Lego Speed Champions All Sets from the January 2020 Wave

  • A detailed look at entire January 2020 Lego Speed Champions. These sets allow adults to construct models based on some of the fastest cars. These collector models from building bricks make an eye-catching display at home or the office. This video is produced for adults looking to invest in and expand their own Lego Speed Champions collection.
    76895 Ferrari F8 Tributo - Pieces 275 - $19.99
    76896 Nissan GT-R NISMO - Pieces 298 - $19.99
    76897 Audi Sport Quattro S1 - Pieces 250 - $19.99
    76898 Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 Car & Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY - Pieces 565 - $29.99
    76899 Lamborghini Urus ST-C & Huracán Super Trofeo EVO - Pieces 663 - $49.99
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Comments • 80

  • Euhan Solilapsi
    Euhan Solilapsi 8 hours ago

    why is it pg 13

  • Rufing Mortel
    Rufing Mortel 13 hours ago

    I have ferrari f8 tributo,lambo righini huracan and urus

  • Jinat Talukdar
    Jinat Talukdar 2 days ago +1

    Untill my last breath will try to watch your lego videos.

  • Boski
    Boski 3 days ago

    The best job ever...

  • Ree Kid
    Ree Kid 3 days ago

    What everybody wants Lamborghini set What they get Audi Quattro set

  • Rain manuel
    Rain manuel 3 days ago

    Sir. whats your music?

  • Tim Cox
    Tim Cox 4 days ago

    Is it just me or do the gullwing doors not open on the huracan

  • Jadien Morris
    Jadien Morris 4 days ago +1

    You are a great builder like me and I want those cars

  • Jadien Morris
    Jadien Morris 4 days ago +1

    Love it I'm a Lego lover I'll do almost anything for Legos

  • Mariano Velazquez
    Mariano Velazquez 7 days ago

    I kinda don't dig the red Ferrari. I just built the Nissan and it is a beast. Fantastic video my man.

  • .
    . 8 days ago

    Sooooo soooo cooool

  • .
    . 8 days ago

    Can you you give me the last car that you do please plz🥺

  • quân Trần Tv
    quân Trần Tv 8 days ago

    Link shop lego ?

  • Paul gaming
    Paul gaming 10 days ago

    I have all but not the ferari and the audi

  • Herr Sonntag
    Herr Sonntag 10 days ago

    How much does the Lamborghini set Cost ?

  • Dagon Curtis
    Dagon Curtis 10 days ago

    I died when i say this had a disclaimer/rating

  • The Pink Diary
    The Pink Diary 11 days ago

    We recently built Ferrari lego & also created a small story around it😀. The car looks great
    Video link :

  • Talking Freinds games Clips

    Time for a face reveal

  • arisonpreston playz
    arisonpreston playz 13 days ago

    i was missing pieces on my jaguar set

  • Truc Nguyen Thi Ngoc
    Truc Nguyen Thi Ngoc 14 days ago



  • Will Something
    Will Something 18 days ago

    I just built the Audi last night and noticed when he put the figure in the car he had to put the left arm down or the windshield wont fit. Good to know I'm not crazy... yet

  • 멸치조림
    멸치조림 19 days ago

    Is the ferrari driver Leclerc?

  • 박창현
    박창현 20 days ago +1

    It is not LEGO that i knew as a child anymore lol

  • 박창현
    박창현 20 days ago +1

    Wow....That audi

  • Anton C
    Anton C 20 days ago +3

    The audi quattro looks the best hands down

    JAKE BATINO 21 day ago +1

    The older speed champions used to be very small now this year it's very big now for better details

  • GuninGames
    GuninGames 21 day ago

    But these are cars nobody really cares about where's the American muscle cars, or the Japanese Imports, and if they're going to do supercars than you do more well-known supercars like the Bugatti Veyron the Lamborghini Aventador, or the Ferrari 458 Italia

  • Gavin Klampert 26
    Gavin Klampert 26 23 days ago +6

    Challenge: make them motorized

  • Salzmeister
    Salzmeister 24 days ago +1

    since they made the cars bigger they should have made the wheels bigger too, they look way to small!

  • RP752000
    RP752000 25 days ago +1

    HOW ABOUT A 1960/1970's style BATMOBILE

  • SpacePigeon69
    SpacePigeon69 25 days ago

    and one question it looks like you can fit two minifigures in most of those cars, is that possible?

    • All New Bricks
      All New Bricks  25 days ago

      You can fit two figures in all the cars except for the formula one car.

  • SpacePigeon69
    SpacePigeon69 25 days ago +1

    at 11:53 Yea right if it cant happen in starwars u shouldnt be doing it RAAAAGEEE!!! jk it was a cool good job on the reviews i love them

    • All New Bricks
      All New Bricks  25 days ago

      Happy you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching and Happy Building.

  • Carl Busby
    Carl Busby 26 days ago

    Fantastic video. I've just bought a couple of the sets. Look forward to putting them together. It would be nice to display these in a case of some sort. Any ideas on some nice cases I could use?

    • All New Bricks
      All New Bricks  25 days ago

      I really like the quality of "wicked brick" display cases.

    JOKETZ 26 days ago


  • Ryland Kelton
    Ryland Kelton 27 days ago

    I honestly really dislike how they made these ones 8 studs wide instead of 6, it's very inconsistent :(

  • tattle_ tale700
    tattle_ tale700 27 days ago

    What about the senna?

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming 28 days ago +2

    Who thinks LEGO should build these cars:
    1. rolls Royce phantom
    2. Audi R8
    3. Lamborghini Gallardo
    4. 2017 ford GT
    5. Jaguar F-Type project 7
    6. Lamborghini centinario
    7. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    8. BMW i8
    9. 2020 C8 Corvette
    10. 2020 Supra
    11. Nissan 350z
    12. Dodge Charger
    13. Lamborghini Adventador
    14. BMW M4
    15. Ferrari LaFerrari

    • I am speed
      I am speed 25 days ago

      They got the GT it’s just the lemans car

    • SpacePigeon69
      SpacePigeon69 25 days ago

      definitely the Audi R8... ive been wanting that one since 2016 and i cant say i want the phantom i dont know why but i just dont

  • Lucas He
    Lucas He 28 days ago

    I think they shouldn’t do stickers

  • Bi Lusiano J
    Bi Lusiano J 28 days ago

    This si very cool bro

  • Keian Akbar
    Keian Akbar 29 days ago

    I love ferrari i already got the lego speed champions ferrari f8 tributo already

  • ChaosXnY
    ChaosXnY 29 days ago

    Props for the stop-motion building sections. Those probably took so long to film.

    • All New Bricks
      All New Bricks  27 days ago

      It is a time consuming process. Especially with all the small pieces.

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown Month ago

    You have issues bro...but I like it....

  • Naya Army
    Naya Army Month ago +2

    I love Lego speed champions

  • soloroar0720 Video Games and LEGOs

    Coppa thinks this has gore just because he takes the minifigures apart

  • Lars
    Lars Month ago +1

    160 quid right there

  • İfdal Ünal
    İfdal Ünal Month ago +1

    Yes! Lego speed videos

  • ItsYoBoi Davey
    ItsYoBoi Davey Month ago +1

    I only have the Nissan Gtr Nismo

  • Thuong Trần
    Thuong Trần Month ago +1


  • Thuong Trần
    Thuong Trần Month ago +1

    Wow the both the lego

  • midnight Sugga
    midnight Sugga Month ago

    0:01 parents say nope you're not watching it
    Kid watchs it and sees that the parent just doesn't want him to spend his pocket money plot twist all new bricks is a parent?!?!?!?!

  • Richard Luydens
    Richard Luydens Month ago +1

    I'm 12 and I still watched it

  • MLG Jack 06
    MLG Jack 06 Month ago

    Why do they always attack in every video

  • Efferveffects
    Efferveffects Month ago +1

    I think the wheels are a bit too small for most of these models, but apart from that they look really good

    • RedSynergy2k
      RedSynergy2k Month ago

      The cars look better irl, but I do agree, the wheels are a little small, but it’s not a big issue

  • eco nomic-X
    eco nomic-X Month ago +1

    Where is the buggati???

  • Red Point
    Red Point Month ago

    Jaguar looks like minivan

  • Chingchove Vong
    Chingchove Vong Month ago


  • Depressed breakfast

    I like the 8 wide builds, they allow more space for extra detail and bigger vehicles are more fun to play with but they look off when put with the other speed champion sets because of their size and they don’t really fit on the LEGO city roads which are designed for 6 wides.

  • Alan Torres
    Alan Torres Month ago +2

    Dad:we are goin to the store
    Son:do you think I’m a god boy
    Son:let’s go I’m lucky today

  • Poykeh Official
    Poykeh Official Month ago +4

    ☣️ I'm quite sure there's a *gag reel* with cars _not stopping at the right spot_ 😄

    • Poykeh Official
      Poykeh Official Month ago

      @All New Bricks 😜 You should release those kind of things, just for fun !

    • All New Bricks
      All New Bricks  Month ago +1

      Very true. Most of the shots I had to do at least three times.

  • the wither crew twc

    The wheels are a little ugly

  • Amy Postlethwait
    Amy Postlethwait Month ago

    I’ve been waiting a long time for the Lamborghini set.

  • 전우진TV
    전우진TV Month ago


  • 전우진TV
    전우진TV Month ago


  • Arteen Pro
    Arteen Pro Month ago


  • The Conductor Esplin
    The Conductor Esplin Month ago +1

    A comment section in a lego video?
    Unlikely but I like it

  • Muhammet Kızılkaya

    perfect video

  • Diego Fernandes
    Diego Fernandes Month ago

    Started collecting Speed Champions three months ago. I am really sad with the change they've done. I don't mind about the increase on the price, but these cars are simply too big and they do not match the previous version. If you put them together, they're just another scale, doesn't even look like same collection (especially now that speed champions have two seats for every car).

  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran Month ago

    Music : Dream Catcher

  • Christer Sæland
    Christer Sæland Month ago

    good work kip it up

  • Wyatt GameZ
    Wyatt GameZ Month ago +18

    Yet kids are still watching this because “haha funny minifigures Fighting”
    Also I REEEEALY want that lambo set.

  • Pokémon Cruiser
    Pokémon Cruiser Month ago +1

    It is not pg 13 it is spouse to be rated r for race car

  • Howard
    Howard Month ago

    Not a fan of the 8 stud wide thing tbh

  • minjun kwon
    minjun kwon Month ago +2

    I want to know what background song for first one

  • Pratap Ghale
    Pratap Ghale Month ago

    And it looks cool

  • Pratap Ghale
    Pratap Ghale Month ago

    I like the F E

  • The_Forza_Gamer
    The_Forza_Gamer Month ago +1

    I'm still confused as to why they widened all of them by two studs. I have eight speed champion models and they look better as six stud cars. the Urus is okay, considering it's their first sports car SUV, but the rest are too thick. I especially had no idea what came across the creators minds when they thought of Lego Lamborghini 🤔

    • Abdul Gill
      Abdul Gill Month ago +1

      They wanted to put more people inside the speed champion cars. It didn't made sense to them that cars have one seat on them, also the designers can put more detail into the viechles. As an example, it wouldn't be possible to make the Jaguare FE car without 8 studs.

  • 100k subscriber with no video

    Here in Philippines, legos are expensive as fuck
    Small Lego's like that cost 16$... Yeah

  • Oliver Martin
    Oliver Martin Month ago

    Can you pls send the lego to me?

  • Steven Hamke
    Steven Hamke Month ago +2

    Initally i was disappointed in the way the gt-r looked from the box art. After seeing it from different angles in the vid i realized they actually did a pretty good job

  • William Levi James
    William Levi James Month ago

    I made the 2008 Starman Tesla Roadster out of the old F40 and the space polybag, however this Ferrari has a lot more nicer rounded pieces so I might consider getting it to remoc it