Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault

A rare look inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which is closed ~350 days a year
Check out Audible: http://bit.ly/AudibleVe
More info on the seed vault: http://wke.lt/w/s/EKFlK
My trip to Norway was funded by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Genepool Productions as part of a new project. More information soon.

Special thanks to Bente Naeverdal and the Crop Trust: https://www.croptrust.org

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Автор wilfred correia ( назад)
7.35 someone just passed at the end of the aisle. Creepy!

Автор Vilmer Carlsson ( назад)
Only complain is not storing any cannabis... i mean come on

Автор Grumps MGurt ( назад)
How the hell did you get access to literally one of the most secure places of Earth?

Автор chistine lane ( назад)
So they can't take out the seeds and many plants are banned for arbitrary reasons. Also, you can't tell what's in them without power and a scanner


Автор Joe Black ( назад)
I can imagine a band of adventurers in a post apocalyptic time going on a legend this place and trying to find it.

Автор Akash Shanmugam ( назад)
Who else knows this location from 39 clues?

Автор Ifslayanct ( назад)
"to preserve the diversity of the world's crops" Except things that those in power don't want.
All info is also linked to on an internet database, so after WW3 has wiped out everything including the internet, we're fucked.

Автор bubayou ( назад)
Do you need to prepare the seed in a special way before you can store them?

Автор Deadpool Fuck ( назад)
Im from norway BTW where Svalbard is from. so when he says Svalbard i cringe

Автор John N ( назад)
Fascinating video. No GM? :/

Автор qBMOp ( назад)
weed should go in now that it's mostly legal lol

Автор Mr. Savage ( назад)
North Korea could be using those seeds now

Автор Niehl0511 ( назад)
I'm Canadian so I'm not impressed.

Автор CommySammy ( назад)
Where does he get all the money to travel to these places

Автор Smart Games ( назад)
it's like the rebel base in star wars!

Автор Max Power ( назад)
hope some one rapes u

Автор I'm a memer ( назад)
No 420 fun time in sweden? i'm disgusted

Автор RX4000 ( назад)
Kult å høre at de snakker norsk i bakgrunnen

Автор RedPanda ( назад)
Norwegian accents lel

Автор Incognito Pi? ( назад)
gene material hmm... from men... hmm... what is it...

Sperm. (Well its also called hot baby making seeds)

Автор The Lone Warrior ( назад)
5:12 Nice to see that Kim Jong-Un is interested in preserving the global crop legacy, even though his people starve and are executed for minor little things or stuff that shouldn't be illegal.

Автор savaş ay ( назад)
Just show the fukng place you fukcng cunt ! We dont have to see your fukn slut face!!!

Автор Hichou 용 ( назад)
i have a question. if people in earth are starving and there are famines around. how do they know and if they keep these and we finish seeds to use for eating then will we get a waste of foods. and when earth ran out of food. will seeds keep us alive?

Автор Getting Warmer ( назад)
A good project but they should not discriminate against hallucinogenic or mind-altering seeds.

Автор Aussie Roberts ( назад)
they really should put weed seeds in there

Автор sl1ckk1ll3r ( назад)
Hoth anyone?

Автор Ryan Chen ( назад)
its a failsafe if the movie, "interstellar" happened-blight.

Автор kainfury ( назад)
Would'nt it be wiser to have TWO seed vaults, located in 2 different countries?

Автор bumble yeti ( назад)
Hmm. If it's so cold how come I can't see their breath?

Автор blubase06 ( назад)
Syria withdrew from it to grow more crops. looks like Donald Trump is after their crops

Автор waynusp1664 ( назад)
A GMO company DuPont/Pioneer Hi-Bred is the worlds largest owner of patented genetically modified seeds is the co-owner of Svalbard seed bank along with Bill Gates, Monsanto and the Rockefellers......so totally full of gmo then....this planet is for want of a better word....fucked!

Автор jack faster ( назад)
mr ww3 is on the way!!! . you should save more seeds thanks!

Автор Clan Unity ( назад)
"No gene edited seeds"
This woman is ill-informed to the maxima.

Автор Jack GD ( назад)
That will most likely save lives in the future

Автор JD F ( назад)
What if North Korea hid bombs in those boxes...

Автор [No Username] ( назад)
Now we need 100 embryos of every living species on the planet (and a few million human embryos) so we can repopulate if, you know... Necessary.

Автор Kvikklunsj 11 ( назад)
What's the lqnguage at 0:38?

Автор Le reddit silver member ( назад)
That's stupid opium is very important and hemp would be the best crop for manufacturing

Автор Ivan Benko ( назад)
Oh come on. There's gotta be weed in that vault.

Автор Inclusive Outsider ( назад)
Wow excellent video, keeping as much biodiversity is important as a back up in order to protect us from the dangers of having mono-culture based farming practices. I enjoyed this video a lot.

Автор Invalide_Account ( назад)
Sponsored by vault-tec

Автор Dat ( назад)
bf4 - operation lockdown??

Автор Psychic Sandshrew ( назад)
What if everyone actually just ejaculated in the boxes and when the world is over, we're only going to be able to eat sperm?

Автор Duck Man3D5 ( назад)
PFFFF -18 im Canadian

Автор Michael Adams ( назад)
I wonder if they have seeds of the gros michel?

Автор jacob sack ( назад)
this guy and matt cousins kind of look alike

Автор Xanode ( назад)
so no drug seeds? so that rules out tobacco, cannabis, opium(and the hundreds of drugs derived from it), the new world is going to be fun without any pain killers...

Автор Xanode ( назад)
they got such a stick up their ass, they don't consider cannabis "good enough" to preserve....

Автор Elise Adrielle ( назад)
omg noo the Norwegian accent

Автор Adan Alspektor ( назад)
im getting cold just watching this...

Автор drageben ( назад)
She talks like Jens Stoltenberg

Автор drageben ( назад)
How many lokal norwegian seeds

Автор First Last ( назад)
Why is it so warm? Only a few degrees below freezing? Surely there are colder places on Earth. Those were all GREAT questions you had by the way. Exploring lots of different possibilities. I like it : )

Автор Bryce Leung ( назад)
i have a question, how would the seeds populate fast enough to grow the crops? Is there a way to multiply seeds (if the purpose of the seed bank is to maintain diversity) If not then how is this seed bank useful?

Автор TheGreatNorwie ( назад)
I should go to svalbard I live in norway so it shouldn't be to much of a problem to get there.

Автор nick lightbringer ( назад)
no weed wtf ???

Автор nick lightbringer ( назад)
i hope the vault got,s a lot of weed seeds :}

Автор koalten j ( назад)
those Canadian seeds probably have unlimited corn seeds from Saskatchewan

Автор maruvacat ( назад)
We usually get -18 sometime in the winter where I live lmao

Автор UpperUnder ( назад)
Svalbard sounds like something out of skyrim, so does that woman's voice.

Автор Naweed Aziz ( назад)
Mr. Freeze Lives Here.

Автор Der RaEuBeR ( назад)
THIS IS A MONSANTO BASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Do Bo ( назад)
To no have marijuana is just stupid and outdated. Marijuana is probably one of ther most important seeds you can have. Hemp is used for so many things and are edible as well. Definitely needed in there.

Автор TheMarcusGomez ( назад)
when you do this test on the equator the water will go which way?

Автор Jim Phieffer ( назад)
the koreans were storing corn and rice

according to the website

Автор Venkatesh Babu ( назад)
If they are the best gene pool how do you determine which are safe and which are derived.

Автор YOLOGUY266 ( назад)
woah! how did you get to go in!

Автор Turner Sugg ( назад)
Reminds me of Hoth

Автор kanishq ruhil ( назад)
Love the engineer lady

Автор Ole Johannes E Solhaug ( назад)
I am from Norway☺☺!!

Автор Escher MODER ( назад)
So cool anyway is that the only seed vault

Автор Im Bad at Good Names ( назад)
Wait.. what about the corn we eat!?! That's all genetically modified!

Автор Lachlan Edwards ( назад)
I thought he meant 18 degrees celsius... then I realised he meant fahrenheit and my whole world got turned upside down!

Автор MU FC ( назад)
Så stolt av å være Norsk :-) #Norge

Автор Jonathon Kearney ( назад)
Is that Vault 7??

Автор barduk4 ( назад)
how egocentric do you have to be to want to preserve your "genetic material" in a super vault meant to survive an apocalypse?

Автор Temmie Tem ( назад)
question: where do the workers sleep?, is there is any wi-fi ? xD

Автор aesopsystems ( назад)
The most secure bank in the world where they don't question what you put in!?

Why not send a lot of gold in there then.

Автор DreadSage 27 ( назад)
Aint that vault 7

Автор Kleeborp Xo ( назад)
Weed will not survive the apocalypse? Count me out

Автор I am Capriking ( назад)
When they say Svalbard the first thing I think of is skyrim.

Автор Jack Againski ( назад)
Just the Lord making sure seeds are saved to survive the coming Great Tribulation.

Автор sofkincool ( назад)
no gmos? God damn people are dumb.

Автор luke parker ( назад)
who actually made the vault and this is the best plan ever when ever there's a nuclear war soon

Автор OLD-BIT ProGaming ( назад)
I think my seeds are safely stored under my pen (if You know what i mean)

Автор panda 6672 ( назад)
I looked up one of the Canadian ones and it had 500 wheat seeds in it

Автор Charles Halks ( назад)
If you don't save marijuana you might as well forget how to nuclear proliferate

Автор J3ella Bellantoni ( назад)
What counts as "genetically modified"? Because- regular corn is genetically modified... Containing recombinant DNA? I suppose selective breeding doesn't count...

Автор Rusevski Janko ( назад)
Are you crazy...?

Автор Meme Vault Memes ( назад)
but wait... pea's are genetically modified so in the future if pea's die out will they no longer exist?

Автор Taha Yasin ( назад)
Vault 111 is there

Автор gary63693 ( назад)
I wonder if they ever gotta de-ice that place? that would be funny lol

Автор Minecraft Jogesogg ( назад)
When you are from Norway, and a Norwegian trys to speak english, but gets that weird accent you just die inside....

Автор Minecraft Jogesogg ( назад)
When you are from Norway, and a Norwegian trys to speak english, but gets that weird accent you just die inside....

Автор Artem Zhuravski ( назад)
and near is nuclear weaponry stash (futurama thou)

Автор Max Haibara ( назад)
man I can imagine GTA VI will add a heist mission into that place

Автор Mega_Gamer_42 ( назад)
#we have seed that are not gmos

Автор SuchCrazy ( назад)
this is in norway aint it?

Автор inxy ( назад)
9/11 remnants

Автор CRaSHeCLiPs ( назад)

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