Former Area 51 Rocket Scientist Tells Us EVERYTHING He Knows

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • David Adair takes on on adventure covering everything from the Moon to rocket science. David is famous for his presentations that include little known facts and anecdotes from his involvement with the space program, including “the things he has seen” at Area 51. He has also testified before the U.S. Congress about alien intelligence, as well as the problems behind the scenes of the U.S. space program.

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  • Olly Oyl
    Olly Oyl 45 minutes ago

    7.30 look at the size of this guys fists!!!!

    • Olly Oyl
      Olly Oyl 44 minutes ago

      Sorry dont know how to do a time stamp from my phone.

  • Rusty Wilson
    Rusty Wilson 22 hours ago

    I like hearing David

  • michael beardmore
    michael beardmore 4 days ago

    a whole lota if,s buts an maybe,s" more bull for the easily led.

  • David Hood
    David Hood 4 days ago +1

    i am an engineer, sign me up, i'll be with you asap.

  • juliakrodgers
    juliakrodgers 6 days ago

    He's awesome. I do love him! But clearly if he doesn't know what's on the moon, he's not very high up, clearance-wise....

  • Carol Vani
    Carol Vani 6 days ago

    If the Moon is a ship then the Earth is also a ship. Starship Earth. 🌎

  • ladydavinci76
    ladydavinci76 6 days ago

    Thank You David for sharing. I can't wait for Your Big Reveal...

  • Shon Elmer
    Shon Elmer 6 days ago

    Love his interview on GaiaTV. He talks about touching a UFO - it was "alive"

  • The Real Steve White

    The information is absolutely incredible

  • Valerie Necsulescu
    Valerie Necsulescu 7 days ago

    I want to know when this things will happen. Because he is running out of time. it is not the first time I hear how he is preparing to shock the world with his inventions. But when? How long it will take? With the type of technologies he described should go fast.

  • The frog
    The frog 10 days ago

    I like this guy.😁

  • Gone Fishin"
    Gone Fishin" 11 days ago

    A suggestion.
    Why not collaborate with Linda Moulton Howe as your media liaison with the world regarding your many projects?
    She definitely has the experience. In addition she is immersed in the whole genre of "the cover-up".
    Give it some thought.

  • Rocky B.
    Rocky B. 11 days ago


  • Count Rakoczy
    Count Rakoczy 11 days ago

    I hope David achieves his goals,a brilliant mind,i hope he`s the man that takes us beyond our solar system...loved his snipe at corey goodes twenty and back bull

  • E.S S.B.
    E.S S.B. 12 days ago

    Roman catholic Jesuit church Empire control largest telescope in the entire world call l.u.c.i.f.e.r.\do your own research

  • E.S S.B.
    E.S S.B. 12 days ago

    🤔😳😒masonic nasa has scam America taxpayer's trillion's upon trillion's of dollar's\the brainwashed never wonder🤔

  • vgnorweck
    vgnorweck 12 days ago

    I know they think we never got past the radiation belts but I am thinking if we didn't' the first time we did later. But, mining is not what any other species that May or May not be there is wanting I may guess unless its a massive waste product to any others that may be there and China just had a bunch of issues there if I read that correctly.

  • vgnorweck
    vgnorweck 12 days ago

    I'd kick us off too if we littered to that degree after that but it may also be that there is no zero zip communication that doesn't threaten the overall scheme of life to every species that might be there. I don't think we captured our moon bc I read it's also hollow and rings ding dong upon exit.

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 12 days ago

    Yes Yes Yes give this man funding he's on our side

  • Katherine Guthrie
    Katherine Guthrie 14 days ago +1

    Thank you for the video !!! I love this Man's Sense Of Humor !!!

  • E455fF6336A a
    E455fF6336A a 14 days ago +1

    Disinformation at its finest, but an awesome storyteller nonetheless..

    JOSÉ DE FREITAS 15 days ago

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank's.

  • Debra Dosch
    Debra Dosch 16 days ago

    love david...rocket man! thanks!

  • cosmic voyager
    cosmic voyager 17 days ago +4

    I hope this guy's thoughts, dreams and plans become reality. A brilliant rational mind. A gift to humanity.
    (Plus, he has a wonderful sense of humor.)

  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez 17 days ago +1

    Thx David! You are definitely the man for these projects. Glad to hear you're still busy moving forward. Cant wait to see what you have in store for us. Keep it up!👍 Disclosure time!👽

  • Kathleen Nelson
    Kathleen Nelson 20 days ago

    His time travel is the same idea as the human body's villi in the gut for increased nutritional absorbtion and the alveoli in the lungs for increased oxygen intake ! Except opposite! How about that!

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 21 day ago

    He is certainly and knowledgeable, to say nothing of innovation, but it seems unlikely that the yarns he is spinning, are fully true. He is so right about Helium 3.

  • MiasmicGusto
    MiasmicGusto 21 day ago

    23:35 '...Well, somebody probably just turned the engines off.' Surely they'd've had to completely reverse the engines thrust for a while first though? Suppose it goes without sayin'.

  • Nomad Orion
    Nomad Orion 21 day ago

    He is such a colorful character ... I really enjoyed listening to him he is very genuine

  • Nomad Orion
    Nomad Orion 21 day ago

    So he may just know why all the telescopes were shut down on the planet

  • Gail Howes
    Gail Howes 21 day ago

    Love you David! Thank goodness for the truth!

  • justin behm
    justin behm 22 days ago

    this guy is awesome

  • Peace Maker
    Peace Maker 22 days ago

    What I would give to help further any of these ideas.. What differences we could see in the world, our lives, our future.. What an incredible mind, what incredible concepts. Thank you, Mr. Adair, best of luck!

  • Chad Klasens
    Chad Klasens 22 days ago

    Interesting cat, first time listening to him. Knows his stuff. Thanks for sharing mate 🙏✅✔️

  • Dave Unknown
    Dave Unknown 23 days ago

    he sounds just like Hitler during his speeches during the 30's

  • Alex Swage
    Alex Swage 24 days ago

    The moon is owned by alien races knox and Corme lost their home world 2000 years and took a moon from andromeda galaxy and hollowed out with tunnels for civilizations and hauled with 2 huge motherships that are 1000 miles a long in length that put the moon with 200 Quantum faze generators that give the moon artifacial gravity field to keep the moon stabilize in earth orbit for 2000 year
    The knox race is 50 feet tall in height and humaniod people
    And their is Robert leven the scientific scientist that put in moon in earth orbit. The corme race 7 feet tall in height with eight eyes and blue green skin with claw hands and their leader is OR X .
    The knox and corme are council members on 2000 aliens races alliance council government in 100 galaxies with 2000 languages with cultures and civilizations

    • xxxmwxxx
      xxxmwxxx 21 day ago

      @Alex Swage what did you expect my complete history of my life and my sexual experiences, you are an idiot, you have no idea what a troll is

    • Alex Swage
      Alex Swage 22 days ago

      @xxxmwxxx your from deep dark internet as Troll ! I check your information and their is nothing their

    • xxxmwxxx
      xxxmwxxx 22 days ago

      where did you get your information? how many people had repeated that information before it got to you

  • mfr mll
    mfr mll 24 days ago

    ....and I just want to know why you wear an analog watch.................
    I'm thrilled that your Mom is a RN..........TOO....and I HOPE and PRAY you FOCUS really hard on your HEALTH and LIVE to be 120 years you can accomplish all of these beautiful achievements.......I can HARDLY WAIT to hear all about them. . . . .and I HOPE your children can travel to the stars along with you, David Adair !!!!! !!

  • mfr mll
    mfr mll 24 days ago

    NU. CLEAR. TWO syllables......NOT three...............NOT NU CU lar.

  • Kodes
    Kodes 24 days ago

    Love this guy! 😑✌️

  • Zen Surfer
    Zen Surfer 25 days ago

    Notice that there are no negative comments here

  • Sean Hughes
    Sean Hughes 25 days ago

    I've listened to this shpeel before from Mr Adair. My question, is he actually doing all this? Or is it all hot air? I truly hope he is a man of his word, because everything he's saying is awesome & should in fact be done. I would absolutely support it. However it seems to me that as of now it is just bla, bla, bla! I imagine he doesn't plan to go himself but rather manage the mission. If David can do all that he says he can, why hasn't he? Why isn't he? It sounds like radical science, but is it just fantasy? It worries me that if in fact all he says is truly possible, that the deep state will knock him out the game before he gets his chance.

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright 25 days ago

    i dont believe this guy. never have.

  • Silver Dust
    Silver Dust 25 days ago

    Check out David Adair's supported fb page, Operation Raise the S.H.I.E.L.D. Protect the grid!

  • Elvin Rivera
    Elvin Rivera 26 days ago

    Is it add or ironic that he wants to go using nuclear power and NASA recently announced that they are crossing over to using nuclear power too so now they all of a sudden have it... they so full of it because when we start EVOLVING without what them they gonna start coming clean so don't doubt the technology...

  • Mystery Levine
    Mystery Levine 26 days ago

    Godspeed to that. This riddled with illusion world is begging you to become self-aware and selfless. If you can't see through the mirrors reflection into the Gods we all are, then you are wasting time watching someone else create; a strangers hologram in a hologram. The first riddle is coming together to change things here on Earth. I cannot account for what you and I haven't experienced. The reflection that matters most today and now is not that of the moon, but of yourself because I find it hard to believe that I've viewed this video with 50k plus masters. Ten thousand jars canned then.... we don't even talk to our neighbors today and you want to up and join a crew for something you have someone elses vague knowlege of? Take a step back and you might find it takes you farther than you've ever been.

  • Jon Anthony
    Jon Anthony 27 days ago

    Mr Adair needs to be careful.. the closer it gets to this project,the more his life will be in danger.. the “elite” aka the ones pushing the liberal agenda to destroy us will be VERY angry that he’s advancing mankind or doing ANYTHING but hurt us.. GREAT man.. 👍🏼

  • Virginia DeMers
    Virginia DeMers 27 days ago

    we as human being are filthy and destructive. why can not we pick up after ourselves be responsible. we have not learned how to love ourselves, others and our mother earth, moon, oceans. we will liter space like we do our highways. grow up people.

  • karina pique
    karina pique 27 days ago

    Just like the British came to the States and just TOOK what ever they wanted and they didn't care about the people who were living here. Just like the Native Americans and the Mexicans this was our home first. I feel sorry for who is out there because they are going to do the same thing in other planets

  • xin zang
    xin zang 27 days ago

    Universal International Intelligence committee sounds great! My 7 year old wants to sign up on our crew.

  • Timothy Vaher
    Timothy Vaher 27 days ago

    Bumped! Bumped by an Angel.
    Jesus Saves.
    - Watchmen

  • Timothy Vaher
    Timothy Vaher 27 days ago

    There your are Ladies & Gentlemen, Leadership! Our world is failing fast, if a miracle doesn't happen, now. Case in point: Putin is the Richest man on the planet, and he wants to skip town. What do you think is going to transpire? This video is prophetic. Jesus Saves.

  • Bryon Bunitsky
    Bryon Bunitsky 27 days ago

    Keep going Dave. We need guys like you to get the real truth out there. Love the channel.

  • PleidesGirl
    PleidesGirl 27 days ago

    David Adair is fascinating! Really enjoyed his interview;)

  • Steven Laclair
    Steven Laclair 27 days ago

    Scientist do not get the respect they deserve.

  • Steven Laclair
    Steven Laclair 27 days ago

    I love listening to prof. david adair. He tells the truth.

  • Obi -One
    Obi -One 28 days ago +2

    What if the moons nothing more than a hologram... You think we walked on it, yet NASA still claims they can't get through the radiation of the van hallen belts and ha 'lost' every bit of video from the 1st time..not 1 of the astronauts will even admit to going there now, explain how we only ever see 1 side..the gravitational pull doesn't make sense never mind the thing must be turning so precisely against the ratio of the earths which said to be turning over 1000mph...the story is a joke.

  • Danielle Rawlins
    Danielle Rawlins 28 days ago

    Birds can't drink oil either I was in San Francisco when there was oil spill clean up saw birds with oil they were trying to save they died fish too it was all in the news we saw

  • Danielle Rawlins
    Danielle Rawlins 28 days ago

    Mitoke oyasin all my relations yes the oceans and rivers should be cleaned first all lives matter human and animals we can't drink oil

  • Danielle Rawlins
    Danielle Rawlins 28 days ago +1

    I am a firm believer we aren't the only star people let us make man in our image they're our ancestors. I've had experiences or maybe out of body experience beautiful. They're helpers like the katsina spirits of the Hopi and Zuni people and even on petroglyphs and pictographs rock art here in the southwest we're all related aho from vegas baby vegas strong y'all cha cha cha ❤

  • Alex S
    Alex S 28 days ago

    His stories don't match up with his other stories...