iPhone 11 Vs iPhone X SPEED TEST!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
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    The iPhone 11 just came out a few months ago, so let’s see how much faster it is than the iPhone X!
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Comments • 53

    THANU BRO Month ago +1

    I like your 3,2,1😂

  • Longalong Naga
    Longalong Naga Month ago +1

    This guy really hates iPhone 11.😂

    • Greytonic X
      Greytonic X Month ago

      Longalong Naga he’s biased against new iPhones, bad tech reviewer

  • Amina Mohd
    Amina Mohd Month ago

    love this

  • Prince Omi
    Prince Omi Month ago +1

    i using x❤️🔥

  • Prince Omi
    Prince Omi Month ago

    iphone x i close to heart❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Vishal Sharma
    Vishal Sharma Month ago +1

    which color is best for iPhone x (silver, space grey) plz reply......❤️

    • Vesran
      Vesran Month ago

      I currently have the silver iphone x and it’s a lot better if you like clear cases, bright cases, almost any case. The only downside is if you have a clear case and dust/hair gets into it it’ll be noticeable

    • Arman Dani
      Arman Dani Month ago

      iam using space grey its more manly and for the finishing stainless also cool its dark, so its more durable from scratch

  • Tyler Gearlds
    Tyler Gearlds Month ago +1

    Why’d he upload this twice?

  • Charles Edward Blanchard

    Ever wanted to make an auntie Anne’s pretzel. Say no more

  • Bible Cosby
    Bible Cosby Month ago +2

    Dam this guy is rich

  • Melik Sert
    Melik Sert Month ago +2

    I'm really stuck between the iphone xs and iphone 11. Which one should I go for?

    • Aidan Psomas
      Aidan Psomas Month ago +1

      Melik Sert iphone 11!

    • Melik Sert
      Melik Sert Month ago

      @LAKERS4LIFE Thx! 😄

      LAKERS4LIFE Month ago +1

      Melik Sert iPhone 11 also has better camera quality and better battery life

      LAKERS4LIFE Month ago +1

      Melik Sert iPhone 11 is better and cheaper

    • Melik Sert
      Melik Sert Month ago

      @Shah Zaib Zia thank you!

  • Saunders Tech
    Saunders Tech Month ago +2

    Have you installed any tweaks in your jailbroken iPhone yet or just casually flexing Cydia?

  • Erset Dani
    Erset Dani Month ago +3

    Please can you do note 8 vs note 10 plus speed test...your only one who make comparison with older phones and no one has that
    .plz do it

  • west side
    west side Month ago +4

    The iPhone X feels more premium than the 11 tbh

  • Sparky
    Sparky Month ago

    I got iPhone X for a Christmass, then i sell it and buy iPhone 12

  • Lil James.-.
    Lil James.-. Month ago +10

    This guy cant pronounce 'gigabytes' correctly🥴

    • Greytonic X
      Greytonic X Month ago

      Lil James.-. He isn’t a good tech reviewer

  • shehryar mateen
    shehryar mateen Month ago

    Iphone 11 sofware problem iphone 11 is much faster phone

  • Idiotic Fool
    Idiotic Fool Month ago +5

    Juice wrld died

  • Um Rya
    Um Rya Month ago

    Thank you

  • Dennis F
    Dennis F Month ago +11

    I love X. I mean triple X

  • Darius Patterson
    Darius Patterson Month ago +4

    I think you’ll see huge differences in power demanding apps, photo/video editing, video exporting, and staying consistently fast. Plus having a better processor means the phone will age better too,

    • Shawn Williams
      Shawn Williams Month ago +1

      Darius Patterson Opening apps is a ridiculous test to say which one is faster. His comment mocking Apple when they made a big deal out of the processor differences is ridiculous, get into the app and do some actual work, render a video, download a spreadsheet, upload a vid to RUclip, that’s where the 11 will spank the X.

    TSELVIN Month ago +1

    Cool Speed Test.

  • Okt xv
    Okt xv Month ago +1

    Mail and clock were faster on the 10. HOW CAN U NOT SEE THAT.

    • xdtony
      xdtony Month ago +1

      Okt xv exactly... the one of the left looked fast for the clock app

    • Okt xv
      Okt xv Month ago

      Watch it again at playback speed of 0.50 ;)

    • xdtony
      xdtony Month ago +3

      Okt xv Clock was definitely faster on the 11.

  • küre
    küre Month ago

    I really like the xs max, and I'll try to get one early next year 😊

    • Idiotic Fool
      Idiotic Fool Month ago

      küre the regular Xs is known to have not so good battery life, but I end my day with 35%-20%

    • Idiotic Fool
      Idiotic Fool Month ago

      küre my battery on my Xs Max lasts the whole day on heavy usage.

    • Alpay
      Alpay Month ago

      küre i start from the morning at 6 and in the night at midnight I have like 15% left with the 11 Pro. Thats with gaming and very high usage. I had the X which has the same battery life and even with moderature usage I didnt make it till midnight, battery died at around 8 pm

    • küre
      küre Month ago

      @Idiotic FoolI think my only concern is the decent/good battery of the xs. some of my friends say they end the day with 40% battery left with normal usage (instagram, RUclip etc). Is your battery life similar?

    • küre
      küre Month ago

      @Alpay One of the main reasons I like the xs is because of 3d touch. I really love the design too.

  • Dr. Med. den Rasen
    Dr. Med. den Rasen Month ago +20

    If you read this

    You aren’t first

  • KJ
    KJ Month ago


  • 我不知道我不知道


  • Superman_ Jay
    Superman_ Jay Month ago