The Worst Isekai Anime

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar makes every other "trapped in another world" anime look great by comparison. Come back SAO! I'm sorry I was so mean.
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Comments • 6 851

  • Jsk 05
    Jsk 05 23 minutes ago

    And how every single relevant character is a girl providing tons of fanservice, enough for even generations to come just kill me already pls

  • timmyy elm
    timmyy elm 6 hours ago


  • CreeperOnYourHouse
    CreeperOnYourHouse 8 hours ago

    I read the manga for about 5 pages and dropped it. Pretty much never happens for me, even with the worst isekai. Except this.

  • Soundwavegamer
    Soundwavegamer 9 hours ago

    The best thing in this review is Azur lane and it’s nice to see my Wifu Yorktown

  • Apathetic Observer
    Apathetic Observer 12 hours ago

    Jeoff's "this is my life now" expression completely sums up the anime

  • 1banksaid
    1banksaid Day ago

    What if someone remade this into something enjoyable?

  • Jonhel Gonzales
    Jonhel Gonzales Day ago

    Your really fucking right
    ......all harem shits are the worst....... I'm gonna subscribe...... Just for this....

  • Anthoney Reyes
    Anthoney Reyes Day ago +2

    The Animation looks so bad that it makes Persona 5 The Animation look like a quality anime

  • King Harkanian
    King Harkanian Day ago

    While i dont like the show,at the very least it doesnt use the overly spammed troupe of "oh no you pervert" on a spineless protag

  • Raven MasterX17
    Raven MasterX17 Day ago

    Really?, I personally enjoyed the show because it was very funny, though you are right to give it a bad rating I didn't even saw how poor both the animation and art style, well actually I thought the art style was good to be honest

  • Zernus Wanksalot

    I know this is late but jokes on you Trump did become the president.

  • James White
    James White 2 days ago

    6:04 nibbas head so big he looks like Yakob.

  • Thomas Harris
    Thomas Harris 2 days ago

    His face in the beginning 🤣😭

  • ea2fly
    ea2fly 2 days ago

    5:47 when you zoom in on google earth

  • Ash-greninja is awesome

    Rise of shield hero is best isekai

  • Jerry WINDING Jr.
    Jerry WINDING Jr. 3 days ago

    I had to keep rewinding cause I was laughing so much. Great vid

  • Smellbringer
    Smellbringer 3 days ago

    So your telling me this show is the reason Trump became president?

  • Soren Blackwood
    Soren Blackwood 3 days ago

    Yuuto looks like dark pit

  • Phantom Limb
    Phantom Limb 3 days ago

    If you want to review a *real* trainwreck of an anime, take a look at "Evil or Live". I'd love to see you review that one. A promising and interesting enough concept (even if not wholly original) that got increasingly worse with each episode, especially as the animation studio apparently just gave up on the series part way and had maybe only one guy on staff by the end of the show. Never have I seen animation so bad.

  • Rpground
    Rpground 4 days ago

    I'm the target audience for this type of harem anime, and it's so sad that there are so few that are even REMOTELY good.
    Like, what the fuck is this!? At this rate, they should of just made some cheap hentai and called it a day. At least I could of gotten something out of it!

  • shadowmaster40k
    shadowmaster40k 4 days ago

    There is a point where an anime is so bad it's good and is where the point of irony stops

  • Cannonball Kuriboh
    Cannonball Kuriboh 4 days ago

    Please don't insult Morbo like this, he's just a simple news anchor!

  • Shadowforge
    Shadowforge 4 days ago

    I explained this anime as watching only the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie out of the 3, it starts after everything has happened and ends before anything is explained.....

    • Hyde Matsumoto
      Hyde Matsumoto 4 days ago

      but lord of the ring still better than this anime

  • Pokemc0831
    Pokemc0831 4 days ago

    If you ignore common sense and reason it is a funny show with good animation and terrible cgi battles
    Edit, basically turn your brain off to enjoy this show

  • Bendy Kirby
    Bendy Kirby 4 days ago +2

    As soon as I saw that opening clip, I knew I was in for a treat.

  • wowee a person
    wowee a person 5 days ago

    why in the fuck does the mc look so out of place compared to the rest of the characters around him?? the borders of his character are way thicker than the ones on everyone else and it make it look like one of them was put in as an afterthought

  • hanafuda
    hanafuda 5 days ago

    2:40 the text at the top is a heavy rain warning for a few cities and towns in Gifu Prefecture in central Honshu, and I would much rather be standing out in that than watching this anime which must have been created at gunpoint :D

  • 170skeith
    170skeith 5 days ago +1

    Isekai is a trash fire why expect any of them to be any good

    • Benawesome BW
      Benawesome BW 2 days ago

      Ben Wood it’s a good series but the anime doesn’t come close the the light novels. Just ready it you can tell the guy writing it is a dungeon master. Though the English dub is worth a watch just on ainz’s voice alone. The contrast between his dorky squeaky inner monologue and his deep masculine voice is hilarious.

    • Ben Wood
      Ben Wood 2 days ago

      overlord, which this guy also talked about, is an awesome isekai.

    • Benawesome BW
      Benawesome BW 4 days ago

      Bleach is an isekai, the dragon ball tournament of power is an isekai, the familiar of zero is an isekai.

    • Valrath823
      Valrath823 4 days ago

      Spirited Away is an isekai movie and is awesome.

  • BoneBeastKimimaro
    BoneBeastKimimaro 6 days ago

    Oh! You're talking about Hyakuren no Haou. I dropped it after like, was it 1 or 2 eps? because I found it increasingly unbelievable that the main character was a shy naive teen and also simultaneously referred to as a father/older brother figure by his female followers SOME OF WHOM LOOK THE SAME AGE OR OLDER THAN HIM and also is a "genius commander who can pretend to be a cruel and ruthless tyrant while actually being kind" or whatever nonsense I don't recall the details. Even in spite of that, just starting the video, I find it hard to believe anything can be worse than the absolute trash "Smartphone no Tomo ni" was, which I still regard as by far the worst Isekai I've had the extreme displeasure of watching.

    The only other Isekai I recall viewing as being completely terrible was Slime Datta Ken, and one another one that is actually not an anime, but a manga adaption called "Isekai de 'Kuro no Iyashi te' tte yobarete masu" (In another world I'm called the black healer), which actually had a female protagonist for once, but was not enough of a draw to overcome how completely idiotic it is for her to possess game menus and mechanics in a world where *no one else has them.* I was continually pulled out of the story by how she constantly broke the rules of the world with her game mechanics that only she had access to that it destroyed my suspension of disbelief. I'm not even gonna bother comparing the "I became an onsen" one because the very concept is complete nonsense that should be disregarded as it is not worth discussing.

  • Nazaia 09
    Nazaia 09 6 days ago +1

    Damit basement you jinxed us trump is the President yyyyyy

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 6 days ago +2

    Kenja no mago has enter the chat.

  • TheSassyShoujo
    TheSassyShoujo 6 days ago +4

    Deviantart anime bases the Anime.

  • blottz
    blottz 6 days ago

    I dropped this at episode 4

  • Dylan Wright
    Dylan Wright 6 days ago

    they should of just made it a hentai and let him bang all of them

  • Luchu T
    Luchu T 7 days ago

    We need a drinking game to survive this anime every time you hear big brother in any scenario take a shot

  • Vex Saito
    Vex Saito 7 days ago +1

    The studio that made this has a similar set of skills to the ones who made RWBY. Janky, shaky cgi and unexplainable nonsense all around

  • majora
    majora 7 days ago +1

    How to write a mary sue 101

  • Random MexicanGuy
    Random MexicanGuy 7 days ago

    so this show is pretty much a copy of kiss x sis with SAO slapped in there

  • Septimus LXIV
    Septimus LXIV 7 days ago

    13:00 If only you knew what was to come.

  • Enzo Araya
    Enzo Araya 7 days ago +1

    I have an idea an isekai anime but instead of people dogs.

  • Big Oof
    Big Oof 8 days ago

    Japan’s legal age is 13 so yeah

  • WetToast 115
    WetToast 115 8 days ago

    Monogatari also has 3 lolis but they are not only legal, but amazing characters

  • MATT0927 56
    MATT0927 56 8 days ago

    I want more isekai like Youjo Senki where MC is batshit crazy and/or evil, instead of these ‘noble’ and ‘hardworking’ protagonists

  • White Recluse
    White Recluse 8 days ago

    They're leteral children, let's not sugar coat the sexualization with weeb lingo.

  • Lachlan Lord of All Things Crispy

    4 Lolis is 8 too many

  • shingshongshamalama
    shingshongshamalama 9 days ago

    It's like someone remade Utawarerumono.
    Except everyone involved was a complete fucking moron.

  • shingshongshamalama
    shingshongshamalama 9 days ago

    Is it just me or is Azur Lane basically Kantai Collection... _but an actual game tho_
    Also slightly less creepy masturbating over japanese military nationalism.

  • ZylonBane
    ZylonBane 9 days ago +1

    WTF is this "horrum" thing you keep mentioning?

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez 10 days ago

    1:45 i bet is da tiddies....mhm.

  • legionary anti-illuminati

    Having your cake and not fucking it too......................LMAO

  • 122yotam
    122yotam 11 days ago +1

    Cut the crap Jeoff, who's best girl

  • Anas Aboulfejr
    Anas Aboulfejr 12 days ago

    This entire critism video can be compressed in one sentence


  • Fyjikun
    Fyjikun 12 days ago +4

    Man... I really do enjoy isekai but I'm tired of increasing unnecessary character which have affection towards the mc but not getting the recognition by him/her. It feels like most of them are the same story especially how Amazing the mc.

  • TheRedneckGamer1979
    TheRedneckGamer1979 13 days ago +1

    TL;DR Sit down and grab some pop corn for the shitshow that is this show.

  • Ben Hramiak
    Ben Hramiak 13 days ago

    I've seen people in the comments saying that hentai have better... everything than this show, and that made me think of something: a buch of different hentai protags get trapped in a fantasy world.

  • Lost SoulSilver
    Lost SoulSilver 14 days ago

    4:05 - 4:14 Then you probably have never watched fairy tail. Lucky you

  • Wisemankugel Memicus
    Wisemankugel Memicus 15 days ago +2

    Azur Lane was originally released in China in 2017

  • Cian McCabe
    Cian McCabe 15 days ago

    Azure lane sounds a bit fascy.

  • Salem Andrada
    Salem Andrada 16 days ago +3

    12:15 Naofumi: *Cough cough *glance
    13:00 Souma Kazuya: *cough cough *glance

  • Gol Slozak
    Gol Slozak 16 days ago

    All I’m hearing is *o n i i- c h a n*

  • ThePyromania13
    ThePyromania13 17 days ago

    I like to pretend that the staff working on animating these kinds of ecchi loli shows are making them horrible deliberately in order to decrease the market value of these exact shows, tbh.

  • peposo7
    peposo7 17 days ago

    Most anime fights suck. Even in famous anime.

  • Mr. Jostur
    Mr. Jostur 17 days ago

    Ok, for real. This almost made me gag.

  • Mr. Jostur
    Mr. Jostur 17 days ago +3

    Me: oh wow, these textures look like N64 Ocarina of Time, the fu-
    Geoff: These textures look rough on N64.
    My man!

  • Beyond Redemption
    Beyond Redemption 17 days ago

    “Broken neck Sasuke” sent me 💀

  • thegreatunnamedone
    thegreatunnamedone 18 days ago

    Please don't compare this trash to DeviantArt. The people on DeviantArt are much better and even if they aren't, they put WAY more effort and care into what they do than the people behind this mess.

  • thegreatunnamedone
    thegreatunnamedone 18 days ago

    The annoying thing is that this COULD have been good. I actually like the idea of a hero whose only advantage in a world of Swords and Sorcery is that he has some degree of modern knowledge. Heck, that's basically the plot of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. The only difference is that Yu doesn't have the knowledge himself and is reliant on his phone. (Side note: I actually like this explanation for why the phone works if only because it theoretically has built-in limitations. He can't re-charge it at night, he has to stay within range of the mirror, and if there's anything on the other side that would screw with the signal for the mirror in the normal world, he's on his own. That could lead to some interesting challenges).What to do to fix this anime: 1) Either make Yggdrasil a totally separate world or set it in the Hyborean Age or Atlantis; make it an antediluvian time period that will get wiped from the historical record before any time paradox shenanigans can happen (could lead to interesting question of "does what I do actually matter?"). 2) Play up that Yu is just a normal kid reliant on the people around him and the data he pulls from his smartphone; make his self-doubts seem legitimate and force him to deal with them! 3) Either ditch the under-age girls all together or treat them as ACTUAL sister/daughter figures. 4) Play up the tension between Yu's modern attitudes and the world around him. Make him be opposed to slavery in a world that accepts it as normal. Instead of that dumb stuff with the most generic love interest ever make his refusal to sleep with his harem be rooted in modern ideas of monogamy and romance. Pit his scientific data at odds with the magic of the setting. Do all that and nothing else, and you still won't have a great show, but it would be at least passable.

  • merpgaming
    merpgaming 19 days ago

    After watching this, I thought “oh, it can’t be THAT bad.” I was wrong. After watching episode 1, I can say it seems like a sequel to another anime, as well as “In Another World With My Smartphone, But I Don’t Give A Shit Anymore”.

  • AstralDragoon
    AstralDragoon 19 days ago

    Wow. Thank you for warning me about this one - I was about to give it a try...

  • Schol-R-LEA ;2
    Schol-R-LEA ;2 19 days ago

    Essence of Mary Sue, with more than just a hint of Ecchi. Wonderful.

  • Nemesis Bloodryche
    Nemesis Bloodryche 19 days ago

    Imagine an anime where someone is sent to a magical world, but focussing on the people coping with the loss of their loved one

  • Dueling Charisma
    Dueling Charisma 20 days ago

    This video was made in 2018, Trump was elected president. He called it

  • Brad Andrews
    Brad Andrews 23 days ago

    Smartphone was a nice fun anime. Unrealistic of course, but this is entertainment, not major philosophy. I guess it didn't have enough blood and graphic guts for you.

    • TheBlackSoul
      TheBlackSoul 20 days ago

      He loves Konosuba which has none of that lol

  • 0ins
    0ins 24 days ago +1

    I think a God of war mishmash of mythology kind of anime would be cool

  • Tortoises -
    Tortoises - 25 days ago +3

    Wow. You saved me from the trouble of watching this. Thank you.

  • atenahena
    atenahena 26 days ago +1

    3:04 actually yggdrasil is a huge mythical tree that belongs to old Norse mythology. It was said to connect the 9 worlds together and was a key player in the "Ragnarok" or "end of world story" where the mythical tree begins to shake causing fenrir (this big wolf thing) to break his chains

    i guess it kinda relates to Ragnarok?

  • I Left my Cake in the Car and The kids in the Oven

    Can anyone suggest me an isekai anime where the mc arrives at new world and says
    "ah, this shit again"

    • Axtel A
      Axtel A 3 days ago +2

      Isekai Quartet

  • Robby Frith
    Robby Frith 28 days ago

    oooh spooky tiiss a maaan fromm the fuutuure anddd truumpp has becoome presidennt ooooohhh spoookkyyyyyy

  • Jdgladiator Gamez
    Jdgladiator Gamez 29 days ago

    The beginning: Brother please marry me
    Me: Where a long way from Texas.

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 29 days ago

    15:10 Perverted.

  • Charles Balliet
    Charles Balliet 29 days ago

    kancolle is better wifus than asure lane

  • Bacon Sir
    Bacon Sir Month ago

    Does he hate Knights & Magic? I get it’s a bit basic, but I like the mix of Mecha and traditional Fantasy and the main character’s straight-up obsession with robots and mecha

  • wolf
    wolf Month ago

    The problem with isekai is a combination of factors in how it is developed and who is the writer of these. As many could know, most isekai are set in a GOT-like world ruled by RPG-like rules. The main character (and possibly any other important character in the story) comes from a 'normal' world similar to ours, usually in Japan where the MC is either an otaku, gamer, programmer (javascript or java), high school student, or college undergraduate in literature. So far so good. The main character is suddenly summoned and from there it starts an adventure... where everything goes straight to rabbit-hole. Right off the bat, the MC is handicapped with a virtually broken power or simply with broken stats, moreover, the story tends to get repetitive with all sorts of japanize cliches. In the end, it all boils down to a mass-produced formula that is simply not good. This is the way it is developed, now let's go to the one who writes it. Japanise people are the exact opposite of American people: they evade standing-out of their peers or breaking the rules, they do, follow, or even think things as a collective. Very few take courage and stands-out and try new things and break the rules. Now when I mean 'breaking the rules' I mean not following the same formula over and over again. The results of such are usually good. For instance, we have Re: Zero, an isekai that breaks the MC being OP trend and everyone loves/follows the MC trend. Subaru Natsuki, your average japanize gets summoned to a fantasy world but doesn't have any skills, nor RPG-like menu is underpowered and dies... a lot. This psychologically affects, yet he also matures throughout the course of the story. He doesn't get overpowered over time, yet developed REAL SKILLS that are crucial in any task and profession: effective communication and problem-solving. Let's see another example: Rise of the Shield Hero. The MC Naofumi Iwatani is summoned to a kingdom with a divine shield, with no possibility of using other weapons than a shield; gets betrayed, loses everything, and his reputation is severely ruined to the point that the kingdom who summoned it called him 'devil'. Yet from such a terrible start and something that isn't meant for attacking, he ends up obtaining skills that in an RPG world we as gamers overlook. He ends up being a traveler who is also kinda like a doctor, a merchant, a mercenary, a craftsman, and other jobs that in an RPG world aren't really taken seriously. And he gets more skilled than his other peers (Spear, Sword, Bow), and even clean the mess they do. What makes the story even more interesting is the fact that over and over we are hammered to the fact that 'this isn't a game', as to the fact that all their actions have real consequences to 'real' people. They break the rules and do something new (well developed of course!).

  • Neenjah Rammus
    Neenjah Rammus Month ago

    I like how the story of *how* he became a ruler with all these anime babes following him would likely be 10x more interesting but they just time skip right past all of that. But let's be real a great creative team could have made that shitty premise work, and a shitty team would still make any other premise fail.

  • Maskedoverseer
    Maskedoverseer Month ago

    How to survive isekai be this guy but prepare to lose a lot of personality

  • Neo Novus
    Neo Novus Month ago +2

    Anyone else want to see him try and remake this like with what he did for sao?

  • rufioh
    rufioh Month ago

    So, what's best isekai?

  • TheBlandCharlie
    TheBlandCharlie Month ago

    tfw the team accidentally puts a HentaiHaven show on blu ray

  • Rodri G
    Rodri G Month ago

    I liked knights and magic a lot

  • Josh M
    Josh M Month ago

    It not so bad I liked this one

  • Mostly Nothing
    Mostly Nothing Month ago

    I've seen way more better things in HentaiHeaven

  • Ultra Svenne
    Ultra Svenne Month ago

    Him rustling the page to look up the name of the one chick because he honestly couldn’t care enough to remember was fucking gold

  • Dink
    Dink Month ago +6

    "Master of Ragnarok" sounds super cool and should be the title of a better media piece.

    • Tensaihime
      Tensaihime Day ago

      Dink I know! When I heard the title, I thought it was a series I needed to get into one day. Good thing I came across this video first.

  • Dillian Criker
    Dillian Criker Month ago

    I love how there are so many girls he has to flip through his script.

  • tailedgates9
    tailedgates9 Month ago

    I'm so fucking sick of shit like this coming out season after season after SEASON! For fuck sakes! There are actual anime out there who deserve to have more funds and resources devoted to it, but THIS shit continues to be cranked out for money. Fuck......

  • dongholio the second

    I remember watching this and thinking for one how jarring the 2 year skip was and how boring it was and i couldn't finish it.

  • joe szwajkowski
    joe szwajkowski Month ago

    If Oedipus was a harem anime.

  • Midnighterz
    Midnighterz Month ago

    That volume "trick" you mentioned is probably the worst at this point lmao. Like wtffffffffff

  • A Brittish Panfish
    A Brittish Panfish Month ago

    This literally happens in the game celeste, except with more themes of depression and eldritch horrors and quality

  • Bailey Keller
    Bailey Keller Month ago

    i remember i watched like 3 or 4 episodes of this a few months ago, but it's fun to remember how shitty it was.
    edit: it was more than i remembered, i got to 7, but i don't remember it