Melania Trump reportedly issues statement after husband criticized for bullying tweets | ABC News

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • The first lady received backlash for being silent after President Trump tweeted at climate activist Greta Thunberg.
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  • Amy Amy
    Amy Amy 4 days ago

    Why are you murdering the Polish people? Can you spread the word? She murders them with Vitamin E overdoses. Pretty cheap, isn't it? That is how I recognized you!

  • Max Smith
    Max Smith 4 days ago

    in other news, CNN settles $275 million lawsuit for bullying 16 year old Nicholas Sandman for wearing a MAGA hat.

  • Denise D.
    Denise D. 7 days ago

    Be best!

  • Anne greenstien
    Anne greenstien 10 days ago

    she should just go away. she is two-faced.

  • Bollox Off
    Bollox Off 12 days ago

    Melania is lucky to have such an amazing husband like trump.

  • Sneh Patel
    Sneh Patel 13 days ago

    Produce jail militia with militia kindness against cyber robberry non activist

    • Sneh Patel
      Sneh Patel 13 days ago

      Melania produce legion of nations

  • nonya biz
    nonya biz 13 days ago

    Hmm yea i honestly feel as though Thunberg is being exploited waaaay to much by the "environmentalists agenda." Shes way to young to be exploited like that under a questionable organization like that. How you say?? A lot of the "climate change activists" are full of shit on so many levels on many things they do in there organization. Pres. Trump was right about telling her she needs to chill out however it dosent look good on his part either. I feel like Melania is also a victim in all this media negativity.

  • Linda Acker
    Linda Acker 14 days ago

    What can one expect from an uneducated First Lady who hasn’t even mastered the english language

  • 9999
    9999 25 days ago

    Trump 👍👍and Melania Trump too👍👍👍

  • Mary Montano
    Mary Montano 27 days ago

    Oh yes when it comes to her son it's different, but others don't matter. He's the prince, Barron, son of the king and queen.

  • Steve
    Steve 27 days ago

    Mrs potato head

  • YaddaYadda Whatnot
    YaddaYadda Whatnot 27 days ago

    She stays quiet when the punk she married bullies a teen, but heaven forbid anyone even mention her anchor baby’s name... LOL Be best, Melania, be best.

  • Spencer Scully
    Spencer Scully 28 days ago

    Her having a disability has nothing to do with this it’s such bs .... the media will do anything to attack trump and his beautiful wife

    FORENSIC MYSTERIES 29 days ago

    Be best we love the first lady
    America's Best be best 💜

  • Jc Hernandez
    Jc Hernandez 29 days ago +1

    She's a piece of crap too

  • none
    none Month ago +1


  • Green4CloveR
    Green4CloveR Month ago +9

    She’s a robot and her programing isn’t coded for this scenario yet.

  • French Provincial
    French Provincial Month ago

    Regardless. This young teenager Greta is shouting her mouth off about climate change. There are scientist who have been working hard for years on climate change let them so their job.

  • Joseph Roberts
    Joseph Roberts Month ago

    She wants to be in the public eye...she mocks people all the time. If she can’t take it, step out of the public eye! It is simple. It is not bullying.

  • Connie Perez
    Connie Perez Month ago +1

    Melanie, gurl, keep on swatting his hand away..after all, it ain't your hand he's trying to grab...ask billy bush!

  • Zoozie Fisher
    Zoozie Fisher Month ago +2

    She is just like her corrupt husband, she also has no shame. Why do ppl think she gives a sheet

  • testticklehead
    testticklehead Month ago +1

    This is like Eva Braun campaigning for the equal treatment of jews.

  • testticklehead
    testticklehead Month ago +1

    Considering her husband is the biggest cyber bully on the face of the earth, maybe she should have considered a different public awareness campaign.

  • Ann Calisi
    Ann Calisi Month ago +7

    Empty words, she just memorized whatever she has to say and then go for shopping. 🥴🥴🥴🙄🙄🙄

  • Korisnik 13
    Korisnik 13 Month ago

    Greta, fk off kid!

  • Vzpon
    Vzpon Month ago

    No offense but you Americans have to chill lol

  • Claudia White
    Claudia White Month ago +1

    First off go learn proper English you’re Nothing but a popper and trophy wife who’s done nothing since your title Get a life!! Go give yourself advice and stick to it!!!😡😡😡🙄👎👎

  • Ali Dadpour
    Ali Dadpour Month ago +1


  • Rebecca Swanson
    Rebecca Swanson Month ago

    She had to sign a prenuptial. She can't speak negatively about him or he would sue her and take Barron from her. I feel sorry for Barron. Can you imagine the neurosis this kid will have because of this trainwreck.

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner Month ago

    Trumps driving a landrover oh no

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner Month ago

    Santa and his wife from the king and qween she must be so happy from alstria and canada and cubia

  • lindsey xoxo
    lindsey xoxo Month ago +1

    ...still waiting on this "statement."
    I feel pity for her. She obviously married his delusional old ass because he promised her a rich American lifestyle, now she's publicly humiliated by her senile, incestuous, bigot husband 24/7/365. She knows better than to criticize/call out her meal ticket.

  • Kelly Lewellyn
    Kelly Lewellyn Month ago +1

    Wow. First time I’ve ever heard her speak. She gives me the creeps. She seems truly android or robotic. Could be that she has been using the Gray Rock method against her narc for so long that she is just a shell of her former self. Poor dumb creature. Never get involved with an egomaniac, ladies. Never a good idea.

  • Mother May I
    Mother May I Month ago

    Talk about click bait....

  • DesertFish
    DesertFish Month ago +1

    Melanoma issues statement -but it's a "statement" from 3 yrs ago- stating she doesn't always agree with her slob, orange douchebag husband. Please don't try to mitigate her phony, bs horribleness by cleaning her up and trying to make her look better than she is by- attaching an OLD, unrelated statement to this current story. SHE HAS YET TO MAKE AN APOLOGY AND NOW TOO LITTLE TOO LATE! She "doesn't really care" like her jacket said, when she visited children separated from their parents, put in cages lying on cement floors by her husband.

  • Anna Perez
    Anna Perez Month ago +6

    She is married to him. She is a hypocrite, and is equally as disgusting as him,

  • Kaiser Soze
    Kaiser Soze Month ago

    What a stupid, biased statement. Where exactly did you see cyber-bullying in Trump's tweets?

  • leah rose
    leah rose Month ago

    Greta is an angry, miserable kid.

  • davidpar2
    davidpar2 Month ago

    “Reportedly issues statement.” She did nothing of the kind. You people have to fabricate this “reportedly” b.s. so that you can peddle this narrative. And you wonder why you continue to be called fake news

  • P. Sherman Fortytwo Wallaby Lane

    Shameful. She has zero self awareness

  • GG Wal
    GG Wal Month ago

    She should be deported Now I dare her to talk when she didn't live in the White House. Girlbye

  • Rachelle Petrucci
    Rachelle Petrucci Month ago +1

    Be best lmao 😂 sweetie please stop talking and trying to give speeches .

  • Cynthia Z
    Cynthia Z Month ago +3


  • Michael Scire
    Michael Scire Month ago +4

    My goodness donald, you are so ridiculous! You really needs to work on your anger management problem. I suggest you, -donald- take a break from being impeached and go to an old-fashioned movie with your good friends Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Marcos, Suharto, Milosevic, Duvalier, Estrada, Nero and the rest of your role model Facebook friends. Chill donald ! Chill ! And don't worry donald, SDNY will see that you get on the cover of Time magazine after you are removed from office.

  • TL Pricescope
    TL Pricescope Month ago +8

    HE’S telling Greta that SHE has anger management issues??? Lol!

  • judetunes1
    judetunes1 Month ago

    Greta Thunberg is still a child ! just because she's an activist does not give her bully of a husband the right to bully the girl !!.

  • Lidia Lopez
    Lidia Lopez Month ago

    La ironia de la politica

  • JT W III
    JT W III Month ago +2

    Poor Natasha....sold herself to the Devil

    • Leslie B
      Leslie B Month ago +2

      I don't feel sorry for her. Her 13 year child is her ROTH IRA!! She's as disgusting as the rest of the family!!!

  • Owlie hod
    Owlie hod Month ago +6

    she cant say anything trump controls her!

  • Marilyn Boyd
    Marilyn Boyd Month ago

    Jealous. He wishes he could be her!

  • John Shepard
    John Shepard Month ago +19

    I could care less what our nudie, porn pic posing, gold digging First "Lady" has to say about anything. "I really don't care - do you"?

    • SKID - MARK
      SKID - MARK Month ago +4

      John Shepard I lsee what you did there 🤣

  • J Wert
    J Wert Month ago

    This media station seems dedicated to fake news over creating drama! Were was the news when Democrats Attacked Baron Trump?

  • Carol Mack
    Carol Mack Month ago +26

    She is a fraud! Trump goes on revenge rants all the time. Cyber bullying is his specialty.

  • J Wert
    J Wert Month ago


  • Joe Kerekere
    Joe Kerekere Month ago

    All Shit! Shtart art wholme biarch!

  • Alicia Taylor
    Alicia Taylor Month ago +16

    Melania is not actually doing anything she certainly. Wont dare to criticise her foul husband.

  • Steven Charles
    Steven Charles Month ago +11

    Why does Melania Trump have "slit
    eyes"? Is it the way she applies her makeup or is she pretending to be Chinese?

    • Connie Perez
      Connie Perez Month ago +1

      That's what they look like on her planet.

    • Luz Clapham
      Luz Clapham Month ago +1

      Steven Charles maybe too many Botox

  • Anniefanny Charles
    Anniefanny Charles Month ago +32

    The Adams family is more normal than this group of weirdos.

    • Carol Ska
      Carol Ska Month ago +3

      Lol!!! 😆👏 I agree - totally!! 😆😆😆

  • lady 214324
    lady 214324 Month ago +3

    Shouldnt Melanias accent have a little more of our dialect? I mean she has been here since before she married Don.

  • Lele Graham
    Lele Graham Month ago +2

    What the hell is be best