What It's Like For Parkland Students Returning To School After The Shooting (HBO)

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • Classes resume at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High following the February 14th mass shooting. VICE News goes back to Parkland as students return to class.
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Comments • 438

  • VICE News
    VICE News  Year ago +61

    "We all picked Parkland because Parkland is Parkland. It's so safe. It's the best place to raise your kid," a parent tells VICE News.
    Watch next on Parkland here: bit.ly/2FkJloA

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 4 months ago

      @jason walters Real news

    • jason walters
      jason walters Year ago

      FAKE news

    • RichWitGame
      RichWitGame Year ago

      These kids are being brainwashed, manipulated and exploited by the anti 2nd Amendment agenda and their propaganda.
      If you have the right to life, but not the right to armed defense of life, then it's not a right. It becomes a privilege conditional on the choice of the criminally violent not to be an armed threat. As long as weapons exist and people have the right to life, then they have the right to armed defense of life.

    • Gusto St. Cool
      Gusto St. Cool Year ago

      Hey, VICE...when's Jamali gonna do a Hate They Neighbor episode in South Africa? Yeah, I didn't think so, you lying leftist fucks.

    • Anglo
      Anglo Year ago

      my nama jeff

  • ツObey
    ツObey 21 day ago

    The fact that students like myself, worry everyday about the possibility of being killed at a school, a place where you learn, is unbelievable and disgusting. Another thing, way more baffling, are the responses that the government make with more and more school shootings. They have prayers and thoughts but what they really need to be doing is making a change. We need WAY WAY stricter gun laws that can help America. We cannot just live with the fact that someone under 18, can purchase an ASSAULT RIFLE. And only 21 year olds and older can purchase a handgun. We really just need to wipe out guns, in general. The average American citizen does not need to have a gun. If we fixed the gun laws, no citizens would need a gun because of the much safer environment we would live in, if we had a government that cared. And I, as a kid, worry even about the world we love in. Where school shootings are common because of the change that is not happening. If we can just change the gun laws, the land of the free and the brave, would be much safer.

  • moonlight arianator
    moonlight arianator 2 months ago +6

    R.I.P to those 17 innocent people died that day. 💔

  • Green Eyez
    Green Eyez 2 months ago

    Honestly I wish they didn’t bully that shooter maybe if they gave him support after he lost his mom if they woulda gave him support no matter how weird someone is give them kindness or this happens

  • LiveByFaith SSHNN
    LiveByFaith SSHNN 3 months ago

    They needed to tear down thst school building and rebuild in a new location. That's still not good to return there and constantly be reminded. All are not showing it but it may be hard on them.

  • katie gowans
    katie gowans 5 months ago

    I couldn’t imagine the dread god bless everyone involved ❤️

  • Zzehraa
    Zzehraa 6 months ago

    the dislikes are the NRA's having a meeting disliking every video

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 7 months ago

    I can’t imagine after something like this school will be the same as always if it was me I could not go back there ever

  • Kalar Hall
    Kalar Hall 7 months ago +1

    I wouldn’t go back to that school, I’m thankful I’m homeschooled. And if I was one of the parents I wouldn’t let my kid go back to that school

  • Coelophysis
    Coelophysis 8 months ago

    Shall not be infringed.

  • flow.
    flow. 8 months ago +1

    Jorgie seems like a pretty cool guy

  • Brenda Cervantes
    Brenda Cervantes 8 months ago

    I don’t know 🤔 about kids going back to school again it became dangerous, it was rare in the past but it took Parkland to spread the danger to almost every school across the country. And the school system is crap anyway, not only the kids are given a bad education but also risking their lives to do it. Why make them go back? The Right Wing are practically letting these kids to get themselves killed just by doing nothing to change its system

  • Jager Garrido
    Jager Garrido Year ago

    O lmao that’s my brother

  • Ana Figueroa
    Ana Figueroa Year ago

    This is so heartbreaking💔

  • David Lee
    David Lee Year ago

    wait they had a month of school holiday for the school shooting

  • Eddie _sksk
    Eddie _sksk Year ago

    *This shows how our world just puts it all behind*

  • Panzi Craze
    Panzi Craze Year ago +1

    0:15 mother panic

  • Malu rils
    Malu rils Year ago

    Hey Vice... What is that first Soundtrack in the backround ? i really like such calm music.

  • WHAT IN THE World Is This

    Is he or she a female or a male?

  • Blued
    Blued Year ago

    I would love to have my school shot up if I got out of tests.

  • Aek Sinsang
    Aek Sinsang Year ago

    After the drill and hoax

  • RowanLikesRadiohead

    these kids are stronger than the people who run the country

  • Stutmann_13
    Stutmann_13 Year ago

    Was that a boy ? Or a girl?

  • tray4168
    tray4168 Year ago

    So how much longer does jorgie have in his transition?

  • tanya brooks
    tanya brooks Year ago

    God protect you all your all very brave God bless

  • Kaylee Mullen
    Kaylee Mullen Year ago

    I don’t understand how someone can say that they support guns, when children are actually dying. CHILDREN. I’m in high school and I shouldn’t feel scared to go to school.

  • mahbin
    mahbin Year ago

    Nice try, Where does it say anywhere that you little pasty faced Liberals can dictate my "freewill". I know you little loser have no concept of freewill, it's what we as free Americans used to use when be wanted or needed some thing. Well that's before you Liberals stuck you pathetic politics and your noses in OUR lives. If you losers will mind your our business you will not have time to mind MINE. Get a life and a JOB, and SHUT UP!!! This is not about gun control, this is about people control, PERIOD!!!

  • Bri
    Bri Year ago

    Why do people dislike videos like this?

  • Barto Amer
    Barto Amer Year ago

    That's why school is the worst thing ever it judges your life and intelligence by how many marks you get (numbers), it's filled with things that cause depression,sadness, and let downs,psychotic teachers. It's just filled with bitterness.

  • Perla C.
    Perla C. Year ago

    If it was me (thanks God no), I will never go back there.

  • Powzza
    Powzza Year ago

    I know it’s sad what has happened but i do feel like these kids are milking it too much

  • ElectroWolf
    ElectroWolf Year ago

    Do you know realize that Shooters go to gun free zones because no one can stop them? And that’s exactly what happened in Parkland

  • lacey moore
    lacey moore Year ago

    This is why my parents took me out of school and home schooled me because of society today they don’t want me to be put through this situation

  • BadKD
    BadKD Year ago

    Its the students fault this happened anyways, they are the ones that bullied the kid and made him do this.

  • BadKD
    BadKD Year ago

    Your parents shouldn't fear for your life when you go to school..

  • commenter name
    commenter name Year ago +1

    Just stopping by to downvote the proganda.

  • GingGus Kon
    GingGus Kon Year ago

    In Mexico kids just laugh off a school shooting, but in America they cry too much. They banned guns in Mexico so yeah they're enjoying it.

  • richard mullins
    richard mullins Year ago

    [NEWS FLASH march 13, 2018: the youtube piece I give a link to below has now been shut down. That is an interesting piece of evidence in itself. The video was from a mainstream news service, not from some conspiracy site].1:34 on ruclip.com/video/L-LI-CILcYc/video.html shows that the event was a piece of theatre. The witness says "I died"!

  • Jocy The Muffin
    Jocy The Muffin Year ago +1

    Where I live is also like a very safe bubble area and the suicide rate is extremely high where I live though... idk I feel like there will be somebody with a lot of anger and they will want to do a shooting or something 😣

  • GreaterGood510
    GreaterGood510 Year ago

    Hoax just like Sandy Hook and Pulse Nightclub.
    Not one drop of blood or ambulance rushing out injured victims on footage.

  • Nicholas Seamans
    Nicholas Seamans Year ago

    It's crazy how many armchair psychologists and conspiracy theorists ignore the fact that this was a tragedy. It's sad to realize even victims get criticized and people will construct their own reality to support their own beliefs.

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon Year ago

    It’s like racism. The more you talk about it, the more it lives on.

  • Double Trouble Gamer Girls

    I feel bad for the teens who died in the school shooting 💔😨😰

  • Adam Diaz
    Adam Diaz Year ago

    I'm still debating in my head if this kid is a boy or a girl

  • Wesley P
    Wesley P Year ago

    its sad this happened, but giving this 1 shooting this much coverage is really bad. its so disrespectful to all the other school shootings that got next to no coverage. this gets so much coverage its like its the first and only time this has ever happened or at least.. its the only one that matters.

  • Ijustwastedyourtime0

    That mom is pretty fuckable

  • Transgender King
    Transgender King Year ago

    Y, y, y, y do people kill others to get ride of anger?

    • SKiLLsSoLoN
      SKiLLsSoLoN Year ago

      more like retaliation. I think a lot of the issues have to do with the environment (not only outside of the human but also within him)

  • bearsemen
    bearsemen Year ago

    This is news? There are shootings every day, why is this special?

    • Marisol Garrido
      Marisol Garrido Year ago

      bearsemen it was the deadliest high school shooting in modern US history

    MISS ESHA Year ago

    I wouldn't go back to school....home school me

  • jason walters
    jason walters Year ago

    FAKE news...for FAKE ppl or 🐑

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 2 months ago

      I am not considered a sheep because I believe this is real

  • Steph Wittling
    Steph Wittling Year ago

    Yep so safe!!!

  • butterdiekisses
    butterdiekisses Year ago

    La creatura...

  • Hannah Sophia
    Hannah Sophia Year ago

    If I witnessed that I would never want to return there again

  • jason walters
    jason walters Year ago +1

    All bullshit💩 from David Hoggs video rant while FAKE shooting happening to fbi first on site to a school that had drill already...LMAO if you believe this shit💩...dupers delight

  • jason walters
    jason walters Year ago +1


  • The Silent Patriot
    The Silent Patriot Year ago +3

    Shame on those sheriffs who didn't go in to do shit. There wouldn't have been 17 killed if they intervened!!

  • Judicial78
    Judicial78 Year ago +57

    I own several firearms, including an AR15. I am obviously pro second amendment and honestly I have never given gun control much thought. It wasn't the kids who made me want gun control change, it was the trolls. Reading about people calling the kids houses to harass them, people claiming these kids were fake, etc. made me realize how culturally sick the right wing is in this country. We need gun control. I don't want the right wing loonies to have access to firearms, and I bet more then half would fail an emotional stability evaluation like the grown babies they are.

    • Kane
      Kane 8 months ago


    • Judicial78
      Judicial78 9 months ago +1

      gun control =/= gun ban you simpleton.

    • That Girl from da Bronx
      That Girl from da Bronx 9 months ago

      @Judicial78 Why would you go buy more parts before the "ban," if you are now for gun control? Contradictory.
      A true 2nd amendment supporter knows that there are already laws on the books that would work if enforced.
      A true 2nd amendment supporter would fight against any more laws.
      A true 2nd amendment supporter knows what will become of this country if we don't fight.
      A true 2nd amendment supporter knows it is NOT about guns but about mental illness &/or criminals.
      A true 2nd amendment supporter knows that without the 2nd amendment, there will be no constitution.

    • No One
      No One Year ago +1

      +Judicial78 I'm a right winger and I completely agree

    • Mr. [EXPUNGED]
      Mr. [EXPUNGED] Year ago +1

      Judicial78 we don’t need gun control, we need trigger control and child control. David Hogg is a fake, he wasn’t even there that day. What happened at that school, was terrible and true, and people calling these kids house is counter productive, but guns aren’t the problem.

  • CommieDawg
    CommieDawg Year ago +1

    Conservatives feel threatened by school shooting victims.

  • Manny S
    Manny S Year ago +2

    Now I get why this shooting got so much more attention than the others. This was a wealthy area, it was "supposed" to be safe. But a shooting in detroit? Nobody cares

  • Ray Chillz
    Ray Chillz Year ago

    You know something that could prevent this from happening? No it's not gun control. It's your educational System America. You putting shit ton of pressure to your student without counseling them. You ignore the student's mental health vulnerability thinking them as heartless and emotionless robot that's ready to study and study everyday. If only your government really care about the student, this kind of shit wouldnt happen. Psychological and mental health issue aint something to be taken granted. Learn from the mistake of the past!

  • rock17lee
    rock17lee Year ago +2

    Propaganda using kids... shame...

  • Thomlistentoslayer
    Thomlistentoslayer Year ago +38

    Until we eradicate Gun Free Zones...There will be more mass shootings unfortunately!

    • MegaBall PowerBall
      MegaBall PowerBall 10 months ago

      Thomlistentoslayer When the Orange terrorist builds the Gas Chambers using your forced labor you'll understand that you were duped because you have Trump Voter level intellect.

    • Amy
      Amy Year ago

      Thomlistentoslayer Fact.

    • Mr. [EXPUNGED]
      Mr. [EXPUNGED] Year ago +1

      caca caca it’s not corrupt

    • Long Range Rifle
      Long Range Rifle Year ago +1

      Thomlistentoslayer; you are 1,000% correct.
      Now we have former Supreme court *LibTard* justices saying they would destroy the 2nd Amendment if they could.

    • caca caca
      caca caca Year ago +6

      Thomlistentoslayer too bad the NRA is corrupt

    SEEDY Year ago

    le 56%

  • Tanya Kulova
    Tanya Kulova Year ago

    Scary stuff...

  • 5007Finest
    5007Finest Year ago +6

    Interesting jacket he's wearing.

  • Rabbi Shekelstein
    Rabbi Shekelstein Year ago +1

    So sick of all these soymutts trying to gain sympathy so they can take my rights away RRREEEEEE!!!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Welcome to the reality of life. Get over it, life goes on. There are problems in this world that are much more grave

  • Johnathan Carman
    Johnathan Carman Year ago

    "We all picked parkland cause parkland was the safest place to live.... who told you that the developers for the houses?

    • Marisol Garrido
      Marisol Garrido Year ago

      Johnathan Carman lowest crime rate of any city in Florida

  • A boy and his shopping cart

    Another damn school shooting in Alabama. We have to change.

    • Marisol Garrido
      Marisol Garrido Year ago

      Million Million your geography is a little bit off

  • Alexei Skoropys
    Alexei Skoropys Year ago

    shit video with a click bait title! umm welcome to life .. it goes on regardless of how you feel. it's a terrible event best not to dwell to much on the negative. grow from the experience for you still breath air...

    • Marisol Garrido
      Marisol Garrido Year ago

      i know life goes on. it's just rough to go back to a place where your friends where killed.

  • Coley Cole
    Coley Cole Year ago +3

    Bruh I would never be able to go back to school honestly these kids are so strong

  • PMM
    PMM Year ago +1

    If you live in fear you will die in fear. We don't need weapons of war in the public hands.
    Too many ill people have way too many powerful guns in there hands because their fears.
    They're only going to cause destruction.

    • Coelophysis
      Coelophysis 8 months ago

      @PMM No its not. No military or army uses the AR 15. Therefore it is not a weapon of war. And if you shoot like that it is difficult to hit anyone.

    • PMM
      PMM Year ago

      Where a shooter can probably fire 3 rounds a second, at least to start. But every 30 rounds (ten seconds) they need to stop and reload. That reload will take about five seconds, unless you are VERY fast. So that's 30 rounds in 15 seconds. Thus result spray of bullets causing mass casualties And death. So yes it is a weapon of war.
      Besides War is a state of armed conflict between states or societies. It is generally characterized by extreme aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular forces.

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader Year ago

      molnarsmovies The AR-15 isn’t a weapon of war. Its not used in the military.

  • marie marq
    marie marq Year ago +67

    We owe so much more to our children

  • Tom Ollie
    Tom Ollie Year ago +1

    omg what kind of snowflake shit is this

  • picklegod21
    picklegod21 Year ago +30

    Looking through the comments I am completely disgusted by the lack of empathy and respect people have. I don't know how many times it must be said, but it has been statistically proven that having less guns results in less shootings such as this one! Anybody who tries to argue the opposite by trying to push the NRA's agenda to fight fire with fire is completely full of shit. More guns aren't the answer. Less are.

    • Mr. [EXPUNGED]
      Mr. [EXPUNGED] Year ago

      picklegod21 they are in fact not backed up by statistics. Liar.

    • Wes Finch
      Wes Finch Year ago

      Serial Chillin' cell phones are for communication i agree ar 15s are for defense but if you text and drive and kill someone and you get charged thats an offense just like taking an ar 15 and killing someone is. What would save more teens less cell phones and teens driving while texting or taking ar 15s away well lets see if texting and driving kills ten times the teens annually than ar 15s well then to save the most lives banning cell phones and teens driving while using those devices would save more teens. I am more likely to die driving because of a cell phone glued teen driving and not watching the road than i am due to a guy with an ar 15. Fact. Cell phones werent intended to kill but do when used improperly while people are driving. An ar 15 is intended for defense. Never saw an ar 15 ad say buy this and kill a lot of people just like i never saw and iphone ad say buy this then drive and kill a lot of people. So if saving lives is what you are worried about then start with things that cause the most death. Lack of responsibility contributes to both also. You are not for saving the most lives you are for people getting killed in ways you deam acceptable thats all. Stats prove that. Anything else sorry no common core education i mean indoctrination here.

    • kretinous reprobates
      kretinous reprobates Year ago +1

      Phillip W cell phones aren't designed to kill guns are. Your argument can be dismissed now as it's invalid and absurd. You're incapable of processing logic at an Incomprehensible Insanely flawed unprecedented scale. Put your second amendment to a good use and put a 45. In your head. Only if everyone who thought like you did that America would be a much better safer place.

    • Wes Finch
      Wes Finch Year ago

      More teens die due to texting and driving in fact its ten times higher than those that die due to guns. What no cell phone laws why. Also thats ten times just in the teen deaths imagine the number they kill while texting and driving. Death is death but oh ban one item and not the other really. People who read history and people who know that kimmel and other celebs are not # journalists can see through this gun grab. No march against iphones or facebook because thats liberal and trendy blame cops mike brown then want them to have ar 15s wheres the logic. Never happened under obama right leftist morons. Also america is a constitutional republic. #facts are not cnn polls wheres hillary at what happened. Tired of these teen idiots killing innocent people because their phones mean more than people.

    • kretinous reprobates
      kretinous reprobates Year ago

      The Paulstal Service 7 put your second amendment to good use and do society a favour and put the barrel of your gun to your head and pull the trigger.

  • Cj Iscool
    Cj Iscool Year ago

    I would be too traumatized to go back

  • 2cer3al
    2cer3al Year ago +1

    The FBI had 39 warning and they even new about messages he sent saying he is going to shoot the school up. This is a problem with the authorities not a gun problem

  • Daddy Wampu
    Daddy Wampu Year ago +2

    Shit reminds me of my grandma

  • Henryk Gödel
    Henryk Gödel Year ago +1

    How to make $$$ from tragedy.

  • Rayford Carpathia
    Rayford Carpathia Year ago +4

    Dude, cut your hair.

    • Marisol Garrido
      Marisol Garrido Year ago +2

      yemo34 i have a job. i've been working for two years

    • billy kringel
      billy kringel Year ago

      he will no better after he gets kicked out of the house cause he cant get a job.

  • Bel Fiori
    Bel Fiori Year ago +1

    Happy for the safe ones, heartbroken for the ones we lost :(

  • Oui monsieur yo soy de rancho

    Imagine a world where a video covering traumatised kids going back to school gets political controversy.

  • MadAdventure
    MadAdventure Year ago

    So all you know Parkland town is a bunch of rich left wing people as majority of Broward county. I live 2 miles from that school and gun control will never work when a sicko is a suicidal. God bless all those who die at school.

  • Hug Savage
    Hug Savage Year ago


  • Temujin
    Temujin Year ago +1

    Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem ~ "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery"

    • Temujin
      Temujin Year ago

      Jorge Garrido Tell that to classmates of the 10,000 unarmed students that were killed in Tiananmen Square

    • Marisol Garrido
      Marisol Garrido Year ago

      TheAschr i prefer my classmates not being dead

  • Crampets Shain
    Crampets Shain Year ago

    theyre demolishing the building? hmm interesting how cruz had a meeting with a construction company that contracts with the school a week before the shooting and now theyre being hired to demolish the building... hmmm

  • yswead97
    yswead97 Year ago +45

    Im not trying to be an asshole or anything . Ofcourse every life matters , and it sucks so bad that innocent children had to pass away . But imagine living in syria , where everyday a shell falls , and everytime more than 10 people die , including children . We are so focused on this while not covering much of what happens in east ghouta or syria in general . Every human being matters.

    • Charles Williams
      Charles Williams Year ago +1

      I totally agree with you. I understand world problems but how we can we fix problems globally if we can't fix problems in our backyard because is a shit hole and disgrace right now. The shootings before Parkland and after Parkland, it's something our President needs to recognize and put efforts in to fix.

    • A Wierd Ski Mask
      A Wierd Ski Mask Year ago +3

      I’m sorry but I disagree. While bad things do happen in Syria everyday there are a lot of things going on in America that doesn’t get talked about or gets swept under the rug after a week. As messed up as things are over there, there are things we need to worry about in our own country.

    • Mr. [EXPUNGED]
      Mr. [EXPUNGED] Year ago +1

      I agree

    • Abby On The Spot
      Abby On The Spot Year ago +2

      yswead97 yes I agree but it should be about everyone not only Syrian kids and not only Florida kids it’s all behind the government if the government commits peace we will all be fine

  • Saiga Legacy
    Saiga Legacy Year ago

    Sending kids to school means sending them to die

  • joelshack85
    joelshack85 Year ago

    It’s the same! You go back to a broke school that can’t afford proper security because your community is broke just like all the others in our Great Nation! Blame your parents bad voting records for sending all our hard earned money into conflict zones and the war companies! They would rather nation build and chase terror all over the world then take care of you! 20 years of Iraq, 17 years of Afghanistan, and now 5 years of Syria! For decades now the feds have made big business out supplying, protecting, and arming populations in conflict zones! This would be the foundation for terrorism! These terrorists don’t hate me and you they hate the feds and just follow the breadcrumbs back to me and you....9/11!! Instead of enriching the war companies and contractors who are Nation building ask them why not enrich or broke communities so we can afford proper security and proper mental health facilities! I hope the up and coming generations realize the failure of your parents and start to vote for candidates and parties that will bring our money back to our communities! Democrats want to pretend they are some peaceful entity looking for everyone to lay down their weapons yet they support just as evil foreign policies as any mass shooter is! The Obama administration killed thousands of Syrian citizens under “collateral damage” yet you turn a blind eye to this mass murder! Trump is just falling into line with the same agenda! Democrats you should practice what you preach and actually supported a party that is truly looking for peace, prosperity, and the truth!

  • Copenhagen Wintergreen

    Weird that Parkland has gotten enormous coverage while other school shootings mainly under Obama were not nearly as publicized or politicized. FBI ignored dozens of warnings and did nothing. I love how everyone is seeing right through the medias lies. Vice take notes, all of your politically charges videos get more dislikes than likes not everyone needs to agree so stop pushing your BS. Thanks.

    • meroinheroin
      meroinheroin Year ago +5

      Copenhagen Wintergreen yeah it's not like the Newtown shooting was international news which led to Obama's executive orders or anything.

  • Dane Pacheco
    Dane Pacheco Year ago +1

    Why did I think it was Reggie Watts in the thumbnail....

  • TwistedBarbie
    TwistedBarbie Year ago +4

    Hey Vice, why did you disable comments on your video about the “blacks only” retreat in Costa Rica? Pretty cowardly of you! Seeing that you have 13k likes and 17k dislikes I’m assuming you copped a lot of shit in the comments, and couldn’t handle it! I wonder why people didn’t like it... hmm... 🤔

  • El
    El Year ago +12

    the media doesn't cover the kids in places like Chicago that go through things like this every day.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 8 months ago

      you have absolutely no proof of anything you said

    • billy kringel
      billy kringel Year ago

      difference is they aren't paid actors, and Michigan is a giant gun free zone. with democrat financed gang violence.

  • Josh Willard
    Josh Willard Year ago

    Weird kid

  • Lil Pope
    Lil Pope Year ago

    Blame it on white people you don't see black people shooting up schools

    • 2cer3al
      2cer3al Year ago

      corleone Giuseppe true but what about the black kids in Chicago? There are proportionally more black people killing black people than white kids shooting up schools

  • Holydecipher
    Holydecipher Year ago

    Why so depressed? If I was one of those kids, I couldn't stop dancing and singing of joy that I wasn't killed

  • Jan
    Jan Year ago

    Americas gunlaws are to blame for

    • Michael Eli
      Michael Eli Year ago

      ...the FBI & Broward County Sherrif’s negligence?

  • Beej Price
    Beej Price Year ago

    Can you do a follow up on the young man who was shot 5 times. I'd like to know how he is doing and what lays ahead for him.

  • Red-Blooded America
    Red-Blooded America Year ago +22

    Keep milking this tragedy dry, liberal media.

    • Jager Garrido
      Jager Garrido Year ago

      Tru shit

    • Red-Blooded America
      Red-Blooded America Year ago +1

      No Republican wants to sweep it under the rug. They just rather not exploit the tragedy and the victims to push political policies.

  • TheCoconutCookie
    TheCoconutCookie Year ago +227

    39 warnings the FBI ignored. But it's a gun problem

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 2 months ago

      @jason walters It's not fake

    • J 06
      J 06 6 months ago

      TheCoconutCookie it’s not the guns fault it’s the person using the gun to blame

    • Coelophysis
      Coelophysis 10 months ago

      hbe421 If it become tyrannical.

    • Coelophysis
      Coelophysis 10 months ago +1

      Andy Zhang Semi autos are not military style. Military style guns are full auto and select fire. Looking scary does not mean it is military style. And mass shootings are only a tiny minority of gun crime.

    • Mr. [EXPUNGED]
      Mr. [EXPUNGED] Year ago

      Kreepy Pasta indeed