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  • Mirai Nagasu is attempting a jump that no one else is competing. If she lands it at the US Figure Skating Championships she'll be the third American woman in history to do so. She takes us behind-the-scenes her training for the triple axel.

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  • Curtis45100
    Curtis45100 Month ago

    Love Mirai..!! She's a natural born talent and it shows in all aspects of her skating. She shouldn't ever doubt herself. If she wants them 6's across the board, she better just concentrate on nothing and attack everything with her natural power. IMO- A young Midori Ito. Although Midori gets more air in her triple axel and all of her jumps, Mirai has her own beautiful style and grace as well.

  • my darling
    my darling 2 months ago

    this is why i am a spinner

  • Lydia Nguyen
    Lydia Nguyen 6 months ago

    how many hours does it take?

  • Happy Hamsters
    Happy Hamsters 7 months ago

    Would it be easier to land it on Artistic roller skates? Also, is the hard bit in this jump landing? Or is it spinning in the air? Just a begginer Artistic skater here. I was just wondering because loads of little kids can land it on roller skates. But she is incredible, and no hate to Ice skaters at all!

    TIAM TAVAKOLI 8 months ago

    What a fricking queen.

  • Marina Morton
    Marina Morton 10 months ago

    She shouldn't say that she is the only one to do it because Tonya Harding is the other one

    • lsr asr
      lsr asr 9 months ago

      listen again to the video. at the 25 second mark she says internationally it is tonya harding and her to land the triple axel.

  • Nunyo Bidness
    Nunyo Bidness 11 months ago

    That harness looks so fun.

  • Pauline Ciardi
    Pauline Ciardi 11 months ago

    and i’m having trouble with my single axel

  • Rose Tyler
    Rose Tyler 11 months ago

    I know that axels are hard, especially triple axels, but I thought that most professional skaters included them in their routines?

    • Uniaza Oof
      Uniaza Oof 11 months ago +1

      Cat Lady triple axels are common in mens skating but are rare in ladies skating

  • Patinando com Kethelin Soares

    Uauuuu 😱😱😱😱👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • DeathBecomesHer
    DeathBecomesHer Year ago

    What's funny is that Tonya didn't have any of this fancy shit and she still jumped so much better. She was just so special, imagine if she had had this fancy training, she'd be doing quad axels 😂

    • Uniaza Oof
      Uniaza Oof 11 months ago +1

      DeathBecomesHer what's funny is that you think Tonya would actually do quad axels

    • prejudiceu
      prejudiceu Year ago +2

      Tonya isn't skating anymore, and for obvious reasons. Get over it.

  • nora The theatre nerd

    I met Marai before she is so nice

  • Zechariah Segovia

    Don’t forget Kimmie Meissner was the 2nd US Lady to land a triple axel at competition then 3rd was Mirai

    • lsr asr
      lsr asr Year ago +1

      I believe Kimmie landed hers at US nationals in 2005 which was not international competition. And apparently Kimmie's was under rotated per international standards I have read. I think Mirai meant to say 2nd american lady to land the 3A in international competition. Tonya being the 1st in 1991 at the Worlds (she landed it first at Minneapolis at US nationals but that was not international competition).

  • lsr asr
    lsr asr Year ago +2

    We are now up to 9 ladies who have landed a triple axel in international competition. Alysa Liu the new US ladies champion at 13 years old landed 2 triple axels in her LP. She landed one at the Asian open in 2018 which was international. We are now up to 3 ladies landing a 3A at the olympics, Midori, Mao and Mirai. there is a distict possibility both Rika and Alysa will land a 3A at the 2022 olympics. Credit Midori probably the greatest technical skater ever for starting the push forward in ladies skating by landing the 1st triple axel internationally at the NHK in 1988 and then Tonya landing it at the 1991 US championships. Mirai has joined a select group and it is well deserved.

  • Max Caulfield
    Max Caulfield Year ago

    Shes so naturally pretty

  • Kaelyn’s Life
    Kaelyn’s Life Year ago

    I went ice skating last night and broke my wrist can I get some likes. My wrist reallyyyyyy hurts

  • Bloom Studios
    Bloom Studios Year ago

    She’s a major inspiration for me 💖😁,

  • Ella Johns
    Ella Johns Year ago

    People don't realise how aerodynamically difficult this sport is

  • Ella Chapman
    Ella Chapman Year ago

    'im going for a jump no one else is going for'
    Russian juniors: hMHmmmmm?

  • Chloe Wells
    Chloe Wells Year ago

    She's so beautiful!

  • MusicPoetrySong
    MusicPoetrySong Year ago

    What`s the name of that equipment on 1:14 which improves the jumps? Answer please if you know.

  • kamile
    kamile Year ago

    I just watched a 12 year old girl do it I'm proud of everyone who can land it it's such an amazing experience

  • Anastasia Desroches

    Can you do a video on how to be able to cross your feet in a axel jump? I have the jump just need to cross my feet but it’s hard.

  • Darcy The Awesome
    Darcy The Awesome Year ago +1

    2 words
    Tonya Harding IS BOSS

  • Dayna Vergone
    Dayna Vergone Year ago

    I’m dizzy... 🤢

  • Elizabeth Morvan
    Elizabeth Morvan Year ago +2

    I am 10 years old and can do all my doubles except for a double axel. I am Star 8 in Canadian skating.

    • Elizabeth Morvan
      Elizabeth Morvan Year ago

      lsr asr tank you! That is my goal! But, now I have landed my double axel and I am working on triple toe loop

    • lsr asr
      lsr asr Year ago +1

      keep at it. maybe we will be watching you perform at the 2026 olympics.

    • valserella
      valserella Year ago

      that's amazing! good for you :)

  • Sunset Gao
    Sunset Gao Year ago

    0:12 Me on a double flip.

  • NatieG_ 24
    NatieG_ 24 Year ago

    Wow!!!! I can do a single axel, but u can do a triple axel amazing

  • SkyeThePie ThatReallyHyperPie

    My childhood dream is to become a Olympic ice skater I’ve never even been on ice
    2 months later and I can skate! I’m officially taking skating lessons! I’m so happy where I am at the momenta, and I’m looking forward to start doing jumps,spins and all that stuff!

  • pamali vageesha
    pamali vageesha Year ago

    Who else came here to see how yuzuru hanyu does this thing like 3 times each competition

  • itzpeacheZ :3
    itzpeacheZ :3 Year ago

    I hope to be a skater like you, yesterday it was my first time to do a pirouette with me leggs crossed, sorry for my bad English, I'm Swedish ❤️🇸🇪

  • Buttercup Plays
    Buttercup Plays Year ago

    Omg that’s. At the broadmoar I go there every competition

  • O’Brien FPV
    O’Brien FPV Year ago

    I play hockey but I occasionally jump around 😂

  • Anika
    Anika Year ago

    That beilman though 💕

  • Shiro Sosano
    Shiro Sosano Year ago

    Soo amaziiiing , Mirai !!!

  • 전챌
    전챌 Year ago


  • ᄆᄆ
    ᄆᄆ Year ago


  • Courtney W.
    Courtney W. Year ago

    Ummm. I can’t even do two

  • imagine sleeping
    imagine sleeping Year ago

    *I am going for a jump that no one else is going for*

    Sees the load of figure skaters at Pyeongchang 2018 that did quad and triple axels

      BAILEYSL Year ago

      disagree with me and exactly which other female skaters performed quad and triple axels? Just curious 😉

  • Li Mei Jia
    Li Mei Jia Year ago +1

    Her scorpion in the thumbnail is better than mine....crying

  • Marily L.
    Marily L. Year ago

    Ok your so good I’m practicing my 2 axel!!!!

  • Matt G.
    Matt G. Year ago

    what an airhead.

  • kayla
    kayla Year ago

    i literally sprained my ankle trying to stand on the ice

  • charlotte airey
    charlotte airey Year ago

    Love ya💖 can’t believe u did it I’m soooo proud x

  • Shikuya
    Shikuya Year ago

    its such an insane jump jeez, she's such a strong woman I love her

  • maturoj prathuangsukpong
    maturoj prathuangsukpong 2 years ago +1


  • Autumn Towne
    Autumn Towne 2 years ago

    You go girl!! I'm so excited for her

  • L T
    L T 2 years ago

    未来ちゃん頑張ってね^ ^

  • nalani
    nalani 2 years ago

    them pianos tho (the skates by Edea but are $$$)

  • Jonathan Wallach
    Jonathan Wallach 2 years ago +1

    For those who don't know, those harnesses have been around for 50 years. This is not new.

  • i-am-a cloud
    i-am-a cloud 2 years ago +1

    Wow. Just Tonya Harding and her. She had more training and help tho. Tonya just did that triple axel on her own.

  • שלי רוזמן
    שלי רוזמן 2 years ago

    She did it!! So proud of her ❤️

  • Nightclub Sounds
    Nightclub Sounds 2 years ago

    I love this girl sm💞💞💘

  • Inner Mind Sports
    Inner Mind Sports 2 years ago

    Neuroscience is leading the way on these complex moves. We program them into the brain each day with my athletes. This work is excellent. Call Coach Lorie Pulliam to know more at Inner Mind In Canada we are on the threshold of this research and would love to have figure skaters involved in the horizontal sightline. Mirai is a pleasure to watch.

  • mallory
    mallory 2 years ago

    She may not have landed it in the free skate but she is still such a talented skater, hoping for her to come back and get the gold in 2022.

  • Jessica Chubet
    Jessica Chubet 2 years ago

    js-toyna had to do it on her own without any help like this......epic

  • Bella Deakin
    Bella Deakin 2 years ago

    And she did it perfectly

  • Katie Stanford
    Katie Stanford 2 years ago +429

    There she is doing all this fancy spinning when I can’t even take a step without falling over

    • Louie Rivera
      Louie Rivera Year ago +2

      First step is marching on the ice and using the wall for balance. Once you can march comfortably and balanced, then skating should be little easier. I started skating 3 years ago when I was 32 and it took 2 people to get me over to my first class. If I can do it, you can too.

    • AlexYTvlogs
      AlexYTvlogs Year ago +3

      Can’t relate lol

    • keilana m
      keilana m 2 years ago


  • Kasturi Perumal
    Kasturi Perumal 2 years ago

    And then I think about Yuri..

  • Vanillasama
    Vanillasama 2 years ago +421

    The amount of comments saying “well Tonya Harding didn’t have all that equipment but she could do it” to put mirai down is just? So stupid? Congrats to tonya but she’s not skating anymore for obvious reasons and Mirai is our Olympian athlete as of right now. Don’t put down her achievements dang

    • Peggy Blue
      Peggy Blue 2 days ago

      Saying that sth is possible withouth all that equipment is like saying, that eating soup is possible without any equipment. But I beg you guys - to use hands and spoon to do this. It's better, more aesthetic and easier way.

    • Tonya Harding
      Tonya Harding 5 months ago

      @Ladonna Carlson Tonya was actually very nice to her competitors and don't bring up 94 that all you people ever focus on. Always looking at the negativity.

    • Tonya Harding
      Tonya Harding 5 months ago +3

      You guys really need to stfu, they are both amazing women. Why argue?

    • Izzy Murrell
      Izzy Murrell 7 months ago

      @Ladonna Carlson I have to disagree; Tonya and Midori you could see properly kick off the ice, whereas Mirai and other skaters who can land this jump just rotate off of it. Both are great technically, and without different body types and styles we wouldn't have the individuality and artistry we have in skating. But kudos to Mirai for being one of the handful who have landed this in competition.

    • Ladonna Carlson
      Ladonna Carlson 9 months ago +1

      @DeathBecomesHer lol What truth? You seriously think jump harness werent around in the 80's and 90's. You seriously don't think Tonya used them? Ignorance.
      Too bad Tonya had horrible morals and sportmanship. And no she is not the best jumper and definately not a top skater.

  • Alya Caatellanos
    Alya Caatellanos 2 years ago

    Yes queen

  • SunnyBunnyPet 781
    SunnyBunnyPet 781 2 years ago

    Didn't Patrick Chan attempt this?

  • Amanda Tetz
    Amanda Tetz 2 years ago

    It was so thrilling to watch her hit it at Pyeongchang!

  • Arctic Falcon
    Arctic Falcon 2 years ago +2

    Congrats! You just did land the jump :D

  • Elena
    Elena 2 years ago

    she did it!

  • Linds and Fei
    Linds and Fei 2 years ago

    This is so inspirational, congratulations on landing the Triple Axel Mirai!! Represent

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown 2 years ago

    God bless her

  • S. Y.
    S. Y. 2 years ago

    Such an incredible beautiful video! You go girl! My hero :)

  • CE Malley
    CE Malley 2 years ago

    Did she land the jump in competition?

  • v
    v 2 years ago

    and she did it!!

  • Elaine
    Elaine 2 years ago

    I doubt tonya harding had to work this hard to do the triple axel.

  • Aidan Anchaya
    Aidan Anchaya 2 years ago

    SHE DID IT!!!

  • Ella Bender
    Ella Bender 2 years ago

    I’m a figure skater and I got my triple axel last year I am trying to be the first person to land the quadruple axel

  • soft blankets
    soft blankets 2 years ago

    Can't even roller blade

  • chimwim
    chimwim 2 years ago

    Proud of her for performing this successfully at the winter olympics this year! Glad I watched it live

  • keilana m
    keilana m 2 years ago

    Mirai is my favorite figure skater :) I know you can do it at the olympics! We believe in you Nagasu! Break records and make history with your signature triple!

  • BevvyIsTheBest
    BevvyIsTheBest 2 years ago

    Well done girl! You are so strong!

  • Louise
    Louise 2 years ago


  • Bagas Putra
    Bagas Putra 2 years ago +3

    Girl, you did it at the Olympics! Congratulations 🏅

  • wasabisazzdafirst
    wasabisazzdafirst 2 years ago

    I'm here after she lands it