Goose the Cat gets ready for the Captain Marvel Red Carpet!

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • We take a look at how Goose the Cat got ready for the big red carpet premiere of Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel and who his favorite Super Hero is!
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Comments • 2 191

  • The lord of random
    The lord of random 8 days ago

    Brie Larson: I HaTe cAtS.


  • MR. BOT
    MR. BOT 11 days ago

    *Is that Garfield after workout?!*

  • Luke Zion Acosta
    Luke Zion Acosta 12 days ago

    Goose is so cute fur captain marvel

  • S Y
    S Y 15 days ago

    Catnip for sure

  • Anya Duz Random Stuff
    Anya Duz Random Stuff 16 days ago +1

    Goose is my favorite Avenger.

  • Grato Nite
    Grato Nite 17 days ago

    am i the only one who recognize it?

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 17 days ago

    In this case at least cat is less irritating than brie larson.

  • Utmost Character
    Utmost Character 18 days ago +1

    I thought Goose was played by 4 different cats?

  • XxPalomita xX
    XxPalomita xX 18 days ago +1

    We have a Goose

  • jasperrbat
    jasperrbat 18 days ago +1

    Goose would’ve been super helpful in endgame, sad he wasn’t in it. (Sorry people who haven’t seen it)

  • Lauryn Iti
    Lauryn Iti 19 days ago +1

    Cats on the red carpet are the best

  • Daya :3
    Daya :3 19 days ago

    Why the sims music
    It's so distracting

  • Section GamingPlus
    Section GamingPlus 19 days ago +1

    Goose isn’t in Endgame..

  • Tracerluvr __
    Tracerluvr __ 19 days ago +1

    Goose is very cute

  • Petra Styles
    Petra Styles 19 days ago

    Is the music from sims 3?

  • Heng Prenema
    Heng Prenema 20 days ago

    I’m done.

  • sleepy stars
    sleepy stars 20 days ago

    is anyone gonna talk about the sims 3 song playing in the background

  • sweetvelvt
    sweetvelvt 20 days ago +1

    My favorite avenger

  • PotatoSlaps
    PotatoSlaps 21 day ago

    That's the most handsome creature that I ever seen in my life

  • Moonx Dark
    Moonx Dark 21 day ago

    Goose is the strongest avenger

  • just nunu
    just nunu 21 day ago +1

    Ain't the background song that sims uses 🤣

  • Kasey &Pancakes
    Kasey &Pancakes 21 day ago


  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee 21 day ago

    lol at the sims song

  • Dijo El Cuervo
    Dijo El Cuervo 21 day ago


  • snowballcatkatie _
    snowballcatkatie _ 21 day ago +1

    *when u realize that cat is more successful than u will ever be*

  • Angela Ramos
    Angela Ramos 21 day ago

    Sims music playing in the background

  • dude Xoxoxo
    dude Xoxoxo 21 day ago +1

    They didn’t even consider goose for endgame, it’s unforgivable. It was so easy to add her in anywhere.

  • Justice Kings
    Justice Kings 22 days ago +3

    This cat is now famous unlike me i'm just useless🤣🤣🤣

  • •Kenzie Cookies•
    •Kenzie Cookies• 22 days ago +1

    Here's the comic I made
    (Warning some of these parts are real, if you haven't seen the movie, do not read this comment)

    Tony: I'm gonna die in space
    Carol: *saves Tony*
    Thor: I like this one
    Other: Let's find the infinity stones
    Carol: *attacks thanos roof*
    Thor: *Chop of his neck*
    5 years later
    Let's find the stones
    Other Avengers (but Carol) :
    *find the stones*
    Thanos from the past:
    *steals infinity stones*
    Thor:knocked out
    Iron Man: Knocked out
    Captain America:Knocked out
    Scott:knocked out
    Everyone: only some didn't get knocked out
    Carol: *Destroys Thanos's spaceship*
    Thanos: *puts on glove*
    Carol: tries to stop him
    Also Carol: Knocked out
    Carol: *sees goose* GOOSE JUST IN TIME
    Carol (again) : Throws goose against Thanos
    Thanos: no one can kill me now
    Wait, what's this
    A cat????
    Why is there a cat?
    Goose: reveals octopus tentacle
    Thanos: Not a cat, it's a flerken not a cat not a CAAA-
    Goose: *Swallows Thanos*
    Goose: Meow
    End credit

  • Misschnandler Bong
    Misschnandler Bong 22 days ago


  • FoolMeHardys
    FoolMeHardys 23 days ago

    That moment when you relise that Marvel used SIMS 3 MUSIC WITHOUT PERMISSION XD

  • LuigiMakerDeluxe
    LuigiMakerDeluxe 25 days ago

    Let's just get a Goose the cat solo film for phase 4 !

  • Acefisthunter
    Acefisthunter 25 days ago

    He will eat Thanos

  • Kissasheep the Chalk
    Kissasheep the Chalk 26 days ago

    Goose is the only reason to watch Captain Marvel

  • Raccoon Studios
    Raccoon Studios 26 days ago

    *I just watched a man talk to a cat who didn’t meow for a minute and 30 seconds*

  • What's Up Everybody
    What's Up Everybody 27 days ago

    Goose purred on captain marvels pic aww

  • What's Up Everybody
    What's Up Everybody 27 days ago

    I love catssss

  • ღitz Ash Galaxy ღ
    ღitz Ash Galaxy ღ 29 days ago

    So cute

  • Melissa Vitória
    Melissa Vitória Month ago +1

    i love goose

  • Daniel Monaco
    Daniel Monaco Month ago

    They put the tie on him: Reggie: "Call my agent, I did not sign up for this."

  • Ava Nair
    Ava Nair Month ago

    Hes so cute. And handsome

  • Lev K
    Lev K Month ago


  • wavy johnny johnny
    wavy johnny johnny Month ago

    Am sorry but goose is my favorite character during the movie lol😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lani Maningas
    Lani Maningas Month ago

    IZ SOOOO CUTEEEEE plus goose is a cool monster!!! >W<


  • Allicya Cicely
    Allicya Cicely Month ago

    Wait so theres a real Goose actor?? I thought they banned cat fron the set because Brie is allergic to cats??

  • ArthurVon Ciamik
    ArthurVon Ciamik Month ago +1

    That ain't a cat. That's a flurken

  • Aaron Pretty
    Aaron Pretty Month ago

    The most famous cat in the world

  • []DAMIAN []
    []DAMIAN [] Month ago

    We need a movie just about this cat

  • Lama Al Naama
    Lama Al Naama Month ago

    I think they put catnip on her pic 😂

  • Kaitlin Kraus
    Kaitlin Kraus Month ago

    The only video that matters

  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana

    Cat celebrities.
    And Church from Pet Sematary.

  • Jack Prasetyo
    Jack Prasetyo Month ago

    Cat is so cute, important to give him more role

  • annabeth chase
    annabeth chase Month ago

    Danger: There might be a potential melting of the heart while viewing this video

  • Blue Hornet
    Blue Hornet Month ago

    Goose is going to eat thanos and will take over the usniverse and will eat shaggy

  • Rachel Cyril Villafuerte

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa cutee

  • bagasan 1007
    bagasan 1007 Month ago

    I think he's like doctor Strange

  • Jay C
    Jay C Month ago

    Goose swallows the infinity stones and they combine and explode, recreating the universe

  • saNANANA
    saNANANA Month ago

    What is goose's official instagram?

  • Riley Anderson
    Riley Anderson Month ago

    Goose is best Marvel hero.

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson Month ago

    The Cat 🐈 was the must amusing thing in the movie 😂😂

  • Sinic Rigbi Games
    Sinic Rigbi Games Month ago


  • Harmony Hound Adventures

    I want to chase that Cat/Flerken

  • Kaneki Safadão
    Kaneki Safadão Month ago

    O gato é mais famoso do que eu ;---;

  • Dave Cenon Bugay
    Dave Cenon Bugay Month ago


  • Jerico1SV
    Jerico1SV Month ago


  • Angelina S
    Angelina S Month ago

    Is this sims 3 build mode?

  • Viani I
    Viani I Month ago +1

    I love Goose

  • ion power plus
    ion power plus Month ago

    I cat lover why he must cute aww ngunuk2 😻😻

  • mochii
    mochii Month ago +1

    how come this cat gets more attention and money than me?

  • Ey Schakkelinö
    Ey Schakkelinö Month ago

    Is that the Sims 3 music in the background?

  • Devil TH
    Devil TH Month ago +1

    Who is going to kill Thanos?

  • Furr
    Furr Month ago

    I think Goose will appear in many marvel movie after this

  • Darkness Shadow
    Darkness Shadow Month ago

    end credits endgame,goose kills thanos

  • bucky
    bucky Month ago

    He is gonna kill thanos en endgame

  • Rikazuki 09
    Rikazuki 09 Month ago +1

    Goose... Nick trust you..

  • Mridu#Mahadev
    Mridu#Mahadev Month ago +207

    Shows Black Panther
    Goose: nope.
    Shows Captain America
    Goose: nope
    Shows Black widow
    Goose: nope
    Shows Captain Marvel
    Goose: Meow!! *starts to cuddle her*. Really a TRUE RELATIONSHIP...

    • Shea Lupkes
      Shea Lupkes 10 days ago +1

      That's as close to a captain marvel with personality were gonna get enjoy it while you can

    • ara rzlin
      ara rzlin 17 days ago +1

      sadly captain marvel is allergic to cats 😭

    • Abi Dubs Prodection
      Abi Dubs Prodection Month ago +4

      That was cute

  • brmstn69
    brmstn69 Month ago

    What if Goose actually inserted a pocket dimension in Fury's eye and the scratch was actually a gift? And when Fury pulls off the patch tentacles shoot out and grab ya. Would be one hell of a secret weapon...

  • beas boy beast boy
    beas boy beast boy Month ago

    I don't like cats I like dogs . Tom Holland has a pit bull in real life

  • Safina Sahrawi
    Safina Sahrawi Month ago


  • El vlog de Carolina
    El vlog de Carolina 2 months ago +1

    0:13 goose looks so cute with that tie

  • 『KamATA』
    『KamATA』 2 months ago +1

    My favorite hero

  • Berries 20
    Berries 20 2 months ago +2

    *_"LaSt tiMe i tRuSteD sOmeOnE, I LoSt an eYe"_*

  • Branden Lamber
    Branden Lamber 2 months ago +1

    Spoiler Alert..............................

    Goose has now become an Avenger & more gangsta than ever before he is about to wreck Thanos purple behind, so he can help the Avengers defeat the strongest Grimace in the entire universe. Captain Marvel said that Goose might put a middle finger to its enemy before he tries to defeat his enemy like in Scary Movie 2.

  • randomgirlxrulz
    randomgirlxrulz 2 months ago +2

    I love Goose…but I can't stand those sound effects…

  • Øxygen NEIL
    Øxygen NEIL 2 months ago +1

    Plot twist he swallows Thanos and then Throws up the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • cheesy bread stick
    cheesy bread stick 2 months ago

    meow meow motherflerkin

  • subham techy tech in hindi

    Wow goose youre so cute

  • Athul raj
    Athul raj 2 months ago


  • ช-ย-ธ-ร
    ช-ย-ธ-ร 2 months ago

  • Kan
    Kan 2 months ago

    Best part of captain marvel

  • Angelkidd
    Angelkidd 2 months ago

    So cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Cristian Ramos
    Cristian Ramos 2 months ago

    Meanwhile James Gunn is bringing a live raccoon on the red carpet

  • Anton Dereke
    Anton Dereke 2 months ago +1

    goose: I hate this *eats them all*

  • Emetsdotcom DX
    Emetsdotcom DX 2 months ago

    The new cameo

  • Антонина Грибковская

    Я ждала когда он его сожрет...

  • Cotton Candy Queen
    Cotton Candy Queen 2 months ago +1

    0:25 “okay, goose, who’s your favorite avenger, Black Panther?”
    Goose: No, ees not my Hooman.
    “Captain America?”
    Goose: No! Hees naut my hyuman
    “Iron man?”
    Goose: No! Bad fayshal hair.
    “Black Widow.”
    Goose: No! She knot my humon
    “Captain Marvel?”
    Goose: !!!!!!! Hyuman!!! Hooman!!! My Hooman!!! V proud of her!!!! My Hooman!!!!

  • Melissa Roldán
    Melissa Roldán 2 months ago

    The sims 3 music omg hahhaha

  • Katie Clarke
    Katie Clarke 2 months ago

    Is this music from The Sims soundtrack?

  • Panda Noodles
    Panda Noodles 2 months ago +25

    i love how he recognised brie larson because he was with her so much

  • Marq Mortis
    Marq Mortis 2 months ago

    Does anybody notice that there's the sims music playing in this video?
    I love it.