Overwatch Moments #270

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    37) Submitted by Spicy_Sword
    38) Submitted by SANTOSHI
    39) Submitted by Emil Nigmatov
    0:00 - 0:42 Ghoul Disco by Mike Franklyn
    0:43 - 0:54 Doodlin' & Noodlin' by Mike Franklyn
    0:55 - 1:00 Driving South by Walt Adams
    1:04 - 1:32 Bring Me More by Radio Night
    1:33 - 1:55 Soul Slappin' by The Elloquent Jims
    1:56 - 2:24 Leave It to the Professionals by Arthur Benson
    2:25 - 2:36 Berliner Tivoli by Stationary Sign
    2:37 - 2:50 Horses Released by Stationary Sign
    2:51 - 3:09 Martini On The Run by Jules Gaia
    3:10 - 3:40 And Again by Poindexters
    3:41 - 3:43 Defenders Unite by Niklas Johansson
    3:44 - 3:55 Einmals Ich Liebe Dich by Trabant 33
    3:56 - 4:03 I Am Unbreakable by Niklas Johansson
    4:09 - 4:18 In Pieces by Madison York
    4:19 - 4:35 Celebración De La Vida by Hugo Correia
    4:36 - 4:40 A Piece of Cherry Pie by Josef Bel Habib
    4:44 - 4:50 Good Things Brewing by Devil and the Perfects
    4:51 - 5:00 Never Return (Instrumental Version) by Carvings
    5:01 - 5:09 One Last Mission by Niklas Johansson
    5:13 - 5:45 Miss Dynamite by Walt Adams
    5:46 - 5:51 Wraiths in the Circuitry by FormantX
    6:00 - 6:49 Benjamin Rice - Rather Erratic
    6:50 - 7:14 Path of a Hero by FormantX
    7:15 - 7:35 A Mental Breakdown by Sven Karlsson
    7:36 - 7:42 Main Street by Mica Emory
    7:43 - 7:52 Fall Down by Hallman
    7:53 - 10:23 Music provided by Monstercat:
    Julian Calor - Galactic Trumpet
    Sound Effects from RUclip Audio Library, www.freesound.org, www.freesfx.co.uk and Epidemic Sound
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Comments • 207

  • Rapida
    Rapida  Month ago +30

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  • Michael Mckee
    Michael Mckee 4 days ago

    Yo 9:00-9:17 was some crazy shit...

  • Pasha Meshcheriak
    Pasha Meshcheriak 16 days ago

    Чего по русски не говоришь по акценту слышно же

    • Rapida
      Rapida  16 days ago

      Гениальная логика

  • Djek Evil
    Djek Evil Month ago

    А де озвучка и hd

  • retyk ziro
    retyk ziro Month ago

    Русский окцэн

  • Никита Удовиченко

    А ты случаем не русская?

  • Jinx Song
    Jinx Song Month ago

    7:00 DAMN

  • Kolyan13842
    Kolyan13842 Month ago

    По голосу же видно, что русская. Зачем говоришь в видео по английски?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Глупо писать, то что вы сейчас пишите. У меня 90% аудитории - это иностранные зрители, смысл мне говорить на языке, который они не поймут?

    • Kolyan13842
      Kolyan13842 Month ago

      @Rapida я примерно понимаю почему, но всё же тут всё видно, что русский хочет делать типа "импортный контент". Смотрится крайне глупо. Это русские фирмы выпускают канцтовары под немецким названием, а обувь под итальянским .

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago


  • Missa Cat
    Missa Cat Month ago

    I love when u edit the screen to go from map to map.. and make smooth transitions :O It is so satifying!

  • Valentine Matsiushonak

    Ясно, автор с русским акцентом

  • Kuuppon
    Kuuppon Month ago

    2:00 That Ana... genius strats

  • Nas Azad
    Nas Azad Month ago

    Mercy Vs Avengers.Lol.

  • Yilong Xie
    Yilong Xie Month ago

    8:50 oh this fuking aim point

  • Lpš Dîâńã
    Lpš Dîâńã Month ago

    00:25 AYAYAYAAAA

  • Fortnite Tola
    Fortnite Tola Month ago +1

    العربي يضغط لايك

  • KIII-_-ors
    KIII-_-ors Month ago

    Ого у тибя русский октьент

  • Cunin 78_06
    Cunin 78_06 Month ago

    Perfect, love it

  • Grandin
    Grandin Month ago

    Знакомый акцент

  • Forcy
    Forcy Month ago +5

    9:24 мне одному показалось что сигма сказал “я слышу песнь пса»?

  • FleXeeF
    FleXeeF Month ago

    7:10 lvl genius

  • ManyFacedGod
    ManyFacedGod Month ago

    Nice work.

  • AnzockLP
    AnzockLP Month ago +2

    9:00 what a Transition!

  • Pix GO
    Pix GO Month ago

    Love your editing style at the end. Nice effects!! Which program do you use?

    • Pix GO
      Pix GO Month ago

      @Rapida love the sequence when you fly with the camera around the map to another Clip

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Adobe Premiere + After Effects

  • Мария Васильева

    Спасибо рапиде за новый треки

  • Chloe Chambers
    Chloe Chambers Month ago

    I have a legitimate question. Is 9,583 healing per 10 good?

  • les jumeaux gamers
    les jumeaux gamers Month ago

    Song at 5:49 please . Btw i love your best of

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago +1

      Check description

  • ekurek pl
    ekurek pl Month ago

    Xd video

  • Tima241
    Tima241 Month ago

    5:29 так долго я не смеялся уже давно🤣🤣🤣

  • Jan Chwedorczuk
    Jan Chwedorczuk Month ago +1

    2:19 That`s what`s called a master mercy... LUL

  • mikiescopetero
    mikiescopetero Month ago

    I see death game

  • Smooth
    Smooth Month ago +1

    1:30 can you contest from there

  • oscaxxo
    oscaxxo Month ago

    Its a bird!
    Its a plane!
    Its highnoon

  • itsDR1FT3R
    itsDR1FT3R Month ago

    I just got suspended for 2 weeks...

  • FirulaisEl Temible
    FirulaisEl Temible Month ago

    Justo a los 10 min xD

  • Wariden
    Wariden Month ago

    Ох а акцент в конце прям любопытный :))

  • I'm Different!
    I'm Different! Month ago

    The coolest montage in pair with music choice i've ever seen)
    Mind blowing work!!

  • Bartalameo20
    Bartalameo20 Month ago +1

    Как называется последняя музыкальная композиция?!?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Вся музыка в описании

  • gameファレル
    gameファレル Month ago

    0:27 stand ability

  • GustavoGCVツ
    GustavoGCVツ Month ago

    Omg I Very like overwatch

  • Meister Klabuster
    Meister Klabuster Month ago

    Music was perfect

  • Luis Raul Diaz Rios

    3:33 Sigma Golfs...

  • Семён Фёдоров

    вау,давно такого русского акцента не слышал

  • Kells G
    Kells G Month ago

    Memes are old

  • CrakoSPL
    CrakoSPL Month ago

    Overwatch moments always make my day better :)

  • Eric Larkin
    Eric Larkin Month ago +4

    "Peek ledge" is the most important callout from a Mercy.

  • TapixT Games
    TapixT Games Month ago +1

    8:50 im kinda offended by how thicc that crosshair is

  • TapixT Games
    TapixT Games Month ago

    yo.... all of the plays in the montage were so sick today... that dragonblade grav reflect... that quad pulse bomb... dammmmm

  • TheMiz1os
    TheMiz1os Month ago +1

    “Mezzogiorno di fuoco”? Viva lo shish

  • Alejandro Funes-Hernandez

    go check out vicious act he is good too

  • Polina Simakhina
    Polina Simakhina Month ago

    those transitions tho

  • Cardinal Kyle
    Cardinal Kyle Month ago

    this editing is giving me a stroke

  • Hmood Alz
    Hmood Alz Month ago

    Good job good job loose you move built

  • Landon Mcgeorge
    Landon Mcgeorge Month ago

    7:58 Hey, Bob *did* something!

  • Koba Icy Claw
    Koba Icy Claw Month ago

    2:05 The Master on console is the Gold on PC, there is no way to be blind af like that.

  • Combo Games
    Combo Games Month ago

    Ребята,что говорит Рапида в самом конце?

  • B3_ JAMMIN
    B3_ JAMMIN Month ago

    Omg those transitions ohhhhohohohhohohohohohohohohhohohohohohhohohoh I luv it

  • Слава YT
    Слава YT Month ago

    Кто Русские ?

  • Arnoe
    Arnoe Month ago

    4:08 name Song plz 🙏♥️

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Check description

  • LotusGirl
    LotusGirl Month ago

    Dat lucio do

  • iamarugin
    iamarugin Month ago

    9:17 such a waste

    • TapixT Games
      TapixT Games Month ago

      i think he mayyy have been 1v6ing... if so it was worth it cus he killed the genji