Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault

A rare look inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which is closed ~350 days a year
Check out Audible: http://bit.ly/AudibleVe
More info on the seed vault: http://wke.lt/w/s/EKFlK
My trip to Norway was funded by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Genepool Productions as part of a new project. More information soon.

Special thanks to Bente Naeverdal and the Crop Trust: https://www.croptrust.org

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Автор maruvacat ( назад)
We usually get -18 sometime in the winter where I live lmao

Автор QwertyProductions ( назад)
Svalbard sounds like something out of skyrim, so does that woman's voice.

Автор Naweed Aziz ( назад)
Mr. Freeze Lives Here.

Автор Der RaEuBeR ( назад)
THIS IS A MONSANTO BASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Do Bo ( назад)
To no have marijuana is just stupid and outdated. Marijuana is probably one of ther most important seeds you can have. Hemp is used for so many things and are edible as well. Definitely needed in there.

Автор TheMarcusGomez ( назад)
when you do this test on the equator the water will go which way?

Автор Jim Phieffer ( назад)
the koreans were storing corn and rice

according to the website

Автор Venkatesh Babu ( назад)
If they are the best gene pool how do you determine which are safe and which are derived.

Автор YOLOGUY266 ( назад)
woah! how did you get to go in!

Автор Turner Sugg ( назад)
Reminds me of Hoth

Автор kanishq ruhil ( назад)
Love the engineer lady

Автор Ole Johannes E Solhaug ( назад)
I am from Norway☺☺!!

Автор Escher MODER ( назад)
So cool anyway is that the only seed vault

Автор Im Bad at Good Names ( назад)
Wait.. what about the corn we eat!?! That's all genetically modified!

Автор Lachlan Edwards ( назад)
I thought he meant 18 degrees celsius... then I realised he meant fahrenheit and my whole world got turned upside down!

Автор MU FC ( назад)
Så stolt av å være Norsk :-) #Norge

Автор Jonathon Kearney ( назад)
Is that Vault 7??

Автор barduk4 ( назад)
how egocentric do you have to be to want to preserve your "genetic material" in a super vault meant to survive an apocalypse?

Автор Temmie Tem ( назад)
question: where do the workers sleep?, is there is any wi-fi ? xD

Автор aesopsystems ( назад)
The most secure bank in the world where they don't question what you put in!?

Why not send a lot of gold in there then.

Автор DreadSage 27 ( назад)
Aint that vault 7

Автор Kleeborp Xo ( назад)
Weed will not survive the apocalypse? Count me out

Автор I am Capriking ( назад)
When they say Svalbard the first thing I think of is skyrim.

Автор Jack Againski ( назад)
Just the Lord making sure seeds are saved to survive the coming Great Tribulation.

Автор sofkincool ( назад)
no gmos? God damn people are dumb.

Автор luke parker ( назад)
who actually made the vault and this is the best plan ever when ever there's a nuclear war soon

Автор OLD-BIT ProGaming ( назад)
I think my seeds are safely stored under my pen (if You know what i mean)

Автор panda 6672 ( назад)
I looked up one of the Canadian ones and it had 500 wheat seeds in it

Автор Charles Halks ( назад)
If you don't save marijuana you might as well forget how to nuclear proliferate

Автор J3ella Bellantoni ( назад)
What counts as "genetically modified"? Because- regular corn is genetically modified... Containing recombinant DNA? I suppose selective breeding doesn't count...

Автор Rusevski Janko ( назад)
Are you crazy...?

Автор Meme Vault Memes ( назад)
but wait... pea's are genetically modified so in the future if pea's die out will they no longer exist?

Автор Taha Yasin ( назад)
Vault 111 is there

Автор gary63693 ( назад)
I wonder if they ever gotta de-ice that place? that would be funny lol

Автор Minecraft Jogesogg ( назад)
When you are from Norway, and a Norwegian trys to speak english, but gets that weird accent you just die inside....

Автор Minecraft Jogesogg ( назад)
When you are from Norway, and a Norwegian trys to speak english, but gets that weird accent you just die inside....

Автор Artem Zhuravski ( назад)
and near is nuclear weaponry stash (futurama thou)

Автор Max Haibara ( назад)
man I can imagine GTA VI will add a heist mission into that place

Автор Mega_Gamer_42 ( назад)
#we have seed that are not gmos

Автор SuchCrazy ( назад)
this is in norway aint it?

Автор I BOW TO YOU, LORD RAMA! ( назад)
Hope snowmobiles are running on cold air in the future because I dunno where the gas is gonna come from during the Apocalypse.

Автор inxy ( назад)
9/11 remnants

Автор CRaSHeCLiPs ( назад)

Автор InkDropFalls ( назад)
Any one find the link she says about been able track any box reference numbers on the website can not find that i am interested to know whats in those boxes sent from Canada 4.23 min mark ....all so whats in the DPRK box

Автор TheBruceMaharaj ( назад)
You X ray the seeds? I wonder if that hurts them.

Автор Hidden Climax ( назад)
Created by Vault-Tec

Автор Olly Q ( назад)
You know how I can tell its -18 degrees? Ummmm... It's cold?

Автор Jacob Alvarado ( назад)
They have all the seeds. All of them. They have them hidden and more rooms then they say. They have potentially saved human genes and all chemically altered seeds with catalogued lists specifying what is done to it. You can't be so gullible to not believe they aren't as potential as you could be in their position

Автор Jacob Alvarado ( назад)
It's gets hotter the deeper you go

Автор The Undercover Duck ( назад)
It's like Star Wars hoth base

Автор TrasherBiner ( назад)
I was hoping she would answer to the drug question : "NOOOOoooo...".

Автор QuibusLicet ( назад)
There's a reason why they are not allowed to open the packages. Because some do in fact contain poppy seeds, cannabis and coca. By not being able to open them, they have plausible deniability. Besides no one would be so stupid NOT to include medicinal seeds such as those mentioned. It would be a sin against humanity, much like the so-called drug wars.

Автор Foppa ( назад)

Автор Claustrum S ( назад)
If it's so cold, why can't we see their breaths? Conspiracy red flag!!!

Автор John Smith ( назад)

Автор Brendan Clark ( назад)
I'd store my genetic material in her 💦💦💦💦

Автор Henry Ward the Kosciuszko Lion ( назад)
no Wonder Elites around the world are interested in filling world's natural resources of their supposed lands full of seeds in stockpile banking them in this arctic bunker. Yeah I am certain the elites are preparing for Nuclear Annihilation not far from us now.

Автор Stephen Nkya ( назад)
who else came here because of wikileaks ...... *VAULT7

Автор Were Puppy ( назад)
I feel like such a n00b with my couple hundred seeds in my freezer :P

Автор Karl Johan ( назад)
Why not show footage of them actually entering the vault?

Автор Sean Murray Rothbard ( назад)
got a pizzagate vibe to it.

Автор Crabby Appleton ( назад)
Well you could store alot of stuff there.

Автор Joseph Pete ( назад)
#Vault7 tweets brought me here

Автор 1791L ( назад)
Only the original depositers can withdraw their seeds. So technically if Bill Gates deposited seeds and there was a doomsday event, only he would be able to use/sell them. 🤔

Автор Accrsd ( назад)
so did anyone check to see what the North Korean's where storing?

Автор sbbu ( назад)

Автор Tiedyeman's Videos ( назад)
No Cannabis seeds? How stupid and short sighted to leave out a miracle medicine, staple food and the most valuable plant resource of all time.

Автор Andy Gomez ( назад)
Halo weapons

Автор Ivory Khan ( назад)
How come their breathe doesn't show?

Автор Local-Yokel ( назад)
Stick your tongue to one of those blue racks and see what happens, LOL

Автор djpiccalo100 ( назад)
'we don't open the boxes'
'we trust they are seeds because they signed a contract '


lmao this is so obviously a front

Автор m3tasc0ut ( назад)
Just a little thing: can we scoot North Korea's box to the back, and the U.S's to the front? Thanks.

Автор Alexandre Aran ( назад)
What's in the vault 7? Wikileaks asked.

Автор I'm a Shill ( назад)
The seeds they selected are save.

Автор Bogyrect ( назад)
Vegan heaven

Автор John Putnam ( назад)
Not for everyone, just the few who survive the mass destruction of earth.

Автор Luca Caldari ( назад)
Wtf they don't have marijuana seeds? !!!!!!! In a case of catastrophic event I would prefer to die.

Автор DanIel Janda ( назад)
4:38 which is interesting beacuse im a canadian-a.

Автор Manas Das ( назад)
I don't understand why not marijuana seeds? They're very important part of biodiversity.

Автор Cannon Fodder ( назад)
Imagine humans in 120 years coming down to this building after it has been completely forgotten.

Автор maegon last ( назад)
I actually thought it was a hidingplace for people who suffers from a horrible natural disaster or something. but from what I've seen it is a really good idea to think of nature in that way , she is right though we might not know what might happen in the future because of the climate-change

Автор Long Do ( назад)
Almost 4 million subscriber keep up the good wor

Автор Nishant Patel ( назад)
Bente Naeverdal, you are cool!

Автор ZooM ( назад)
thisi s gay af kill your self

Автор XTZTwinTurbo ( назад)
Hmm. Very interesting after the new admin that has come to be....

Автор Orchids and more ( назад)
can I send them orchid seeds

Автор steeler091 ( назад)
When they said that it was a seed vault, I honestly thought it was a giant sperm vault. Boy was I disappointed

Автор Michal Masár ( назад)
Remind me of Outlast

Автор Brett Morris ( назад)
seeds are not GMO in vault

Автор Brett Morris ( назад)
Hopefully not necessary.

Автор Brett Morris ( назад)
seed vault secure=growing options greenhouses, hydroponics.

Автор Brett Morris ( назад)
Van Post Glacier is tropical 2115, refugees exede 1.2 billion.Mass extinction event. Sad.

Автор Barbara Guyton ( назад)
Hope for the future generations to have be able to survive the evil of Monsanto's GMO seeds...Bravo!!!

Автор Zaleucus ( назад)
Interesting that they would exclude all drugs. Seems like an arbitrary distinction.

Автор yoevan1 ( назад)
Isn't the seed vault like restricted?

Автор Natedog365 ( назад)
How the HEEEEEEELL did he get to visit that place?!?!?! I wanna go!!!

Автор William Rowe Randolph ( назад)
Just googled it, cannabis is accounted for in the vault; there's about 21.5 seeds worth of the plant, so I'm not too sure what Bente is talking about.

Автор HyperNick ( назад)
isn't this place like super private

Автор EliasTheDerp ( назад)
#norge #Æ-Ø-Å

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