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    Presenting you the Official Movie Of Much Awaited Malayalam Movie #Lucifer Directed By Prithviraj Sukumaran
    Director : Prithviraj Sukumaran
    Screenplay : Murali Gopy
    Producer : Antony Perumbavoor
    Banner : Aashirvad Cinemas
    Cinematography : Sujith Vaassudev
    Music : Deepak Dev
    Editing : Samjith Mohammed
    Action : Stunt Silva
    Chief Associate : Vava
    Production Controller : Sidhu Panakkal
    Art : Mohandas
    Makeup : Sreejith Guruvayur
    Costume : Sujith Sudhakaran
    Finance Controller : Manoharan K Payyanur
    Still Photography : Sinat Savier
    Publicity Designs : Anand Rajendran @ GRZ Productions
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    THE BHASKAR GAMES  3 months ago +19

    নতুন ভিডিওটা দেখোনি এখনো, দেখে নাও নিচের লিংকে ক্লিক করে

  • Anup Singh
    Anup Singh 4 hours ago +1

    Lucifer is fallen angel and he don't deserve to be respect

  • Ashwani Rajput
    Ashwani Rajput 21 hour ago

    Mohan lal acting super 👌👌👌
    Kamal ki movie mist watch....

  • Neeraj Bhardwaj
    Neeraj Bhardwaj Day ago +1

    Anybody noticed in IUF Flag green colour is on top..

  • upendra poddar
    upendra poddar 2 days ago

    maza agaya bhai ,shandar jordar jindabad

  • Hsrbins Singh
    Hsrbins Singh 2 days ago +1

    Great moving

  • Guri Jhajj
    Guri Jhajj 2 days ago

    no words for this movie eagerly waiting for 2 part 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

  • Love Bros
    Love Bros 3 days ago

    must watch guys ....]

  • prince indian
    prince indian 3 days ago

    very nice movie

  • thazleena nc
    thazleena nc 4 days ago +1

    This film is very fantastic

  • Anoop Singh
    Anoop Singh 4 days ago

    Mast movie hai yaaar

  • Zeeshan Shah
    Zeeshan Shah 4 days ago

    Full illuminati funded movie Lucifer

  • Movie Buzz
    Movie Buzz 5 days ago

    wow this movie!

  • Abhi Shek
    Abhi Shek 5 days ago


  • Mubasshir Jankhwala
    Mubasshir Jankhwala 5 days ago

    If available second part of these movie luchifer

    • Sreelal Ravindran
      Sreelal Ravindran 39 minutes ago

      2nd part is coming next year.. titled as Empuraan..
      It also have a 3rd part

  • dumbi dumbi
    dumbi dumbi 5 days ago +3

    I can't imagine that the hero in ayya Hindi film pritviraj sukumaran directed this film awesome

  • Bashar Studio
    Bashar Studio 6 days ago

    nice move

  • Md Haroon
    Md Haroon 6 days ago

    Only black screen I can't able to watch movie 😫

  • Mridul R Nair
    Mridul R Nair 7 days ago +1

    Mohan lal KING OF MALAYALAM 💪💪✌️nammude swantham lalettan ✌️🥰👍😘

  • Ganesh Kumar
    Ganesh Kumar 8 days ago +2

    Anyone notice illumati side of the story like karo

  • Farooq hassan maher
    Farooq hassan maher 9 days ago +1

    Bhaiyo issi trhh ki achi achii movies agr ap Logoon ko pta hyn tu bta do

  • Rakesh pradhan
    Rakesh pradhan 10 days ago

    Predecteble movie but good one time watch

    • Lijo VS
      Lijo VS 6 days ago

      jst understand the illuminati side of dis movie...nd watch it has a broader story mate...

  • Maibam Ashif
    Maibam Ashif 10 days ago

    Super but boring

  • Manu KrishnaSadhak
    Manu KrishnaSadhak 12 days ago

    Jabardast movie Mohan lal always best. Kaalapani Iruvar abhimanyu vandanam

  • Rahul krishna
    Rahul krishna 13 days ago +4

    1:56:48🤣🤣apka bap nahihe mera bap(തന്റെ തന്ത അല്ല എന്റെ തന്ത )

  • Md Fariha
    Md Fariha 13 days ago

    Hebby jos,my feverit flim.

  • Abhinav Dahiya
    Abhinav Dahiya 13 days ago +3

    Is it only me or anyone is noticing the similarities btw the political party in movie and Indian National Congress.. Son of pkr== rahul Gandhi.. Bobby(vivek Oberoi ) == vadra.. Nptv==Ndtv.. Lol😂

  • Amit Charan
    Amit Charan 13 days ago

    mujhe to boring laga movie... connect hi nahi huwa....bahot excited hoke dekha tha...

  • S
    S 13 days ago

    Dat voice , modulations of Mohanlal is something else...this one comes nowhere near

  • Jishnu k Manoharan
    Jishnu k Manoharan 14 days ago

    2:31:47 kya song hei yaar? 😍
    Is it really a malyalam movie?
    *Raftara song* 🕺💃

    • anoop antonyedison
      anoop antonyedison 10 days ago

      Yes it's a malayalam movie and it's directed by an actor pritviraj (said masood in this movie) it's his 1st direction.

  • mayur shah
    mayur shah 17 days ago

    nice movie.........

  • Anjali Das
    Anjali Das 18 days ago

    +++++South/ ---------Bollywood

  • Bishan Poudel
    Bishan Poudel 18 days ago

    Kabhi setan ko bible suna ta huwa dekha hai

  • Sreelal Ravindran
    Sreelal Ravindran 19 days ago +2

    *Last 32 minutes 🔥😎*

  • Shekhar
    Shekhar 20 days ago +6

    "Narcotics is a DIRTY business". Awesome...

  • LTArmyBlackout Tenchi
    LTArmyBlackout Tenchi 20 days ago

    Please make a 2part of these movie I want to see after dis .. What it well happen Abraham

  • LTArmyBlackout Tenchi
    LTArmyBlackout Tenchi 20 days ago

    These is best 2 south movie after bahubali

  • Shelin Saji
    Shelin Saji 20 days ago

    I didn't like it much...

    • Sreeja Nair
      Sreeja Nair 16 days ago +2

      Coz it needs higher IQ to understand dear.

  • Subhradeep Naskar
    Subhradeep Naskar 20 days ago +2

    2:48:51 Satan and Beelzebub

  • Pawan Nain
    Pawan Nain 21 day ago


  • Prakash Das
    Prakash Das 21 day ago +6

    Very mysterious movie search illuminati in Google

  • Prince Singh
    Prince Singh 22 days ago +3

    Nice movies prakash. 6. 3. 20

  • Mhd Sinas
    Mhd Sinas 22 days ago +3

    31:58 that frame terrific 🔥

  • Lokanath Padhan
    Lokanath Padhan 25 days ago +1

    2:47 Screenshot Material

  • P.J Gadhavi
    P.J Gadhavi 26 days ago +1


  • Johnson masti
    Johnson masti 27 days ago +1

    I love jesus Chris

  • lovekush gemer
    lovekush gemer 27 days ago +1

    Super bhai AAP ka Sara video aaacha lagta hai ki I'm from india Hareyana

  • Vivek K s
    Vivek K s 28 days ago +7

    ഈശ്വരാ പുലിമടയിൽ ആണല്ലോ വന്നുപെട്ടത്...😊

  • Arpan Patel
    Arpan Patel 29 days ago

    Nice movie...

  • Vishnu Pradeep V
    Vishnu Pradeep V Month ago +2

    1:23:53 god that look 😲

  • FRs Arena
    FRs Arena Month ago

    Awesome one..
    Need prequel of this ❤ (*lucifers past)

  • Lijo Michael
    Lijo Michael Month ago


  • I.v Rupa
    I.v Rupa Month ago


  • Ajay 〽
    Ajay 〽 Month ago +1

    Malayalam movies😍

  • Ashutosh Tripathi
    Ashutosh Tripathi Month ago +5

    most beutiful movie with decent end set a standered in indian cinema....thnks to prithvi sir.(dr.).. and dubbing team

  • Md Sifat
    Md Sifat Month ago +3

    Jabardast movie

  • cb chhetri officely

    Noce नमस्ते नमस्ते

  • Trương Quang Huy
    Trương Quang Huy Month ago

    Có ai việt nam không nhỉ 😊

  • suraj patil
    suraj patil Month ago +1

    Siko Kuch Varun dhawan Arjun Kapoor acting kya hoti hai

  • Bultianika Creations

    kya aap mera channel ko subscribe karega? meim bhi thumara channel subscribe karoonga

  • Ashish Entertainments (AE)

    32:42 There are many hidden hints like this in the movie. He is putting his Mundu (Dhoti) down meaning he shows respect to Stephen. Later, you know what happens, if you have seen the movie.

  • Pankaj Choudhary
    Pankaj Choudhary Month ago +8

    Bhai mazza aa gaya, mohanlal ji aapki har film dekhte h, aapko Dekh kar hi hum mote hue h, lungi style k Saath, love you from jharkhand

  • Deepti Sagar
    Deepti Sagar Month ago +6

    Super movie..
    But what's the meaning of climax with Shakti Kapoor???
    Kollywood ka cleaning hogaya...ab Bollywood ki bari hai???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Ashish Entertainments (AE)
      Ashish Entertainments (AE) 17 days ago

      @ankush singh I don't understand Hindi. Mohanlal is Abram Khureshi meaning he is the biggest criminal who Interpol is looking for. Mohanlal is a leader or a member of a secret group that controls everybody though media, politics. Listen to the dialogues carefully. One scene he says "this is not God's own country." I control this, something like that.

    • ankush singh
      ankush singh Month ago

      @Ashish Entertainments (AE) yhi to smjh ni aya Stephan kureshi kaise?

    • Deepti Sagar
      Deepti Sagar Month ago

      @Ashish Entertainments (AE) wow super..

    • Ashish Entertainments (AE)
      Ashish Entertainments (AE) Month ago +1

      Part 2 is coming. Mohanlal is the Abram Khureshi. Watch the first scene in France.

  • Allah Bakash
    Allah Bakash Month ago


  • Premanand Patil
    Premanand Patil Month ago +4

    i love this movie osm

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar Month ago +1

    All the best write naw your good movi

  • numa miri
    numa miri Month ago +1

    Waoooow kya movie thaa ummmma

  • Jaydeep Pawar
    Jaydeep Pawar Month ago +2


  • Assam Safdar
    Assam Safdar Month ago +2

    It's really Antichrist movie...!!😨

  • Bishal Rai
    Bishal Rai Month ago

    Jhakas movie

  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif Month ago +6

    I guess that angels were created long before jinns and humans.
    Each one of these creations have a renegade hero you know.
    Lucifer is the renegade angel. Satan is the renegade jinn, Whore is the renegade spirit (a hybrid of jinn and soul).
    Humans under utilize their souls. Read books ok.
    Soul needs knowledge and not just music.
    I guess that before his crucifixion, Jesus believed in god.
    Messiah is the renegade leader of humans at the moment. 😡 for the gods ok.
    Humans are better off with trumps and putins. 👍
    Naturally Messiah has the support of all renegade aliens. 😎 the king of kings.
    Only rebels love their leaders.
    No body loves god. 🙄
    Lucifer has a beef with Gabriel imo.
    Lucifer is straight angel. Quite rare imo.
    Gabriel, on the other hand, is the gayest of gays.
    Happy now?
    A rebel is not the same as a traitor.
    I guess that I was a bit harsh on Michael. 🤔
    Gabriel is the gay traitor, you know.
    A rebel is usually the most non-hypocritical person in a society.
    I guess that all of these creations are looking for the real creator. 🤔
    Perhaps they just want us to think of a better creation story that would soothe their burning hearts. 🤓
    It must however portray the creator as some disguisting idiot. 🙄
    Should have asked this earlier bitch.
    Messiah can make stories. 😎
    The creator created us in future. 👍
    All of you will have to wait for a gazillion years to find out who he/she is.
    Perhaps it never occurred to god that she has to die (commit suicide) in order to ascend. She is so afraid of trying this that she created a resurrector just in case.
    Go on bitch. Try killing yourself. Let's see if Jesus would resurrect you or not.
    Well, the solution to the heavenly deadlock is to choose women as worldly leaders. Female buddha, female christ, female mahdi and female villians. This will break all the previous curses and the divine ruler whores can just fight their battles with dildos and vibrators. Men may chill now. 😎
    Remember that it is either all in or all out; there is no middle way in life. 🤓
    This is how a whore does her battles btw. 😝
    And another confession comes. 😁
    The whore ghost says that she is not afraid of abduls however, she cannot face abdullies. 😝 That is why she chose male host.
    Ladies may please stay away from Messiah since the ghost will hurt you. 😔
    🤔 I have an idea about chapter names for The Book (by Jesus).
    1. Look
    2. Big Problem
    3. Shitters
    4. Hello
    5. Gods
    6. Creator
    7. Democracy
    8. The Judgement Day
    9. Science
    10. Tekken
    11. Love & Jurisprudence
    12. Jokes
    13. Messiah
    14. Future
    Annexure: Divinity Maps
    "God is a Place that can be reached and then derived."
    God Place is the hell for gods only.
    God Place gets cleared and secured. 😎

  • Ramu kumar Ramu kumar

    Good mbve

  • Usman Bhdr
    Usman Bhdr Month ago +1

    Tamil Telgue movies are best..!! Love from Pakistan ❤️

    • Mridul R Nair
      Mridul R Nair 8 days ago +1

      Its malayalam bro kerala

    • Usman Bhdr
      Usman Bhdr 28 days ago +1

      Sorry bro we don't know .. Ae consider Tamil, telgue , malayalam and kannada movies are same for us 🤣

    • Anujith A S
      Anujith A S Month ago +2

      This is Malayalam.. Best in the country

      SREEVED T Month ago +5

      But this is a malayalam movie


    Gaarebo ka Lucifer

  • Tushar Bhardwaj
    Tushar Bhardwaj Month ago

    1.50.11 kitna bura lgra h

  • OrangeDot Gaming Media

    who likes to spit bollywood movies after seeying malayalam films

  • Rihana Roy
    Rihana Roy Month ago +1

    Bangladesh ki sab lok south ki movie ki fan hain...

  • Sekh Mujibar Rahaman
    Sekh Mujibar Rahaman Month ago +2


  • m a b
    m a b Month ago +2

    one of the best movie

  • tera baap
    tera baap Month ago

    What a bastard movie. Real satanic. Movie made by illuminatis and satanist.