim clearly ruined what looks she had left

  • ImWhat YouWant
    ImWhat YouWant 9 месяцев назад

    Pheadra is still my girl!!!

  • Deborah Kelley
    Deborah Kelley 10 месяцев назад

    This is tough shit💤

  • Miau Wow
    Miau Wow 10 месяцев назад

    I thought the spoof was "extra" but this was far more than that

  • Mollie Ward
    Mollie Ward 10 месяцев назад

    love kim need her bk sheree is a lovely lady she should get rid of the husband only onthe show cause he has no money he never paid for his kids he does not love her plain to see

  • Vijay Bele
    Vijay Bele 11 месяцев назад

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  • Sweetie
    Sweetie Год назад

    If you are looking for a decent tv show to watch, this is not it. Sadly, some reality tv shows don't have much in the way of a plot, so minor incidents get blown out of proportion for ratings and vulnerable people get maligned for cheap laughs. Not even Nene could save this. Bad acting, bad writing, not a good look for black women, but considering it's in atlanta, no.surprise.

    LISA WILLIAMS Год назад

    man kandi will mopping the floor on prosha ass

  • Stating the Obvious
    Stating the Obvious Год назад

    OMG, I hope Kim Z does not come back. She always acted as if the rest of the cast were beneath her when she is a Whore who started parenting after she trapped Croy's naive self. Disgusting!!!!!

  • holyfuck444
    holyfuck444 Год назад

    Best housewives franchise for sure !

  • Christine Altmaier
    Christine Altmaier Год назад

    I am so upset by what Kim said to Kenya about not having a kid, that really got to the core of my heart, because there are people out there that can't have kids like myself. I could go on but it just hurts to even talk about it 😥 SHAME ON HER!!!!

  • ChattinWithJoJo
    ChattinWithJoJo Год назад

    man kim looks bad. I hate that both her and nene felt the need to get more work done

  • Nerlande Jean-pierre
    Nerlande Jean-pierre Год назад

    porsha said she s pregnant

  • shortstack scott
    shortstack scott Год назад

    this is where I get confused Apollo said that the divorce wasn't final and he was so called blindsided, but then you have a girlfriend/fiance. How is that possible Apollo but yet you blaming Phaedra

  • Bec SocSci
    Bec SocSci Год назад

    Kandi is so unladylike and ghetto

  • Terri Backhaus
    Terri Backhaus Год назад

    This is the trashiest of all the Housewives shows

  • ZenIsGood
    ZenIsGood Год назад

    Kim Zolciak left the show in an awful way. She walked out in the middle of a conv with all the ladies, had Kroy threaten the camera men and now we are seeing her here? Kim please stay out!!!!!!! And nobody wants to be you. You are not talking to your mom & dad, Kroy is not talking to his mom & dad. Didn't he just leave the Falcons too and didn't you have a stroke? Please take care of yourself and healing your relationships. You left the show don't try to go back!

  • Goddess Noire
    Goddess Noire Год назад

    Kandi have a seat.

  • Grace Turner
    Grace Turner Год назад

    Not surprised Kim want's to come back, with her husband not playing ball anymore, 5 kids, a massive house and money being spent at the plastic surgeon office, she needs that damn Check!!

  • Deedee☺
    Deedee☺ Год назад

    This looks sooo good, times like this I really wish this channel existed in the UK. We're still being shown episodes from 2015😂

  • E ThatBoyMere
    E ThatBoyMere Год назад


  • Sonya Stephens
    Sonya Stephens Год назад

    Kandi admitted to having threesomes with Todd so why is so impossible for her to believe that Todd is out of town picking up other women to sleep with or bring home for him and Kandi. Porsha is not lying about everything. Just because you know your man is sleeping with others with your permission it's still cheating, doesn't matter if you know about it or not. I don't get it at all. Why get married if you want to keep acting like your single?

  • Callum Jones
    Callum Jones Год назад

    Peter and Todd, the thirstiness for time on the show is just laughable. Didn't expect it form Todd but hell Peter is just as relevant as Michelle at a destiny childs reunion.

  • real issues
    real issues Год назад

    Please don't bring that duck mouth foul bitch Kim Z. back to the show with her crazy ass kids, put her on a white show. Why are they doing this, I don't see any blacks on the white real housewives!!!

  • Ms B. babee
    Ms B. babee Год назад

    Messy boots Patra and Tonya aka Peter and Todd bitch asses.

  • Leem Wills
    Leem Wills Год назад

    I don't care what nobody says kandi fake she could of easily told her to leave . they knew she was coming and no matter what I watch d every season I remember nene and all the girls use to come for kandi and Phaedra always held kandi down and when Phaedra first started going thru her shit seasons ago kandi got with the ladies and told Phaedra business and even nene said dam I'm so surprised kandi throwing her girl under the bus . Kandi fake and even that xscape reunion with tigger she seem like she really didn't forgive that girl but downplaying it

  • kusieluskus
    kusieluskus Год назад

    Ratchet show !

  • Gabriel Lajara
    Gabriel Lajara Год назад

    peter looks so nasty makes cynthia looks ugly... they should get rid of him. or they bofe. ughtttt

  • C Steven Diez
    C Steven Diez Год назад

    what episode is this shit I really wanna watch it

  • Jus Jess
    Jus Jess Год назад

    And she lied bc kandy told the truth

  • Susan Cardoso
    Susan Cardoso Год назад

    OMG Kim got an official Pastic Face. nothing wrong getting help from the doctors to help you with something wrong in your body... but like that???? extreme??? girl stay at home lololol

  • Ace Lee
    Ace Lee Год назад

    guesswhat74...most women have kids whether one or two for free no man to support them or the kids...I respect Kim having a lot "happy is the man that has his quiver full of them for they shall speak with the enemies at the gate"....it's biblical y'all. Kenya grudge Kim she wants what Kim has how dare she talks about someone not having a job....if bravo dropped her tomorrow where's her job

  • Melva Morrison
    Melva Morrison Год назад

    Kim will always be my fav housewife ❤❤

  • J Wahler
    J Wahler Год назад

    No Kenya, your face is more like a HORSE

  • Geraldine Hendrickson
    Geraldine Hendrickson Год назад +1

    keyna why are you on the housewives not eve married that were your money coming from I hope that let you go. you don't have a job either .Todd and Apollo set this up on purpose what a ass I hope I never have to hear or see them again. Apollo and keyna should hook up both evil

  • tangled55
    tangled55 Год назад

    At 1:48, Porsha looks like she has "hell" in her. Her spirit is off. She's not been the same since Season 6 reunion. From that time on, she's been totally different. She's out of control.

  • Happy Go Lucky
    Happy Go Lucky Год назад

    Kim looks dreadful

  • Abigial Rosser
    Abigial Rosser Год назад +1

    You see why you shouldn't "HAVE FUN" with other people outside of your marriage!

  • her_ excellency
    her_ excellency Год назад +1

    the comments here have me dying!!!😹😹

  • PoUNd CaKE
    PoUNd CaKE Год назад +2

    It took 9 seasons for Miss who can I run too irrelevant head a$$ to get a voice omg I've waited for this moment for Forever 😁 Kandi still boring as hell and idk why she is still on the show😥😴

    • thalrg22
      thalrg22 Год назад

      PoUNd CaKE preach

  • craig negrey
    craig negrey Год назад

    ahh fuck if kim comws back yer gonna lose veiwers look at that HORRIBLE NOSE JOB LMFAO NeNe really made that show soo why bring back kim omg huge mistake wish nene would come back

  • Adrian Pierre
    Adrian Pierre Год назад

    where's the new episode

  • Lucy Diamond
    Lucy Diamond Год назад

    Y'all know peter is loving that drama

  • Andre L
    Andre L Год назад

    I want kandi to knock porsha ass out so she know who she really fucking with next season I need for Kim an Nene to come shake shit up

  • tnargtnarud
    tnargtnarud Год назад

    Sheree, Cynthia, and Porsha need to leave relevancy immediately. They're as stale as bread, Porsha lucked out this time with a storyline.

  • Smiley AJ
    Smiley AJ Год назад

    Where's the full episode??

  • theTruth
    theTruth Год назад

    when shree says oh...oh...... i die a little

  • Rhonda Fitch
    Rhonda Fitch Год назад

    I like to see Kim and NeNe back..

  • Spice K
    Spice K Год назад

    kandi don't play no games savage mode 21 👊👊😂😂

  • lil boosie
    lil boosie Год назад

    I personally think Todd is a bitch. Kandi can do better. If the rumors of her being gay are true she need to stop playing and get herself a lesbian that'll fuck her good, love her good and be loyal af. Todd is using her for money and a name. As for Kenya talking shit about Kim bitch shut up you jealous you ain't got a man, children and married. Fuck off with all that shit.

  • Jamal Kendrell
    Jamal Kendrell Год назад +2

    gurrrrrrl u better change that tone

  • josabetorea
    josabetorea Год назад

    LOLz she said I ain't into short and stout B

  • sharon scranton
    sharon scranton Год назад +2

    Kim back on the scene this is when the real shit takes place. Now all we need is NeNe

  • buggawa loompa
    buggawa loompa Год назад

    Kandi needs to calm tf down... she acts like she'll beat the shit out of someone but I doubt she's able to ..

  • riley shields
    riley shields Год назад

    𝓊𝓃𝓅𝑜𝓅𝓊𝓁𝒶𝓇 𝑜𝓅𝒾𝓃𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝒾 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓀𝑒𝓃𝓎𝒶 𝓂𝑜𝑜𝓇𝑒

  • riley shields
    riley shields Год назад


  • JJ Williams
    JJ Williams Год назад

    Idk why people are saying Kandi is afraid of Porsha... Kandi isn't afraid of anyone! let's not forget how she laid into Nene on her first season. Most of the women kissed her butt because they were afraid of her, but not Kandi. She's honestly just too smart to throw the first punch but I'm 100% sure she can handle Porsha. Anyone that starts crying when they are about to fight is a straight up psycho. Lol Please don't sleep on her. Porsha only attacks when people aren't expecting it.

  • Rashanda Nicole
    Rashanda Nicole Год назад

    can somebody put up epsidoe 15 of season9 of house wives of Atlanta pleeeeease😘😘

  • Josh Costa
    Josh Costa Год назад

    oh Kim zolciak Kenya doesn't wanna be you and the oh you will never have a husband or a baby is getting old

  • Michael Hittson
    Michael Hittson Год назад

    Looks like Kenya may be going after Kairo. I wouldn't put it past her. You know Sheree ain't gonna like it one bit....What these women won't do for a storyline.

  • Darius Young
    Darius Young Год назад +1

    But why y'all acting like Toyota got hands if pulling hair means you got hands then y'all hoes should be heavyweight champions.

  • Marjorie Baldizzi
    Marjorie Baldizzi Год назад

    What happened between Kim Zolciak and Kenya...?

  • Corijuan Reese
    Corijuan Reese Год назад

    This is such a crazy season OMG these women are at each other's throats!! This is worse than the season 6 reunion fight.

  • riley shields
    riley shields Год назад

    people keep trying to find something to have a go at kenya for (just coz p&p dont like her) so they have a go at for having no kids or man. she literally said on her facebook live that she doesnt care so your wasting your time on someone who is having way more fun with their life than you, well done

  • Warprincess1004
    Warprincess1004 Год назад +1


  • kim d
    kim d Год назад +1

    kandi is mental and needs anger management

  • Debra Garner
    Debra Garner Год назад +1

    Bravo, Is about to send someone or two home! Im thinking Cynthia and Kandi; Kandi might be quitting? Porsha and Kenya, Better watch their backs! All these women buying homes! Slow down girls. Bravo gets the last laugh.

  • Paula Cullars
    Paula Cullars Год назад

    she need to eat a piece of kandi so she can feel better can we say anger management

  • guesswhat74
    guesswhat74 Год назад

    I'm not a Kenya fan but loved when she told Kim she wasn't a duck like her lips. lol

  • ZHYBOO Davis
    ZHYBOO Davis Год назад

    HEY KIM!!!

  • Patrice summers
    Patrice summers Год назад

    Where are the episodes at

  • Pat Bell
    Pat Bell Год назад

    I only watch this show because of Phaedra and Sheree! Their reactions to everything are hilarious 😂😂. This show needs a Tami Roman from BBWLA to check Porsha's dumb ass and give her an ass beating if need be 😩❤

  • Bryan Eldridge
    Bryan Eldridge Год назад +1

    I am glad Kim is back to tell the girls how it really is and her rich life

  • Keyona Johnson
    Keyona Johnson Год назад

    NeNe should come back. I want to see how this plays out with her and Porsha and Phadera

  • Kaisean Gordon
    Kaisean Gordon Год назад

    well this is what I have to say Porsche know damn well she shouldn't have put that information out there about kandi she's been talking s*** about Kandi all season long and it's about time for her to be put in her place her Miss parks scary as sit back in the Gap and talk so much s*** and let Porsche takes the blame for sweetheart that is not your friend imma need you to get it together Miss Porsche that is not your friend or whatever you may want to call that low down dirty ass b**** Miss Parks needs her Peach revoked because you can't expect to throw a stone in not get a stone thrown back at you honey I'ma need you to get off of your high horse and get dethroned you can't get mad in about it because you don't have a man anymore Apollo said he's moved on no ma'am and if you didn't care so much then why is that your topic of discussion better yet known as your storyline

  • I am who I am Because of God
    I am who I am Because of God Год назад

    Kandi just helping porsha get her coins up this season.. No one ever checks for porsha.. she's not a favorite amongst others on this show.. po chile hairline aint selling.. dish nation need to be put in the dish washer.. IJS..

  • Giovonna Amor
    Giovonna Amor Год назад +1

    ewwww Kim lips looks nasty af

  • Amanda Willingham
    Amanda Willingham Год назад

    Southern belle my ass. Phaedra triflin' to the 10th degree...

  • Kimmy L
    Kimmy L Год назад

    Ooh I love Kim's new face

  • SalemsKov
    SalemsKov Год назад

    bitch im watchING this season

  • Juliandstewart
    Juliandstewart Год назад +1

    Porsha isn't afraid of Kandi. If you watched the episodes why the hell is Kandi going in on Portia so hard. Porsha implied that she was a lesbian it wasn't stated until Kandi opened that door. I do feel it is some truth in what Portia is saying about kandi. Portia is single if she wants to have sex with every Tom, Dick, and Harry that her business. Kandi gets upset and tell all the business from past conversations but never come clean about hers.

  • LuckieDonuts
    LuckieDonuts Год назад +1

    Porsha is back with a vengeance

  • lesley mbuyi kayembe
    lesley mbuyi kayembe Год назад

    I feel so sorry for Kandi. Those girls are really trying her. They are just lookin for trouble form her becuase shes happy married and they are not. Porsha is being waaay too retarded i dont think she knows as much as she says she does about Kandi. Like what Porsha did wasnt fair at all. Oh and i cant wait to see Kim!!!

  • Veg Vixxxen
    Veg Vixxxen Год назад

    candy stfu everyone in atl know you bi since your singing days with tiny and her bisexual ass too lmao u tht mad... must be true lmao todd is happy cause you a freak so whats the problem lmao dummy

  • Eric Duffy
    Eric Duffy Год назад +1

    does anyone else notice that they keep replaying that thing where Sheree says "uhn uhn"

  • Shaye Couther
    Shaye Couther Год назад +1

    People thought this show was going downhill.not at all

  • Elysian Cuban
    Elysian Cuban Год назад

    So who's really shady ?

  • denise jordan
    denise jordan Год назад

    todd really hate pheadra for him to bring apollo thirtsy gold digger around and kandi need to sit down somewhere ol crying ass

  • Gi Hutchinson
    Gi Hutchinson Год назад +1

    This has been the best season of RHOA by far. Especially since seeing this preview.

  • jennifer buntin
    jennifer buntin Год назад

    Kandi is the wrong woman to mess with girls. She don't back out from a fight.

  • June Williams
    June Williams Год назад +1

    Why did yall put out this trailer, now I'm dying to watch, yall teasing me badly, that is what I call tv