Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube!

  • Опубликовано: 17 апр 2014
  • Standing waves of fire!
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    Rubens' Tube is an awesome demo and here we take it to the next level with a two-dimensional 'Pyro Board'. This shows unique standing wave patters of sound in the box.
    The pressure variations due to the sound waves affect the flow rate of flammable gas from the holes in the Pyro Board and therefore affect the height and colour of flames. This is interesting for visualizing standing wave patterns and simply awesome to watch when put to music. Thank you to Sune Nielsen and everyone at Aarhus for sharing this demonstration with me! And thanks for having me at your conference.
    Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Ice Flow"

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    I'll take 3

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    Man Down Under 4 дня назад

    *plays all star* *sets world on fire*

  • Denchanter357
    Denchanter357 6 дней назад

    what if they used something other than a square to demonstrate acoustics??? hmmm....

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    Švitorka švitořivý Toustovač 9 дней назад

    how 'bout a good music?

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    This guy is the life of the partu

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    Pyromaniacs be like: shut up and take my money!!

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    this bass is fire

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    egas or something 18 дней назад

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    ORIGAMI tutorials 18 дней назад

    Wow you are in my home town on the end of the video :-) feel sorry I missed your visit

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    saludos desde colombia .... exelente video..

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    If i have this it will be my fire place

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    what if the whole thing blows up? :\

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    Wow man that's neat

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    that gave me headache.

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    This is by far the coolest thing ive seen in my life

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    This song is fire

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    *not associated with the Rubik's Cube*

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    How much heat was it putting out? I'm thinking of replacing a fire pit with something like this.

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    I need this visualizer for every song

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    so awsome

  • I ran out of names, so I named myself THIS.

    ‘Ice Flow’ By Kevin Macleod

  • TIlak Sevak
    TIlak Sevak Месяц назад

    My head started throbbing when on lower frequency was played))

  • Ulukbek J.
    Ulukbek J. Месяц назад

    Would be better using "internodes" than "anti-nodes". But great.

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    Talk about a whole new meaning of playing with fire 😳

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    Antinode on his hair .

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    so... how much do we pay to get a recording of the pyro board as a visualization of our favorite song?

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  • Tautvydas Ringaila
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    Have you considered to incorporate some oxygen for faster burning proces (or any other option which would help)? Because right now fire has some lag while playing music :)

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    I'm good at solving Ruben's tubes- it's my favourite Hungarian 80's puzzle.

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    Farfetched question: How would this fare in creating a model for particle in a box?
    The ability to contain certain wavelengths with a given number of periods seems like a good way to model the basics of PIB

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    Ah the Ying and Yang of creation. It appears entropy is cyclic. A very cool demonstration of the geometric fingerprint of the universe. Thanks.

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