Goose the Cat gets ready for the Captain Marvel Red Carpet!

  • Опубликовано: 5 мар 2019
  • We take a look at how Goose the Cat got ready for the big red carpet premiere of Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel and who his favorite Super Hero is!
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Комментарии • 2 276

  • TaetifulKookie
    TaetifulKookie 21 час назад


  • Paola Barillas
    Paola Barillas 22 часа назад +1

    Goose is gonna swallow the infinity stones and that’s the end of the movie

  • Laksy Boy
    Laksy Boy 22 часа назад +1

    That cat is a really good actor

  • Nisha Rani Das
    Nisha Rani Das 22 часа назад

    That cats daily wage is more then your yearly wage

  • Kungini K
    Kungini K 23 часа назад

    When the cat is more relevant than the movie actress.

    EXOL AF День назад

    *Goose is the strongest avenger.*

  • komal sinha
    komal sinha День назад

    I thought Goose was just graphics

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ День назад

    이 영화는 고양이빼고 남는게 없음 개쓰레기 영화

  • hello
    hello День назад

    I have a naughty doubt.. did goose survive thanos snap???

  • Beatrice Villaflor
    Beatrice Villaflor День назад

    That background music.... isnt that from The Sims??? When you do Build Mode?

  • Jamz
    Jamz День назад

    Goose vs Rocket *top ten anime battles*

  • Isak Regel
    Isak Regel День назад

    Me at 4 am

  • Kat Knight
    Kat Knight День назад

    A female Tabby? My dad told me their rare :0
    I have a male Tabby :3

  • Karl Donatella
    Karl Donatella День назад

    0:26 SIMS MUSIC!!! 🤓🤓🤓

  • Lumatron 111
    Lumatron 111 День назад

    Goose:*eats thanos*

  • Amanda Johnson
    Amanda Johnson День назад

    This is the type of content I want

  • Gabriela Karina
    Gabriela Karina День назад


  • Flaming Casey
    Flaming Casey День назад

    Get Goose a suit already and iron man can make a suit for him too!😂 What should Goose’s super name be or should it just be Goose?😂

  • Mr. Karthik
    Mr. Karthik День назад

    Cats & Dogs will soon take over the world .

  • Goosiferr
    Goosiferr День назад

    goose is the higher being

  • Martin Torrecampo
    Martin Torrecampo День назад


  • michelle gavigan
    michelle gavigan День назад

    I just saw the movie today

  • faiha azahra
    faiha azahra День назад

    beware dude, he isnt just a cat

  • Triple X Ben
    Triple X Ben День назад

    Top ten animals that can kill thanos with mouth

  • MartialMan
    MartialMan День назад +1

    He forgot to put Fury's cardboard

  • starzie
    starzie День назад cat's name is goose, except he's grey!! yours and mine both have the same face shape too!

  • 藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke
    藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke День назад +1

    Goose: I never signed up for this, they said I get to work with a wooden log... didn't know it was referring to Marvel biggest disappointment

  • 藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke
    藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke День назад +2

    0:59 there's catnip there, that's why.
    I wonder how many takes they did to get goose to NOT leaning towards every hero pictures and stop goose to scratch Brick Larson pictures...

  • Avery Finney
    Avery Finney День назад +1

    Goose is the best character change my mind

  • Gonzalo
    Gonzalo День назад

    is Marvel using sims 3 music?

  • Jessica Kolano
    Jessica Kolano День назад

    Goose stole the Sims 3 music!

  • Johnnyrkade
    Johnnyrkade День назад

    He eats Thanos and turns into infinity goose *marvel music stars playing*

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight День назад +1

    Give This a oscars

  • Fangirling109
    Fangirling109 День назад +1

    0:26 **Sims 3 Flashbacks**

  • Andi Denny
    Andi Denny День назад +1

    Carol Danvers say where is fury ?

  • Stress.
    Stress. День назад +1

    You played sims 3 music here

  • Devonte david
    Devonte david День назад +1

    Cat and rocket raccoon

  • 50boiledcabbages 50boiledcabbages
    50boiledcabbages 50boiledcabbages День назад

    When goose has more fans than any of the actual superheros

  • Scrambled 59
    Scrambled 59 День назад

    The one thing captain marvel has over Wonder Woman is that she has a cat

  • Kakashi TV
    Kakashi TV День назад

    How about garfield

  • ya nadnad ya
    ya nadnad ya День назад

    The sims 3 song!!

  • Iwan Vv
    Iwan Vv День назад +1

    This cat rich than me

  • Sparklez4 Life
    Sparklez4 Life День назад

    Lucky they are so good

  • Deafaulty Boi
    Deafaulty Boi День назад

    Goose v rocket
    I wanna see it

  • Kevin Guia
    Kevin Guia День назад

    Infinity cat

  • Martha Granhøj
    Martha Granhøj День назад

    Wow sims music

  • Klara Barbarić
    Klara Barbarić День назад

    Goose NEEDS to kill Thanos...

  • Olivia Genest-Binding
    Olivia Genest-Binding День назад

    Is it me or is this music from Sims? Also, Goose was, hands down, the star of Captain Marvel.

  • Nabi-chan
    Nabi-chan День назад

    I thought Goose was female 🤔

  • Deathwarr 13
    Deathwarr 13 День назад

    Everyone: cat
    Marvel boi: iT's a fLeRkEn

  • Josh Hwang
    Josh Hwang День назад

    oh I'll like to play with spiders too 😏

  • ha y e e t
    ha y e e t День назад

    That sims soundtrack tho

  • Ash Lee
    Ash Lee День назад


  • Den Semar
    Den Semar День назад

    Don't opened the link if you won't cry

  • Den Semar
    Den Semar День назад

    Don't opened the link if you won't cry

  • Maple
    Maple День назад

    Fire Star is not happy XD

  • Swahardini day
    Swahardini day День назад

    I wanna hug goose sl badly

  • Pampos Pampou
    Pampos Pampou День назад +1

    Goose with the infinite Catnip can defeat Thanos with his infinite gauntlet !

  • blktauna
    blktauna День назад

    why the Sims music?

  • Niko
    Niko День назад

    Best marvel hero ever

  • ivalicetifalucis
    ivalicetifalucis День назад

    Why they use music from Sims 3?? 😂

  • Devaraj Nayak
    Devaraj Nayak День назад

    Before watching the movie: Oh, cute kitty cat :)
    After watching the movie: Oh, motherflerken!!

  • Rage and Love
    Rage and Love День назад

    All Goose wants is a KISS!

  • princess R
    princess R День назад +1

    Goose the cat? My man he ain't a cat...

  • Its Sploochy
    Its Sploochy День назад

    now give it tentacle r34

  • Jacob Howett
    Jacob Howett День назад

    Mother is an octopus and father is a cat

  • Abrar Butt
    Abrar Butt День назад

    You still ain't getting my money. 💰💵

  • Maria Ferreira
    Maria Ferreira День назад

    q fofu kkk

  • Gracie Price
    Gracie Price День назад

    I saw this movie yesterday and he was my favorite😂

  • чжвзвд
    чжвзвд День назад

    Еее ГУСЯ:)

  • Mehar Sachdeva
    Mehar Sachdeva День назад

    why u so cute, Goose?

  • Bettina Szélesi
    Bettina Szélesi День назад

    Sims music

  • Ciara Peñarubia
    Ciara Peñarubia День назад

    Sims bg song

  • ImpaledBerry
    ImpaledBerry День назад


    he still has the cube inside

  • Hi-Res Music1ID
    Hi-Res Music1ID 2 дня назад

    Josh Brolin is that you

  • Hanun 410
    Hanun 410 2 дня назад +1

    Aww.... Goose is So cute

  • Apolosa Cakau
    Apolosa Cakau 2 дня назад

    That flerken is cute AF 😍

  • Thomas Nassi
    Thomas Nassi 2 дня назад

    I know it's just a regular cat but I'm still kinda afraid

  • Xx KawaiiTheWolf xX
    Xx KawaiiTheWolf xX 2 дня назад

    So its not an animation??

  • sarah the explorer
    sarah the explorer 2 дня назад

    I'll change my cat's name to goose, but maybe I'll use glasses from now on, just to make sure my eyes would be safe... I wouldn't want to lose my eyes

  • aliyah Zaman
    aliyah Zaman 2 дня назад +1

    Aww goose is so cute kittens

  • TheBomb DotCom
    TheBomb DotCom 2 дня назад

    Guys i found my new favourite hero

  • Jaylee James
    Jaylee James 2 дня назад

    Great now I wanna play the Sims

  • Damla Nur Uzun
    Damla Nur Uzun 2 дня назад

    Sims 3 music lol

  • TheRealDepth Gaming
    TheRealDepth Gaming 2 дня назад

    Goose is the best

  • Amber Lynn
    Amber Lynn 2 дня назад +74

    Plot Twist: Nick Fury never called Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity Wars, he was actually calling Goose.

    MØØN ŠQÜÆĎ 2 дня назад


  • ericholim .y2j
    ericholim .y2j 2 дня назад


  • lisyatun mazida
    lisyatun mazida 2 дня назад


  • LittleVidds
    LittleVidds 2 дня назад

    It's the sims 3 song

  • Goku
    Goku 2 дня назад +2

    *is this the cat that throws up the Tesseract in the Captain Marvel end credit scene?*

  • kimberly romero
    kimberly romero 2 дня назад

    The sims music

  • Eggs Benedict
    Eggs Benedict 2 дня назад +17

    Fr tho... Goose was probably the best actor, hands down

  • jimin trash
    jimin trash 2 дня назад

    the cutest

  • Chiru A P
    Chiru A P 2 дня назад +1

    🐈 🐙 When you understand...

  • Jerry Mouse
    Jerry Mouse 2 дня назад +1

    Where did he put the Tesseract?

  • John Michael De Leon
    John Michael De Leon 2 дня назад

    We need a movie about Goose

  • John Michael De Leon
    John Michael De Leon 2 дня назад


  • Siva Arun
    Siva Arun 2 дня назад

    bro u want to show nick fury photo

  • mega merdeka
    mega merdeka 2 дня назад

    Backsound the sims game? Hahhaa😆😆